To: Patrick Galbraith, President, US Tennis Association, Gordon Smith, CEO, US Tennis Association, and US Open

#USOpen: Reject Dictator Dollars! @USOpen

The US Open tennis championship must reject the sponsorship dollars of the brutal United Arab Emirates monarchy.

Say no to UAE's #DictatorDollars.

Why is this important?

It upsets me deeply that the UAE monarchy abuses and kills thousands while sponsoring glamorous sporting events like the US Open.

The United Arab Emirates is a brutal monarchy that has killed thousands of civilians in Yemen. The monarchy also imprisons human rights activists, opposes labor rights, and discriminates against women.

11 organizations are calling on the US Open and US Tennis Association to drop the UAE and reject the sponsorship dollars of the UAE-owned Emirates airline.

Read our letter:


Reasons for signing

  • This guy is a murderer and it figures that Trump just sees how to make $ with him
  • I am a tennis fan and an American and it disgusts me to learn a dictatorship is one of the sponsors of the US Open.
  • Please donot take money from UAE. THANK YOU!

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