• Improve Accessibility in James Madison University's Johnston Hall
    Since Johnston Hall was built in 1929, it has been able to avoid updating the interior of the building for ADA compliance. James Madison University values diversity, stating, "We strive to be an inclusive community that values the richness of all individuals and perspectives." Addressing accessibility issues on campus will put this value into action and make the campus more inclusive. So often, we wait until disaster strikes before we make meaningful change. The university is filled with brilliant faculty and staff who can plan for and create this important change. Let's address this issue now to make campus safe and inclusive for people of all abilities.
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  • Portland Public Schools: Suspend classes during the air quality crisis
    As residents of a severely fire-affected region in Oregon, we are concerned that transitioning work to online during the pandemic crisis is enabling some incredibly irresponsible behavior from schools, agencies, and employers during this absolutely unreal forest fire crisis. The fact that some families can work from home does not make it a reasonable expectation for students and employees to work from home when the air quality is in the hazardous zone. ALL activities that are not essential for basic infrastructure and survival should have been shut down. There is no excuse for school, even online school, to be open today; it is irresponsible. We are ALL emotionally, intellectually, and physically impaired right now. PPS needs to halt classes IMMEDIATELY until air quality improves. According to NASA the ground-level carbon monoxide concentration in this region reached OVER 126,000 PPB this weekend. Other days, the CO concentration was recorded as high as 86,000 ppb. Obviously, these concentrations are not sustained for prolonged periods at ground level, but these are shockingly, horrifying above unsafe concentrations, which OSHA identifies as as above 50 ppm (50,000 ppb). We are certainly breathing sustained elevated concentrations down here on the ground, and what it means is that even those of us with robust respiratory systems that are not sensitive to the high levels of particulate matter in the air are suffering from chronic low-key oxygen deprivation. Feel like you can't think? Have no energy? Can't stay awake? That's why. Teachers need to be supported in order to support students. Their health and well-being matters, as well as that of the greater community. There can be no such thing as “getting behind”, when the neurological capacity for growth and learning are limited due to the nature of the current environment. Teaching to the ideal conditions is a fool’s measure; we must adapt to the conditions that exist. Just as you close schools for unprecedented weather systems that disrupt daily activities, it is appropriate to close schools for unprecedented environmental health threats that disrupt daily activities. Students, teachers, and staff need to focus on health, safety, and self-care during these hazardous air quality days. We cannot evacuate Portland; there is literally nowhere for Portland to go. But we are facing unprecedented and unelucidated health risks, and that PPS is expecting employees and learners to proceed as if it were business as usual is absolutely irresponsible, negligent, and untenable. Please shut it down. Sincerely, Mxm Bloc
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  • Inmate Firefighters Deserve Real Jobs in Oregon
    These fire crews work tirelessly to serve and save our state when we're at our most vulnerable. Yet, they are denied access as they re-enter into society. They put their lives on the line for us, let's give them the opportunity to start new, serve the community, and create a new life with the skills and experience they possess.
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  • U-M Residential Advisors Striking on Basis of COVID-19 Related Demands
    The University's inaction in the face of ResStaff’s explicit concerns and action items over the last few weeks has made it clear that public health is not the priority. The University has repeatedly referred to the Wolverine Culture of Care, but has not extended this same care to us. If U of M administrators do not want to live up to the Michigan Difference, we will be the difference ourselves. Health comes first. ResStaff will not stand for anything less than policies and adequate resources that reflect this priority. As of Tuesday 9/8/2020 at 9PM, University of Michigan ResStaff have decided to strike on the basis of these demands: A. Regular access to testing for all of ResStaff (not only symptomatic individuals) B. Providing sufficient, effective PPE to ResStaff and Students C. Enforcement of social distancing and face coverings inside and outside of residence halls and dining halls D. Enforcement of currently unenforceable guest policy by non-student employees that can be seen by future employers or academic institutions E. Hiring and staffing to normal capacity for all facilities and housing teams F. More specific public and ResStaff communication and transparency G. Hazard pay for ResStaff H. A formal statement of no retaliation from Housing Administration should a ResStaff Union be formed A more detailed list with sub-items, as well as other resources, can be found on linktr.ee/umichresstaffreform. Tell University Housing to stop prioritizing its wealth, and start prioritizing the health of its students.
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  • Normalize Teachers Using Pronouns In School
    If the school wants to foster a community where we feel safe and can be ourselves this is an imperative thing to do. We need to normalize this kind of stuff so students don’t feel so ostracized
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  • Fire Racist Cops
    As a community of current and former Lobos, we are extremely disappointed to have been alerted that UNM has an officer who is emboldened in his behavior at a time where the nation is revisiting the systemic racism that is inherent in all police structures and cultures. We would hope by now you've been alerted that an officer who refers to himself as Eric on TikTok has displayed not only a gross misuse of taxpayer money, but created racist content. Below I will highlight all of the policy infractions this individual made, and demand he no longer represents the University of New Mexico in any capacity if, "Each of us defines all of us". Eric has built his entire online brand as being a University Cop at UNM therefore his actions cannot be explained as off-duty edgey humor. Even his username on the platform is "505collegeCop". Officer Eric's face can be clearly seen on this video: https://www.facebook.com/FFOLABQ/videos/pcb.2824755617754241/314282863356085/ Where is not wearing a mask during an international pandemic and endangering lives on University property. In this video, Eric clearly shows he is misusing University resources (UNMPD vehicle) while on duty, damaging the landscaping our campus community works so hard to uphold - staff landscapers and students during Spring Storm, and riding his UNMPD bicycle through the SUB - an action that would not be allowed if he were a student. This a complete disrespect to the student's annual fees and state taxpayers money that support the upkeep and renovation of campus buildings: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=1001116097004456 And of course, the last video I'll share with you is while he is off duty but creating racist content that's already been heavily associated with the University of New Mexico: https://www.facebook.com/FFOLABQ/videos/948231055589747 How can you be a proud "College Cop" at a predominantly Hispanic Serving Institution and create content like this?
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  • Change Agenda for Sept. 9 Dale School Building Meeting
    The Medfield community needs to have a voice at the Wednesday, Sept. 9 Dale Street School Building Committee (SBC) meeting (7 p.m. start time), yet the meeting notice shows no time set aside on the agenda for public input BEFORE votes are cast on the proposed site and building scenario for a 575-student school. (A public forum specifically on site selection had been previously planned, but never materialized.) Our Board of Selectmen is also scheduled to cast its own vote related to the overall "preferred solution" for the Dale Street project at its Sept. 15 meeting. A public forum is tentatively slated for AFTER that meeting on Sept. 22, so that means two town boards will not have their votes adequately informed by community input. (No public hearing is legally required prior to SBC and Selectmen casting its upcoming votes related to the Dale Street project.) We believe that before any town committee votes on such a significant decision with economic, educational, environmental and historic impacts, community members should have an adequate chance to weigh in. Now is the time to engage Medfield community members in the critically important site selection and schematic design decisions -- not after preliminary votes are cast. Our school building committee risks having the project derailed without sufficient community input early on in the process.
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  • Allow Aurum Academy to build on the corner of 35 and 248th
    This purchase would bring a lot of value to the community, including a variety of youth education, sports, and social clubs. It will host a gymnastics club that is much more affordable than anything else in the surrounding community as well as volleyball, ultimate frisbee, and many more to come! Outdoor playing fields will be made also available to the public to enrich the health and enjoyment of the local families. In addition, homeschool families will be able to enjoy supplementary educational classes - also at much cheaper rates than other local options. Finally, the Academy will serve as a hub for others in the community - parents, professionals, and coaches - to create their own classes and contribute to the entire neighborhood (whether as a volunteer or as a paid class). They will also have access to teaching rooms for academics and various playing fields for sports (which are otherwise very difficult to rent out in this area).
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  • Joe Biden: Go to Portland & Kenosha -- BE THE LEADER WE NEED
    Joe Biden cannot control the narrative of a campaign against Donald Trump through words. HE MUST ACT. He should spend the remaining days of the campaign shuttling between Portland and Kenosha. Bring the parties together. GET THEM TALKING TO EACH OTHER.
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  • We Don't Need Conquistadores
    Growing up in the San Fernando Valley I had the honor to be surrounded by so many different types of people and it is this diversity that makes our city special. Woodland Hills, along with its neighboring cities, is on the western edge of the San Fernando Valley and is situated in the heart of Tongva, Fernandeno, and Chumash lands. Conquistadores came to these lands as part of the Spanish conquest and murdered, raped, and enslaved entire cultures of Native peoples. That is the brutal legacy of the Conquistadores. I am of Filipino ancestry, and Conquistadores also subjugated native Filipinos and their land in the name of conquest. In honor of all students and families with Native ancestry, and for all those who support a more just and equitable world for our children, please consider changing the name of our mascot from something that evokes violence and subjugation to something uplifting and powerful.
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  • Ensure Every Student Has a device and Internet
    It’s back to school time, and most students are returning to remote learning. But for millions of kids who don’t have a device or internet access, remote learning is virtually impossible–especially for children who are already struggling because of low family income, language access, or racial barriers. *Every* kid deserves to have a chance at remote learning, and all school districts doing remote learning must make sure each student has a tablet or laptop with internet access.
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  • Police Reform
    These changes will make policing a respected and accountable profession which will afford a safer community for all. Our main goal should be keeping the peace as we have all citizens abide in the law, and if one breaks the law, they will be treated fairly and humanely. Even though a person commits or is suspected of commiting a crime we as a country must still understand they have rights and deserve to be treated fairly under the laws of the United States of America. Finally, law enforcement is not the final justice our court system has that role. This investment by State and local governments in basic rights will forge a new future for our nation. Please make law enforcement reform a higher priority by continuing to invest in new programs and make the changes listed above. Thank you for your signature!
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