• Sign now: Urge Twitch to ban military recruiting ads & protect younger users
    The U.S. military is targeting kids — as young as 13! — while they play video games online. The Air Force, Army, and Navy ALL advertise on Twitch, an incredibly popular video game platform that has 140 million users — 45% who are under the age of 18. Military recruiting laws prohibit recruiting anyone under the age of 16. But this insidious practice targets young people who are vulnerable to abusive online advertising. It’s a blatant violation of recruitment laws and unacceptable. And Twitch has called them out before — the U.S. Army was recently ordered to stop posting ads for a fake contest designed to get people to hand over their contact information to recruiters. These ads must be stopped.
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  • Tell Verizon Wireless: Stop fueling CBP’s hate and abuse
    Every year at the “Border Security” Expo in San Antonio, HUNDREDS of companies feature the “hottest gear” — THOUSANDS of military-grade weapons and surveillance products. And it’s all for sale. Lucky for these vendors, the Trump administration is willing to pay with dollars AND our civil liberties. Trump’s secret police in Portland included Department of Homeland Security agents, who beat and arrested Black Lives Matter protestors with impunity and without cause. This has got to be the LAST straw. Expos like these are one place militarization thrives and we need to shut them down— the arms dealers, the surveillance companies, and the dehumanizing us vs. them rhetoric. All of it. Planning is ALREADY underway for the 2021 Expo. But just like any big industry conference, the Expo is built on corporate sponsorships. So we’ve got to get LOUD and to tell last year’s lead sponsor — Verizon Wireless — if they support this event again, they’re only doubling down on hate and militarism. Tell Verizon Wireless: Stop fueling CBP’s hate and abuse! Make 2020 the last year you sponsor this Expo.
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  • Police Reform
    These changes will make policing a respected and accountable profession which will afford a safer community for all. Our main goal should be keeping the peace as we have all citizens abide in the law, and if one breaks the law, they will be treated fairly and humanely. Even though a person commits or is suspected of commiting a crime we as a country must still understand they have rights and deserve to be treated fairly under the laws of the United States of America. Finally, law enforcement is not the final justice our court system has that role. This investment by State and local governments in basic rights will forge a new future for our nation. Please make law enforcement reform a higher priority by continuing to invest in new programs and make the changes listed above. Thank you for your signature!
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  • Santa Cruz City Council: Defund the Police, Refund our Communities!
    The Black Lives Matter movement means more than just stopping police-related death of people of color at the hands of law enforcement. It means looking at how racism plays into every aspect of American life. It is time that as Americans, we take a hard look at our racist institutions and ask ourselves if we’re willing to fight for long-lasting, systemic changes or if we are willing to continue with reformism and business as usual. Defunding the police does not mean less public safety. It means that instead of spending exorbitant amounts of money on policing the ailments of society, which solve nothing, we should be investing in programs that directly benefit over-policed, POC, and marginalized communities. Please sign our petition to show the Santa Cruz City Council that they need to do more than performative gestures!
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  • Drive Up Ballot Drop Off Locations
    Due to recent concerns regarding the ability of the USPS to effectively and timely deliver ballots and the health and safety concerns brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, we are requesting to have drive up locations placed throughout the state of Nevada where citizens can drop off their ballots safely. This alleviates the concern with the USPS delivery times as ballots would go directly to a voting poll location. Contactless delivery would also alleviate concerns regarding the spread of COVID-19.
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  • Elon-Help Save our Democracy: Make DeJoy Resign
    Our democracy is hanging by a thread, Louis DeJoy, the 75th Postmaster General of the United States is a member of the Board of Trustees at Elon University. It is clear that he is involved in dismantling the U.S. Post Office and interfering with the political process and the United States Constitution. He, and Elon, need to be held accountable.
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  • MoveOn: Support overseas military APO addresses
    The most essential reason this is important is that it sends a signal from MoveOn to the U.S. military community that we are not worth including in their movement or campaigns. This in turn seems to reinforce the notion that the military is a monolith of conservatism, which is not borne out in the data, particularly amongst the younger, diverse, enlisted ranks (see: https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/how-soldiers-really-vote/). Further, there are a large contingent of civilians, including teachers and other education professionals, living and working on military installations who exclusively rely on their APO address and are therefore prohibited from participating and receiving similar treatment as living in the U.S. and teaching at public schools. These teachers physically reside overseas, but retain a U.S. domestic mailing address through their APOs and teach at U.S. public schools. Then there is the matter of the USPS itself. Recently, MoveOn pushed a campaign, including a petition, to save the USPS from its current difficulties and threats by the POTUS to defund and disband the service. Those associated with overseas military installations rely exclusively on the USPS for their mail and packages, making it all the more ironic for those of us who supported that campaign whilst MoveOn continues to not support us through inclusion. MoveOn could do more for the USPS by including APOs than they might imagine. Don't exclude military and military associated personnel oversees from participating in MoveOn. The matter of adding APO addresses to the drop down menu and including our domestically-treated mailing addresses to the campaigns would be an easy, minor fix comparative to the gains of including those of us otherwise supportive of MoveOn.
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  • Force Congress to Fund the US Postal Service
    The United States Postal Service has been hijacked by President Trump in an effort to slow down and eliminate voting by mail. This also hurts those that receive medicine through mail, businesses that depend on the USPS to function, as well as every US citizen.
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  • Primex workers fired for exposing company’s deadly COVID-19 practices
    We've told you about the dire situation happening at Primex Farms, a nut company in Wasco CA. The situation is escalating. According to a July 26 CNBC article, 150 of the 400 workers have now tested positive. In addition, a UFW census shows 49 of their adult family members and 34 children have tested positive for COVID-19. Sadly, one Primex worker has since died. A second worker, who tested positive, was removed from life support and sent home for palliative care; she is not expected to survive. Protesting Primex's flawed response to the virus, employees walked out on strike and formed a picket line. Workers were requesting safety measures, including social distancing procedures, company provision of personal protective equipment such as face masks and payment of sick leave for infected or exposed employees. The company promised improvements, but when they did not happen, workers -- including those in quarantine with the virus -- defied the company and held a virtual press conference. Now the major pistachio and almond processing company is retaliating against key groups of outspoken workers. This company uses several staffing agencies to supplement their direct hire workforce. Many of the workers who spoke out worked through USA Staffing. On July 22, Primex told the dozens of workers employed by USA Staffing that they were terminated because “production had dropped” -- but then they brought in new workers the same day! Brisdey Nieto is one of these fired workers. She tells us, “The company's anti-union consultant told us that due to the union taking the actions it had taken the clients had heard and therefore production had dropped. They were firing us. I could not believe that. I saw that same day they hired new workers and that they had started working. If production had dropped; why hire new workers?” The UFW immediately filed unfair labor practice charges with the National Labor Relations Board for the company illegally retaliating against the workers for union activities and joining together to improve conditions. Workers don't want to wait; they want their jobs back now and they want to be protected on the jobsite. They're asking you to sign their petition telling the company to rehire them, with appropriate coronavirus protections in place. Workers are hoping to turn in thousands of signatures in the next few weeks. Will you add your signature today?
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  • South Western/Lincoln College of Technology Fraud
    This is extremely important because thousands of students looking to better their lives and future were mislead. We were overcharged and given false information. This school is no longer open. It started as Southwestern college then changed to Lincoln College if Technology. Teachers were not educated on what to teach and we were charged multiple times for books we had to reuse. We were told credits could transfer to other institutes and they do not. The school isn’t even acknowledged by other accredited institutes and you can’t call because it’s no longer open. It’s a bait and switch... they get you in, young and eager and lie about it all. Never received a layout of what we were actually paying for either. I have no idea what my $40,000 paid for! Now thousands of dollars in debt, I can’t afford to go back to school because of this debt I no longer qualify for federal loans! These loans should be forgiven. We were told we would have job placements and I’ve never once had a job placement from this place. “Graduated” in 2011. I am praying to get these loans forgiven considering I no am eligible to receive any loans due to my debt. I would LOVE to return to school and earn a business degree to further my career for me and my daughter. Thank you!
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  • Don't fuck with the Post Office and don't fuck with my vote
    Protecting the right to vote and ensuring free and fair elections are at the heart of our democracy and they are sacred principles Americans have fought for and died for.
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  • Reclaiming Our Time - Let Progressives Speak
    Progressives have been sidelined by the DNC for far too long. The people have spoken and they favor progressive politics. We will not allow our party to be taken over by never Trumpers. We believe in healthcare as a human right, a wealth tax, criminal justice reform, and so does America. We refuse to be pushed aside.
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