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To: Concord Police Department, President Donald Trump, The North Carolina State House, The North Carolina State Senate, Governor Roy Cooper, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate

Free Ronnie Long NOW!

Free Ronnie Long NOW!

Ronnie Long was not given a fair trial and was convicted by an all-white jury in 1976. A detective on the case withheld forensic evidence which proved Long's innocence. Ronnie was given the longest prison sentence for his charge in the entire state of NC. He has been incarcerated for 4 DECADES for a crime he did not commit! He will die in prison, an innocent man, if justice is not served. How can we stand behind a criminal "justice" system that does not give fair trials, that withholds evidence and supports corruption?
Please sign this petition to show your support for an innocent man who has been suffering for over 4 decades & who will die in prison if we all don't help him.
We need at least 5,000 signatures to have any sort of impact.

Why is this important?

Ronnie Long has been wrongfully imprisoned since May 10, 1976.

Ronnie was convicted by an all white jury, with no evidence linking him to the crimes other than the contaminated, cross-racial eye witness identification. We now know how unreliable eye witness identification is, especially cross- racial identification. Ronnie was at home, with his mother, on the telephone when the alleged crime took place. Unfortunately, phone records were not available in 1976.

Detectives withheld exculpatory evidence from Ronnie's defense attorneys in 1976. To this day, the State of North Carolina is still withholding exculpatory evidence! In 2005, the Master Case File was discovered by attorneys with the UNC Innocence Project. This file contained the test results of the evidence that had been withheld in 1976. ALL test results came back NEGATIVE for Ronnie! Despite this newly discovered evidence & proof that the State broke the law, the NC Supreme Court rendered a 3-3 TIE decision with the 7th judge declining to vote in 2008. The 7th judge was allowed to retire without voting & the judge who replaced the retired judge did not feel comfortable making a vote because they did not hear the arguments.

In 2015, the North Carolina Innocence Inquiry Commission (NCIIC) found more exculpatory evidence meaning that the State of North Carolina yet again broke the law by not turning over everything pertaining to this case as was ordered by a judge back in 2005! Over 60 fingerprints taken from the crime scene & they do NOT match Ronnie! A list of 6 other suspects was also discovered. The NCIIC closed Ronnie's case despite finding more exculpatory evidence & is currently refusing to release the files to Ronnie's attorneys. The NCIIC is supposed to be a neutral organization & has never had an issue with sharing files once a case is closed until Ronnie's case.

Ronnie's case is currently in the 4th circuit Federal Court of Appeals. Oral arguments were heard on March 20, 2019. The 4th circuit usually makes a decision within 75 days however Ronnie is still waiting for a decision today. The link to listen to oral arguments is:

Tell the State of North Carolina to release ALL the evidence pertaining to Ronnie's case.

How it will be delivered

We plan to deliver the signatures in person & will hopefully have some media attention when we do so.

For everything Ronnie Long, please visit the website:

Want to contact us? Send us an email at:


Reasons for signing

  • For justice
  • Looking for the truth; and not the lie!
  • I had an uncle who served 31 years in Parchman for a crime he didn't commit and before he died of cancer, he was finally acquitted, him and 2 more black Mississippi Men, who also had tears of life stolen from them and their families


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5,000 signatures reached

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