To: The United States House of Representatives

U.S. Reps: Start a Discharge Petition for a Clean Continuing Resolution

A Discharge Petition signed by a simple majority of U.S. Representatives would bypass the Speaker of the House, and would move a clean continuing resolution to a vote. Signing this MoveOn petition will remind our Representatives of the existence of this seldom used option, and their responsibility to exercise it.

Why is this important?

The Discharge Petition option is almost never used, unheard of by most of our U.S. Representatives and almost certainly unknown to most citizens. A simple reminder that this procedure exists could spark an interest, and a way out for all parties concerned.


Reasons for signing

  • Could our U.S. Representatives please start acting like adults?
  • Pass a clean resolution as the USA appears foolish to the world with the adult tantrums that are happening. Settle the financial concerns thru other avenues, such as a committee.
  • I tip my hat to Mr Stoecker for thinking about this!