• Every Death of a US COVID-19 Patient Needs to be Heard
    Let's show the President and his administration what 100,000 of something looks like. To date, finding 100,000 deaths in the US from COVID-19 during the past 4 months describes a ridiculously large number - a total exceeded (for example) only by the total US military deaths from either the 4+ years of WW II or the 4+ years American Civil War. Ranking 3rd on that list is not an achievement of which to be proud That the 100,000 deaths happened so swiftly, in so many locales, and with so little recognition of the actual spread of the virus speaks to the total lack of sincere concern for all those affected and in particular of the empty expressions of empathy to all the patients, their families and loved ones, as well as the medical and support staffs and organizations who ran toward the pandemic to help rather than retire to some more serene place of safety. 100,000 deaths and the corresponding muddled and ineffective efforts offered by the Executive leadership stands out as clearly as the pervasive absence of any continuing care or concern about the public at large. The mixed messages, fits and starts of policy or proclamation, and valuing of business results over peoples' health, lives, families, futures and contributions to society tells the shockingly dismissive story of what matters to the rich and powerful. We can inform our President and his associates of the real magnitude of concern by signing this petition in multiple hundreds of thousands so as to dwarf the sad effects of their feckless attempts to downplay the realities of the issues. Let's cap the many signatures with a tearful emoji from each signer!
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    Created by Fred Newman
  • Plastic Free Packaging Option on All Amazon Orders
    During the Covid 19 pandemic the amount of plastic being used worldwide has increased significantly. The amount of plastic used in Amazon delivery envelopes and packaging is limitless. If Amazon makes this change it will set an example that will have immense impacts. As Bezos is propelled toward being Earth's first trillionaire, he, and his company, can give back to Earth by stopping unnecessary plastic use.
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    Created by John Lyman
  • Hazard Pay for ALL Amazon and Whole Foods Workers
    Because Amazon and Whole Foods employees are on the front lines of this pandemic. While Amazon is increasing revenue, its employees are putting themselves at risk every day keeping things humming.
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    Created by Eva Kiczkowski
  • The Coronavirus is a Test for Our Commonwealth and Country -- You Are Failing
    With six months to go until the November elections, the U.S. Senate has a waning opportunity to show our country what compassionate, bipartisan leadership looks like, and whether majority leader Mitch McConnell is capable of that leadership. His legacy will likely be defined by how the Senate meets this historic challenge. An obsessive focus on reshaping the federal judiciary will pale in comparison to an underwhelming and tepid response to the significant needs of our commonwealth and nation to meet the coronavirus crisis. Sen. McConnell's recent actions are deeply troubling. From stating, “Some of these governors, particularly the Democrat governors, it seems, enjoy this extra power over people’s lives, and ... the governors have been struck down, been overruled, for being sort of drunk with power at the opportunity to keep everybody locked up,” to recently saying that President Obama should "keep his mouth shut," and calling him "classless." This comes on the heels of his irresponsible suggestion that states should declare bankruptcy instead of expecting federal support. Please sign and share our petition to encourage Leader McConnell to make the most of the moment, and set a new, bipartisan direction for his leadership of the current Senate session.
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    Created by Aaron Viles
  • Force Trump to Protect Meat Plant Workers
    Right now, these companies are using the keep open order as protection from any liability for what happens to workers. This is egregiously unfair and is a barely disguised form of what's called "forced labor." Workers should not have to choose between poverty and getting sick and possibly dying. These plans change all of that. Shame on Trump and Shame on these companies for not doing this!
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    Created by David Roy, Ph.D. Picture
  • California Reclassification of Pilates studios and Micro gyms
    As a small, woman-owned business, our boutique Pilates Studio has been classified as a gym or fitness center, and alongside cinemas with a 250+ person capacity, my business has been shut down in advance of other non-essential businesses. Unlike fitness centers, boutique fitness studios and micro gyms have a typical capacity of 1-6 people. Clients often attend pre-scheduled sessions limited to this capacity. In addition, this industry is one of the few female-led and powered industries in existence. We estimate 75% of the owners and workers impacted by this crisis are women. I ask that you support the Petition to exclude boutique fitness studios and micro-gyms from the definition of of “Gyms” or “fitness centers,” and create independent directives applicable for the reduced footprint of the unique business models used by boutique fitness studios and micro-gyms. We respectfully request that at Governor Newsom open us alongside other non-essential businesses who will reopen in stage 2. As a boutique fitness studio and micro-gym operate under strict guidelines, such as: Allowing an operation of 1 client to 1 trainer. This is no different than a single salon operator and client, and it is potentially even more benign in that distance can be more easily maintained by a fitness trainer. Allowing an operation of no more than a 10 client to 1 trainer ratio. This is no different than a small salon with 4 stylists, or a very small boutique, and potentially even more benign in that distance can be more easily maintained by a fitness trainer. All of these would take place under the guidelines of intensive hygiene requirements, radical cleaning measures and would assume that high risk populations would be exceptions to this petition. Our industry has, and always will be committed to the health and wellbeing of all others. We want to reopen responsibly and as quickly as possible.Micro fitness studios employ numerous team members and support clients to become healthy, a need more important now than ever.
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    Created by Dexter Hart
  • hazard pay
    Health care workers are getting paid $5000 a week prn,cna lpns. RNs are getting $10000 a week. in new Orleans. An $10000-$20000 a week in new York. Unknown for every where else. But truckers are risking their lifes and health to keep the economy going. They are losing pay freight dropped extremely. Some cant go home due to the virus. Something have to give. Or the next pandemic is when truckers go on strike.
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    Created by Walter Jordan
  • McDonald’s: Give Workers Paid Leave Protections Now
    Hundreds of thousands of McDonald’s front-line employees are facing an impossible decision in the midst of the worsening COVID-19 crisis: Keep our jobs or maintain their health. Dozens of McDonald’s workers in 14 states have contracted the virus and in a recent survey 22 percent of McDonald’s workers report they have gone to work feeling sick during the COVID-19 pandemic because of a lack of paid sick leave, fear of management retaliation for missing shifts or because they simply cannot afford to miss a paycheck. McDonald’s slow, inadequate and irresponsible response in this crisis has placed us, our families and customers at risk. It’s well past time that McDonald’s use its vast resources to be a leader on behalf of us— the workers who contribute so much to the corporation’s brand, reputation, and profits. We must make it clear that if McDonald’s wishes to be seen as a leader in the fast-food industry after this crisis, then it needs to lead from the front and put worker safety and public health first. No one should have to choose between their health or their livelihoods. Together, we can hold them accountable: Sign our petition today and urge McDonald’s to mandate paid sick and family leave protections for all workers now.
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    Created by Jeanina Jenkins
  • Tyson Foods: Don't Reopen Without Paid Leave
    Tyson Foods, one of the largest meat processing companies in the world, has become the next deadly epicenter of the Coronavirus pandemic. Meat processing plants have long been one of the most dangerous workplaces in America, but the Coronavirus has made the situation drastically worse. Meat processors work shoulder to shoulder in crowded plants. From Iowa to Georgia, thousands of employees at meat processing plants have gotten sick and several have even died--forcing Tyson to close multiple plants where outbreaks had occurred. Now, Tyson is planning to reopen plants, after President Trump ordered meat processors to stay open. That means that employees will be going back to work in an environment where social distancing is impossible--but since Tyson has no comprehensive paid sick or family leave policies, they’ll be forced to choose between their paycheck and protecting their health and their families. That’s why employees and consumers are speaking out together: Nobody should have to risk their health--or their family’s health--to go to work. Tyson must provide paid leave to all employees before they reopen a single plant. Will you add your name?
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    Created by Apollo Gonzales Picture
  • Stop Elon Musk's Starlink Satellite program
    Since the dawn of man we have looked up to the sky and been inspired by the countless stars and constellations. We've lived and died under clear starry night skies and now Elon Musk is planning to send 12,000 satellites up into the sky to muddy it up and pollute beyond recognition the last pure thing we as a species have left.
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    Created by Kristopher Hunter
  • Essential Workers should be getting $600 hazardous pay
    Because just as those who have been out of work are at risk and need help, so are the people who still have to go to work every day...
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    Created by Dila Shkreli
  • Coronavirus brings it home - we need safety nets for ALL now
    The corrosive combination of coronavirus and capitalism is tearing through our communities to underscore the deepest divide between us, that of the haves and the have-nots. The most egregious assault lands where it always does, in the most marginalized communities among us: the poor, with multi-generational (often multiple) families living together; black and brown communities, who were discarded by society long before coronavirus; single mothers, who are forced into the impossible choice between rent and food for their children; immigrants, who are deprived of any safety nets and devoid of rights; the unhoused, for whom the phrase “stay at home” is cruel and absurd; the out-of-work breadwinners who can no longer provide for their families; domestic abuse victims who are pressed to “shelter” in place with their abusers; the newly unemployed masses now frequenting foodbanks; the imprisoned, detained, or institutionalized; and the anti-stay-at-home protesters, who assert “my job is essential too.” The middle and impoverished classes lack the privilege of escaping to the Hamptons, to their personal island, or to their well-stocked yachts. In many cases, they lack the “luxuries” of running water, the room to socially distance, paid leave when they or their family members are sick, and personal protective gear for their jobs, which – in an act of cruel irony – have now been heralded as “essential.” A contagion of greed infected our society long before the arrival of coronavirus. Lulled into complacency by sleek models, shiny gadgets, and digitized entertainment, we became prime targets for hungry overlords, who amassed their spoils off our labor and consumption. Nursing at the teat of consumption, we became “unpaid data laborers,” while gaping maws scrambled to exploit our data for profit. These titans of industry filled their own pockets on the backs of their workers – fellow humans who markets invisibilized and rendered disposable. This colossal corporate greed is what informs our “Democracy.” Those who usurp our power leave us begging for scraps or working in unsafe conditions, and these immoral deficits have never been more evident than with four rounds of coronavirus stimulus packages. Profiteers advance on the imperiled masses with glee, hoarding the lion’s share of the stimulus and pillaging the coffers designated for the poor. Our representatives listen to the lobbyists in DC, where they’re plied with sweet deals and lavish funds for special interests. The lobbyists work to promote the corporate agendas of those who have money and those who will do anything to protect that money. Whether Democrat or Republican, our representatives evidently and appallingly need greater incentives to look out for the common good and essential needs of the citizens. It is up to us to demand that they do. In a world cracked open by COVID-19, it’s time for the masses to assert their own power – they and we matter. We are not dispensable. We are not disposable. We are not invisible. It is time NOW for the PEOPLE to use the powers that they still have – the powers of their vote, their voice, their pen, their labor, and their consumption. VOTE, WRITE, STRIKE, BOYCOTT together while apart like your life – and the lives of all those you love – depends on it. Because it does. At the nexus of coronavirus and runaway capitalism, it is imperative that we untangle the essential rights of citizens from profit. This is a moral choice. We must IMAGINE a better world where all are deserving of conditions that will enable us to not only survive, but thrive. The time is now for Medicare for All, for a guaranteed basic income, for housing standards that ensure shelter for all, for green jobs with livable wages, with paid sick leave, healthcare that’s not tied to our paychecks, and where workers own the rights of production. While our citizens suffer a devastating mix of uncertainty, isolation, grief, and economic despair, the richest people on the planet are poised to determine our fate. We shelter on this globe together, and the time is ripe for demanding fundamental and lasting improvements to our social safety net. Our top-heavy society is fragile in ways that leave us increasingly vulnerable to coronavirus and future pandemics. We must build resiliency from the bottom up, collaborating with our communities, and honoring the diversity therein to protect us all. We’re riding a slow train of uncertainty amidst an amorphous viral threat. If quarantine teaches us anything, it brings home the truth that the health and wellbeing of ONE is intimately connected to the health and wellbeing of ALL.
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    Created by Sally Jo Martine