MoveOn: People-Powered Petitions

MoveOn is a community where millions mobilize for a better society—one where everyone can thrive. MoveOn's petitions platform provides individuals and organizations with free tools to start petitions, organize supporters, engage decision-makers, and win their own grassroots campaigns.


We empower regular folks to become campaign leaders.You shouldn't need a Super PAC or multimillion-dollar nonprofit to make change in your community. We provide individuals and organizations with the free tools and support needed to become effective advocates for their causes.

We believe in progressive change. Many of our biggest petitions are about finding ways to fix our broken system: passing progressive policies and laws, checking the power of corporations and lobbyists, and holding politicians accountable. From city councils to the halls of Congress to corporate boardrooms to college campuses, MoveOn's community helps build a country that works for everyone.

We connect millions of MoveOn members to impactful campaigns. Our staff and volunteers take time to ensure we're giving the MoveOn community opportunities to take the first steps of digital advocacy on new or challenging issues, and take action beyond signing petitions. We promote the petitions that MoveOn members support. We never promote petitions because someone paid us to.

We respect privacy. Period. We'll never, ever sell or give your email address to anyone else.


Since our launch in early 2011, tens of thousands of petitions have been started on MoveOn's petition platform, garnering tens of millions of signatures.

Most petition creators are regular people who want to make their voices heard.

Progressive legislators, celebrities, and organizations such as Color of Change, Moms Rising, and the Endangered Species Coalition also use MoveOn's petition website to give their campaigns a major grassroots boost. Click here to learn more about partnering with us.