• COVID-19 Universal Emergency (CUE)
    We need to reclaim our humanity, together, right now, once and for all in the history of our species! Universalist Emergency across the planet is being applied. The USA has the means and ability to show the planet how we begin the new world - we do not need another war against each other to come together against full economic collapse or even extinction. As our world is changing, the most creative thinkers on the planet are immediately influenced by this planetary crisis. It is now a revelation what humanity must do to handle the tidal wave of events to come and forever in the future. 10 years of this should help the whole species on every continent will have its’ first chance to design the world we all wanted as children and for our children. Allowing for these horrific world conditions to resonate psychologically, is horrific but with compassion through our very tight communication-information infrastructures of 2020, the economic relationships we have now, do not require us to repeat the history of the 1930's. I personally work in the corporate trade-show ballroom audio-video industry in Manhattan, NY, USA and all my part time scheduled work has been cancelled due to COVID19 terror. However, many people in my field have helped me draft this petition. We are the solution to this confusion: COVID-19 UNIVERSAL EMERGENCY [NOW] !
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  • Sign Our Letter to Vice President Biden: We Have Some Plans for That
    Inclusion We first urge you to approach the problems that face our country using an intersectional equity lens. Challenges compounded by race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, and ability are present at every level from health care to housing to climate change to education. Addressing these needs must be at the center, not the sidelines, of our government’s policy goals. We also point to Senator Warren’s—and Secretary Castro’s—practice of bringing activists with direct knowledge of and experience with these needs to the table. We ask that you not only follow that example and use these on-the-ground experts to help shape your policies, but also that you appoint them to key roles in your administration. Personnel is policy. Corruption Senator Warren framed her campaign around dismantling the corrupt channels that perpetuate structural inequity and prevent any meaningful reform. Your plan to establish the Commission on Federal Ethics aligns with Senator Warren’s proposed U.S. Office of Public Integrity, which would oversee efforts to restore transparency to our government. We ask that you go further: support a ban on professional lobbying by any former president, vice president, cabinet secretary, federal judge, or member of Congress. We ask also that you make passage of a constitutional amendment to limit campaign contributions—nullifying Citizens United—a top priority. We must have trust in our government, and that begins with ensuring our officials and elections cannot be bought. Immigration We applaud your commitment to a moratorium on deportations during your first 100 days as president, but further action is needed to eliminate the cruelty and abuse perpetrated in the name of immigration enforcement. We need comprehensive reform of our immigration justice system, and we must start with decriminalizing immigration. To prevent future abuses, we urge you to commit to the establishment of professional, independent Article I immigration courts, and to provide access to counsel in all immigration courts. You have condemned the horrific actions of the Trump administration at the border. We urge you to adopt Senator Warren’s plan for a Department of Justice task force to investigate and prosecute all reported crimes committed against detained immigrants. Student Loan Debt The rising cost of tuition across the country means that many students are crushed by student loan debt—and it’s impacting our entire economy. Black students are particularly affected: they are more likely to have federal student loans and owe more than their original debt 12 years after finishing college. We are supportive of public service, but strongly believe that across-the-board college loan debt reduction is the best approach, especially for those with increased barriers (poor and working-class students, students with family obligations, and working students). We ask you to adopt Senator Warren's approach and cancel student loan debt through executive action, immediately enabling 95% of student loan debt holders to pursue their dreams. Universal Child Care Universal child care is an investment in working parents. It provides millions of children with access to quality care and early learning. It also creates millions of well-paying jobs for child care workers and early education teachers, many of whom are women of color. Research shows that every dollar spent on quality early education saves seven dollars in the long run. We encourage you to adopt Senator Warren’s plan, which mandates that universal child care be free to any family that earns less than 200% of the federal poverty line. Crucially, the plan also establishes a partnership between the federal government and local providers to offer a network of early childhood options—including child care and preschool centers—to every family. Equality for Americans with Disabilities You have a strong history advocating for Americans with disabilities through your work on the ADA, the ADAAA, IDEA, and VAWA. It is critical that you collaborate with disability rights leaders and advocates moving forward to form a comprehensive disability rights plan. We ask that you use Senator Warren’s plan for Protecting the Rights and Equality of Americans With Disabilities as a model. This includes our ask that you to commit to combating discrimination in the labor market and workplace, ending the subminimum wage, fully funding the Office of Disability Employment Policy, improving SSI and SSDI programs, breaking down barriers to marriage, providing national paid family and medical leave, improving critical elements of the long-term services, and supporting coverage to enable the right to live in the community. We also urge you to protect the civil rights of all Americans with disabilities, including decriminalizing poverty, addressing language deprivation for Deaf and hard-of-hearing students, and enforcing the ADA everywhere that it is applicable. We urge you to work with the disability rights community to incorporate key priorities relating to employment, housing, opioid medications, disaster preparedness, healthcare, education, equity in criminal justice, deinstitutionalization, and other key civil rights issues into your platform. Wealth Tax These plans have a price tag. We believe in fiscal responsibility—every American should pay their fair share. We believe ultra-millionaires, who benefit most from our country’s infrastructure, should invest a little more in our country. Therefore, we ask you to adopt Senator Warren’s two cent wealth tax, which requires those Americans lucky enough to have vast fortunes to pay a two cent tax on every dollar of net worth above $50 million. Over 10 years, this tax will raise an estimated $3.75 trillion that we can reinvest in working families by supporting education, childcare, family leave, and more. --- We invite you to join us in signing this letter to Democratic presidential frontrunner Joe Biden.
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  • Progressive Party Movement
    To establish a new progressive party with enough support.
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    The issue with Gun Violence has gotten out of control and we believe this program will help reduce the numbers drastically. The need for the Prevention of these crimes has become undeniable and we have conducted our own research to get us to the point we could design a program able to make a change. The commitment to change has to come from the individuals in the program and then we can proceed with the transformation. Our research leads us to believe that we must guide each person through the process and take the responsibility to make sure each one makes it through successfully. Obstacles in life always jump up and distract those in the process of changing so it's imperative that we anticipate these things and be there with the necessary adjustments needed to complete their change. Graduating them to a good paying job, life skills and a stable place for them to live and grow will show them they have already made the change from the type of people who would throw it all away to the ones that think things through and value what they have to lose. This is how we create better members of society is from making them proud to be a part of this society. This is how we will Save Our Streets, we must challenge everyone to do their part in making this work. Therefore we are initiating this challenge to everyone in the community from business owners and our corporate community to the volunteers and mentors who plan to be more hands on with the members of our program. We believe it will take a village to solve this matter and we must be committed to our community to change it. Written by: Steven Lamar
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  • National Strike to Impeach Trump
    The very integrity of the United States and the Presidency are at stake. Our core values are being challenged and wrong is wrong. Period.
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  • Portsmouth VA Second Amendment Resolution Does Not Represent Me
    For decades we have witnessed senseless, mass killings and injuries of our fellow Americans because the gun lobbies and the people they incite have impeded efforts to prevent reasonable firearms controls from being implemented. Now that the Virginia General Assembly has a majority of members with the will and numbers to make warranted changes, an orchestrated series of protests seeks to intimidate legislators to maintain the status quo. We, the electoral majority in this commonwealth, will not stand silent. We call upon you to carry out our mandate.
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  • Ask Democratic candidates to tell their supporters: "No matter who wins, I expect you to be all in."
    Our democracy faces an existential threat if Donald Trump is re-elected. The damage he has done during his first term, enabled by feckless Congressional Republicans who put party over country, will take years, if not decades, to undo. Trump has already packed federal courts with right-wing ideologues; fully one in four U.S. circuit court judges have been appointed to lifetime seats by Trump. His Supreme Court picks have moved the high court to the right of ultra-conservative Justice Scalia. It's terrifying to imagine what the federal judiciary would look like after another four years of Trump nominees. It’s expected that during the Democratic primaries candidates will attack their opponents’ platforms; at times the critiques have been mean-spirited and personal and no doubt will continue that way as the competition intensifies. Worse, though, is what’s playing out among the candidates’ core supporters. Examples abound on social media of insults being hurled at one candidate or another by the others’ supporters. That doesn’t bode well for the general election. To defeat Trump in conservative-leaning swing states (the only ones that matter, thanks to winner-take-all and the Electoral College), to hold the Democratic House majority and to flip the Senate, Democrats will need a get-out-the-vote effort the likes of which we’ve never seen. To achieve that will require efforts well beyond what the eventual nominee will be able to muster on their own. But to listen to some activists, if their candidate doesn’t prevail, yes, they’ll vote for whomever is the Democratic nominee, but beyond that the effort they make will be much less than what it would have been. Given what’s at stake, that’s not acceptable. If the losing candidates’ supporters just show up to vote, but do no more, we could lose it all. The only ones who can change this narrative are the candidates themselves. And they can’t wait until after the convention. Democrats can’t afford to let the acrimony between the camps build to the point that the ill will causes any Democratic activist to sit on the sidelines (the way it did in 2016 between Hillary and Bernie supporters.) The way to build party unity is for candidates to keep sending the message to their supporters, “I expect you to work as hard to elect the Democratic nominee, whoever it is, as you will if I win the nomination. Nothing less is acceptable. Do I have your promise that you’re all in, whoever is nominated?” Imagine the power of a huge display of unity at the end of every Democratic nominee's campaign rally. We need nothing less.
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  • Beau Pollock x Joe Rogan interview
    This book is necessary tool for Men and young Men to deal with modern American life and society and personal growth.
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  • End Prohibition Of Cannabis/Marijuana/Hemp Nationwide
    Prohibition has failed! Our Justice System is overloaded, our sick are dying families/communities destroyed, farms and factories empty, 99.9% of all hemp is imported, , our environment is suffering but our prisons are full. For decades Congress has failed to act. It is time for the people to stand up and #EndTheMadness
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  • End sales of toy assault weapons at Target!
    Target’s weekly ad on the Sunday after Thanksgiving featured a Nerf gun called a “Fortnite AR-E blaster.”(1) This toy gun looks like an AR-15, the weapon of choice for mass shootings—including the school shootings at Margery Stoneman Douglas HS in Parkland, FL and Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, CT. In these times of horrific gun violence, family-friendly Target should not be selling toys modeled on AR-15s or other assault-style weapons. The US now has mass shootings on a near-daily basis. Children routinely participate in active shooting drills at schools due to the threat of gun violence. Many have seen news reports from shootings, including images of children crying outside their schools while police address the aftermath of a school shooting. Some have been directly affected by gun violence. Imagine those children seeing toy guns at Target that look like the assault-style weapons that are regularly used in mass shootings, packaged in boxes with pictures of smiling children holding the guns. What kind of message does it send to children who fear or have suffered from gun violence to see these “toys” for sale? Imagine a child who comes across a real gun at home or while visiting a friend or relative, which happens with alarming frequency. (2) Will that child who has seen toy guns at Target think the gun is a toy, perhaps leading to an accidental shooting? Imagine a troubled teen who has considered using a gun to injure himself or others? Will seeing the toy guns at Target encourage him or make him think that a real gun is not harmful? Imagine a child playing with one of these toy guns in the yard or a park. Might the police or someone else mistake it for a real gun (especially if the orange tip has been removed) and shoot the child? (3) There may have been a time when most people didn’t think twice about toy guns. But now that mass shootings and school shootings have become routine, no responsible retailer should sell "toys" that look like the deadly assault-style weapons used in those shootings. Guns are not toys. Target holds itself out as a responsible corporation that helps communities. The Target website proclaims: “We’re putting the needs of people, communities and the planet at the heart of how we work today, to help build a better tomorrow.”(4) Target also says it wants “to help all families discover the joy of everyday life.”(5) Selling toy guns that look like assault weapons does not help communities or families; it hurts them. Sign this petition and tell Target: Stop selling toy guns that look like assault-style weapons. 1. https://weeklyad.target.com/promotions?code=Target-20191201&page=14. 2. A recent study estimated that 4.6 million children live in a home with a gun that is loaded and unlocked. Deborah Azrael, et al., “Firearm Storage in Gun-owning Households with Children: Results of a 2015 National Survey.” Journal of Urban Health (2018) 1-10. Approximately 40% of gun owners report that there is always a loaded gun within easy reach when they’re at home. Kim Parker, et al., “America’s Complex Relationship with Guns,” Pew Research Center (June 22, 2017) 9, http://assets.pewresearch.org/wp-content/uploads/sites/3/2017/06/06151541/Guns-Report-FOR-WEBSITE-PDF-6-21.pdf. 3. Katy Steinmetz, “Toy Guns Create Deadly Problems for Police,” Time (Nov. 25, 2014), https://time.com/3603087/tamir-rice-shooting-toy-gun/. The night before Target ran its ad featuring the assault-style Nerf gun, an intoxicated man shot a child who was playing with a Nerf gun. Kashmira Gander, “Florida Man Drunk On Whiskey And Beer Shot Child Playing With Nerf Gun After Telling Him He Had A Real Gun, Police Say,” Newsweek (Dec. 3, 2019), https://www.newsweek.com/florida-man-drunk-whiskey-beer-shot-child-nerf-gun-real-gun-police-1475186. 4. https://corporate.target.com/about/. 5. https://corporate.target.com/corporate-responsibility.
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  • Tell Senator Joni Ernst to stand up for women not the NRA
    Last year my sister was killed by her abusive ex-boyfriend. Despite having a record of domestic abuse he was still able to own a gun. She is the reason I am fighting today to make sure no one else has to experience this kind of loss. My sister’s ex-boyfriend was charged with domestic violence two times before her death. He basically got slapped on the wrist and was let go without any real consequences. So when I read about the Violence Against Women Act — a bipartisan bill that prevents stalkers & convicted abusers from being able to purchase a gun — I thought my sister really could have been protected by a law like this. That’s why I’m beyond angry and disappointed that Sen. Joni Ernst blocked a vote on this lifesaving bill. She should know that for many women, this is life or death. But since the NRA came out against it, Joni has shamefully buried and abandoned the Violence Against Women Act. I’m shocked knowing that Joni is a survivor herself and is not sticking up and doing the right thing for other survivors. I guess that’s how much more $3.1 million in campaign contributions means to her, rather than helping others. But I’m not giving up. In memory of my sister, for my family, and all the trauma we’ve endured in this process, I will fight to do whatever it takes to make sure no one else has to experience this kind of pain. Please sign my petition. Thank you. Lilly S. Des Moines, IA
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  • Idaho, Start re-Funding the Education system. Stop de-funding it.
    Higher education creates better paying jobs. Better paying jobs creates a better tax base. How much income tax is generated by a minimum wage paying job, compared to the income tax of an undergraduate degree pay scale? Do I need to go to the sales taxes paid by the two different incomes? Didn't think so. What started as "Trickle up" economics has turned into "Flooding up" economics. History has shown how income inequality turns out. It hasn't been pretty. We are heading, "full steam ahead" in that direction. 1929, 2008 are the years I am pointing to. The quick recovery of 2008 won't happen again. The Federal Government can't afford to bail out numerous industries again. I feel that the current state of affairs in our society are a reflection this imbalance. The political polarization. The mass shootings. The current horrific crimes being committed are a direct reflection of the terrible conditions we are experiencing. Horrific conditions are creating horrific reactions. People are struggling to eat, can't get health care because: 1) wages haven't kept up with the real cost of living. 2) We are out of options to make up the difference. When wages first began to shrink, (1978) "incomes" went from individual to "household". Mom and dad worked. Then they worked more hours. When that didn't maintain a comfortable lifestyle, (1990’s), borrowing filled the gap. We witnessed how that turned out, the 2008 recession. The middle class needs to be able to pay for things, not borrow to get them. Jobs are created when people buy things, (after all, someone has to make the things, deliver and sell them), that is how economics works. Henry Ford figured this out over 100 years ago! I am looking to my leaders to take some action. Be brave and do the right things for the right reasons. If the status quo is not changed, we are all going to be left behind. The people at the top, (the very rich), will continue to get further out of reach and more powerful. I don't think my fellow middle-class citizens are capable of continuing down the current path. The mass shootings for example, started in schools, (easy targets), then to theaters and malls, (bigger easy targets). These shootings haven’t changed what caused them. The next group will probably be politicians. Lack of gun laws is not the problem, more gun laws is not the answer. Lack of financial security is the problem, and all that goes with it. Please stop doing what we are doing, so we stop getting what we are getting. Let’s put a stop to the current state of affairs. Everything I have written here, is a glimpse of what I have observed. Unfortunately, I don’t have many solutions to offer, sorry. Political discussions with my contemporaries don’t happen. Everyone’s feelings get hurt, they stomp off, end of discussion. They are emulating what our leaders are doing. The dialogue needs to be started, so options are thought of and the best options given a chance to work. Please, let’s begin talking.
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