• Petition for Immediate Action to Address Rising Car Theft in the Shipyard Neighborhood
    The safety and security of our homes and neighborhood are fundamental rights that every resident deserves. The recent spike in car thefts in the Shipyard not only disrupts our daily lives but also erodes the sense of community and security that we cherish. When we, as residents, are forced to live in fear of our properties being stolen, it undermines our quality of life and well-being. This issue transcends individual losses and affects the entire community. When crime rates rise, it impacts property values, community trust, and overall safety. By joining together, we can amplify our voices and ensure that our concerns are heard by those in positions of power. Collective action is crucial to driving the changes needed to protect our neighborhood and prevent future incidents. Your support can help us achieve a safer, more secure environment for all residents of the Shipyard.
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    Created by Salustiano Ribeiro
  • Petition for a Safe-Usage Technology Policy in Springfield Township School District
    We, the concerned parents and community members of Springfield Township, hereby submit this petition urging the immediate implementation of a Safe-Usage Technology Policy within our school district. In today's digital age, technology plays an integral role in education. However, its unfettered use poses significant risks to the well-being and academic performance of our students. The prevalence of smartphones, tablets, and computers has led to increased screen time, distractions, cyberbullying, and exposure to inappropriate content. Without proper guidelines and regulations, our students are vulnerable to the adverse effects of excessive technology use, including depression and anxiety. Rationale for Safe-Usage Technology Policy: 1. Promotion of Academic Focus: Excessive screen time can impair cognitive development and hinder academic performance. A well-structured policy will help students prioritize their academic responsibilities over digital distractions. 2. Protection from Harmful Content: The internet contains a plethora of inappropriate and harmful content. A Safe-Usage Technology Policy will establish barriers to non-educational internet usage, while increasing filters and monitoring systems to shield students from accessing such content, ensuring a safe and conducive learning environment. 3. Protection of Brain Development: Research suggests that overexposure to screens affects memory, cognition, mood, and attention spans in all humans - even more so in developing brains. Ensuring that technology is used solely as an educational tool will mitigate mental and emotional harm caused on school grounds.  4. Prevention of Cyberbullying: Cyberbullying has become a prevalent issue among students, leading to severe emotional distress and academic disengagement. By outlining strict guidelines against cyberbullying and harassment, the policy will foster a culture of respect and empathy within the school community. 5. Development of Responsible Digital Citizenship: Education is not just about imparting knowledge but also about shaping responsible citizens. A comprehensive technology policy will include provisions for digital literacy education, teaching students about online safety, etiquette, and the responsible use of technology. 
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    Created by Meredith Jean
  • Bruin Parking Reform.
    Parking permits and fines place an undo financial burden on SLCC students, especially for those who are already struggling financially. It is especially unjust in the sense that you are unable to appeal a ticket unless you pay the fine regardless if it is warranted with no room to defend yourself until after you are found guilty. Especially since SLCC holds the right to hold your transcripts and ability to graduate hostage unless you pay these fines. Not to mention that SLCC students are already spending thousands of dollars to simply attend classes and this nickeling and diming maneuver serves nothing but to further alienate and impoverish SLCC students. Additionally our campuses severely lack accessible parking spots for those who may struggle if forced to park further away. Please sign here or at https://sign.moveon.org/p/Bruinsunbooted
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    Created by Jon Follano
  • Our Safe Place NEEDS YOUR HELP!
    Nonprofit organizations that focus on youth development and issues are crucial because they provide essential support and resources to help young individuals grow, learn, and overcome challenges. We plan to expand and offer mentorship programs, educational opportunities, and guidance that can positively impact the lives of young people, shaping them into future leaders and contributing members of society. By addressing the specific needs of youth, we aspire to play a vital role in creating a better future for the next generation!
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    Created by Our Safe Place
    As a community we need to recognize that this is a big problem. Dr. Hester has provided a safe and orderly environment for her students and staff for eight years. It is evidenced through her hard work how much she loves her school and the students. She’s always working and goes above and beyond for all stakeholders. She is able to call all students by name and takes a genuine interest in their success in the high school setting. The castle needs her to remain principal as she continues to lead us forward! 
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    Created by Tracey J
  • HCC Petition
    Why It Matters: 📚 Educational Impact: With over 10,000 students each semester, HCC plays a crucial role in shaping the future of our community. Faculty deserve a seat at the table in decision-making processes affecting student learning. 🤝 Unity for Progress: By standing in solidarity, we can ensure that administrative policies align with the best interests of faculty and students alike. 👩‍🏫 Teaching & Learning Conditions: We need your support to create an environment where both faculty and students can thrive, fostering excellence in education at HCC. Join Us in Fighting for a Brighter Future at Howard Community College!
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    Created by Salvador Valdez
  • Dibels testing
    I just recently learned that a test (dibels) that is given 3 times a year will determine if a child passes or fails the entire school year. This test only determines how fast a child can read in one minute, not at all what they comprehend while reading. Some children need to read slower to comprehend what they are reading. We need to fight for this to not happen because it completely takes away from all the hard work our kids have done all year just because they are not fast readers!
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    Created by Brooklyn Adams
  • Warren Position Petition
    This is important because the new generations need to have the experiences they want. If that means being a committee chair for two organizations or four, then it should be that way. Only being able to hold a position for one organization is hardly a way to grow. As a student leader, it’s disheartening for someone to be limited like this. Especially in HIGH SCHOOL. It would mean a lot to me and the rest of the incoming students at Warren if you were to sign this petition on behalf of the student body and what we stand for. Why limit a student to one position if the reason behind learning is to grow, even as a person and a leader? Thank you so much.  -Gracie Hindmon
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    Created by Gracie Hindmon
  • Ziegler Must Immediately Resign or Be Removed from the Sarasota School Board by Gov. DeSantis
    Ms. Ziegler's conduct has been a continuous distraction from the business of the Board  — the education of our students, and the Board's stated commitment of "Every student every day."  At the May 7, 2024 School Board meeting she proposed a resolution defying constitutional officer responsibilities by refusing to uphold changes to Title IX. She claims she was protecting "our girls" while openly discriminating against certain students. This makes our students unsafe.  Ms. Ziegler has damaged countless students' lives and is an embarrassment to the Sarasota County School District.  She needs to resign or be removed. Join us in this effort. 
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    Created by Robin Williams
  • Tell Pres. Biden: Reaffirm the right to protest now!
    Hundreds of students have recently been arrested for participating in protests against the Israeli government’s war in Gaza at dozens of universities across the country. But blue lights and zip ties aren’t making students on any campus safer, and sending in armed troops will only increase the tensions — and the potential for tragedy. We don’t have to guess what that looks like because we already know: At Kent State on May 4, 1970, 28 National Guard soldiers fired into a crowd of thousands protesting the Vietnam War. They killed four students and wounded nine others. Those protests weren’t so different from the ones we are seeing today. From Columbia to the University of Texas-Austin to the University of California, Berkeley, and back again, young people across the country are exercising their constitutionally protected rights to free speech and assembly to protest horrific violence in Gaza. President Biden has an opportunity to show the kind of leadership necessary to meet this moment of crisis. As the protests spread, Republican governors could act unilaterally to bring more military presence to college campuses across the country. That’s why your voice is urgently needed today: Will you help us send the president a clear and crucial reminder that dissent is not a crime, and protest is patriotic?
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    Created by Win Without War Picture
  • STOP the Suffering of Millions to Benefit Insurance Companies
    90% of us will have a parasitic infection or bout at some point in our lives . These infections can cause life threatening health complications.   Please help us, as we have suffered entirely too long. Help us improve the system for you and your loved ones future's. We do this so no one will ever suffer the health problems, isolation, and possible suicide from feeling helpless.
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    Created by Nikki Everett
  • Publicly Reject Project 2025!
    Trump’s first term was chaotic and incompetent. But this time, MAGA is prepared with a detailed plan to quickly seize power and ruthlessly reshape America. Project 2025 is a 920-page document authored by Christian nationalists that provides a step-by-step blueprint to impose the MAGA agenda on every aspect of Americans’ lives and make Trumpism the rule of law. Their goal is the elimination of our freedoms and protections: eliminating Social Security and Medicare, corporate regulations, environmental protections, rights for LGBTQ+ people and religious minorities, contraception and IVF, resources we need for public education, and more.  Their plan also includes systematically sabotaging our elections for their own benefit. And they want to dismantle our democracy and its checks and balances by centralizing power to the White House, giving the president control of previously independent agencies, such as the Federal Communications Commission and the Federal Trade Commission, and even the Department of Justice. As one expert, Mary Guy, warned in response to Project 2025, "Democracies have crumbled before, and that’s on the verge of happening here." Project 2025 details a concerted plan for how the MAGA movement seeks to control us, decide our futures for us, and take us backward. Instead of representing "We the People", they want to rule over us and for their corporate interests.  We deserve to know where our elected leaders stand on this extreme, dangerous blueprint. It’s time we sound the alarm about this MAGA vision and demand all Republicans in Congress go on record with their position on Project 2025. A banner at a protest against Project 2025 in Washington D.C. on January 27, 2024 (Credit: Elvert Barnes/Flickr.com)
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