• Keep universal masking in place in Hamden Public Schools
    MASKING SAVES LIVES. Join us in asking our schools to follow scientific recommendations about how to protect children, families, and educators in Hamden from COVID-19.
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    Created by Madeline Ravich
  • Stop erasing history and teach our children!
    Our kids deserve the opportunity to be taught American history in its entirety – not just history about white Americans. The extremist GOP doesn’t get to take away our right to teach students about complex histories. We can all play a part in fighting back against white supremacy and misinformation in our schools by sending a clear message to school boards, principals and superintendents that our children should be taught accurately about the history of this nation.
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  • Arizonans - Tell the State Legislature to Oppose Guns On Campus
    We need to make our voices heard to members of the Arizona Legislature that loaded, concealed guns don't belong on our college campuses. The Senate bill is moving and could be voted on very soon on the floor. Please sign this petition and share with friends. We will deliver all signatures to lawmakers in Phoenix. Thanks for all you do. Andy Pelosi The Campaign to Keep Guns Off Campus
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    Created by Andy Pelosi
  • Restore Essex County Public School's COVID-19 Mitigation Strategies and Protocols
    The health and safety of the Essex County Public School students, teachers and staff is of the utmost importance. Essex County Public Schools had to release students early on February 4, 2022, due to a staff shortage. Many teachers and staff members believe the learning environment is unsafe and do not want to put themselves at risk of contracting COVID-19. An Essex High School student was sent to the principal on February 3, 2022, after a teacher discovered a flyer organizing a student walkout. The flyer read, “Covid-19 is real. We lost too many lives," and asked students to walk out for 16 minutes in honor of the 16,412 people who lost their lives due COVID-19 in Virginia. A parent of a special needs student who is nonverbal and wheelchair bound, said she took her daughter out of school because of health and safety concerns. Signing this petition is important because we cannot allow elected officials to put the health and safety of our children and community at-risk. By prematurely ending COVID-19 mitigation strategies and protocols, the school district is unable to provide a safe environment for students to receive a free appropriate public education.
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    Created by Ronnie Sidney II
  • "I Love Democracy"
    According to the Brennan Center, Arizona legislatures passed three restrictive voting bills in 2021, AZ HB 1003, AZ SB 1485, and AZ SB 1819. These bills will purge voters from voting lists and limit the time voters can fix their absentee ballots and cure their signatures. These new laws compound earlier discriminatory voting laws passed in Arizona that restrict ballot collecting and provisional ballots. The majority of voters harmed by these laws are African American, Latino and Native American voters, rural voters, and poor and low-income voters. Join us as we demand the NFL move Super Bowl LVII from Arizona due to its discriminatory voting laws in order to protect our democracy.
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    Created by ILove Democracy
  • Healthy School Hours for HTPS
    84% of high school students in NJ don't get enough sleep on school nights (minimum of 8 hours). When kids go through puberty, their biological clock shifts later. Teenagers’ bodies are in “sleep mode” from about 11 PM to 8 AM, which does not match with early school start times. This fixed sleep/wake pattern is about biology, and goes beyond healthy habits like avoiding screens before bed. By starting school before 8:30 AM, we are preventing teens from getting the 8-10 hours of sleep they need to be healthy, happy, and successful. Research shows that in school districts that delay start times to 8:30 or later, students really do get more sleep. Their sleep time increases by about the same amount that the start time shifts later, and they reap all of the expected benefits. Although there are challenges with changing school start times, we can overcome them to do the right thing when we prioritize student wellness and success. There is growing momentum for healthy school hours across the state and the country. Rather than waiting for a New Jersey law that mandates healthy school hours, let Hillsborough be a leader in promoting student well-being and academics in a way that works for our town. Healthy school hours are supported by: • American Medical Association • American Academy of Pediatrics • National Parent Teacher Association • National Education Association • U.S. Surgeon General Join us! https://www.facebook.com/groups/HealthySchoolHoursHTPS
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    Created by Tiffany Neal
  • Korean Language Program for Northern Illinois University
    K-pop and K-dramas have been trending on streaming services. Due to this and connection through the world-wide-web, millions of people around the world have become interested in learning more about Korean language and culture. Therefore, it would be in Northern Illinois University's interests to provide an outlet to encourage cultural and educational diversity. If you feel that the implementation of a Korean language program would benefit NIU students and the community, please take a moment and sign this petition.
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    Created by Lotus Flow3r
  • Save our Schools, Lawrence KS USD 497
    The current proposals to close East side schools provides an inequitable solution to the budget problem with unintended consequences. Closing neighborhood schools has been shown to increase truancy and negatively affect the academics of students from low SES and with learning disabilities. In addition, neighborhoods where schools are closed see an average decrease of 13% on home values (which then further affects the funding of local schools). Using ARPA funds to give the district more time to work with the community to come up with a better solution that doesn't involve closing schools is an important step in the process of creating a solid and inclusive school district in Lawrence.
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    Created by Cathy Huebner
  • Petition to the Timilty Middle School & Boston Public Schools: Sex Education & Counselors NOW!
    Andira Ture is a Cape Verdean mother and activist whose 11-year-old son attends James P. Timilty Middle School in Roxbury. In two separate incidents on school grounds this past year, students sexually harassed and assaulted her son. The Timilty School and other schools in the Boston Public School (BPS) system have a history of sexual misconduct and a culture of disregard for sexual assault that goes beyond Ture’s son’s experience. Former dean of students at the Timilty School was arrested for statutory rape of a student in 2020, and a former teacher at the Timilty School pleaded guilty this December to raping a 12-year-old student starting in 1996. The Timilty is closing this year, but we know this issue is bigger than just one school: we need sex education and counselors NOW! We are asking parents, students, and teachers to join us in demanding better of BPS! Read an interview with Andira Ture here:https://www.liberationnews.org/11-year-old-sexually-assaulted-at-school-mother-fights-for-justice-how-am-i-gonna-trust-them-to-teach-my-son/
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    Created by Boston Liberation Center
  • We Need Your Support for Mountain Bike Trails in DeForest
    Mountain bike trails provide opportunities for kids and adults to be active while also appreciating the outdoors. Thoughtfully planned and mindfully built trails that are designed to be safe and have minimal impact on the environment will be a great asset to the community. Mountain biking is one of the fastest-growing sports in the U.S. It is a sport that many people within the community already engage in, but do not have access to within the community. Besides the benefits of mountain biking, having trails in DeForest will allow people the opportunity to get engaged with the building and preservation of these trails. Likely leading to participants appreciating these spaces and advocating for their preservation in the future. Other Benefits: 1. Participants are encouraged to practice leave-no-trace principles which can be applied in a variety of natural settings. Leave-no-trace means you take out what you take in, stay on established trails, and generally have as little impact as possible on the area while using the trails. 2. Mountain bike trails offer additional access to areas designated as being recreational spaces (parks and open spaces). 3. Mountain biking is a healthy activity both physically and mentally as it allows participants to both exercise their bodies and minds by riding challenging trails. 4. Mountain biking in natural areas affords participants the opportunity to appreciate and value these spaces, becoming individuals who preserve and protect these spaces. 5. Mountain bike trail building and maintenance offers people an opportunity to come together to learn how to care for these spaces.
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    Created by Matt Hayden
  • Teays Valley Petition for Covid Protocols to Protect Students, Teachers, Staff and our Families
    Our Teays Valley community is dependent upon the decisions made by our school district. Ohio Covid cases are at an all time high and with new variants like Omicron emerging we need to put efforts into decreasing spread and protecting our kids and the vulnerable among us. Masking at the beginning when winter break is over and school returns is the perfect time to mitigate the surge of Covid cases that we all know and have been warned by experts is going to happen. Reported pediatric Covid-related cases have tripled, vulnerable students are not able to attend in person learning due to the lack of protocol by the district, family members are being infected and hospitalized and children will end up returning to remote learning if school infection rates are not controlled. No Covid protocol in Teays Valley can only lead to what the experts who wrote the letter to the district are warning about; kids getting sick, increased spread, hospitals at capacity and communities suffering. That is NOT helping our children have a "normal" school experience, it is hurting them and everyone around them. Masking is a small effort with an impact. It is the least we should expect from our schools.
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    Created by Stephanie Holsinger
  • A Call For Safer Travels and Safer Schools
    1- Prior to July 8th all travelers were required to test in order to bypass a 10-day quarantine. While this did not prevent COVID19 from entering Hawai'i, it did help slow the amount of cases entering the state. We need to bring back required travel testing for both vaccinated and unvaccinated travelers NOW. Most travelers arriving are not tested and while vaccinated people may have less severe disease it is now obvious that they could very likely be carriers. 2- Government officials have touted “personal responsibility” as the way to contain the spread of COVID, but they have not provided our community with the tools and information necessary to protect ourselves in the best way possible. One of the best mitigation measures and self-protection tools is the use of a high quality mask. We are asking the counties and the state to provide a supply of high quality masks (N95, KN95, KF94) to students and staff at every public school, and to emphasize the importance of their use. 3- Many members of our community have health concerns and need to have access to the highest level of protection. For many people, catching COVID poses a significant risk of death or permanent disability to themselves or a household member. We ask that the state and county governments adopt policies of encouraging teleworking whenever feasible, and encourage private employers to do so as well. We also ask the Board of Education to adopt a policy that no parent will be harassed, penalized or punished if they feel they need to keep their child home to reduce the risk that the child will catch COVID and bring it home to their household.
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    Created by Cara Flores