• Class Action Suit - Health Insurance Companies
    Every day millions of patients with medical issues or patients who need necessary procedures are denied proper coverage by their health insurance providers. The patient/s are forced to use less effective drugs or go without due to the fact that they cannot afford the cost. My question is - under what basis do they have the right to tell you which drug or procedure they will pay for? The effective results are the insurance companies are dictating care and practicing medicine without a license. Insurance companies should not be allowed to lessen a persons quality and longevity based on their profitability. Every month the insurance providers take billions of dollars from consumers and then refuse coverage due to their desire to maximize unfair and exorbitant profits. Please help me be David in this David and Goliath fight!!
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    Created by Faybienne Kosacz-Ruffolo
  • Superdelegates Vote According to Will of the People
    Our democracy is for sale. Superdelegates may be tempted to take dark money donations to vote for billionaire-sponsored candidates, denying true representational democracy to their constituents.
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    Created by Matt Marshall
  • Tell Congress: Ban local subsidies for Amazon Ring!
    Amazon wants to use your taxpayer dollars to fund the expansion of their private surveillance network known as Ring. It's already started in cities like Baltimore, but it’s not too late for you to stop handing public funds to Amazon and its creeping surveillance system. Amazon has already built Ring partnerships with around 400 US cities. But now they’re going even further by expecting local governments to use taxpayer dollars to subsidize their corporate profits -- and spy on your neighborhood. When paired with Amazon’s facial recognition service, Ring cameras will be able to identify anyone simply walking down the street, and then storing and sharing that data with law enforcement. Such as ICE agents. We need Congress to step in and stop this.
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    Created by Demand Progress
  • Please help the American people mobilize to resist a rising autocracy!
    We are entering an incredibly perilous time for our democracy. The signs of creeping authoritarianism, and indeed, fascism, are everywhere. Robert Reich has pointed out that anti-democratic leaders and forces control every branch of government. In the last several days, we had, 1. Trump order the firing of Vindman and his brother; 2. Trump boast that he did this in retaliation; 3. Trump tweet suggest that the military consider disciplining Vindman; 4. Trump influence the Justice Department to change a sentencing recommendation for a Trump friend; 5. 4 AUSAs resign over the politicization of DOJ; 6. Trump boast about his power over DOJ; and 7. Trump intimidate and threaten an Article III Judge. I may be missing more, but each one of these is, in my view, a "triggering event" that should prompt an immediate and vitally necessary response to defend our democracy. As Masha Gessen teaches us, we cannot count on our institutions to save us. Instead, we must save them. There are no guardrails as our democracy careens toward the abyss, and we the people are the ultimate bulwark. The frog is nearly boiled, and the temperature is ratcheting up fast. We need leaders who have the megaphone, the institutional clout, and the organizational heft to help us take to the streets. We need MoveOn to do the thing it has done so well in the past and for which it is so well-suited: mobilize us before it's too late!
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    Created by Lisa Genn
  • Impeach Barr
    This move interferes with the normal course of sentencing. It sets a dangerous precedent and allows the president to have too much influence in the courts. The sentence for a convicted criminal should not be altered if the President is his friend. This highly unusual behavior needs to be corrected.
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    Created by Amy Williams
  • Investigate DOJ's Roger Stone Reversal!
    Donald Trump has already shown that he thinks he's above the law, and will act accordingly. But the Justice Department showing preferential treatment for Trump's criminal accomplices is a threat to the country. This turn has come within a week of the Senate GOP refusing to hold Trump accountable for his impeachable offenses. If the Department of Justice's Inspector General and the House Judiciary Committee don't act now, Trump will be shown that he is free to bend the law to his whim.
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  • Stop Killing our Mountain Lions
    Last week, the Cal Dept of Fish & Game allowed a livestock owner to kill a collared and protected California Mountain Lion known as P-56 because the cougar had been eating some of his livestock. The killing occurred within or near the boundary of the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation area. Mountain Lions are rare, endangered and far more important to Southern California’s wild areas and ecosystems than livestock. The killing of P-56 leaves only one breeding age male in the entire Santa Monica Mountains range. We can pay someone for a lost sheep. We cannot buy a new Mountain Lion. At a time when we are contemplating spending millions on a migratory bridge for cougars, it is senseless to kill them for doing what they do — prey on other animals for food. Their habitat is dwindling and their populations are at at all time lows. And they are beautiful, majestic creatures who give a sense of wilderness to this important urban park here in Southern California. Killing them for someone’s convenience is shameful and a crime against nature. In the long run, it will cost far less money just to pay for the lost livestock or take other non-lethal action. We can do this!
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    Created by Rob Mandell
  • Alan Dershowitz must be disbarred
    The very foundation of our democracy relies on the rule of law. We have an adversarial legal system, but when attorneys lie in court it distorts the entire process. Process is important! Many of the attacks on our system of government we have witnessed in recent years, have been attacks on process. This must stop.
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    Created by Rick Emmet
  • Please Help Us Live!
    This cause is very important because there are too many women dying everyday by the hands of abuse. There are too many women who have to defend themselves and end up in jail for doing so. So many women being violated. We need change. We need new laws. WE NEED HELP! PLEASE HELP US LIVE!!
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    Created by Chavonia Pratt
  • Fire the WFLA Reporter for his remarks.
    Durning the coverage of the funeral for the fallen FHP Trooper. WFLAs reporter made a very anti law enforcement remark saying " waste of my day" the news station has chosen not to terminate the reporter showing the public and law enforcement that they do not care about what the men and women in blue do for them.
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    Created by Pierce Trujillo
  • Retaliation is wrong
    If President Trump continues his retribution against individuals who followed the law, in good faith, to report suspected wrongdoing regardless of the outcome, it will send a chilling message to all workers that they could face job loss, loss of prestige, and life-long discord in addition to whatever monetary funds that they could have earned, if terminated by someone in power over them done so in retaliation. The Whistleblower Protection Act is in effective even for Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman. What TRUMP did to Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman was reprehensible, and WRONG.
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    Created by Loy hairston
  • I stand with Lt. Col. Vindman
    With a blank check from the Senate’s sham impeachment trial in hand, Donald Trump is out for revenge. He’s starting to lash out against anyone who put their loyalty to the country ahead of their loyalty to him. His latest target? Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, the top Ukraine expert who was on the fated July 25th phone call where Trump tried to extort an investigation into the Bidens from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Vindman later testified before the House about what he heard on the call. Vindman did this country a great service. He felt, in his words, a "sense of duty" to tell Americans the truth -- and now, that honorable act has cost him his job, his career, and his privacy. Vindman needs to know that Americans are thankful for his courage -- and that Trump's attacks can't change the important truth that he told. And the White House must be met with a nationwide outcry -- thousands and thousands of us speaking out and condemning Trump's abhorrent decision to punish Vindman for his patriotism.
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