• Sign Now: Support Biden’s decision to pull troops out of Afghanistan
    President Biden is set to announce that he’s withdrawing all U.S. troops from Afghanistan. This is great news and a moment that wouldn’t have been possible without people like you pushing for an end to the status quo cycles of violence and endless wars. President Biden has done what we’ve been asking for for YEARS — and now we need to show up, loudly and publicly, to let him know we agree with this decision. Why? Because the administration is already being attacked for this move and if we aren’t loud now, the Biden administration and future leaders will be less likely to take the bold action we need to truly end endless war. Will you celebrate this decision and help create the space for more leaders to take bold steps to end endless wars by signing the thank you card for the Biden administration?
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  • Enough is enough. Minnesotans demand police accountability and an end to police violence!
    The time is now for our legislature to pass meaningful, common sense laws that will hold police accountable and make our families safer. The killings of George Floyd and Daunte Wright were not an anomaly. Police brutality is a real issue that disproportionately impacts Black, Indigenous, people of color and low income people in Minnesota and across our nation. In Minnesota alone, there have been over 400 deaths from police brutality since 2000. The torture and killing of George Floyd in eight minutes and 46 seconds is perhaps one of the worst police brutality cases in our nation's history. This happened here, in our state, in our community. And the recent killing of Daunte Wright on the night of April 11 was another example of grotesque, unaccountable police violence. Daunte was shot dead just minutes after being pulled over for allegedly hanging air fresheners in his rearview mirror. In this moment as the entire nation and world watches Minnesota, we have an opportunity to lead the nation by passing pragmatic laws to promote safety, justice, transparency and accountability. Courageous Minnesotans are currently standing up for justice for all and peaceful protestors are demanding accountability and common-sense laws. Today, we are asking Minnesotans to demand Justice for George Floyd and all Stolen Lives by passing the following bills during this year's state legislative session. The bills would : End the Statute of Limitations for Lawsuits for Wrongful Deaths Caused by Police (HF 717, SF 2021) Strengthen Civilian Oversight (HF 640) End Police-Only Responses to Mental Health Crisis Calls (HF 1686, SF 1924) End Qualified Immunity (HF 1104, SF 580) Independent Investigatory and Prosecutory Body for Police Critical Incidents End Prosecution for Reporting Police Misconduct (HF 2201) End No Knock Warrants (HF 1762, SF 2139) Require Police to Carry Professional Liability Insurance (HF 440, SF 815) Require Access to Body Worn Camera Footage in Police Critical Incidents within 48 Hours (HF 1103, SF 807) A growing coalition of community groups including Communities United Against Police Brutality, Minnesota Disability Justice Network, Minnesota Justice Coalition, Racial Justice Network, Twin Cities Coalition for Justice 4 Jamar, Families Supporting Families Against Police Violence and Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) Minnesota demands police accountability and an end to police violence.
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    Created by Mohamed Ibrahim, CAIR Minnesota
  • Americans must get back to work with clean energy and care jobs! Congress must act.
    My name is Beth, I live in Ventnor, New Jersey, and I saw the impact of Superstorm Sandy first hand. My house had to be taken down, and I am still not home after 9 years. Very little has changed. Our government is still doing too little about the rising sea levels, urgent need to cut pollution, and need to invest in renewable energy. I am genuinely frightened for the planet my grandchildren will inherit. Now, in the middle of a pandemic with our country facing several crises at once, it is clear that Congress must act. I and all signing this petition are calling on Congress to do just that—to act now, with urgency, to create good, union jobs, from clean energy jobs to jobs in the care sector to manufacturing jobs—and to ensure that all of those jobs do their part to reduce the fossil fuel pollution causing climate change. I and those signing this petition also call on Congress to make sure these investments include those who often have been excluded in the past—communities that have lost manufacturing jobs, low-income communities, communities of color, communities facing environmental harm, and fossil fuel communities impacted by the clean energy transition. Prior to Sandy I was like many others. I didn’t understand the reality of climate change until I experienced it. In the same way, how many people thought much about the impacts of a pandemic before Covid hit? Now I understand that this could be the new norm, dangerous pandemics and life-threatening climate disasters that could ruin our communities, unless we reimagine and recreate our economy and build a clean energy future. We need Congress to take action immediately to put Americans back to work in clean energy and care jobs! As an Independent that voted Republican in the last election, many might have preconceived notions about what I stand for. But in reality, I believe we must have a country that works for everybody. Right now, I know that we need to come together for this transformational change and recovery. We need to stand together even if we don’t always agree. We need to find common ground especially when it comes to saving our communities, building a clean energy future and protecting our planet. We need to make sure we’re being equitable and everyone is included. And we need to ensure the money is spent wisely, with strong oversight to prevent waste. This goal is bigger than a political divide. This is the moment where we have to take immediate action to create jobs and reimagine the economy in a way that enables all of us to get back on our feet and is sustainable for the earth. Congress must be bold and act now!!
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    Created by Beth T.
  • End the Blockade on Yemen
    The US-backed Saudi-led coalition has been killing Yemenis for since its “intervention” 6 years ago. Recently, and out of desperation, the US-backed coalition escalated its tactics, implementing blockade on fuel entering the country. This effectively dismantles the supply chain in Yemen, leaving millions without food and medicine. It leaves hospitals and homes without power as fuel is required to power generators. This blockade is starving millions of Yemenis and the UN estimates 400,000 Yemeni children could die from starvation if the blockade is not lifted. Now a child dies every 75 seconds. Yemenis have been deprived of their basic human rights of water, food, electricity, and life at the hands of the US-funded onslaught. This is a preventable, man-made humanitarian crisis. We will not stand by the deaths of our families and people. President Biden and the United States must publicly condemn the blockade on Yemen & end all US support for the Saudi blockade.
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    Created by Yemeni Liberation Movement
  • Modifications to The Ohio State University Math 1152 Curriculum
    We believe that being given opportunities to raise our standing in the course is critical due to the events that have transpired with Dr.Pengitore that have all in all created an environment that is not conducive to learning or the success of students. Specifically, we believe that the mean and median scores of Midterm examination three and Midterm examination four, which both hovered around 50%, are entirely indicative of the shared struggles among the students of the course. Scores as low as these on a midterm can and likely will have a significant impact on student's grades in the course and, accordingly, their future educational aspirations as it may derail their goals. Thus, we believe for those that are inclined and willing to put in further time and effort into the course in order to raise their grade should be able to so.
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    Created by Students of Math 1152
  • Keep Coach Mihoci
    Because he’s fam
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  • Make remote access to all public meetings a permanent fixture -
    There are a number of reasons why remote access to meetings should be preserved. First, it allows more people to attend meetings. This method has been necessary and is overdue - to remove it is discriminatory. There are those who cannot physically attend meetings for myriad reasons. Lack of transportation, caregiving, illness, age, etc. can all keep folks from in-person attendance. Second, following CDC guidelines in the meeting room means that attendance will be limited and, therefore, that fewer folks will be able to participate. To have meetings with only physical attendance and a limited number of attendees diminishes the public's ability to participate in decisions that involve them. Neptune had a hybrid meeting style in place. Third, NJ is still a highly at-risk state in terms of Covid infections. As of 9 April 20, cases were up 20% from a month ago. Monmouth County has the fourth-highest number of new cases. The Covid Tracker at the NY Times, updated on 10 April 21, states, "Monmouth County is at an extremely high risk of exposure to Covid-19." With these facts in mind, the reality is that there are those who will neither be able nor choose to participate because of health concerns. To deny the public remote access to meetings is exceedingly undemocratic and, at this time, medically unsafe.
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    Created by mary jane dodd
  • Keep Masks in Schools - Palm Beach County
    The evidence is clear and the message from the CDC, scientists worldwide and doctors is aligned and straightforward. Masks prevent transmission of COVID19 as well as other illnesses (like colds and flu). The rampant spread of COVID variants in our community makes masking even MORE important, as the variants are more likely to cause illness, hospitalization and death. All masking policies must be enforced to ensure the safety of all on campuses and in our community at large. Without enforcement, any claims that the district has a mask policy are attempts to mislead parents, students and the community. An outbreak of COVID19 in our schools would be disruptive to our children's continued education, potentially deadly for adults and children alike and will spread COVID into the community.
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    Created by Meagan Bell
  • Tell Corporations: Stop Florida Legislature's voter suppression and removal of personal freedoms!
    We must all Stop Florida from becoming a citizen suppression state like what is happening in Georgia. Stand up for freedoms, stop voter suppression, and support citizen voices.
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    Created by Sandra Cadena
  • There is no room in Congress for a misogynistic sexual predator like Gaetz. He must resign, NOW!
    Gaetz has gone far to evade accountability for the things he’s done, so far that he sought a preemptive pardon for himself and other members of Congress for any crimes they committed, and though he didn’t get it, the investigation on him began under the Trump administration’s Department of Justice that was led by Bill Barr at the time, who abused his power by acting as Trump’s personal lawyer and covering up his many crimes. Gaetz’s predatory behavior is not new: While he was a member of the Florida House of Representatives, he showed other lawmakers nude photos of women that he claimed he slept with, he created a game to score “sexual conquests” that gave points for targets like interns, staffers, or other women colleagues, and he voted against a bill aimed at preventing people from sharing explicit photos of their ex-partners online. Gaetz, like his idol Trump, is a sexual predator. Not to mention that in 2020, Gaetz spewed baseless lies about the legitimacy of the election, which subsequently incited the storming of the Capitol by white supremacists, which he then called a false-flag operation by the left. Then, he and the GOP Treason Caucus refused to hold Trump accountable for obstruction of justice in the first impeachment trial, objected to certifying the 2020 election results, and even refused to hold Trump accountable for inciting a deadly insurrection in the second impeachment trial. Now, Rep. Gaetz is under federal investigation for sexual misconduct and sex trafficking a child. There is no room in Congress for a misogynistic sexual predator like him. That’s why we must take action to demand that Matt Gaetz resign from Congress, NOW!
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  • Rochester cops attack mother and 3 year old—police union won’t condemn it
    After defending police officers who pepper-sprayed a 9-year-old girl, Rochester police union president Mike Mazzeo is now refusing to condemn officers who just attacked a mother and her toddler—including some of the same officers involved in pepper-spraying the 9-year-old. These are the latest incidents in a pattern of horrific police violence against Black people in Rochester, and Mazzeo has consistently worked to deflect accountability for police officers, excuse their conduct, and shift blame to city leaders. Mazzeo’s message to Rochester police officers is clear: use reckless violence against Rochester’s Black residents, and I will defend you, no matter the impact or consequences of your actions. In just a few months in Rochester, we can see how Mazzeo’s actions have excused police violence against Black people in the city: • In September, Mazzeo defended the officers who mocked, suffocated, and killed Daniel Prude, saying they did nothing wrong. • In January, Mazzeo defended the officers who abused and pepper sprayed a terrified, crying 9-year-old girl. • Just weeks later, Rochester officers viciously attack a mother and her girl after falsely accusing the mother of shoplifting—and Mazzeo has refused to condemn it, or push for any kind of accountability. If Mazzeo can excuse this kind of horrific police violence and remain the leader of the police union, it paves the way for Rochester police to continue committing acts of violence against Rochester residents, and makes achieving accountability for police and the enactment of necessary reforms nearly impossible. Mike Mazzeo has to go. Please join us in calling on Rochester’s Mayor, Chief of Police, City Council members, and Police Accountability Board to force Mazzeo’s departure, now.
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  • Petition prior to Class Action Lawsuit The People vs Donald Trump for his COVID-19 response.
    Dr. Birx shared on CNN that in her estimation only 100,000 people should have died from this virus. If things had been mitigated properly 100s of thousands of lives could have been saved. The American People deserved to know the truth during the pandemic and STILL deserve to know the truth now. He caused unneeded hardship, emotional toll, debt and death to people unnecessarily.
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    Created by Christy Howell