The two largest private employers in the U.S.—Amazon and Walmart—are using abusive and invasive surveillance tactics to get even richer at the expense of workers’ rights, safety, and dignity. Warehouse workers are being constantly monitored, creating environments where they have no choice but to keep up with inhuman, unsustainable productivity standards. These often result in health and safety risks, with workers reporting they don't have time to use the bathroom because of how fast they are pushed to work. This is unacceptable. Add your name to the petition to demand Amazon and Walmart stop the hyper-surveillance of their warehouse workers that compromises their health, safety, and well-being.
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  • General Motors: Withdraw your sponsorship of the RNC & stop funding attacks on our democracy NOW!
    Unfortunately, this is not the first time that General Motors has had to be held accountable for this. In the aftermath of the white supremacist attack on the U.S. Capitol on January 6, General Motors was part of a wave of companies that suspended donations to election deniers, pledging to pause their political contributions and reevaluate their standards. But in 2021, it was revealed that GM broke its promise and its PAC donated tens of thousands of dollars to reelect lawmakers who voted to overturn the election, making them one of the top corporate donors to insurrectionists. By donating to the RNC, where MAGA Republicans will spew lies, hatred, bigotry, and disinformation, GM is undermining our democracy. The implementation of MAGA Project 2025 under a second Trump term would cause irreparable harm to our country—from sabotaging our electoral process, implementing a national abortion ban, and eliminating Social Security and Medicare all the way up to the complete degradation of laws that protect bodily autonomy and marginalized communities. All protections and regulations are at risk, and if you think you and your community will be unaffected, you're wrong.    Trump claims to not know anything about Project 2025 or who is behind it. That is a lie. Many of members of Trump’s former administration and Trump allies are involved with Project 2025, and in 2022, when talking about the Heritage Foundation, Trump said, “This is a great group, and they’re going to lay the groundwork and detail plans for exactly what our movement will do and what your movement will do when the American people give us a colossal mandate to save America." Is this really something GM wants to associate with? For years, we've seen Republicans both enable and support Trump as he attacks our communities over and over. And after Trump incited the January 6 insurrection, the Republican Party did nothing to hold Trump accountable, and now, he is about to be chosen to become their presidential nominee. This is what General Motors' donations are enabling. It's unacceptable. They must stop this NOW.  This is what General Motors’ donations are enabling. It’s unacceptable. They must stop this NOW. Will you add your name to the petition?
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  • Help Save Sacred Lands in Arizona From Destruction!
    Right now, Chí’chil Biłdagoteel Historic District of Arizona, a high desert oasis sacred to multiple Indigenous tribes and commonly known as “Oak Flat,” is under extreme threat. Rio Tinto, a UK-Australian mining company — notorious for polluting Papua New Guinea, causing an environmental disaster in Brazil that left 19 dead, and blowing up Juukan Gorge, a treasured 46,000-year-old Aboriginal site in Australia — would destroy the area by carving out a 1,115-foot deep, 1.8 mile-wide crater for strip mining. A coalition of Western Apache tribes and their allies is taking their case to the Supreme Court after the Ninth Circuit narrowly ruled against them earlier this year. It’s the necessary next step in this fight. Still, we’ve seen the Court fail to protect Native rights and the environment before — that’s why we need to work every possible angle to #SaveOakFlat. As the litigation continues, we’re piling the pressure on Congress to pass Rep. Raúl Grijalva's Save Oak Flat from Foreign Mining Act. This bill would reverse the land transfer and permanently protect the area — and building enough support to pass it in the House is one more way to ensure Oak Flat remains sacred and pristine for generations to come. Can you take two seconds to act to uphold tribal sovereignty and permanently protect this sacred space? Urge your Rep. to support and pass this legislation now.
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  • Get Primal Moon on 95.9 The River, and start a Local Radio Hour
    This one is truly for all artists in the area that want to be heard. It's also for people that are not afraid of discovering great new music, in their own backyard. 
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    Created by Joseph Brunker
  • Unacceptable Living Conditions at Chase Arbor Apartments
    This is important because the condition of property does not coincide with the price of rent . Chase Arbor Apartment complex are scamming people into signing these lease agreements and pay unnecessary fees. If future residents were informed of these issues beforehand, many would choose not live at Chase Arbor. Residents deserve a safe comfortable home to stay in.
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    Created by Demi Wiggs
  • Want Control Over your PTO hours?
    As many of you are aware, our company has made the decision to discontinue the Paid Time Off (PTO) donation program, a move that has left many of us concerned about the well-being of our colleagues during times of need. I believe strongly in the importance of supporting each other, especially in times of difficulty. The PTO donation program was a tangible way for us to demonstrate our solidarity and compassion for our fellow employees facing unexpected challenges. While the decision to end the program may have been made with good intentions, I believe that together, we can advocate for its reinstatement. Our voices matter, and by joining together to express our support for bringing back this invaluable program, we can make a difference in the lives of our coworkers. I invite each and every one of you to join me in signing a petition urging our leadership to reconsider their decision and reinstate the PTO donation program. By showing our unity and determination, we can work towards creating a more supportive and inclusive workplace for all. Please take a moment to sign the petition and spread the word among your colleagues. Together, we can make a difference. Thank you for your support,   Montrell
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  • Stop Instagram AI Integration Policy
    Instagram is going to use your photos, your likenesses, your images, your art, to train their Artificial Intelligence, Meta, without consent or compensation. This will affect artists, who will be out of a job if and when AI becomes advanced enough to create art without human involvement. This will affect people who decide to put their faces on the app, that will have to worry about fake inappropriate photos of them being spread across various platforms. We witnessed this happen with celebrities such as Taylor Swift a few months ago. None of this is acceptable, and we cannot let them get away with this.
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    Created by Juliet Love
  • STOP the Suffering of Millions to Benefit Insurance Companies
    90% of us will have a parasitic infection or bout at some point in our lives . These infections can cause life threatening health complications.   Please help us, as we have suffered entirely too long. Help us improve the system for you and your loved ones future's. We do this so no one will ever suffer the health problems, isolation, and possible suicide from feeling helpless.
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    Created by Nikki Everett
  • Investigate Dollar General for deceptive pricing practices
    With nearly 20,000 stores across 48 states, Dollar General and other discount retailers have become ubiquitous, particularly in low-income and rural areas. Often, they are the only retail option available, especially in food deserts—areas where affordable food is limited. These fraudulent practices further exploit the very people who depend on these stores the most.  Dollar General's price manipulation isn't just a minor inconvenience; it's a calculated scheme driven by corporate greed that exploits our communities and undermines trust in retail fairness. Our communities deserve better.  Join in fighting for justice and ensure that companies like Dollar General can't take advantage of everyday shoppers. 
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  • Remove Insurrectionist Ginni Thomas from the Board of the Library of Congress NOW!
    Evidence revealed in 2022 shows that Ginni Thomas texted Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows—as well as legislators in Wisconsin and Arizona—urging them to overturn the election results. And she even attended the Stop the Steal rally on January 6.  The Trust Fund Board of the Library Congress manages over $200 million in donations for the library. We cannot trust an insurrectionist like Ginni Thomas to oversee and manage federal dollars.  Ginni Thomas was a part of a group of far-right activists who pushed Trump to get rid of members of his administration who were thought to be “disloyal” to him and suggested that those members be replaced with people they chose. Months later, Trump nominated Ginni to the Board of the Library of Congress. Justice Clarence Thomas has a clear conflict of interest, and despite that, he has refused to recuse himself from Trump’s Supreme Court cases that would have implications for his wife. The corruption knows no bounds. President Biden has removed many Trump appointees from their posts. The time is NOW to remove Ginni Thomas from the board of the Library of Congress. Will you add your name to the petition?
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  • Investigate the sudden deaths of 2 whistleblowers who flagged safety concerns on Boeing planes NOW!
    Barnett worked at Boeing for nearly 30 years and reported concerns that he said could lead to “catastrophic” damage to management, who he says ignored his complaints and moved him to another part of the plant. Dean also raised concerns to management who then pressured Dean and his coworkers to downplay the defects that they found. And last month, Sam Salehpour, another whistleblower, told members of Congress that employees like Dean, Barnett, and himself who sound the alarm on safety concerns are “ignored, marginalized, threatened, sidelined and worse.” Salehpour even shared that he feared “physical violence” after coming forward. In the last three months, a Boeing plane door plug exploded on an Alaska Airlines flight; a Boeing plane suddenly nosedived mid-flight, injuring 50 people on a Latam Airlines flight; and a United Airlines flight was forced to make an emergency landing when a wheel fell off the Boeing plane, damaging and crushing several cars in San Francisco. And in 2018 and 2019 there were two Boeing crashes that resulted in the death of more than 340 people. There are workers working tirelessly to inspect these Boeing planes to ensure they’re safe to fly, but then workers like Dean are ignored, intimidated into not reporting defects, told to falsify records, and retaliated against for speaking out so that planes can get out of the factory faster. One of John Barnett’s friends asked him if he was scared and he said, “No, I ain't scared, but if anything happens to me, it's not suicide.” And Joshua Dean’s family said Joshua was very healthy and it was his first time in the hospital. Dean’s doctor says he’s never seen anything like what happened to Joshua in his life. Boeing’s former CEO, Dennis Muilenburg, was fired and accused of creating a culture that put profits ahead of safety, notably telling Congress, "We don't 'sell' safety; that's not our business model." Over the years, Boeing has continued gaining a monopoly when it comes to the aviation industry. CEO David Calhoun raked in $22.5 million from 2022 profits, and last year the company made $18 BILLION in revenue. Yet journalists, investigators, and Boeing employees have said that Boeing has cut corners and prioritized cost-cutting over safety and employee concerns. The dangerous trend of Boeing aircraft accidents is alarming. The Federal Aviation Administration is already investigating whistleblower claims that Boeing knew of flaws and defects and covered them up to speed up production. And now, the Department of Justice can and must investigate the deaths of whistleblowers John Barnett and Joshua Dean. Will you take action now and add your name to the petition?
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  • Pass the SAFE Bet Act to protect kids from online gambling
    While sports betting should be for those 21 and up, big gambling companies have flashy advertisements, celebrity endorsements, and mobile gaming formats that inadvertently target children. Big gambling companies even offer hundreds of dollars in "free" or "bonus" bets in their advertising that have one goal: hook a new generation of consumers on their product for LIFE. And these tactics aren't new—Big Tobacco and Big Alcohol have used the same harmful marketing tactics for decades to appeal to young audiences. But unlike those industries, the gambling industry goes largely unchecked, and it's getting out of control, but there is a solution: The SAFE Bet Act, introduced by Congressman Paul Tonko would put limits on the types of advertising sports betting companies could run, reducing exposure of children and teens to these ads, and stopping gambling addiction before it even starts. Demand the billion-dollar sports betting industry be held accountable to protect kids from predatory advertising and severe gambling addiction. Sign the petition and urge Congress to pass the SAFE Bet Act NOW.
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