• Sign the Count On Us Pledge to ensure every vote in Wisconsin is counted.
    We, the people of Wisconsin, call on our public officials to: -Be proactive about making sure voters know their rights and have access to all voting options including voting by mail, in-person early voting, and safe and accessible voting on Election Day. -Support local clerks and municipalities to ensure that every voter that chooses to vote in person on Election Day has an accessible and safe voting location, including proper protections against the spread of COVID-19 such as clearly marked mask requirements, social distancing guidance and hand sanitizer. -Take immediate action to protect Wisconsinites from voter intimidation at the polls and from misinformation campaigns. -Set the expectation that in Wisconsin every vote is counted and that all voters have a meaningful chance to procure provisional or mail-in ballots if needed. -Support local election officials and the media to communicate proactively and transparently with voters about the ballot counting process and when to expect results.
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    Created by Kyle Johnson
  • Support the Western Tribal Water Infrastructure Act
    After 40 years of a failed water infrastructure system, the community of Warm Springs desperately wants this great state of Oregon to help with the replacement of the water pumps, pipes, treatment systems, and sewers. The planning and services to help bring SAFE and HEALTHY water to the community of Warm Springs is estimated at $200 million. The Western Tribal Water Infrastructure Act extends funding to tribes in the Colorado Basin, which includes Warm Springs, Oregon. Your consideration of this bill and congressional influence in this matter will be invaluable and a significant step forward towards solving this crisis. As constituents of Oregon, members of the minority communities, and indigenous people of an American claimed land, WE strongly feel our kuleana (responsibility) is to teach our children ways we can best help our community and neighbors as part of our endeavor to follow our values, and help our community during a time of crisis. We hope to see your support of the Western Tribal Water Infrastructure Act. Read the full version of our petition letter here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1fxa5wEOUz4TuN689BYVxBpmcFGwS8a7c5cPp6dxsLJ4/edit?usp=sharing If you want to take action to immediately support the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs, please consider donating to THE CHUUSH FUND: WATER FOR WARM SPRINGS https://www.mrgfoundation.org/the-chuush-fund-water-for-warm-springs/ Thank you for your consideration. Me Ke Aloha, Ka Lei Haliʻa O Ka Lokelani
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  • Vote 4 Me Pledge Campaign
    Many are excluded from the voting process- whether they're too young, incarcerated or suppressed. Regardless, your vote impacts their future too. Vote4Me is amplifying the voice of those who can't vote because they deserve a say in their lives. Take a pledge to vote for those in your own life who can't vote, and encourage others to do the same! For those who can't vote, we're hear to support and amplify. Challenge those around you who can vote & say, "This is why you should vote 4 me."
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    Created by Laura Montilla
  • No Private Security Forces at Polling Places
    Atlas Aegis, a private security company, is recruiting U.S. special operations forces veterans to “guard” polling places in Minnesota. This is an outrageous attempt at voter intimidation. Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison has already gone on record requesting the company “cease and desist any planning and stop making any statements about engaging in this activity.” Please add your name to our petition urging your state government officials to do the same and shut this down as quickly as possible. Privatizing election “security” with unaccountable, private ex-military forces will not make our election more secure or anyone safer. State governments set the rules for their elections — and they have the authority to ensure these companies and their contractors know that we, the PEOPLE, do not want this militarism and are not asking for this unnecessary show of force.
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  • Re-imagining Public Safety: Establish an Alternative Emergency Response Program in Santa Cruz County
    “The city has defaulted the handling of almost all social ills in the city to the police department, especially those dealing with the homeless population. Through the focus groups conducted with the department’s supervisors and line-level personnel, it was obvious there is a high level of frustration among all employees regarding the responsibilities of dealing with the homelessness issue.” -Santa Cruz Police Department Operations Analysis 2018 Report Many of the calls police currently respond to here in Santa Cruz could be better handled by a program like CAHOOTS. In the city of Santa Cruz, 21.9% of calls to the Santa Cruz Police Department (SCPD) in 2017 were classified as welfare checks, which programs like CAHOOTS are specifically designed to handle. (Less than 16% of calls to SCPD were classified as crime-related.) For the Santa Cruz Sheriff’s Office (SCSO), 43-56% of calls each month in 2020 have been welfare checks. The annual Santa Cruz Police Department budget is $30 million. SCPD responds to 100,000 calls a year, at an average cost of about $300 per response--over 3 times the cost of mobile crisis units. The cost per response from the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office appears to be much higher; SCSO’s budget for “police protection” is over $45 million, and according to the office’s published crime statistics, they handled 17,199 calls last year (an average of over $2600 per response). By contrast, in 2019, CAHOOTS responded to more than 24,000 calls on a budget of $2 million (an average of $83 per response). “I recently spoke with a sergeant about defunding. He said, ‘If someone could take the homeless issues entirely from us and stop us from responding to mental health calls—please, take the money!’ The sad reality is that no one else has stepped up as the first responder to these issues.” -SCPD Chief Mills’ blog, 6/16/20 The 2020 Grand Jury Report on Homelessness recommended establishing a program in Santa Cruz County modeled after the CAHOOTS program and “would be beneficial to those receiving its services, as well as the County’s law enforcement and medical personnel. The BOS should work with City and the County law enforcement agencies to identify funding in their budgets, and launch a program similar to CAHOOTS to reduce the overall costs of homelessness to the County.” We call on elected officials to heed the Grand Jury’s recommendation and establish a CAHOOTS-type crisis response service here in Santa Cruz County. A program like this would better serve our county’s needs, while saving public money by diverting calls from police and emergency medical services. Email policealternatives@dsasantacruz.org to get involved or for more info! Sources: https://whitebirdclinic.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/CAHOOTS-Media.pdf (pages 1,2, & 5) https://www.cityofsantacruz.com/home/showdocument?id=70001 (page 2 & 120) https://santacruzsheriff.org/about-us/crime-stats https://chiefmills.com/2020/06/16/de-fund-the-police/ http://www.co.santa-cruz.ca.us/Portals/0/County/GrandJury/GJ2020_final/MicroHomes_Report.pdf (page 23)
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    Created by Amy Lebichuck
  • Rename Indian Village
    Indian Village is an affluent neighborhood on the East side of the city of Detroit. It is a subdivision that was created from a farm owned by the Cook family. The name of the neighborhood was not chosen to lift up or empower people, it was not chosen out of honor or respect. Instead, according to the Detroit Historical Society, it was chosen to “give the neighborhood character” helping to sell the lots and homes. There were many settlements in the area and there is a long history of people living in the area before colonization. However, local Tribal historians, the Detroit Historical Society, and the Michigan State Historic Preservation Office have all confirmed that there was not a Native settlement at the location. The name is offensive to the local Indigenous people, historically inaccurate, and misleading. It is not acceptable to appropriate people or culture to sell products. Indian Village is another example of the appropriation of the Indigenous people of North America being used by others. These practices must come to an end and we are calling on the neighborhood residents and the City of Detroit to rename this neighborhood to “The Village.”
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  • Sign petition telling Trump's USDA "NO" to new farm worker wage cuts
    October 14, 2020: Today the United Farm Workers (UFW) and UFW Foundation (UFWF) filed a lawsuit against Trump's Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue. On September 30th, the Department of Agriculture took an unprecedented step toward reducing farm worker wages. They announced the unilateral decision to eliminate the data collection that is the only national source of information that allows the Department of Labor to determine and set guest worker wages. Without this information, the wages of all domestic farm workers could be adversely impacted. You can stand with farm workers by signing their petition to USDA Secretary of Agriculture, Sonny Perdue. For over 100 years USDA has consistently used this method to collect data about farm labor and wages. The federal Adverse Effect Wage Rate (AEWR), determines the minimum rate that must be paid H–2A workers to avoid undercutting the wages of domestic farm workers. The AEWR rate is higher than the minimum wage in all 50 states -- often significantly. To put it in perspective, in states like Utah and Wisconsin, wages could fall by as much as $7 per hour. Even in California, workers stand to lose almost $2 an hour. The USDA gave no rationale for this change and did not make it available for public comment. In addition, they did not consider the incredible harm this move would have on farm worker wages and did not explain why they chose to eliminate it even though many states and federal entities rely on this information. This lawsuit is critical. The wage loss could amount to thousands of dollars to workers who are barely making both ends meet. These wage decreases will create a ripple effect, ultimately resulting in many US farm workers being paid less. And the fact that they are trying to cut the wages of these essential workers in the middle of a pandemic is outrageous. Stand with us in stopping this travesty. THE UFW & UFWF filed a lawsuit against Sonny Perdue today, but let's also show him that Americans care about the people who put food on our tables and will not accept this change. Sign our petition to Sonny Perdue now.
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    Created by United Farm Workers UFW
  • BREAKING: Supreme Court lets Trump end 2020 Census early -- tell the Senate to act now
    The Trump administration is trying to end the 2020 Census count as soon as possible -- so that already vulnerable communities lose out on representation in Congress and vital funding for things like schools, fire trucks, and COVID-19 relief. This is just the administration’s latest attempt to intimidate, exclude, and erase immigrant families and young people out of the 2020 Census. And now, the Supreme Court has given Trump and his administration the go-ahead to halt the census count. Remember: rigging the census is part of a years-long effort by far-right political operatives to rig our system and silence millions of Americans. We’ve uncovered documents from the GOP’s top redistricting strategist, Thomas Hofeller, that outline this exact strategy -- and we took this fight to court. And despite this setback, we’re not done fighting. But we need to prepare for the worst: that the Administration might shut down the census immediately. We have one path to stop this -- put maximum pressure on the U.S. Senate to save the Census. We must go all out -- right here and right now -- to protect the 2020 Census from political manipulation. We must make sure senators know that their seats are on the line -- and the American people expect them to put the integrity of our democracy before Trump’s partisan schemes. We don’t have a moment to waste. There is bipartisan legislation right now that would save the U.S. Census -- and passing it just got far, far more urgent. If we can get it to the Senate floor, it has the support to pass. Demand that GOP senators add their support to the bipartisan 2020 Census Deadline Extensions Act (S. 4571) -- which would extend the census count through October 31st -- and insist Majority Leader Mitch McConnell holds a floor vote.
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  • Freeform should have 31 nights of Disney
    Freeform has a wide variety of Audience. They show 31 days of Halloween movies, and they have Christmas specials. I am petitioning for this network to add a 31 days of Disney movies. The up and coming generation DESERVES to experience the classics that is Disney. Children are so impressionable and they see such violence and gore on TV that we owe it to them and ourselves to provide a safe time and space for children to spend time and watch TV with there family’s without being subjected to unchildly things. Disney movies not only provide that safe space but they are also a huge part of a child’s development. Disney inspires, animate, and molds the lives of millions, so who are we to deny our children this experience. Simply adding Disney to Freeform will not only make views skyrocket, but bring family’s together in a safe setting and during trying times like these, it might be exactly what we need to bring our community back together!
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    Created by Cadience Dixon
  • Support the Summit County (CO) Superintendent Dr. Marion Smith, Jr. and the Entire School Board
    No scholar or child should be left behind. Failure to address issues within the school system (or any system) furthers oppression and disparities that have been carried on for decades. We must stand up. Education must be inclusive and representative of all identities, including color, language, culture, ability or disability, gender identity and sexual orientation
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    Created by Evin Harris
  • Impeached presidents shall not run for re-election
    A president who has been impeached, whether convicted or not, has been found to have broken a law. Such a president cannot be trusted and has proven to be compromised in one way or another and should not be allowed to be re-elected for any government office, particularly president or vice president of the United States of America
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    Created by Carole Kveen
  • Ban the Sale of KKK and Nazi Memorabilia
    Profiting off of hate is deplorable, and wrong. The sale of Nazi memorabilia is illegal in the EU, and it should be illegal in North America as well. The perpetuation of these goods being circulated gives them credibility, and a sense of honor. There is no honor in the genocide of millions of people. There is no honor in terrorizing innocent people. There is no honor is racism, and xenophobia.
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    Created by Rebekah Grippen