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To: Maine Climate Council Working Groups

Maine Youth Vision for the Maine Climate Council Working Groups

By signing on to this petition, you are standing with the Maine youth climate movement as we continue to pressure the Maine Climate Council to take bolder action. You can read the open letter with our demands that we will be sending to the Council working groups here:

Why is this important?

We, the youth of Maine, recognize that addressing the climate crisis in a way that will ensure a just and livable future for all will require addressing the root causes of the crisis, and making bold changes. Addressing climate change will require a new economy, a new energy system, a new democracy, and a new relationship to the planet and each other. It will also require rights to food sovereignty, expansion of human rights and rights of indigenous peoples, and solutions for the dignity of all people. Based on the science we learn in school, we know that we must achieve zero emissions by 2030 in order to ensure this future.


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