• No Chase Overdraft Fees during Pandemic
    People are out of work and are waiting for the Federal Government to pass legislation that would put a limited amount of money in their pockets even less for those with lower incomes. I recently overdrew my account due to extra expenses for preparing for NY/CT "Stay at home" order and having started a new job. Chase charged two overdraft fees for $68.00. In this time of unprecedented crisis Chase bank must do their part to ease the financial strain of this pandemic for their customers. They were bailed out in 2008 from taxpayers pockets and again will reap the reward of the 2+ trillion dollar stimulus package which favors banks and large corporations. Senator Porter, in a congressional hearing with Jaime Diamond showed a chart of what the average teller makes at Chase if she were a single mother with a child. With her salary she still fell $564.00 dollars short of her monthly expenses. When asked what Mr. Diamond would do about, he said "I will have to look into that". Chase bank can absorb the financial loss of suspending overdraft fees until the economy rebounds.
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    Created by Wendy Van Buren
  • Gov. Cuomo: Stop exploiting incarcerated labor for the production of hand sanitizer.
    In an effort to stop the spread of COVID-19, New York Gov. Cuomo is exploiting the forced labor of incarcerated people to make hand sanitizer but is doing nothing to protect them. In his proud announcement that Corcraft, a state-run corporation operating in state prisons, is manufacturing hand sanitizer scented like a "very nice floral bouquet," he casually left out the fact that the people work for Corcraft are paid less than one dollar per day. And to add insult, people in prison may not even be able to use the hand sanitizer themselves because, according to the Department of Corrections and Community Supervision, anything with alcohol content is contraband.  The virus has already made its way into jails and prisons across the state and is wreaking havoc. Riker's Island has at least 40+ cases, an employee at Sing Sing prison tested positive, and the first incarcerated person to test positive is at Long Island county jail. And these are just the cases we know of. Incarcerated people need protection, not exploitation! People locked in prisons deserve safety and wellness just as much as every other New Yorker. Yet, instead of ensuring that, Cuomo has been doing everything to treat incarcerated people with complete disdain -- undeserving of basic rights and human dignity. He has refused to take up the vast majority of clemency petitions and expand parole and medical release for elderly incarcerated people personally blocked the passage of the HALT Solitary Confinement Act, allowed New York State to continue to operate under a Jim Crow-era voting law that prohibits incarcerated people from voting, and is currently championing rollbacks to recently enacted bail reforms that would expand the jail population.  Prisons and jails are places where a vulnerable population is forced into close quarters, healthcare is poor, and access to soap, sanitizer, toilet paper is limited at best. Inside a prison or jail, it is near impossible to contain an outbreak of infectious disease. This puts both incarcerated people and the people who work in jails at health risk.  We need your support to make sure Cuomo hears this message loud and clear. People locked in prisons and jails are extremely vulnerable in times like this--but with the power of people like you, we can ensure that they aren't forgotten nor exploited. Sign the petition.
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  • Enact Long-term Covid-19 Pandemic Planning
    In light of the Covid-19 Pandemic, most of our leaders within the United States are providing best case scenarios of how long it will take for the virus to "wash through" the United States and the world. Although reasonable best case scenarios say it could last as short as three months within the United States (Pentagon), we could be facing many months of the virus with potential stay-at-home orders occurring across the country during that time frame. In the 1918 flu pandemic, we had an outbreak in the Spring, the Fall, and again in the Winter. We could be facing the possibility of social distancing and stay-at-home orders for over a year. Estimates of when a vaccine will be available are at approximately 18 months. We can hope for the best, but we should also expect and plan for large volumes of infected throughout the duration of that time frame, even longer. We should expect that our hospitals will become overwhelmed repeatedly with waves of outbreaks. The thought that the virus will go away within a matter of a couple of months is something that we shouldn't even be considering, let alone expecting. While we are presently verbally encouraged to stay at home, many of our institutions promote programs that regularly involve daily face-to-face interactions. Aside from also supporting essential services, we should also consider effectively planing and enacting legislation for incentives for both non-profit and private online businesses, employment and education programs. Doing this is essential for the long-term well-being of our country.
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    The spread of Covid 19 is still rising at an ever increasing pace across the country. We are nowhere near the peak of this outbreak. Prematurely removing the controls now in place will be disastrous and result in a far greater spread of the desease, with far greater numbers of deaths. And that will have an even greater negative impact on the economy as well. PLEASE SHARE THIS WITH AS MANY PEOPLE AS YOU CAN. THANK YOU.
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    Created by John Orabone
  • Injustice And Victimization Of The Disabled In New York City
    On February 29, 2012, my husband left our home to work the swing shift on the East Side Access Tunnel Project. He had a life altering devastating accident. The man who left for work that day was not the man who came home. He was the sole earner of our household who came home to a totally disabled wife. A falsified, or fraudulent, MTA Capital Construction Incident Report was manufactured less than 24 hours after my husband’s accident. The defense team knowingly chose this incident report that benefited their position as the basis for their questions asked in depositions and the foundation of their arguments presented to the NY Supreme Court. This invented MTA Incident Report was placed into evidence in the same filing with Bennett’s statement at the time of the accident. Through the Freedom Of Information Law (FOIL) I have proven the manipulation of many facts and circumstances. I discovered the New York City Judicial System at the Supreme Court level that exists “behind closed doors” is not just accepted, it has been encouraged, insulated, and normalized to the point that duplicity is the foundation of the litigation process. We have made the decision to share, because we know that we are not alone. Please help us to bring this into the light and assist others desperately in need by signing this petition and sharing it with as many people as possible. These professionals and institutions need to fulfill their basic functions as advertised and mandated. If you have had a similar experience and would like to share please contact me on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter under Kerry Ann Galligan Katz, NYC Injustice And Victimization Of The Disabled, or #NYCVictimInjustice. I will post short updates sharing the details of our experience on a biweekly basis. Thank you for helping to tell Governor Cuomo and Mayor DeBlasio that judicial oversight is imperative and that this will not be tolerated. No one should be trapped in a maze of privately accepted brutality and duplicity for doing the right thing and going to work.
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    Created by Kerry Ann Galligan Katz
  • Step Down Colorado Governor Polis for not taxing Oil and Gas #stepdownpolis
    We are in a pandemic crisis and the state could have desperately used that money for ventilators, healthcare resources and costs and for relief to the many citizens impacted by our state economy stalled and even collapsing.
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    Created by Thomas Williams
  • Tell Senators Burr and Loeffler: Resign for insider trading on the coronavirus
    Demand Progress filed a formal complaint with the Senate Ethics Committee calling for an investigation into Senator Richard Burr for insider trading. He and Senator Kelly Loeffler also need to resign. At the very same time that Senator Burr and Senator Loeffler were telling the public that the "economy is strong" and even attacking Democrats for exaggerating the danger of the coronavirus, they were dumping millions of dollars of stock holdings based on classified intelligence. Senators Burr and Loeffler are counting on us to be too wrapped up in the exploding coronavirus news cycle to take them to task — but this corruption is just too immense. Demand Progress is filing with the Senate Ethics Committee and the Securities and Exchange Commission to launch a formal investigation into these senators' insider trading. We're also leading the coalition asking Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to remove Sen. Burr as chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee -- and both need to resign. Now.
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  • Tell MSNBC and CNN to Stop Airing Trump's COVID-19 Press Conferences Live
    Broadcasting these events live is a public health risk. Trump is feeding his viewers with disinformation and misinformation. It is impossible to fact-check this information in real time, and viewers are likely to engage in dangerous, risky behaviors if they listen only to Trump's public statements. He is also using this platform to campaign for reelection by promoting his "brand" as someone who stands up to the news media. By broadcasting these segments, you are feeding into an unhealthy dynamic in which Trump is able to further undermine trust in the news media. By carrying these briefings live, you are complicit in spreading dangerous lies and division: both are killing us.
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    Created by Chuck Tryon
  • Congressional Pay Cut During COVID-19 Shutdowns
    I believe that this would work as an incentive for Congress to pass a reasonable bill to assist Americans who are struggling in the wake of this pandemic. Prioritizing American citizens over corporate bailouts would help to increase the faith lost by the US Federal Government.
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    Created by Jessica Andrus
  • No Covid-19 Bailout Money for Trump Corp
    President Trump has refused to commit to rejecting bailout funds for his personal business. For the President or any member of Congress to receive taxpayer corporate bailout funds would be corruption of the highest order. Any bailout bill put forth and signed my Congress and the President for victims of the Covid-19 outbreak must exclude Trump Corp and any other business owned by the President, Vice-President, Cabinet Members and any member of US Congress.
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    Created by Srikant Rao
  • Honor Kenny Rogers
    Kenny Rogers had appeared in a GEICO commercial and thus deserves for the company to pay tribute to him.
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    Created by Anthony W
  • Don't bailout corporations, bailout Americans: Demand $2000/mo during Coronavirus crisis
    It is imperative that we have a common-sense approach that protects we the people and not corporations. In terms of potential deaths and the impact on our economy, the crisis we face from coronavirus is on the scale of a major war, and we must act accordingly. We must begin thinking on a scale comparable to the threat, and make sure that we are protecting working people, low-income people, and the most vulnerable communities, not just giant corporations and Wall Street.
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    Created by Nicolas Matiz