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To: Wyoming Citizens

We demand your immediate resignation!

We demand your immediate resignation!

Senator Lummis,

We, your constituents, demand your immediate resignation.

You stood by while Wyomingites were told lie after lie about the legitimacy of the 2020 election. You indulged and enabled a president who scorns democracy, spreads conspiracy, and incites violence. You bear considerable responsibility for the attempted violent coup that took place at our Capitol on January 6th. You then proceeded to challenge the election rules of another state (Pennsylvania), which is in complete opposition to the U.S. Constitution and Wyoming values. You were one of only seven Senators to oppose certifying the election results in that state, further promoting the breakdown of the rule of law. You reneged on your promise to accept the results of the election, even after fraud was ruled out by the courts.

In short, as a Senator of Wyoming of the 117th Congress of the United States, you willingly engaged in insurrection and verbally defended rioters that attempted a coup at our nation's Capital.

Your actions to support a violent overthrow of the federal government is criminal. The bedrock of who we are as Americans has been shaken to the core and you have played a pivotal role in the actions that led up to yesterday’s treasonous acts.

You helped erode the foundation of our democratic republic. You have disgraced yourself, your office, and our state. History will not forgive, or forget - and neither will we.

If you break your oath to uphold the Constitution in your first three days in office, how can we trust you for the next six years?



Why is this important?

Cynthia Lummis, (R) Senator of Wyoming, was sworn to affirm that she would support and defend the constitution. This oath is required by the constitution, to which - Senator Lummis - has broken the laws to which thereof.


Reasons for signing

  • Your actions indulged and enabled a president who scorns democracy, spreads conspiracy, and incites violence.
  • She may not have intended it, but her first action as senator encouraged a mob to attack the democratic process. This is inexcusable for our state's most powerful representation in DC.
  • Because Lummis is a coward and a traitor. She only cares about her personal gain, not the people of Wyoming. She is a complete embarrassment and should never spend another day representing this state.


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