To: Super Delegates of the Democratic Party

To the Super Delegates - Please Vote for Senator Sanders and help save Democracy, USA and Mother ...

The claim to fame of the Democratic party is that they represent the 99%.

This election needs to be about helping the 99%, maintaining the enthusiasm of the young voters, getting money out of politics and yes Saving Mother Earth.

The status quo and small incremental changes are NOT going to achieve these goals.

In addition statistically speaking ALL polls show that Senator Sanders has a much higher chance in winning the general elections when compared to Secretary Clinton. He has the support of the Independent voters and some moderate Republicans.

As a super delegate we PLEAD AND BEG you to vote for Senator Sanders and help save the USA, the 99% and Mother Earth
Thank you

Why is this important?

Dear Friends
We are at a cross roads.

Majority of the US are suffering. We need to change our public policies in a hurry if we are to save the USA and save Mother Earth.

Senator Sanders's vision and policies will achieve these.

Now "WE THE PEOPLE" have to work hard to educate one another and also PLEAD with the super delegates to help us

Please sign and share

Thank you very much
Iresha Goonesinghe MD FACP FACC