• Free and Frequent COVID-19 Testing for Brookline Schools!
    Students receive the highest quality of education in school buildings with face-to-face contact with educators. In order to appropriately address students’ academic and social-emotional needs, the schools need to be consistently and fully staffed. For educators and children to be healthy and safe so they can be present in person, Covid-19 transmission and infection rates within Brookline’s schools need to be identified, monitored and minimized. While we understand that discussions are underway between the Town of Brookline and the Public Schools of Brookline concerning implementation of a program of asymptomatic testing of staff, an immediate and more comprehensive approach is urgently needed.
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  • Justice For Jayvis Benjamin
    This is a letter from his mother- My name is Montye Benjamin I am the mother of Jayvis LeDell Benjamin. Jayvis was UNARMED and killed by officer Lynn Thomas of the Avondale Estates Police Department in Dekalb county Georgia. I would like the opportunity to share with you my experience seeking justice for my son. As his mother I will continue to be his Advocate and voice that was silence by officer Thomas who sentencing Jayvis to a roadside execution, being the judge and jury on the street. My journey includes many barriers that was put in place attempting to force me to quit or having no hope for justice with limited resources, legal counseling and mainly with little to no support from my community. On the night that my son was killed, a false narrative was given that he stole a car and assaulted officer who commanded him to get back in a wrecked car. I did not find out the truth until I appeared before the Grand Jury that my son only ran a red light. On January 18, 2013, Jayvis ran a red-light losing control of the car he was driving running into a telephone pole head on. Officer Thomas witness Jayvis running the light then calling into dispatch stating, “that guy is going 120 miles an hour, I am going to go look for him”. Upon arriving officer Thomas exits his patrol car approaches Jayvis and begin to pat both his left and right side appearing to decide either to use his tazer or gun. Officer Thomas then release from the holster his gun pointing it directly at Jayvis, before Jayvis exit the car. Jayvis then proceed to exit the car brushing away the broken window on the driver side, once he exits he then raised his hand up stating “Do ya’ll see this $h1#. Do see ya’ll see what he trying to do to me” repeatedly and then officer Thomas shouting, “get back into the car”. At no time did officer Thomas access for injuries from the impact of the car hitting the telephone pole. You can see that Jayvis was engaging with the people in the community that began to come out of their home because the power was knock out and the loud noise of the impact hitting the telephone pole. On April 30, 2015 a Grand Jury hearing “Strongly Advised Indictment” of Officer Thomas. On May 1, 2015 DA James announced during a press conference that a warrant would be issued for Officer Thomas and he would appear before a criminal grand jury. Almost a year later the Former DA presented an altered clip of the dash cam video, only showing Jayvis and not officer Thomas exiting the patrol car. Former DA Robert James ruled the shooting justified stating that he did not agree with the jury decision and they needed to be trained to evaluate a police involve shooting. The case was in the appellate court process because the judge dismissed the case. This decision was made on the altered video that was entered to the court and not the same one that was shown during the grand jury hearing. Five months after DA James rule the shooting justified Officer Thomas was promoted to chief of his department. Several request by me and my attorney’s to get the original dash cam video and we are yet to received it or our request has ever been honored. Jayvis and I have been “Denied Due Process”. I am so glad that I was able to view the dash cam video during the grand jury hearing, had I not seen it I would have never known the TRUTH. Jayvis should’ve received a traffic citation and a day in court, not a death sentence. There was no police chase, stolen car report or fitting any description. It wasn’t until after Jayvis was DEAD, that thomas came up with the stolen car report. Also, a background check was done on Jayvis after he was murdered and conducted by the GBI and the DA office showing he did not have any altercations or a criminal record with the justice system. It was the GBI investigator that actually motivated me to look deeper into Jayvis case. When I spoke with him he said that he could not discuss Jayvis case because of the open investigation by the DA office, but that I needed to request all copies of each investigation. The GBI completed their investigation March 2013, and the DA did not completed his until April 2015. For the justice system to function the way it does today I know I may not see justice in my life time but at least I do know the truth and he was murdered by lynn thomas. The only purpose of his badge, gun and uniform is to protect himself with the support of the court system that expect the average citizen to respect the very laws they are paid to enforce. I am presently requesting that Jayvis case be reopened with a special prosecutor and investigator with true transparency. I have been fighting Justice for Jayvis, for the last 7 years. I will continue to do so with my last breathe. My son was racially profiled and murdered with no accountability or remorse for life lost due to thomas incompetence and negligence. Thomas holding the position of chief has really taunted the respect, integrity and honor of the title chief.
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  • Justice For Jabril Robinson
    On May 16, 2016, Jabril Robinson and his gf were having an altercation outside his gf’s mothers house. The gf’s mother called police wanting police to help de-escalate the fight, but she was quoted as saying, “If I knew they was gonna kill that young man I would have never got them police involved. Never. I love that boy like a son. God! God this is crazy!” She just wanted their help. Both Robinson’s gf and gf’s mother kept being questioned if Robinson had a gun multiple times even though they kept saying that he didn’t. Officers told the mother and gf that they would look for him, talk to him, and bring him back. When Clayton County Police Officer Charlie McDaniel and Dwayne Parkin spotted Robinson, he ran and they chased him behind the house where they shot him multiple times in the back. When he struggled to get up, they shot him in the back of the head. They were called to de-escalate, so why did Jabril Robinson end up dead? Sounds like Charlie McDaniel and Dwayne Parkin, who are civil officers, decided to take the law into their own hands over an argument between two civilians that they are meant to protect.
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  • Removing the State Senators from ND! Hoeven and Cramer
    We need people who represent the hard working, ethical people of North Dakota. Civil rights should be important to the people who represent us. The constitution was written for all!
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  • Stop poisoning our community
    Contura Energy subsidiary Republic Energy has applied for another mountaintop removal permit on Coal River Mountain: 1,085 acres (1.7 square miles) adjacent to their existing 6,555 acres (10.2 square miles) of mountaintop removal and toxic waste sludge dams. This process involves blasting the mountain with ammonium nitrate and fuel oil, releasing clouds of dust, mostly carcinogenic silica, into the communities below. With some neighborhoods enduring the daily equivalent of 20 Tomahawk missiles (which the West Virginia Dept. of Environmental Protection calls a "small blast") and dozens of scientific studies documenting the significant health impacts, coal companies dismiss residents' concerns. In response to Coal River Mountain Watch's objection to this permit, the $2-billion coal company Contura Energy states that they are "required to comply with WVDEP's air quality rules related to controlling fugitive particulate matter." However, we have aerial footage from Nov. 13, 2020, showing their massive dust cloud from an existing site filling the valley below, obscuring the homes in the neighborhood, and traveling more than two miles downwind. This new permit is right above another nearby neighborhood and comes within 300 feet of some homes. Other hazards of mountaintop removal include structural damage to homes from blasting, pollution of streams from runoff, and increased risk of flooding. West Virginia Dept. of Environmental Protection has the duty and obligation to provide and maintain a healthful environment. To approve this permit, subjecting neighboring residents to carcinogenic dust clouds during a deadly pandemic, is to abdicate this responsibility. WVDEP must do the right thing and deny permit S301419 proposed by Contura Energy subsidiary Republic Energy.
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  • Rename the road in front of the Saudi Embassy to Khashoggi Way
    On October 2, 2018, Jamal Khashoggi, a Washington Post journalist and resident of the Washington DC Metropolitan Area, was murdered in the Consulate of Saudi Arabia in Istanbul, Turkey by agents of the Saudi government. The CIA has concluded that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman ordered this assassination. Soon thereafter, activists in DC launched a petition to rename the Northbound portion of New Hampshire Avenue, adjacent to the Saudi Embassy after Mr. Khashoggi. Almost 10,000 people signed a petiton demanding it. However, that effort did not succeed because DC law prohibits naming any public space after a person unless they are deceased for at least two years. October 2, 2020, marked two years since the horrific murder of Jamal Khashoggi. It is now time to rename the street. Please sign this petition to DC Council and Mayor Muriel Bowser asking them to do so immediately.
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  • The CUNY administration must support the naming of a Hunter building for Audre Lorde. Now!
    At this formative moment for racial justice in our society, CUNY must use its naming rights to elevate someone who reflects the multiply diverse backgrounds--in terms of race, class, gender, sexuality, immigrant origins--of the student population. Otherwise, there will never be a building named after someone who reflects the backgrounds of CUNY students and who can therefore truly inspire them.
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  • Release Our Elders and Political Prisoners Now!
    These long-suffering Elders have already been forced to survive four, five and nearly six decades of torturous confinement. Many were victims and survivors of the U.S. government's admittedly repressive "counter-intelligence programs" to discredit and destroy African American leadership and our Black organizations. They deserve immediate release and return to their families and our communities. Thank you.
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  • President Donald J. Trump: "Either Work or YOU ARE FIRED"
    The rationale is pointed out in "Let Us Make Them the Last Two Lies" https://www.opednews.com/articles/Let-Us-Make-Them-the-Last-by-Carmine-Gorga-Ph-Party-Politics-Republican_Politics_Religion-Politics_US-Politics-Government-201126-613.html). President Trump says he won the election. This is a lie. The second lie with which he justifies the first is that he lost because of a huge "Democrat" conspiracy theory. It is this second lie that is truly dangerous, because it is believed by a large majority of his followers and they will believe it long after he is gone. The legitimacy of our electoral process is at stake. The existence of our democratic republic is at stake. Which other means do we have to ascertain the will of the people but our vote? Besides, there is important urgent work to be done. People are dying because of President Trump's antics and those of his violent followers. People are unnecessarily suffering because of them. People's lives are being unjustly threatened because of them. Gabriel Sterling, the voting systems implementation manager for the Georgia secretary of state's office, a Republican, addressing President Trump at a press conference has stated: "It's all gone too far... stop inspiring people to commit potential acts of violence. Someone's going to get hurt, someone's going to get shot, someone's going to get killed, and it's not right." "Be the bigger man here and stop -- step in," Sterling added. "Tell your supporters, don't be violent, don't intimidate. All that's wrong, it's un-American." Dangerous issues of national security also call for President Trump's immediate removal.
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  • End Hate in Central Oregon
    It is important for our Central Oregon region to stand up against hate groups of any kind!
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  • Sign Our Petition in Support of the Justice for Black Farmers Act of 2020 to Cancel Pigford Debt
    In 1997, the USDA released the Civil Rights Action Team (CRAT) Report, a condemning report that affirmed Black farmer narratives of pervasive government-sanctioned racial discrimination against them through the Farm Service Agency and county committee systems. Later that year, farmer-plaintiffs Timothy Pigford, Cecil Brewington, Lucious Abrams, George Hall, Eddie Ross, and Lloyd Shaffer filed class action lawsuits, charging the USDA with discrimination against Black farmers in the distribution of loans as well as failure to investigate complaints regarding widespread systemic racial animus. The goal of the Pigford lawsuit was to restore Black farmers and their agricultural land base through full debt cancellation, federal and state tax relief, monetary compensation, priority of lending services, and access to land. After the lawsuit, the vast majority of Black farmers were left with crushing debts originating from the racist misdeeds of USDA, threat of foreclosures, and no legal recourse to save their family farms. The $1 billion settlement was paid out mostly in $50,000 cash payments to 15,645 claimants. Only 4.8% of the $1 billion settlement went to debt relief. 6,906 farmers were denied the cash payments and debt relief. Most of the 6,906 were actual farmers with verifiable farm identification numbers. According to recent USDA, 17,000 Black legacy farmers are delinquent on their loans with USDA. Our farmers have been under threat of foreclosure ranging from 5 to 30 years. Over the years, aging Black farmers have delayed foreclosures by filing pro se complaints in federal court. The USDA continues to offset Black farmers’ tax refunds, social security, disability, and subsidy payments to cover outstanding debts. Decades of farmer-led organizing combined with our heightened efforts over the last three years laid the groundwork for the Justice for Black Farmers Act of 2020. Introduced by U.S. Senators Corey Booker, Elizabeth Warren, and Kirsten Gillibrand the Justice for Black Farmers Act, is historic legislation that finally includes comprehensive debt cancellation for our Black legacy farmers. Due to Congress being out of session today, the Act will be officially introduced by U.S. Senators Cory Booker, Elizabeth Warren, and Kirsten Gillibrand on November 30th. In order to claim this victory for our farmers, we need to activate our collective power. Thank you to all of our supporters that have helped amplify our campaign and raise awareness of the plight of our Black legacy farmers. In the words of June Jordan, “we are the ones we have been waiting for.” The legacy of the Pigford lawsuit is the theft of Black farms through usurious debt. Now is the time to rectify this shameful chapter in U.S. history. We urge President-Elect Joe Biden and the new Congress to quickly enact the Justice for Black Farmers Act of 2020.
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  • President-elect Biden: We're ready to fight for a bold agenda
    The people have spoken, and they voted for bold action. We elected Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in an overwhelming victory with the highest voter turnout in history. People-powered organizing over the past four years and in this election turned the tide against Republicans despite their efforts to suppress Americans’ voices everywhere from the courts to the census to the ballot box. Everyday people—from frontline workers to students getting creative on social media to parents juggling work from home with kids to mothers, fathers, and children demanding justice for Black lives—mobilized to protect each other and our democracy, and we're ready to continue the work to create an America that works for all of us. Only big ideas, like a new New Deal or an investment akin to Kennedy's moonshot, will be able to alleviate the multiple crises our country faces: record unemployment, severe weather with multiple once-in-a-lifetime storms, wildfires raging, unbridled police violence, massive wealth inequality, millions without health coverage in a pandemic, and so much more. Incremental shifts will not tackle the crises or provide the relief desperately needed. We must change the status quo, invest in people and our communities, and shift power away from the wealthy and corporations. Together, we can send a powerful message to the Biden/Harris transition team. MoveOn will deliver your signature and comments to ensure the new administration knows why we need transformative solutions and that we're ready to work to ensure they are enacted. After four years of pushing back against the worst of the Trump administration's policies, hundreds of thousands of MoveOn members worked tirelessly to ensure progressive voters were able to cast their ballots. We voted to make Washington work for the people again. We voted because we can't survive another four years of attacks, the pandemic, and the sinking economy. We voted because we believe that Biden/Harris will deliver for the people who delivered the election for them. Now, we're ready to support the Biden administration implement a bold new vision where everyone can thrive.
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