• Extend Weekly Federal Unemployment $600 Payments and Provide Monthly Stimulus Payments
    Millions of people are out of work or have had their hours cut due to the pandemic. As cases rise in nearly half of the states, more are expected to lose their source of income as bars and restaurants are ordered to close. For those receiving unemployment, many will not be able to make ends meet without the federal $600. The people are at risk of eviction and hunger if the government does not take action immediately. People should not have to choose between working in unsafe conditions or being homeless. There is no vaccine available to us and there is no cure. Ensuring the needs of the people during this crisis should be the government’s number one priority.
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    Created by Florida Progressive movement
  • Keep Kailua Locals IN Kailua -- We need affordable housing in Kailua NOW!
    We are a volunteer group of Kailua renters and homeowners working in association with Faith Action for Community Equity. We believe housing is a human right, and we are interested in ensuring affordable rentals for our low-income families, seniors and disabled on fixed incomes in Kailua. We believe Kawainui Affordable Rental Project to be a thoughtful and well-designed project. No affordable rentals have been built in Kailua in over 30 years. It is time to work together to provide housing for all of those who make up the fabric of our community. Many people throughout Kailua -- and beyond – have become passionately opposed to the Kawainui project. Most of this opposition is based on misinformation and disinformation. They have become very vocal and organized. We need to get accurate information out into the community. Kawainui Affordable Rentals would consist of 73 units located at the corner of Kawainui St. and Oneawa St., the main street through the commercial district of Kailua. Ninety-five percent of the units would be for local families earning less than $72,300 per year, with monthly rents starting at $521 for 1-bedroom units and $598 for 2-bedroom units, depending on household income. We need your help to: • Counteract Myths with Facts; • Contact family, friends and neighbors in Kailua to support this Affordable Rental Project; • Ask people to email or call their City Council representatives before August 2 when the Zoning Committee meets to recommend this project to the full Council for a vote.
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    Created by Affordable Kailua
  • End The Pentagon To Police Pipeline
    Scenes of highly militarized police roaming major American cities with tanks, shooting peaceful protesters, journalists, and even lawmakers with rubber bullets and teargas have shocked the nation, and the world. Now Senators Schatz, Murkowski, Harris, and Paul have submitted an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act to “limit the transfer of certain surplus military-grade equipment to local law enforcement agencies across the country.” A powerful constituency of police unions and “tough on crime” lawmakers are opposing the amendment - but our campaign can help build grassroots support, and educate more people about the dangerous police militarization pipeline. Sign on to show your support for this bipartisan effort to get military-style weapons out of the hands of local police forces - we’ll need a massive grassroots groundswell to make this happen!
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    Created by Joseph HH
  • We stand with you against the President, Bubba
    President Trump attacked Bubba Wallace, NASCAR's only Black driver, for his courageous stand to have confederate flags banned from race tracks After taking a stand to get NASCAR to ban the confederate flag from its race tracks, Bubba Wallace's team found a noose in his garage stall at his next race. Rather than praise Wallace for his courage and leadership, President Trump attacked him with this tweet: "Has @BubbaWallace apologized to all of those great NASCAR drivers & officials who came to his aid, stood by his side, & were willing to sacrifice everything for him, only to find out that the whole thing was just another HOAX?" This was NOT a hoax. The FBI investigated, and it turns out the noose was there since October of 2019. That a noose could be in plain sight at a NASCAR track for that long without being taken down is further evidence of the culture shift needed to make the sport more racially inclusive and welcoming. Bubba is taking the high road, responding to President Trump with, "Love over hate every day. Love should come naturally as people are TAUGHT to hate. Even when it's HATE from the POTUS." Let's show Bubba we've got his back.
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    Created by Ryan Patrick
  • Reinstate UAPD Officer Kevin Pierson
    Kevin Pierson is vital to the Residence Life and Housing Community. Not only does he perform the duties expected of him, he also goes above and beyond. Kevin Pierson is one of the only police officers that is not biased against students based on their demogrpahics. He has changed the lives of countless students and faculty members, and terminating his employment with The University of Akron Police Department will be a deterrant to the UA Community.
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    Created by Cennidie Hall
  • Time To Embrace More Flesh-Toned Tights!
    I am a young ballet dancer who has been dancing for about ten years. On stage and in competitions, I have seen a lot of people wearing pink tights even though it doesn't match their skin color and "breaks the line" of the dancer. Having a variety of skin tones in a large ballet wear company is very important, especially to increase diversity and make an inclusive ballet world. Tell Wear Moi to publicly support having more colors for flesh-toned tights and add more in their store and their website online.
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    Created by SoEun Park Picture
  • Stop sexualizing young girls at skyline pool
    This is normalizing the sexualization of young girls bodies, who are simply just trying to swim. Why put the thought in girls heads that their bodies are sexual or being looked at in a sexual manner? It is also an issue that skyline pool refuses to refund their customers after kicking them out for wearing bottoms that are too “cheeky” for their liking. Girls have been told they “look offensive” or that the pool Is just trying to “keep people from staring that shouldn’t be staring”. It is extremely alarming that this pool would rather kick a girl out for her bathing suit instead of some creep choosing to stare. Skyline pool states that they are a family friendly facility, yet they have gone as far as calling the POLICE on a young girl who stood her ground about her bathing attire. The staffs behavior, and statements Towards customers has made people feel self conscious and disgusted. We need YOUR help, please sign to help make some change. -Eve McNaughton & Niah Daly
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  • MAYOR BOWSER: DC Demands For Change
    All black lives matter. No person shall be discriminated against based upon the color of their gender, sexual orientation, skin tone, economic status, social status, religious beliefs, or location. Everyone deserves adequate resources in order to live and thrive. Speaking out and standing against injustice is an essential human duty. There is a mutual duty to serve and protect between the community and its members. Acknowledge, respect, accept, and celebrate differences as well as commonalities. Believe in the power of words and their impact.
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    Created by Occupy H Street
  • Aurora, CO: Demand justice for Elijah McClain and say NO to police unions
    Aurora, Colorado’s police force is clearly dangerous — and it’s enabled by unaccountable police union leaders who prioritize abusive officers over true community safety. It’s time for the mayor, the police chief, and the city council to rein them in. Aurora officers murdered Elijah McClain almost a year ago. A few months later officers mocked and glorified the killing. Then just last month, community members holding a peaceful vigil of violin players — honoring McClain’s life and protesting his murder — were attacked by Aurora police in riot gear, with batons and pepper spray. The police unions’ response? Marc Sears, president of Aurora’s Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) went on offense, dismissing public criticism as completely unfounded and repeatedly attacking the city’s first openly LGBTQ city council member who has dared call for accountability. The Aurora Police Association, the city’s other police union, which has been silent since McClain’s death, finally spoke up last week — only to complain about the firing of one of the officers and launch a barrage of personal attacks on the police chief, not just decrying her actions but questioning her integrity. As these atrocities have come to light, there’s been no contrition, no apology, and far too little accountability. And Aurora’s police unions have been solely concerned with knee-jerk defense of officers and deflecting any honest conversation about the problems with the department and long-overdue reform. Mayor Mike Coffman says he’s committed to stopping police violence in Aurora and creating real change. But that can’t happen through negotiation between the city and Aurora’s police unions. Like police unions across the country, Aurora’s union leaders perpetuate a violent and unaccountable police culture, routinely defend abusive cops, try to win contracts that effectively put police above the law, and do everything they can to block reform. If they’re given influence over the process, they will block any meaningful change. If Coffman and the city council are serious, they’ll follow the lead of the mayor of Minneapolis and stop any negotiations with police unions about accountability and reform. If we can convince the city of Aurora to stop letting the police unions bargain over the policies and reforms that could hold police accountable, it will help pave the way for real change in Aurora, and send a message to other cities that they can break free of the power of police unions and finally have an opportunity for real change.
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    Created by James Rucker
  • Take Mark Zuckerberg's name off of San Francisco General Hospital
    As San Francisco residents, San Francisco General Hospital patients and staff, and other concerned citizens, we urge the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, SF City Attorney Dennis Herrera, and the San Francisco General Hospital Foundation to remove Mark Zuckerberg’s name from our city’s prestigious public hospital. Mark Zuckerberg’s failure to stop hate, lies, racism, and disinformation from running rampant on Facebook is counter to the values San Franciscans hold dear. He is being pressured to change Facebook’s policies by companies throughout the country that have stopped advertising on Facebook to #StopHateForProfit. San Francisco should support these efforts and remove any mention of Mark Zuckerberg’s name from San Francisco General Hospital until he takes real action to protect the public from lies, hate, and disinformation on the platform he founded.
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    Created by Andrea Buffa
  • Release My Brother, Joseph Lopez
    It's important because we love him and he's served time for his part. He was sentenced to life without parole in 2006; the judge said he knew he was not the actual killer, but someone had to pay.
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    Created by Laurie Lopez
  • The time is now: Change the Name of the Washington NFL team
    The name of the Washington team is defined as racial slur going back to at least 1898 printing of Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary. But the possibility of a name change is finally within view. American Indian people and tribes have repeatedly called on the team to change the name for decades. Despite a claim that the team name “honors” indigenous people, the name itself is derogatory and comes to front the practice of collecting a bounty for “red skins” or scalps of Native men, women, and children murdered as part of this country’s history of genocide. The traditions of the team and its fans also reveal the racist nature of the name. The team’s logo is a racist caricature and the team fight song calls the players “Braves on the Warpath!” all calling up stereotypes of Indian “savages.” And some of the fans of the Washington team take the continuation of the name as permission to dress in costumes mocking and imitating Native people. The team name, its logo, all of these traditions are dehumanizing and perpetuate racism. According to a new UC Berkeley study, • 65% of Native Youth 18-24 year-olds found the Washington team name offensive. • 57% of people who feel highly connected to being Native American are offended by the Washington NFL team name. • Native American mascots cause higher rates of depression, suicide ideation, self-harm, and substance abuse in Native youth, and increased discrimination in schools against Native students. It’s clear. It is time for the Washington NFL team to #ChangeTheName and end its racist images and practices.
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    Created by Judith LeBlanc