• Release Immigrants in Detention Centers
    1. This petition seeks to prevent further COVID-19 spread in detention camps. The health of every individual in the United States of America is important and must be protected. Immigrants in detention are kept in close quarters, which does not allow for social distancing. 2. Confirmed COVID-19 cases in detention often are responded to with solitary confinement. This has been proven to have detrimental mental and physical health consequences. 3. Several cases of COVID-19 have already been found in immigrant detention centers. 4. Immigrant detention centers have well-documented issues with providing adequate medical care. Refer to Human Rights Watch and Detention Watch Network reports on the lack of medical care and deaths in detention. 5. Immigrant detention centers are closing off their facilities to visitation because of the pandemic. This further isolates the individuals, families, and children. 6. Community and governmental responses are needed not just to release folks from detention, but to ensure that they have access to safe housing, adequate healthcare, and access to meeting their basic needs. Not everyone has family or friends with whom they can go live with, particularly during this pandemic that requires social distancing. 7. They must be released.
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    Created by Gloria Lenoir
  • Make Student Loan Payments 100% Tax Deductible!
    44 million hardworking Americans currently owe a total of $1.5 trillion in student loan debt. This is a financial crisis that, if not addressed, will be a driver of economic catastrophe for millions who are increasingly unable to pay down their student loan debt due to high interest loans. Student loan forgiveness is sorely needed, but in today’s politically divisive climate it is not likely to be passed. Americans struggling to pay off their student loan debt need some form of relief now, not later. What this proposal does is allow, at the very least, those who are repaying their student loans to have those payments deducted from their tax liability, 100%. This would provide much needed tax relief for millions of Americans who are struggling to pay down their student debt. Furthermore, this would also allow Americans with student loan debt to pay down their loans faster. The United States House of Representatives and the United States Senate should pass this measure immediately to provide economic relief to millions of Americans currently bogged down with student debt in the form of fair taxation.
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    Created by Mathew Blood
  • Good Boy! Sequel
    Good Boy! was a fantastic, underrated movie. It has so much talent that it deserves for a continuation.
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    Created by Anthony W
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    Created by Angelic Davidson
  • Being Humane
    Because of the covic-19 virus that is deadly. The Arizona Department of Corrections prison is not equipped to handle this covic-19 virus, it is putting these people in a unhealthy and unclean environment.Workers and prisoners a like. The extreme measures that are being ask of people around the World to follow 6 feet distance, and no more than 10 gatherings to avoid the spread of the covic-19 virus. Inmates and those who work there are in such a dire situation. That needs to be ruminate by officials in authority with the power in their hands to perform this much needed task.
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    Created by Ms. T
  • Hazard pay for COVID-19 frontline
    Every day, Drs, nurses, assistive personnel, dietary staff, environmental service staff, grocery store employees and others are being put on the frontline, many without the proper protection. This, not only risking their own wellbeing, but also their families, and those they come into contact with. According to the Department of Labor, this warrants hazardous pay. https://www.dol.gov/general/topic/wages/hazardpay Demand what we are due!
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    Created by Teena O'Toole
  • Weapons to Fight Covid-19
    Lives are at stake.
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    Created by Penny Dumas
  • Dig up Carole Baskin’s septic tank
    This case is on the forefront of many of our minds who believe criminal activity was involved in the disappearance of Don Lewis and demand answers
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    Created by Garrett Moore
  • 10th Floor Rent Strike
    To 10th Floor Brokers, We represent a coalition of your current tenants and allies. We are writing this in light of the current COVID pandemic and how it has impacted all of our daily lives. We are politely requesting that in these uncertain times that rent payments for the month of April be cancelled, as the livelihoods of your tenants, our friends, family, and neighbors, are in flux. With this request, we also ask that payment notices, late fees, or other pressure to pay cease immediately. All of your tenants are doing their best to make it through this difficult time and are staying home to keep all of us safe. Our ability to protect ourselves, our loved ones, and our community should not be put in peril due to job loss caused by this crisis. We want to work with you as partners to ensure safe and secure housing for all of our neighbors. To that end, drastic and widespread changes will be needed to your maintenance schedules. Several buildings you manage have long-standing issues of pests, mold, electrical issues, leaky pipes, flooded basements, and the like. We collectively require that all issues and all buildings be fixed - issues within common areas to be fixed immediately, and issues within individual units to be fixed once the State’s “Stay at Home” order is lifted. We also request that any time you plan to enter a unit that you provide 24 hours notice and get confirmation prior to entering the unit. Beyond the scope of us as renters, this is also a general protest. We invite you to stand with us. If your bills are not able to be paid because of quarantine, we invite you to protest those bills as well. We believe systemic change is needed and this is one path for all of us to reach for that. Stand with us in our stand for healthcare for every person in America. It is needed now more than ever. Just as lives will be ruined by landlords who try to harass and evict during a pandemic, lives will also be ruined by crushing medical debt brought on by a widespread illness. Thank you for considering these items. God bless.
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    Created by MoveOn member
  • Help KCMO by removing the 2-trash bag limit
    There is no way to order trash tags online; you have to go to the store to buy them, violating the stay at home order. More people staying at home means more trash - no way around it. Many people are struggling to buy food and pay bills, let alone being able to afford trash tags. This small gesture of removing the limit will help all of KCMO, be it that struggling single parent, the at-risk grandparent, or the people who have been laid off. Please sign and pass this on
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    Created by Brandy Granados
  • Weekly COVID-19 Testing for Healthcare Workers
    Healthcare staff have the highest exposure rate to COVID-19, but in many states they are not being tested for the virus until they are symptomatic. By that point, they have already exposed countless people to the virus. Additionally, without regular testing, healthcare staff face a constant state of uncertainty about whether they remain virus-free with no real way to alleviate that fear unless they begin showing symptoms. Our healthcare staff (including everyone who works at the hospital, not just the doctors/nurses/therapists) is on the front lines fighting this pandemic for our country every day and they should be prioritized for testing. Public health officials, like those at the World Health Organization, have increasingly warned that health care workers themselves could be vectors for the disease — accelerating its spread and undermining the ability of countries’ health systems to combat it. The United States government should advise healthcare organizations to prioritize periodic testing for healthcare staff who work in facilities or homes where patients have tested positive for coronavirus.
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    Created by Colleen Turk
  • Create a special fund for undocummented people
    It is the obligation of every Latino elected official or candidate for office to assume leadership to mobilize to create this special fund, and to prioritize it above all other matters. There are many looking for the well-being of all of us, but not many who take on the responsibility to look after our vulnerable undocumented population. Please take the initiative to move this matter, and include me in your efforts.
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    Created by Luz Sosa