• Stop Kansas politicians from taking rights away from women
    This amendment would make it possible for Kansas to set even more restrictions on the right to an abortion, with no regard for a woman’s health. The politicians and organizations behind this dangerous amendment want to ban all abortions -- no matter what. We need to trust women, not politicians. However we may feel individually about abortion, we know that it is better that each woman can make her own personal medical decisions, in consultation with her family, her faith, and the advice of her doctor.
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    Created by Rebecca Tong
  • bring Dre back!!!
    this is important to the students of trinity high school to get back the beloved teacher they were promised to have for the full length of the school year.
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    Created by Margaret Smith
  • Support Literacy Bills Recognizing Dyslexia and Structured Literacy Intervention Services
    Dyslexia is a proven neurological disorder that negatively impacts students. Yale University has conducted research that suggests that 20% of the population has dyslexia, even though it is not always diagnosed. (See https://www.dyslexia.yale.edu/dyslexia/what-is-dyslexia/). Obtaining a diagnosis is critical because it helps students gain access to the intervention services and accommodations that they need to succeed in school. Other research shows that by 4th grade, if students haven't developed strong reading skills, they have a higher risk of dropping out of high school. Studies show there is a disproportionate number of people that are incarcerated that have Learning Disabilities. Therefore, providing early detection and appropriate intervention services is a more economical and wiser investment than paying for remediation and other services that are often required to support students as they age. Over 40 states have Dyslexia Laws included in their educational codes. Isn't it time that Vermont joins this movement? Our Vermont children (estimated 1 in 5) that are struggling readers, deserve better. VERMONT RESIDENTS: Please sign this petition and contact your State Representatives and encourage them to support a literacy bill with the features noted above.
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    Created by Melissa Culver
  • Impeachment Trial: Senators, do your job!
    When everyday Americans head to work each day, we can’t just get up and leave whenever we want. We have a job to do -- and someone is holding us accountable, making sure that job gets done. Shouldn’t senators -- who are elected to represent and serve us -- have to do their jobs like the rest of us? As Trump’s historic impeachment trial unfolds in the Senate, many senators aren’t even bothering to show up. They’re taking long breaks in the middle of the day to call their donors or showboat for reporters -- and some have even left the Senate floor for the day before the trial has concluded. Their refusal to do their job is an affront to our democracy -- and to their constituents. Our senators set the schedule for this trial themselves, and they’re wasting the public’s money by not sticking to it. Right now, senators have a crucial constitutional duty to listen to evidence, weigh the facts, and make a decision to convict Trump or let him off the hook. That should be more important than getting good press or meeting with wealthy donors. Add your name to tell the U.S. Senate: DO YOUR JOB! Your constituents are watching, so take the impeachment trial seriously -- and stay engaged in the proceedings.
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  • Donkeys Shouldn't Have To Die For This 'Medicine'
    In 2016 alone, the world lost an estimated 8 percent of its donkeys. Many were stolen, some were skinned alive, and all were part of a black market trade that fuels the Asian ejiao industry [1]. China saw its own donkey population drop from 11 million in 1990 to around 6 million in 2014 [2]. Now that the demand for donkey meat and ejiao, a medicine believed to improve circulation and ease a number of other health issues, has increased, external sources of donkey products are being considered. China reduced its tariff on donkey skins in late 2017 from 5 percent to 2 percent, making it even easier, and more lucrative, for ejiao manufacturers to get what they need, and placing the future of donkeys around the world in peril [3]. In response, donkeys around the world are now being kidnapped or stolen, and skinned alive to fuel this industry. In Africa, where donkeys are used for transportation, and religious custom often forbids eating donkey meat, donkey thievery is especially damaging both to health and culture. "From Tanzania to Peru, South Africa to Pakistan, donkeys across the world are being stolen and skinned in the night, their carcasses found by distraught owners and their skins imported into China," said Alex Mayers, the Donkey Sanctuary's head of programs [4]. Traders can sell a donkey hide for as much as 3,000 yuan (USD $460) today, whereas the same skin would have sold for a fifteenth of that price in 2000 [5]. “For millions of people in some of the world’s poorest communities, donkeys are still the main means of livelihood and sustain families by providing them with an income and independence," Mayers said [4]. "This latest news from China is sadly a backwards step for donkeys and for communities that rely on them." Uganda, Tanzania, Botswana, Niger, Burkina Faso, Mali, and Senegal have banned the export of donkey skin and meat products to China [3]. A growing number of individuals are standing up against those exports, too. [1] Horsetalk (2018, January 4), "Trade in donkey skins continues apace, as China lowers tariff." Retrieved January 16, 2018, from https://www.horsetalk.co.nz/2018/01/04/chinese-trade-donkey-skins-apace-tariff/#v5EAbQ5qR0LmWiSq.99 [2] The Donkey Sanctuary (2018), "What is ejiao?" Retrieved January 16, 2018, from https://www.thedonkeysanctuary.org.uk/under-the-skin/what-is-ejiao [3] BBC (2017, December 31), "China reduces tax on donkey skins despite population fears." Retrieved January 16, 2018, from http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-china-42527299 [4] The Donkey Sanctuary (2018, January 2), "Charity disappointed by 'backwards step' for donkeys." Retrieved January 16, 2016, from https://www.thedonkeysanctuary.org.uk/press-release/china-takes-backwards-step [5] Stephen Chen (2017, December 31), "China cuts import taxes on donkey hide as appetite for skin and meat soars." Retrieved January 16, 2016, from http://www.scmp.com/news/china/society/article/2126310/china-cuts-import-taxes-donkey-hide-appetite-skin-and-meat-soars
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    Created by Alec Griffith
  • Long Hair in Texas School District
    The importance of a child's success is from their conduct and grades. Even if a child is struggling academically, the right to possess a natural part of their being should not be denied politically. The hatred and conformity of not just a school district, but insincere outlooks from employers and public offices should not prevent the acceptance of what should be an overall standard. Time and time again, the African American community has to change their cultural character just to be allowed dire resources. I want to speak not just for the African American community, but to every one as a whole. With the Islamic populace with their hijab, with caucasians with their long hair or mohawks, and etc., this should not be a problem or a distraction because of how we keep our cultural grounds. If their are beads or metal clips, and etc. that should be banned as a dress code violation, then I can understand that part of unacceptance. Things can be used for weapons, hazards to others and themselves for accident or purposeful negligence, then it shouldn't be allowed. But to condemn a student because of a natural expression is hurtful, irresponsible, judgmental, and inconsiderate for what kind of person you are putting under the scope. The policy should change because it would bring us closer together as different cultures being together under one roof. I will not stand for the outright disrespect. I will not stand for the undermining and non-consideration of others rightful possession. Change this policy or this will come to a bigger gap within our great American civility.
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    Created by Dominique Rose
  • Nationwide Teacher Strike April 13, 2020
    We, as teachers, need to band together for the success of public school education and teacher satisfaction and longevity. Together we can fight for what we need in order to help students be successful and make teaching a more manageable career. This will only work if teachers all agree to band together to wake up the nation to the education crisis America is facing. Please sign if you WILL strike on April 13, 2020 and share with any educators you know. America needs to know these changes are important and teachers need to stand together to have our voices heard and addressed. The strike will last until are demands are met.
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    Created by Faye Miller
    Aaron Gacilan viciously kicked Alex Sanchez in the back of the head multiple times causing him to go limp and then left him 4hours with an unattended head injury. Alex is a special needs boy who the family entrusted to United Living Care Center in Elk Grove, which Aaron Gacilan family runs and owns. Alex had the mental capacity of a 2-4 year old. This care home needs to be held responsible as well as Aaron Gacilan for the brutal murder of Alex Sanchez an involutary manslaughter charge is not enough. Our family will never get to hug, laugh, see, or be with Alex again due to Aaron actions. We are grieving and need the communities support to get justice for Alex please sign and share this petition in hopes that the D.A. in Elk Grove will give our family some justice for an innocent life taken too soon by the hands of Aaron Gacilan and to prevent any other families from going through the pain he has caused ours.
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    Created by Destiny Ynez
  • Later Starts for schools
    Even though the current start time of the school day now is alright, it does need some adjustments. Most kids who go to this school have been given the privlegde of having a later bedtime, but as they get older, they have to deal with eairlier school times and later bedtimes. I am trying to break that pattern and give teens and pre-teens more sleep so they can exccel in school.
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    Created by Cassidy Tait
  • Televise Trump’s impeachment trial
    When impeachment proceedings against President Nixon began, the public wasn't convinced. But by the time he left office, Americans of all parties were overwhelmingly in support of his removal. What changed? A major factor was PBS’s decision to broadcast the Watergate hearings in full -- 247 hours total. Millions of viewers tuned in as the story of the Watergate break-in, the cover-up, the payoffs, and the dirty tricks unfolded before their eyes. This level of public accountability can make a major difference. That’s why -- as the Senate begins its impeachment trial of President Trump -- the three big broadcasters (ABC, CBS, and NBC) must follow PBS’s example and air the trial in full, live as it unfolds and throughout prime time. No matter what happens during the trial, the American people deserve every opportunity to witness it firsthand. We have a right to participate in the impeachment process -- and make informed decisions for ourselves. We're now in a political climate marked by misinformation and distractions that would be unheard of in the Nixon era. The ONLY way to cut through all of that is with the absolute, unvarnished truth -- not with updates filtered through cable news spin or the president's tweets. In this historic moment for our democracy, the three big broadcasters must prioritize keeping the American people informed and included. Add your name to tell ABC, CBS, and NBC: televise Trump’s impeachment trial, live and throughout prime time.
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    It is in the public's best interest to shut down facilities that perform surgeries to enhance ones appearance who have fatalities. A full blown investigation should occur as people are going to other countries to get surgical procedures done and awareness needs to be evident when making decisions. Also awareness of the cause of death needs to be brought to the public's attention to educate US Citizens prior to them going overseas for these cosmetic surgeries.
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    Created by Meri Davis Maria Montiel
  • Remove press restrictions for President Trump’s impeachment trial
    Mitch McConnell and Senate Rules Committee Chair Roy Blunt have instituted unprecedented press restrictions in order to prevent the public from having full access to Trump's Senate impeachment trial -- including limits on what the public can see and on reporters' ability to talk to Senators. Without the free press, we can’t fight against abusive governmental policies or defend our basic freedoms. The Trump administration has been attacking the free press for years. Now that Trump has a chance of getting held accountable for his abuses of power, the Senate is allowing him to hide details from the public.
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