• Treat guns like cars
    Because people are dying and no one is getting anything done.
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    Created by LAURIE WOODARD
  • Senator McConnell: Bring the Senate Back to End Gun Violence
    In the thirty-one days between today and when the Senate is scheduled to come back into session on September 9th, approximately 3,286 people will die from gunshots in the United States. That's 309 more than died on 9/11. Then we started two wars, created an entire cabinet-level department, and completely changed national security apparatus. We have about thirteen 9/11 death tolls every year from gun violence, and #MassacreMitch won't come back from vacation to act. We intend to hold him accountable.
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    Created by Ben Jackson
  • Ban Assault Weapons
    Because it's the right thing to do.
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    Created by Lee Bartell
  • March For Sanity
    Sign up to march on Washington. Puerto Rico as our guide. Millions must march to stop these racist hateful white supremacist climate deniers. They are destroying the world.
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    Created by Linda Caroenter
  • Stop Domestic Terrorism
    My extended family was gunned down in a mass shooting attack in 2015 (six members). Since then, domestic terrorism has risen dramatically, fueled by white supremacist radicalization. We need to call it what it is: terrorism.
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    Created by Diane Russell Picture
  • Outlaw Assault Rifles
    As of August 4, 2019, the United States has suffered 250 mass shootings, the majority of which have involved an assault rifle. We demand an end to this crisis through banning and outlawing the manufacturing, sale, ownership, trade, and possession of assault rifles. We encourage a national buy-back program funded by the United States government to help with these efforts.
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    Created by Norbert Joseph Howe
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    Created by Duke Logan
  • Ban assault weapons
    Ban assault weapons now.
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    Created by Lesley
  • White Supremacists are Domestic Terrorists
    This petition is created to protect Americans against homegrown tyranny and violent/destructive acts trespassed upon them by organizations that wish to end their existence because of their race/shin color.
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    Created by loyd mccleod
  • Required Insurance for Gun Owners
    People are incurring high dollar expenses because of irresponsible gun owners and legislation.
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    Created by Kahy
  • Congress: Act to Stop Gun Violence Now
    Dear Congressepeople, According to Gun Violence Archive, since the start of the year 2016 at least over 400 people were killed with firearms in Missouri, and even more were injured, during situations that did not involve the perpetrator acting in self-defense. On the other hand, in the same time frame, Gun Violence Archive has only listed 14 events in which guns were used defensively by the perpetrators, and during those events, 16 people were killed and 14 were injured. Therefore, to say that the Second Amendment prohibits legislation regarding gun control is inaccurate and annoying, especially given the verdict for the Supreme Court Case Heller vs. District of Columbia.
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    Created by Erin
  • Change Gun Laws To End Gun Violence
    If You Believe That Politicians who receive funds from Gun Manufacturers, or Companies That Make Supportive Products and Services, The NRA, Pac Groups, Lobbyist and the Current Administration, is the Reason we can't end Gun Violence - Sign The Petition And Have your Voice Heard by agreeing with BAN ALL WEAPONS THAT CAN BE USED IN MASS SHOOTINGS.
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    Created by Ron Donofrio