• Twitter: Stop Aiding in Trump’s Coup Attempt—Suspend @realdonaldtrump
    Joe Biden has won the presidency. But the current president of the United States, Donald Trump, is attempting a coup. He has no plans to concede the race and instead is erratically spreading lies of “widespread voter fraud” and taking radical steps like firing his Secretary of Defense—like a true fascist leader. We knew this would happen but it doesn’t make it any less dangerous. Twitter is Trump’s most direct microphone to speak to the American People. It’s time that microphone be turned off for the good of the People. Enough is enough. We can’t wait until Jan 20. Twitter must suspend Donald Trump and his enablers now.
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    Created by Benjamin O'Keefe
  • IRS: Time to revoke 501c3 status of Higher Plain Baptist Church in Oklahoma City
    On Friday, October 30th, Higher Plain Baptist Church in Oklahoma City held an event sponsored by the Oklahoma County Republican Party called "Mark and Patricia McCloskey, persecuted by the left, are coming to OKC!" This event announcement also listed several Republican officer-holders (and candidates running for reelection) as speakers including: Brian Maughan County Commissioner District 2, David Hooten County Clerk and Rick Warren County Court Clerk. This event is deeply troubling for the following reasons: 1. The event violates the provisions of the IRS restrictions on "political campaign activity" for 501c3 organizations. 2. This event celebrated the actions of two people who were indicted in St. Louis of unlawful use of a firearm and evidence tampering, all as a response to Black Lives Matter protesters. 3. The church permitted people to be in the parking lot during this event, brandishing AR-15's as a deliberate attempt to intimidate peaceful protesters. As a result of this situation, I am preparing a formal complaint against Higher Plain Baptist Church (form 13909) with the IRS, urging the IRS to revoke the tax exempt status and will be submitting the responses to this petition as part of the complaint packet. Sources: 1. Eventbrite.com Ticketing page for this event: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/mark-and-patricia-mccloskey-persecuted-by-the-left-are-coming-to-okc-tickets-126895871969?fbclid=IwAR3dTjb1JHmb1I8cgBCJa1irq_g6AlmAm01pYBISZcOYT7OIdUonoaaSAek 2. IRS Publication 1828 (IRS Tax Guide for Churches and Religious organizations) - https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/p1828.pdf 3. IRS Form 13909 - https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/f13909.pdf PHOTOS FROM: https://www.facebook.com/faulkingtruth
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    Created by James M. Branum Picture
  • Pass the Peace Book ordinance now!
    At the end of September 2020 in Chicago 3,210 people have been shot and 551 have lost their lives to gun violence and we don't want to lose one more person but especially our children. Please use your voice to let city council that they need to prioritize saving lives and investing in healing. We can't wait for another 3 years before substantive change happens. The time to act is now and we have to pass the Peace Book ordinance. The Peace Book is the opposite of the Gang Book. The Peace Book is a regularly-published book (as well as a website and an app) that provides a resource directory identifying wraparound services and job opportunities with the purpose of reducing youth incarceration. The Peace Book suggests diversion programs and ways to further implement restorative justice practices inside schools, courts, and juvenile detention centers. It documents the inequality that contributes to intergenerational poverty and trauma and proposes solutions. It describes models and instructions regarding how to curate neighborhood-based peace treaties. It identifies Peace Keepers in each ward who have the experience and relationships required to conduct peace negotiation and violence interruption. And it proposes remedies to gun violence, including but not limited to free drug treatment centers, trauma centers, trauma-informed schools, mental health care clinics, standby psychiatrists or therapists, restorative justice, community centers, transformative justice, fair housing, food justice and economic justice.
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    Created by GoodKids MadCITY
  • Justice for Riley
    Safety of our children, pets and ourselves.
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  • Fire Racist Cops
    As a community of current and former Lobos, we are extremely disappointed to have been alerted that UNM has an officer who is emboldened in his behavior at a time where the nation is revisiting the systemic racism that is inherent in all police structures and cultures. We would hope by now you've been alerted that an officer who refers to himself as Eric on TikTok has displayed not only a gross misuse of taxpayer money, but created racist content. Below I will highlight all of the policy infractions this individual made, and demand he no longer represents the University of New Mexico in any capacity if, "Each of us defines all of us". Eric has built his entire online brand as being a University Cop at UNM therefore his actions cannot be explained as off-duty edgey humor. Even his username on the platform is "505collegeCop". Officer Eric's face can be clearly seen on this video: https://www.facebook.com/FFOLABQ/videos/pcb.2824755617754241/314282863356085/ Where is not wearing a mask during an international pandemic and endangering lives on University property. In this video, Eric clearly shows he is misusing University resources (UNMPD vehicle) while on duty, damaging the landscaping our campus community works so hard to uphold - staff landscapers and students during Spring Storm, and riding his UNMPD bicycle through the SUB - an action that would not be allowed if he were a student. This a complete disrespect to the student's annual fees and state taxpayers money that support the upkeep and renovation of campus buildings: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=1001116097004456 And of course, the last video I'll share with you is while he is off duty but creating racist content that's already been heavily associated with the University of New Mexico: https://www.facebook.com/FFOLABQ/videos/948231055589747 How can you be a proud "College Cop" at a predominantly Hispanic Serving Institution and create content like this?
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    Created by Ariel McKee
  • Joe Biden: Go to Portland & Kenosha -- BE THE LEADER WE NEED
    Joe Biden cannot control the narrative of a campaign against Donald Trump through words. HE MUST ACT. He should spend the remaining days of the campaign shuttling between Portland and Kenosha. Bring the parties together. GET THEM TALKING TO EACH OTHER.
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  • Tell Donald J. Trump he is not welcome in Kenosha, Wisconsin
    Donald Trump is planning to visit Kenosha, WI on September 1, 2020 to “meet with local law enforcement and survey damage from the recent riots.” Donald Trump is not concerned about our state or city that is still reeling from recent tragedy and working to find a way forward. Trump's visit to Kenosha is merely a political ploy and a photo opportunity that only further jeopardizes the healing of Kenosha and the State of Wisconsin. Donald Trump has shown no regard for the Black lives of our City and State or for Jacob Blake and the Blake family, who are in immense pain, yet are calling for healing and peace. Using the open wound of Kenosha to benefit his political campaign is abhorrent, unethical and divisive. As citizens of Kenosha and/or of the State of Wisconsin, we do not choose to be or give consent to be used in this way.
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    Created by Esther Roberts .
  • Cancel Tucker Carlson's show
    Inciting violence on a national stage is dangerous for America
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    Created by Alexis Lawson
  • Fire Tucker Carlson
    He condoned the shooting by 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse, who used a semi-automatic weapon used to shoot three protesters, two fatally.
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    Created by JOAN OBERLE
  • Reclaiming Our Time - Let Progressives Speak
    Progressives have been sidelined by the DNC for far too long. The people have spoken and they favor progressive politics. We will not allow our party to be taken over by never Trumpers. We believe in healthcare as a human right, a wealth tax, criminal justice reform, and so does America. We refuse to be pushed aside.
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    Created by Ghost Of The Republic
  • Independent police review board with subpoena powers
    Effective changes in policing will not occur until the Houston Police Review Board is truly independent of the police and has subpoena powers to gather the information it needs to make informed decisions.
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    Created by David Atwood
  • Nonviolent felons should be allowed to bare arms in there home
    Because I am a business owner and a tax payer I should not be look down upon just because I made a frew mistakes ten years ago
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    Created by Ebony Yakout