• Stop Abuse of Postal Workers
    Mail service affects us all. Businesses depend on timely delivery and individuals expect to receive their mail and packages in a timely manner. Often this is not the case, and it is due to mismanagement and poor logistics of USPS management and postmasters. At a very basic human level, we should not tolerate mistreatment of those who work so hard to provide this essential service.
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    Created by Tracey Parker
  • Costco needs to ditch plastic packaging
    Plastic containers like pop bottles can be recycled, they cannot be recycling infinitely. When plastic is recycled it requires "virgin plastic" to be turned into a new pop bottle. The other kind of plastic, the kind that you find wrapped around packages or what your produces comes in, is not recyclable. Additionally, the production of plastic has immense environmental impacts. According to the World Economic Forum, about 4-8% of annual global oil consumption is associated with plastics. In 2015, the CIEL reported that manufacturing polyethylene plastics are responsible for 184.3 to 213 million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent, which is about as much as 45 million passenger vehicles emit during one year. The data is clear; plastic is bad for our planet.
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    Created by Meg McAloon
  • Utah Reproductive Rights
    Women and anyone with a uterus deserve the right over their own bodies as much as any man. Human Equality doesn’t stop at equal pay, equal voting and equal treatment, but extends into our homes, doctor’s offices and our own minds.
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    Created by Brianna Green
  • Meeting Transparency
    Transparency Accuracy Accountability Informative
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    Created by Shane Ogle
  • Stop Mass Deportations of Haitians Immediately
    Haitians at the American border are being turned away, denied asylum and support, and being flown back to Haiti—a country suffering in the aftermath of a hurricane, earthquake, and political assassination. At the same time, we're seeing horrific images of America's own border agents mounted on horseback and using whips against Haitians who are fleeing natural disasters and political turmoil, in search of a safer life. The actions of U.S. Customs and Border Protection reflect a broken immigration system long-grounded in racism and cruelty. The Biden administration has recently acknowledged the dangerous conditions in Haiti. It's imperative we seek to support the people of Haiti—and to be welcoming to those escaping the violence, devastation, and uncertainty faced by many in Haiti today. We need to stop expelling Haitians under Title 42. In addition to halting all deportation and expulsion flights to Haiti, the Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, and U.S. Border Patrol must also promptly explore other avenues of protection for Haitian immigrants seeking asylum. Deporting Haitians must stop immediately—especially during this humanitarian crisis.
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  • Findlay City Schools Mask Mandate
    The mask policies are working to limit the spread. In Ohio school districts where masks are optional, case rates are higher than in districts that require some masking, and we see better week-to-week trends in schools where everyone wears a mask. Most importantly, there have been fewer quarantines in schools where everyone wears a mask, helping us towards meeting the goal of keeping Ohio children in the classroom.
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    Created by Lee Ann Ireland
  • Path between Cedarwood/Utility and Aberdeen
    I am a parent of two students at Cushing Elementary (and two children who are future attendees of Cushing Elementary). Families in our neighborhood (along with families on First Parish and Country Way) use the path to access the high school sports complex and to walk to Cushing Elementary. We are too close to the school to quality for free busing, yet if the path didn't exist, our only way to walk to school puts young children on sidewalks within feet of busy roads. The path that connects Cedarwood/Utility to Aberdeen provides a safe way for residents to access the HS sports complex, Cushing school and provides shaded passage for walking and recreation. The path is a scenic wooded trail through wetlands and is an opportunity for residents to travel around Scituate by foot or by bike. Over the past several decades, the SHS cross country team has utilized this path for practices and for races. I've been told that the condition of the path is too poor for their continued use. The path is on town property and loosely maintained by the town of Scituate. It is plowed in the winter and mowed in fall and spring. Repaving this path ensures that children can safely walk and bike to school and older and younger residents alike can enjoy this route and move about town without walking along a main road. Please ask your friends and neighbors to support the reconstruction of this path.
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    Created by Caroline Meehan
  • Support meal kit workers at HelloFresh who are organizing a union
    Workers at Hello Fresh are organizing a union to make their jobs safer and more sustainable at the largest meal kit company in the United States. While Hello Fresh profited from the pandemic, employees faced disrespect, a COVID-19 outbreak, and preventable injuries. Workers are calling on the company to make sure sustainable jobs are part of the package and that the company pledge to not harass or intimidate workers organizing a union. Your voice matters. Join them.
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    Created by Daria Ovide
  • Free Rashod Stanley
    In our last petition we requested the removal of the charges “attempt to aid and escape”, having a cell phone, along with removal of 9 months of solitary confinement for creating a clothing line while incarcerated and going viral. He was released from solitary confinement 6 months early however, the charges remained and does affect his parole. This is why this is important. His tentative parole date is April 2024. Contrary to him making the clothes 10 months prior to these false allegations, the social media post shows the true intent for which they were made. If attempting to aid in escape was the true intent, then posting the clothes prior to an escape attempt would contradict that. The only thing my son is guilty of is altering state property and being overly ambitious and zealous in his efforts to rehabilitate himself so that he may become an asset rather than a liability to himself his family, and his community. To learn more about Rashod Stanley please visit his webpage at www.thetrenches.co #thetrenches #inmatefashionshow #thetrenchesclothing #thetrenchesco #thetrencheshighfashion #thetrenchesglobal #thetrenchesclothes #inmateclothingline #jailfashionshow #thetrenchesinternational #thetrenchesstore #prisonfashionshow #locationdoesntdeterminedestination
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    Created by Renita Mitchell
  • Expand the Supreme Court
    New state laws restricting voter access, and gerrymandered districts both suppress voting and threaten democracy. Overly restrictive abortion laws make access to abortions unjustifiably difficult, threatening women’s right of choice. Overpriced drugs and medications and the inability to reduce their prices through government negotiations, together with other medical services, maintain a severe financial burden for millions of Americans. Tax loopholes and havens inaccessible to all but the very rich allow the wealthy to avoid paying their fair share of taxes. This places an unfair burden and financial hardship on the poor and middle classes as they are forced to pay in taxes what the rich should be paying.
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    Created by Andrew Lever Picture
  • Reconsider PUA BENEFITS!!
    To hear our voices heard ,our anguish ,desperation for this change!
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    Created by Carolina Lopez Picture
  • Bring Lola Home
    I need people to join in my campaign because my voice isn’t enough. My pictures in my posts aren’t enough I’m hoping and praying that with community help and support and love we can show that man time does exist humidity is still alive and we can support each other for the common good. Even if it that’s common good as for one person
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    Created by Angel Arias