• Remove FBI Director Wray
    If FBI Director lied about this investigation...what else is he hiding?
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    Created by Bill Harshbarger
  • Jamaica Queens residents fight for clean environment and against any waste increase.
    Our fight for a clean environment and clean air, must be heard. Pollutants from the local waste transfer stations on Douglas Ave. have caused asthma, cancer, and other health ailments in our community, and enough is enough. We have been neglected too many years by our elected officials in exchange for them getting funding from these waste stations in Jamaica, Queens. Waste stations “fund our NYC parks” and “help the community” while they get passes to pollute our community. We must fight against this environmental racism.
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    Created by SEQ Jamaica
  • President Biden: Lead the way for voting rights
    Earlier this summer, President Biden told a crowd in Oklahoma that he was going to “fight like heck” to ensure the For the People Act passes. But weeks later, he’s still leaving multiple options on the table -- letting Mitch McConnell’s filibuster get in the way of this once-in-a-generation legislation. In that time, several states have moved new laws that would make it harder for voters, especially Black and Brown voters, to cast their ballot. And if we don’t act soon, anti-democracy forces -- like Big Money special interests and gerrymandering politicians -- will have free reign to manipulate the 2022 elections to their advantage. Our democracy can’t wait -- and we can’t risk our future in futile hopes that Mitch McConnell will come to the negotiating table. We urgently need President Biden to keep his promise by doing everything in his power to get the For the People Act over the finish line. The For the People Act includes proven, comprehensive provisions that would protect the freedom to vote, end partisan gerrymandering, limit Big Money’s stranglehold on our democracy, hold elected officials to a higher ethical standard, and so much more. Restoring our democracy is far too important a job to let Mitch McConnell veto it with a Senate minority. McConnell and Senate Republicans already filibustered debate on the For the People Act -- and we can’t let them do it again. If we want to see this historic bill passed this summer, Biden needs to get bold -- and fast. He must publicly urge the Senate to abolish the filibuster, wield the power of the bully pulpit, and appeal directly to senators like Joe Manchin, who we’ll need to break McConnell’s stranglehold on the Senate. If Biden doesn’t take bold action right now, he’ll be handing control of many of his top priorities and his legacy over to Mitch McConnell. Add your name and urge President Biden to do whatever it takes to pass the For the People Act.
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  • Add Nowruz to MSU work exemption/time off
    Over two hundred Iranian students and professors living and working at MSU are at the forefront of their research, contributing to science and the community through scholarship, activities, and crafting a better future. Given this number of Iranian students and scholars at Michigan State University, it is only fair that the university allows them to have the most important day in their culture recognized in the MSU community. Making Nowruz as an observing day/providing exemptions for two days of Nowruz celebration would both help recognize and embrace the importance of the Iranian community to MSU and serve as an example of inclusion by an institution that holds equity and diversity as its core value.
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    Created by Parisa Ghaderi
  • End cash bail in LA County!
    As you read this, millions of people across the country are being held in jail even though they haven’t been convicted with any crime. In the vast majority of states and counties, if people charged with a crime can’t afford to pay their bail, they’re forced to sit in jail until their trial date, which can take weeks, months, or sometimes even years. Pretrial detention often leads to all sorts of challenges for a jailed person, including job loss, housing loss, and, if they are a caretaker, complications with child or eldercare. And above all, cash bail leads to unequal treatment under the law, and this is a violation of our Constitution. Regardless of a person’s ability to post bail, they should be granted the same rights and presumption of innocence.
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    Created by Carol Levy
  • Restore Press Freedom!
    Today the entire mainstream media is owned by only FIVE corporations, all of which are run by people who are invested in weapons and war. The result is a media that always starts with a pro-interventionist position and is staffed by former intelligence officials and generals that protect the government narrative instead of the truth. Additionally, it is extremely rare for mainstream media outlets to have on opposing viewpoints, especially from the left, to have debates and discussions. We need a return to fairness, truth and civil debate.
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    Created by Jason Kishineff
  • Tax Jeff Bezos, billionaires, and corporations so they pay their fair share!
    This is Ben and Jerry. Yup. Ol Ben and Ol Jerry. The ice cream guys. The people, not the corporation. And here's what's on our mind: Jeff Bezos and taxes. You see, Jeff Bezos blasted himself into space. Elon Musk is on deck. And if this billionaire space race reminds us of one thing, it's this: Billionaires like Bezos and Musk just aren't paying their fair share of taxes under today's tax code. Despite being among the world's richest billionaires, Bezos and Musk pay a tax rate lower than many of us. Massive corporations like Amazon regularly avoid paying federal taxes. Even guys like us who got rich selling ice cream should be paying more (we're not "blast ourselves into space" ultra-wealthy, but we get by. Republicans and Donald Trump passed a tax scheme to benefit the ultra-wealthy and corporations—while shifting the burden onto the rest of us and underfunding critical infrastructure and our social safety net. We have the chance to change this right now. The Senate and House could pass tax laws that force the ultra-wealthy and corporations to pay their fair share. This would reduce the burden on the working class, while also investing in infrastructure, Social Security, health care, education, combating climate change, and so much more. Tell Congress: Tax Jeff Bezos so he and other billionaires, the ultra-wealthy, and corporations pay their fair share.
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    Created by Ben and Jerry
  • Gov. DeSantis - RESTORE COVID Data Transparency in FL!
    By having access to real-time data regarding the spread of COVID-19 in our local communities and within the state as a whole, we are able to make informed choices for ourselves, our families, our businesses, our schools, and our community as a whole. COVID-19 rapidly spreading and impacting every facet of our lives also impacts our economy. Everything is connected. By having access to this data, we not only have the opportunity to make wiser choices (which will save lives), but it will also help us get back to a safer baseline where normalcy is more attainable and economic impact is lessened.
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    Created by Stefani Bush
  • Mask Up for Public School Students, Educators & Community
    By signing this petition, you requesting that your local school board members vote to establish Mask Requirements in your public schools for the 2021-22 school year, as long as masks are proven to be effective in protecting, reducing and preventing infection, severity and deaths by Covid-19/variant.
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    Created by Grassroots Arkansas
  • Save The Carousel House
    I come to you this day in need of help. I was informed that The Carousel house in Fairmount park has been set to be demolished. This hits home and saddens me deeply because I have a direct link to this center, my family immediate and extended have spent countless years at this center. It's one of the last places in the city of Philadelphia where the disabled, mentally challenged and visually impaired can gather together and be constructive. The carousel house over the last 48 years has given the disabled a place to feel a sense of community and purpose. By providing therapeutic activities and competitive sports. There aren't many spaces left in this city for these people to go. Please help save and restore this center for not just this generation but the next to come.
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    We depend on our local post office for many things. Businesses and publications need the post office. Rural post offices are very important to rural residents. There are many reasons people need the local post office. Louis DeJoy needs to be fired for sabotaging our USPS.
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    Created by Carol McCarthy
  • Emergency Relief for Cuba / Ayuda de emergencia para Cuba
    After the overtures made during the Obama administration to restore diplomatic relations with Cuba, the Trump administration reversed course adding 243 new sanctions that block bank loans, prohibit imports of basic necessities, bar travel between the US and Cuba, and no longer allows US citizens to send remittances to their families in Cuba. The international community’s vote taken on June 23 in the United Nations’ General Assembly 184 - 2 overwhelmingly called to end the blockade of Cuba. Elected officials in dozens of municipal and state governments across this country have also joined this call to normalize relations and advance the diplomatic relations initiated under Obama. Restoration of normalized relations is good for business, for exchange in advances in medicine, cultural exchange and a restoration of family relations. We further call on the Biden/ Harris administration to fast-track normalizing diplomatic relations between Cuba and the United States and join the global community in recognizing the failure of the blockade as a solution or substitute for meaningful dialogue. We appreciate you taking the time to sign and share this petition. *** Después de las insinuaciones hechas durante el gobierno de Obama para restablecer las relaciones diplomáticas con Cuba, el gobierno de Trump dio marcha atrás, añadiendo 243 nuevas sanciones que bloquean los préstamos bancarios, prohíben las importaciones de productos de primera necesidad, prohíben los viajes entre Estados Unidos y Cuba, y ya no permiten a los ciudadanos estadounidenses enviar remesas a sus familias en Cuba. La comunidad internacional votó el 23 de junio en la Asamblea General de las Naciones Unidas 184 - 2 de forma abrumadora para poner fin al bloqueo de Cuba. Funcionarios electos en docenas de gobiernos municipales y estatales en todo el país también se han unido a este llamado para normalizar las relaciones y avanzar en las relaciones diplomáticas iniciadas bajo Obama. El restablecimiento de las relaciones normalizadas es bueno para los negocios, para el intercambio en los avances de la medicina, el intercambio cultural y el restablecimiento de las relaciones familiares. Además, hacemos un llamamiento a la administración Biden/Harris para que acelere la normalización de las relaciones diplomáticas entre Cuba y Estados Unidos y se una a la comunidad mundial en el reconocimiento del fracaso del bloqueo como solución o sustituto de un diálogo significativo. Le agradecemos que se tome el tiempo de firmar y compartir esta petición. ¿Quieres hacer más? Te animamos a que te pongas en contacto con tus senadores y representantes y les instes a que presionen a Biden para que proporcione ayuda a Cuba.
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    Created by Sharon Wrobel