• Support Literacy Bills Recognizing Dyslexia and Structured Literacy Intervention Services
    Dyslexia is a proven neurological disorder that negatively impacts students. Yale University has conducted research that suggests that 20% of the population has dyslexia, even though it is not always diagnosed. (See https://www.dyslexia.yale.edu/dyslexia/what-is-dyslexia/). Obtaining a diagnosis is critical because it helps students gain access to the intervention services and accommodations that they need to succeed in school. Other research shows that by 4th grade, if students haven't developed strong reading skills, they have a higher risk of dropping out of high school. Studies show there is a disproportionate number of people that are incarcerated that have Learning Disabilities. Therefore, providing early detection and appropriate intervention services is a more economical and wiser investment than paying for remediation and other services that are often required to support students as they age. Over 40 states have Dyslexia Laws included in their educational codes. Isn't it time that Vermont joins this movement? Our Vermont children (estimated 1 in 5) that are struggling readers, deserve better. VERMONT RESIDENTS: Please sign this petition and contact your State Representatives and encourage them to support a literacy bill with the features noted above.
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    Created by Melissa Culver
  • Long Hair in Texas School District
    The importance of a child's success is from their conduct and grades. Even if a child is struggling academically, the right to possess a natural part of their being should not be denied politically. The hatred and conformity of not just a school district, but insincere outlooks from employers and public offices should not prevent the acceptance of what should be an overall standard. Time and time again, the African American community has to change their cultural character just to be allowed dire resources. I want to speak not just for the African American community, but to every one as a whole. With the Islamic populace with their hijab, with caucasians with their long hair or mohawks, and etc., this should not be a problem or a distraction because of how we keep our cultural grounds. If their are beads or metal clips, and etc. that should be banned as a dress code violation, then I can understand that part of unacceptance. Things can be used for weapons, hazards to others and themselves for accident or purposeful negligence, then it shouldn't be allowed. But to condemn a student because of a natural expression is hurtful, irresponsible, judgmental, and inconsiderate for what kind of person you are putting under the scope. The policy should change because it would bring us closer together as different cultures being together under one roof. I will not stand for the outright disrespect. I will not stand for the undermining and non-consideration of others rightful possession. Change this policy or this will come to a bigger gap within our great American civility.
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    Created by Dominique Rose
  • Nationwide Teacher Strike April 13, 2020
    We, as teachers, need to band together for the success of public school education and teacher satisfaction and longevity. Together we can fight for what we need in order to help students be successful and make teaching a more manageable career. This will only work if teachers all agree to band together to wake up the nation to the education crisis America is facing. Please sign if you WILL strike on April 13, 2020 and share with any educators you know. America needs to know these changes are important and teachers need to stand together to have our voices heard and addressed. The strike will last until are demands are met.
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    Created by Faye Miller
  • Make Election Day a Federal Holiday
    The United States has a very low voter turnout compared to other countries. It's important that as many citizens as possible be given the opportunity to participate in our democracy by voting. Making election day a federal holiday will give significantly more people the opportunity to vote. Since it will replace Columbus Day, it won't generate any additional costs.
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    Created by Kristi Hansen
  • Bel air high school staff/administrators to be reviewed by school board or higher authority
    They have done so many things to not only me but many of my friends and peers at that school. They treat their students like we mean nothing and punish us for anything they “feel” like. It’s such a mentally abusive establishment and for the past 4 years they have put my friends, and peers and I in such a depressive, anxious state. It genuinely sucks and hurts to go there everyday. They don’t help us when we need it and they make it perfectly clear select students don’t mean anything to them by how we are treated. I’m fed up with it because of the things they have done to me for the past 4 years but especially my senior year which is right now. And I don’t want their to be kids who get stripped of the desire to learn because that school ruined it.
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    Created by Madison Stinebaugh
  • Terminate Lingering Bans on Hemp
    The 2018 Farm Bill defined hemp as a legal agricultural product. People who maintain irrational "Reefer Madness" grudges against hemp should not be allowed to impede access to hemp. In other words, people who dislike broccoli can't prevent others from eating it. Thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp should be no different. Organizations that maintain antiquated hemp prohibitions, such as Colorado State University-Pueblo*, are not only out of compliance with federal law, but also absurdly impede access to hemp’s myriad health benefits. Anyone who wishes to consume hemp to enhance health and nutrition should not be prevented from doing so. Therefore, signatories of this petition call for the immediate termination of all existing bans on hemp across the USA. *Colorado State University-Pueblo, which ironically houses an Institute of Cannabis Research, maintains the following ignorance-inspired prohibition on hemp and/or Cannabis: “The use of marijuana on campus, even with a valid medical marijuana license, is prohibited.”
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    Created by Timothy McGettigan Picture
  • Senior Class Walk
    We were promised this walk since our freshmen year, for it to be taken from us for no reason at all is completely ridiculous.
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    Created by Maddie Willett
  • Stop Killing Animals
    You have local, regional and national communities including non-profit no kill shelters and experts with years of experience in the management of no-kill shelters willing to help manage the situation you believe you are in: needing to kill animals: especially dogs. You are refusing to yield and let people and organizations step in and take these animals. Volunteers, staff and community are experiencing leadership as indignant. You are violating the mission and ethos of Brother Wolf. You have take nationally known organization and tainted it with no care as well as the community of Asheville, NC. We want you to stop and legally allow non-profit no-kill shelter or specially trained individuals assume care of animals you deem not worthy of living with no legal responsibility on you once transfers are complete
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    Created by Lisa Wheeler
  • The requirements for formal NEED to change
    This is important due to the fact that the new requirements on the permission slip were dropped on the students with little to no warning.
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    Created by Charlie Brown
  • Uniform removal in Springfield public schools
    It’s important because students cannot be themselves or express themselves with uniform, students cannot be comfortable in school because of uniform as well. Uniform does not have to do with education at all, students behavior is the reason why there is uniform, it’d be better to consequence the student instead of making uniform for the whole city. Almost every student could agree that uniform is unnecessary and spending money on it every year is not needed.
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    Created by Davion Pagan
  • Stop Betsy DeVos’ attack on scammed students
    Time and again, Betsy DeVos has shown just how determined she is to help her friends who run predatory for-profit colleges, no matter the cost to the students she is supposed to protect. Last year was no exception, as the Department of Education released a new regulation that would further hurt students already defrauded by for-profit colleges. The decades-old “borrower defense to repayment” rule is meant to cancel the student loans of student borrowers who have been defrauded by their colleges. The Obama administration updated and formalized this process in a 2016 rule. But when DeVos became secretary of education, she set out to undo it. And that’s not all: she is currently being held in contempt of court for continuing to collect on the debt of students whose debts are supposed to have been cancelled already. Instead of supporting students, DeVos has attacked defrauded borrowers, limiting their loan forgiveness by millions of dollars, and allowing schools to use the forced arbitration “ripoff clause” in their contracts, which bars them from having their day in court if their school breaks the law. For many affected students—so many of whom are veterans, first-generation college students, and people of color—it’s a double whammy: not only are their finances and careers wrecked by having worthless degrees, they have no way to seek justice because DeVos has changed the rules to stack the deck against them. DeVos’ rewrite puts the burden of proof on individual borrowers,, a tactic meant to make it harder for borrowers to win their money back even when they have been ripped off, and to stop people fighting back together. DeVos’ version of the rule would force hundreds of thousands of students defrauded by for-profit colleges to suffer yet another injustice. But Congress could stop her! Congress is poised to vote on whether the DeVos rule should be repealed. It’s time for Congress to stand up for students and reject Betsy DeVos’ gifts to abusive for profit schools at the expense of students. Tell your lawmakers to vote to repeal the DeVos borrower defense rule, by supporting H.J.Res. 76 and S.J.Res. 56.
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  • Akron, Summit County African American Leadership Covenant
    The report is clear. Our babies are dying, employment opportunities do not exist for us, evictions are at an all-time high, shortages exist in adequate housing, HIV is on the rise and the list goes on for us. Please read below and join us in establishing a new day and a new way. Akron, Summit County African American Leadership Covenant. Vision Statement “We envision a community that values diversity and maintains high standards, in a safe and nurturing environment that builds independence and economic self-sufficiency, while educating our community in the knowledge of self and promoting a healthy quality of life for all throughout the life cycle.” Commitment Statement As a leader in the African American community in Akron, Ohio and the County of Summit, I am committed to secure and promote the financial, legal, spiritual and cultural well-being of the community and to ensure that it fulfills its mission. As a leader, I understand that I share the responsibility to always work collectively in the best interests of the community, a duty to put the good of the community first and avoid any conflicts with other leaders that would hinder the progress of members within the community. In the event a conflict arises, I am committed to reconciliation for the greater good of the community. In furtherance of these commitments and responsibilities I will put forth my best individual effort to: • Participate in and support the African American community with my talents, resources, skills, and abilities. • Lead with integrity, honesty, compassion, and commitment. • Dedicate my efforts towards uniting and uplifting black people • Educate myself, be self-determined to benefit my brothers and sisters • Advocate, sacrifice, and lead by example for our children’s children • Take talk to action in collective work and responsibility • Never give up, never give in and stand on truth
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    Created by charmaine thurman