To: Dr. M Roy Wilson, President

WSU Students Stand in Solidarity with Black Girls Code

The student body of Wayne State University values the work that the non-profit Black Girls Code does for the surrounding Detroit community. The recent filing with the Office of Civil Rights against Wayne State for the sponsorship of these events does not phase the student body at large, we are asking for the university to not waiver in their support for the organization.

Why is this important?

The organization Black Girls Code empowers girls in the Detroit area through education. As a Wayne State student, I value this sort of community sponsorship of education by my higher education institution.

Reasons for signing

  • People can say a lot of things are discrimination. Black folks don’t have a whole lot of events to honor them and the struggle of the past. therefore, let them be. leave them alone.
  • Organizations like these advocate for those that are marginalized and isolated in their communities. As a member of society of women engineers, it is important that this demographic have this platform.
  • Everyone needs a place to feel special