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To: President Donald Trump, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate

We Demand Total Disclosure to the Public for "GeoEngineering/Chemtrails"

You are not only what you eat. You are also what you Drink and Breathe. Chemtrails are a reality and the World has the right to know what they are breathing. If you care about your Food being Organic then you should help us to fight and win back our Organic Sky.

Why is this important?

Everyone is affected by this issue. It's time to look up and stop ignoring this obvious health concern. We have a right to know who and what is being sprayed in our air.


Reasons for signing

  • You can see the shiny aluminum in the chemtrails as they spread out. Many on Vancouver Island got a mysterious flu a short while ago. This during warm weather and gardening under way.
  • I am tired of being poisioned daily just trying to breathe!! Stop with the DE-POPULATION plan......We get it !
  • spread love