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To: District Assistant Superintendent Tim McLellan, MOTT Director Teresa Lennox, and Superintendent Anne Silavs



Currently, construction is underway at the former Swain Elementary School site in Cypress, California. The plan is to turn the standing facilities into office space AS WELL as space for the District’s school buses to be regularly inspected and maintained. This means that the Cypress residents living around Swain Elementary will be exposed to chemical fumes from paints, oil changes, and bus fumes. My family has lived two blocks from Swain for over 30 years; Rosen/Acacia Park is directly adjacent. Our neighbors in this residential area should not have to be exposed to cancer-causing chemicals while on a walk or while trying to enjoy the park. We deserve better and we will demand better. The former Swain Elementary School site would better serve our city as a Community Garden that would have as many purposes as there are varieties of tomatoes. This could be an excellent opportunity to make Cypress even more beautiful while giving residents the opportunity to learn and grow together. Having the former Swain Elementary School remain an educational site is important to us. Cypress School District must reverse the decision to make this site non-educational and dangerous for our neighbors.

Why is this important?

Did you know?

Gardening has many positive effects, including but not limited to:

- Increased well-being, physical activity, and overall health.

- Helps encourage healthier eating habits (adolescents are more likely to eat veggies when participating in gardening!).

- Provides a productive outlet for community members.

- Beautifies communities and freshens the air we breathe!

Reasons for signing

  • To help make a difference
  • I believe a community garden in this space would be much better for all residents than a bus inspection station
  • It would be great for the community


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