• Tell AmerisourceBergen: Distribute medication abortion in all states where abortion is legal!
    Recent reports reveal that AmerisourceBergen—the country's sole distributor of mifepristone, the safe and vital abortion pill-—circulated a list to corporate clients of 31 states where it will not distribute the pill to pharmacies. Mifepristone is still legal, and it's critical for health care—we can't let right-wing tactics limit access to this medication. It's a cruel plan that, if implemented, will have devastating consequences on people of color, people with low incomes, disabled people, immigrants, and those who live in medically underserved communities—all of whom already face barriers to receiving abortion care. Despite the lies of anti-abortion extremists, mifepristone, which has been widely and safely used by millions of people for 23 years, accounts for more than half of all abortions in the U.S. and is a necessary medication for those experiencing miscarriages as well. It is supported by hundreds of studies and has a proven safety rating of 99%. And let's be clear: despite efforts of right-wing judges, it is still legal, as well as being safe, common, and essential. That's why we need to let the pharmaceutical giant know that we are onto it and will not let up the pressure until it answers to public health needs rather than extremist bullies.
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  • Don't split up our community!
    If this split were to happen, Edgewater would literally become the last priority for the elected officials in Miami. Many hard-fought gains would be put in jeopardy.
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    Created by Biscayne Neighborhoods Association
  • Dis-invite Anti Democratic Ministers from the 2023 Israel Parade
    Quietly accepting such a large and extremist governmental delegation at a major American event will be used by anti-democratic forces in Israel as evidence that the judicial overhaul is not opposed by U.S. officials and can thus advance quickly and freely. Though many of us have previously attended the Celebrate Israel Parade, we cannot march alongside extremist government officials while they are engaged in a plan to eviscerate the country’s democracy. The theme of this year's Celebrate Israel Parade is "renewing the hope," but there is nothing hopeful in the dangerous path to authoritarianism that the Parade's guests are dragging Israel into. We call upon the JCRC-NY and all those who care about the future of the State of Israel to stand in solidarity with the pro-democracy protesters in Israel, New York, and across the U.S. Oppose the participation of the extremist Israeli government’s delegation in this year’s Celebrate Israel Parade.
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    Created by shula gilad
  • Delta Air Lines adopt Proposal 6, respect your Employees' right to organize without interference
    Everyone has the right to be treated fairly in the workplace. If just one employer feels like they don't have to respect their employees legal rights, it sets a dangerous standard for all employees.
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    Created by Gameli Appiah
  • Legalize Cannabis NOW Hoosiers.
    We have had over 8 decades of oppression, a nation willing to and in fact did and still does fund and organize indoctrination programs We have been lied to misinformation and suffered from propaganda resulting in social atrocities and the destruction of the family structure. We are keeping folks from having thier best quality of life by denial of thier right to choose thier medical treatment . Our veterans our sick and suffering deserve better than what our legislators are willing to give. No more profit over persons Everyone must stand up stand iut voice and vote This will take a huge citizenry outpouring of support Plz do your part and sign the potion for an immediate moratorium on marijuanna arrest and prosecution till our law makers can structure acceptable laws that allow hoosiers the freedom of choice.
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    Created by Jeff and Nicole Goins Picture
  • Demand Target Put Pride 2023 Merch Back Into the Stores!
    The LGBTQ community has faced backlash on a level not seen in over a decade. State after state is trying to ban gender-affirming care for people under to the age of 19 and removing children from the homes that support their child’s gender and/or sexual identity. If Target was willing to accept our money for 10 plus years, they should hold strong rather than removing items WE and ALLIES wear to support LGBTQ persons, their families, and the future of all those who will be a part of OUR community.
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    Created by Jennifer Cirino
  • Pass the Victim's Fair Treatment Act
    This campaign is important for all of North Carolina citizens because the amount of negligence in our state, whether it be a car accident or a gross negligent homicide, will continue to increase without any financial responsibility. Being financially responsible for injuries or wrongful deaths will most likely make others think twice about being negligent.
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    Created by Samantha Hinson
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    Created by Tony Churchill
  • Expel George Santos
    George Santos lied about nearly every aspect of his life, deceiving voters in New York’s 3rd congressional district about his residence, religion, resume, finances, and family history. Now he’s been arrested and is currently facing 13 counts on federal charges, including wire fraud, money laundering, theft of public funds and making materially false statements to the House. Put simply, Santos’ misconduct is more than disqualifying. It’s time for the House to vote swiftly to expel George Santos from Congress.
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    Created by Maggie Moore
  • Don't let Republicans cut food assistance for American families
    My name is Ruth. I’m a single mother in New Jersey, and I am writing to ask for your support as Republicans in Congress try to slash the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), commonly called food stamps, which is a lifeline for myself and my three children. A member survey by ParentsTogether Action found that 44% of parents can’t afford enough food for their families, and 37% of parents reported skipping meals so their kids could eat. More than half of those surveyed said that they now rely on food banks or similar services. It’s frustrating to hear Republicans say they’ll let the US default on our debt and stop paying bills unless Democrats agree to their budget cuts that will slash away at lifesaving programs, when I know corporations and billionaires are not paying their fair share. Rather than CUTTING essential benefits right now, Congress must strengthen SNAP (food stamps) benefits and stop the political attacks against this life-saving program. It’s unconscionable to cut funding and increase barriers to access, but Republican proposals would impose work requirements and time limits that would take away food assistance from millions of families —including some children and older workers. The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities points out that “Justifications for work requirements rest on the false assumptions that people who receive benefits do not work and must be compelled to do so. These assumptions are rooted in stereotypes based on race, gender, disability status, and class. They ignore the realities of the low-paid labor market, the lack of child care and paid sick and family leave, how health and disability issues and the need to care for family members affect people’s lives, and ongoing labor market discrimination.” Food is necessary for survival. It shouldn’t be used as a political tool. Our families are counting on Congress to make sure no one is forced to go to bed hungry.
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    Created by Ruth Rodriquez
  • request a change in one of the outdoor Shatto Park tennis courts from regular tennis to pickleball
    Pickleball is a rapidly growing sport that is becoming increasingly popular among people of all ages. With the conversion of one tennis court into four pickleball courts, more people would be able to enjoy this exciting sport at your facility.
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    Created by Jay Jongyoup Hahn
  • Keep Mr. Hoisik at Birch School!
    Everyone who is part of the Birch School family knows, appreciates and needs Mr. Hoisik there as our Assistant Principal. He is truly one of a kind and cannot be replaced. Birch is his home and it is vital that he stays!
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    Created by Birch Community