• End the Evictions in Occupied East Jerusalem
    Palestinian people have the right to live in peace and with dignity. They have the right to control their land and natural resources. They have the inalienable right to be free. We, everyone committed to justice, must commit ourselves to freedom for all: "Freedom is indivisible...." June Jordan
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    Created by Margo Okazawa-Rey
  • STOP Black Hate
    Police brutality against African Americans in the United States of America has gone beyond reproof. It is beyond time for there to be sensible legislation that affords African Americans the same rights and privileges that American citizenship offers other Americans. We have witnessed: Little to no repercussions for police officers’ blatant murder of African Americans; Perjury in court and/or to grand jury, where officers grandstand on their “fear” of African American citizens they are called upon and paid with taxpayer dollars to protect and serve; A lack of de-escalation techniques employed when interacting with African Americans; No repercussions for individuals who fraudulently call police on African Americans that lead to the harassment and, in most instances, murder of our beloved people. This is highly unacceptable and intolerable. We believe that, in every instance, life should be preserved, which is in accordance with our right to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” as dictated in the Declaration of Independence and our 14th Amendment right to “due process under the law.” In cases regarding African Americans, we are rarely afforded that constitutional right. We believe that the colors of our skin should not be weaponized against us and should not come with an automatic guilty verdict. The legal right to “equal protection of the laws” is also a right that is afforded to us under the 14th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States. However, in cases regarding African Americans, we are rarely afforded that constitutional right.
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  • Atco, NJ Residents' Well Water in Peril
    Some people would like to preserve Atco Raceway as a treasured landmark. To those people, I would say that it is a nostalgic idea for preserving a place that generations have enjoyed. To all people who get their drinking water from wells in the surrounding area, whether Atco Raceway is preserved as a landmark or not, we cannot and should not allow the asphalt to be pulled up and replaced with gravel. As reported in The Pine Barrens Tribune by Mr. Thomas J. Stalba, Jr., of Hammonton, NJ, "Now they (IAA) are trying to convince the board and the community that they are a 'used car establishment' that should be able to tear up paving and put 6,000 recently wrecked cars, and the fluids remaining in them, on a bed of gravel with a water table that is as little as 1.7 feet below the surface of the ground on top of the Kirkwood-Cohansey aquifer, right next to the Mullica River watershed, in the heart of the Pine Barrents." Carl Miller, as quoted in The Pine Barrens Tribune, who said he has participated in drag racing since the late 1960s, "called allowing cars in disrepair to be parked on gravel 'a terrible idea' that would allow chemicals to seep directly into groundwater with little possibility of containment." Car liquids, such as gasoline, antifreeze, brake fluid, and even oil do not have the chance to pool under a vehicle if there is gravel underneath. Do the residents of Atco, NJ know that they are responsible for their clean drinking water? Visit these two state sites: https://www.nj.gov/health/ceohs/documents/pw_faq.pdf https://www13.state.nj.us/DataMiner/Search/SearchByCategory?isExternal=y&getCategory=y&catName=Certified+Laboratories IAA states that they have millions of dollars in insurance should well water become contaminated. How would the homeowner know if his well water was contaminated? He would have to use a NJ state certified testing center that would cost thousands of dollars. Then do a second test just to be sure that the chemicals we are drinking now are "within allowable limits." Then it is our responsibility to make every effort to fix our own wells. The cost to do this would be thousands and thousands of dollars each year for each homeowner. When I moved to Atco almost 30 years ago, we were presented with giant carbon tanks placed inside the laundry room by the State of NJ. We were told that the blueberry field at the end of the road had sprayed pesticides on the plants and the pesticides made their way into the water table in "amounts that exceeded what was allowable." You see, we are still drinking water with contaminants already. We just cannot afford to test our well water annually, as the State of NJ recommends. Why then are we allowing the very obvious poisoning of our water table to occur? If you believe this is an injustice, if you want to keep your loved ones safe, if you want to stop what is so obviously wrong from occurring, you will sign this petition to stop this from happening immediately. Then tell your neighbors to sign as well. We all deserve clean drinking water. We certainly pay enough in our taxes for this "privilege." Thank you for listening.
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  • Stop Financial Aid to Israel
    The stealing of land, the demolitions of homes, and farm land belonging to Indigenous Palestinian Arab populations in the region of Palestine/Israel. The segregated Apartheid system, and Illegal Occupation of Palestinian land. The violations by the I.D.F. of basic Human Rights to the Palestinian Populations.
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  • Name the KSU campus green after John R. Lewis
    John Lewis fought for Civil Rights throughout his entire life. He was one of the "Big 6" organizers for the March on Washington, the Chairman of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee in the 60s, and was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Barack Obama in 2011. Congressman Lewis marched, sat in, and did whatever he could to push forward the cause for civil rights. His legacy still impacts the US and the world today. John Lewis took his fight to Congress on behalf of the people of Georgia, where he represented Georgia's 5th Congressional District for over 20 years. He worked to ensure all Georgians were taken care of and our university should honor the late John Lewis with the naming of the John Robert Lewis Green, which will be known to students as the "Lewis Green" or "John Lewis Green". Tell the KSU administration to support this proposal and naming of the green after the late John Lewis by signing this petition.
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  • Demanding Excellence from USPS
    First Class Mail continues to provide an affordable and secure method of communication for millions of Americans. The Delivering for America Plan diverts resources and equipment away from letter processing to prioritize package services. This betrays the mission of the Postal Service to be a vehicle for communication that binds the nation together chasing profits for the private companies that are proposed to handle mail in the expanded implementation of Surface Transfer Centers. Diverting mail outside the Postal network is already creating service delays and increasing the incidents of lost mail as the Postal Service no longer maintains custody of mail throughout the delivery process. Individuals, small businesses, and local governments rely on First Class Mail to exchange information and ideas, receive remittance payments, or issue legal notices. Allowing Postmaster General DeJoy to bull doze the implementation of these changes past the public will forever alter the network that has been built to provide the excellence that has become synonymous with First Class. Do not settle for adequate when the opportunity for excellence is still attainable. Demand more!
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    Created by Kimberly Karol
  • Support the staff at All Creatures Animal Hospital
    To the All Creatures Animal Hospital (ACAH) community of pet parents, rescue organizations, and those who value the role of the local veterinarian in their community, We are veterinary support staff at ACAH. But we are also all pet parents and members of the community. When we walk through the door of our local veterinary hospital seeking care for our furry, feathered, and scaled family members, we also want to see familiar faces who we know we can trust. We feel relief knowing dedicated veterinary staff are only a phone call away when our pets are in need, no matter the species. We understand and appreciate that work requires skills and knowledge and we all want to be assured that the most qualified individuals are caring for our pets. The veterinary profession is rewarding and challenging. For many of us, this is our dream career. We are here because we love helping animals, and providing support to the people who love and care for them. Unfortunately, our profession has long been plagued with burn-out, compassion fatigue, and other systemic issues. The average length of time a veterinary support staff member stays in the field is only 3-5 years. These receptionists, kennel staff, veterinary assistants, and licensed veterinary technicians have valuable on-the-job training and/or traditional education. Many of these highly skilled and educated individuals are forced to choose between their own mental and physical health and doing the job they love. The ongoing loss of such knowledge, and the constant retraining of new staff, leads to a decline in the quality of patient care and a further increase in burn-out for those who remain. We are working to change this trend. We know that patient care is at its best when devoted and skilled individuals are at the forefront, and that can only happen when we are supported by industry leadership with the tools we need to be successful, including: - Fair pay and compensation - Decent and affordable healthcare - Adequate sick leave and paid time off to care for ourselves and our families - Mental health support - Assurances that our own beloved pets will receive quality care - Sustainable staffing and scheduling - Improved staff retention programs - Robust safety measures to protect staff from workplace hazards (including safe COVID protocols) Since the purchase of our beloved hospital, ACAH, by the Cara Corporation in May of 2020, these resources have been cut, threatened, or simply not provided at all. The corporation promised these things and more (most of which we had before the purchase, under our previous ownership). The intention was for ACAH to continue to provide high quality care to its patients as well as open opportunities for employee growth and even better patient care. We are devastated that this has become our reality instead. As the staff of ACAH, we are the bridge between the Cara Corporation and our patients. We are fighting for our rights and to continue our ability to give the high quality care you and your pets deserve. In addition to staff support, we were promised that the Cara Corporation shared the values that we hold dear. The staff and our patients were never supposed to become just numbers: those we serve were to remain the highest priority. After many attempts to discuss our concerns with the Cara Corporation were ignored, we have decided to partner with the National Veterinary Professionals Union and the International Longshore and Warehouse Union to organize our hospital so that the Cara Corporation will be required to negotiate over these issues. Our goal in this fight is to retain our autonomy, to maintain our vision of animal healthcare, and to care for the health of our families. Unionizing will give us the right to be involved in policy, ensuring that conditions remain fair to all involved and that patient care - not just profit - is central to the hospital’s mission. Our goal is to feel safe and heard and to have a stable environment where we can give you - our clients and our patients - everything we have. We will protect our patients and their care from becoming the bottom line. We will retain our authenticity. We will stop the disintegration of our caring staff. The Cara Corporation rejected our request to voluntarily recognize our union and we will soon be holding a union election (with the National Labor Relations Board) secure our union and solidarity to fight for each other. The Cara Corporation is fighting our right to organize by hiring a notorious union-busting law firm, wasting valuable resources that could be spent ensuring the best care possible for your pets. These actions are disrespectful to us and our vision, and also to YOU, the pet parent. Please show the ACAH staff how important we are to you and to our community. Your signature will strengthen our resolve, giving us a strong foundation on which to stand and fight together for what is important. All Creatures Animal Hospital is not a place, it is its people, and the clients and patients we serve are our hearts. Thank you for your support.
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  • Challenging tattoo laws in South Carolina
    Fortunately times have changed and it is considered a "NORM" now to be tattooed all over! Every other state it is legal buy why not here in SC? With this being said most girls love to have a little flower or star behind their ear or a cute little tattoo on the back of their neck but it is not allowed here. What happened to my body my choice? We want to get as many signatures and statements of why you think tattooing in these areas should be legal here in South Carolina!! Please help us challenge these laws!
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    Created by Dana Blair
    Five nights a week, an average of more than 3 million people tune in to watch Tucker Carlson on Fox News—it's the largest audience of any show on cable news. In April alone, those millions of viewers have heard Carlson claim that COVID-19 vaccines don't work, that having children wear masks to protect them from the virus is child abuse, that convicted murderer Derek Chauvin did nothing wrong, and that Democrats want to replace white voters with immigrants—a decades-old racist and antisemetic argument known as the "replacement theory." Videos featuring Carlson's comments doubting the effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines are spreading like wildfire on social media, with one clip viewed nearly 6 million times on Facebook alone. Carlson isn’t the only one: FOX pundits have been behaving in the most irresponsible manner imaginable for years. According to Media Matters, two weeks after the election was called for President Joe Biden, Fox pundits casted doubt on the results nearly 800 times. Fox News repeatedly aided Trump’s efforts to undermine election results, laying the groundwork to cry foul if Trump lost, echoing debunked theories of fraud, pushing the idea that Democrats are trying to “steal” this election, and arguing that Trump is justified in pursuing his claims of a rigged election. This pattern of coverage consequently led up to the deadly insurrection led by white nationalists. With our democracy—and human lives—on the line, we cannot allow despicable figures like Tucker Carlson to drive these harmful and dangerous messages. Please sign this petition and ask everyone you know to also sign it so we can send a clear message to Tucker Carlson and FOX News that their irresponsible conduct is being monitored and will not be tolerated.
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  • Roseville - Proclaim June as Pride Month
    Our nation was founded on the principle of equal rights for all people. Advancements have been made with respect to equitable treatment of LGBTQ persons throughout the nation. But the ideals of our founders have yet to be realized. The City of Roseville has a diverse LGBTQ community which continues to struggle for inclusion especially in this time of extreme divisiveness. The City of Roseville has a duty to: * bring its residents together, * to support one another, * to show solidarity for all its citizens, and * to invite everyone to reflect on ways we all can live and work together, committed to mutual respect and understanding, committed to supporting dignity and equity for all people in the community. The City of Roseville can demonstrate its support for our city’s diversity and our LGBTQ community by flying the rainbow flag at City Hall during the month of June.
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  • Truth and Reconciliation Program
    To overcome the scourge of systemic racism that has never been addressed nationwide in this way.
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  • Starting a missing person database for national parks
    There are so many missing persons who have disappeared in national parks and these people are not on names or the charlie project. So we as citizens do not have a true count on missing people in America. It is not fair for families to have no way to reach out and get info on there missing lived ones.
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    Created by Jennifer Roy