• Petition: Demand All Presidential Candidates Take Cognitive, Psychological, and Integrity Tests
    Concerns have been raised about some presidential candidates' cognitive abilities, psychological traits, or integrity, affecting their mental acuity, communication, behaviors, honesty, and other competencies. As Americans, we demand full transparency regarding candidates' cognitive abilities, psychological states, and integrity assessments to make informed decisions in November. We, our congressional representatives and governors must ensure presidential candidates are fit for the Executive Office of the President of the United States. The role is too demanding and consequential for us, our country, and the world to ignore or dismiss any possible deficiencies in any candidate that we may see and hear.
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    Created by Michael Doorley
  • Mental Health is Better!
    Clayton state has cut Counseling and Psychological services for its students leaving them helpless and in need. According to The Amercian College Health Association (ACHA) in 2022 they surveyed 54,000 students and "77% of students experienced some kind of psychological distress either moderate or severe" While in college students can experience burnout, homesickness, stress, anxiety, depression and more. Services pertaining to our mental health must be taken seriously in all schools across the country. Many students here take advantage of these services especially considering that we pay $46.00 each semester to have Mandatory Student Health which mental health should be a part of as well. Clayton State is also trying to fund a new football club which we want just as much as they do but not at the cost of our psychological wellbeing not to mention we pay $170 athletic fee already a year not to be mistaken with the student activity center fee for $115. We feel there are other ways to fund this rather than taking away much needed services or raising the prices for housing. The students deserve better, and the school needs to do better. Signing this petition is a push for a change to be made for the sake of our family, our laker nation, our school! 
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    Created by Desiree H
  • Take Action to Support Access to Affordable, Local Healthcare in Pennsylvania!
    Are you worried about access to affordable, high-quality healthcare in your local community in Pennsylvania? Hospital merges and consolidations have led to closures across our state. Facility fees and other undisclosed costs have given patients sticker shock when we receive a bill in the hospital. Send a message to your Representative in Harrisburg asking them to support two bills that will protect patients throughout Pennsylvania.  These bills will come to a vote soon on the floor, and your elected officials need to hear from you that you support them.
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    Created by Laura Packard Picture
  • Help Needed for the Disabled
    The commissioner, Nina Waters, could order the plow already at the beginning of our 70 yard road to plow it for the safety of 10 people and one disabled man.  Simple accommodation to solve a very simple problem, but she refuses to help her own constituents. 
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    Created by Ann Marie Damian
  • Demanding a Fair Salary Increase for Merced County Public Employees
    Merced County Public Employees need your support to have a salary increase granted by the Board of Supervisors in order to address the following issues:       1.   Cost of Living Increase: The cost of living is rising by 3.3%, making it harder for public employees to afford basic necessities.  2.   County Budget: With a budget of $1.17 billion, Merced County should have the financial capacity to support its employees with a livable wage.  3.   Fair Compensation: Public employees deserve fair compensation for their hard work and dedication to our community.  4.   Poverty Rates: Merced County's poverty rate is above the state and national average. Many public employees are near the poverty line, and it is crucial they receive adequate salary increases to address this.   Merced County public employees are the backbone of our community, and investing in them is investing in our county’s well-being. These hardworking individuals manage important tasks in government offices, such as handling records, processing permits, and assisting the public with their needs. They ensure everything runs smoothly in our local government. These employees have families to support, needing money for housing, food, education, and healthcare. By giving them fair pay, we help them take care of their families and continue to provide excellent service to our community. Ensuring they are paid well is crucial for keeping Merced County a great place to live.
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    Created by Carlos Alcala
  • Protect the Right to Contraception NOW!
    First, abortion. Then, IVF. Now, conservative lawmakers are putting contraception at risk. Nearly all voters—Republicans, Democrats, and Independents—support the right to contraception. Millions of people use it to plan their families and manage their health. But instead of protecting this right and enshrining it into law, Republicans in the Senate blocked the Right to Contraception Act. Every American should have the freedom to use contraception if and when they need it—and the assurance that the government will never take it away from us. Right now, there’s another path forward. A discharge petition is circulating in the House of Representatives that, if they get enough signatures, would force the Republican majority to bring the Right to Contraception Act to a vote in the House. Sign the petition to urge your representative to support the right to contraception, sign the discharge petition, and fight for our freedom to plan our families and our futures. 
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    Created by Americans for Contraception
  • Want Control Over your PTO hours?
    As many of you are aware, our company has made the decision to discontinue the Paid Time Off (PTO) donation program, a move that has left many of us concerned about the well-being of our colleagues during times of need. I believe strongly in the importance of supporting each other, especially in times of difficulty. The PTO donation program was a tangible way for us to demonstrate our solidarity and compassion for our fellow employees facing unexpected challenges. While the decision to end the program may have been made with good intentions, I believe that together, we can advocate for its reinstatement. Our voices matter, and by joining together to express our support for bringing back this invaluable program, we can make a difference in the lives of our coworkers. I invite each and every one of you to join me in signing a petition urging our leadership to reconsider their decision and reinstate the PTO donation program. By showing our unity and determination, we can work towards creating a more supportive and inclusive workplace for all. Please take a moment to sign the petition and spread the word among your colleagues. Together, we can make a difference. Thank you for your support,   Montrell
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    Created by montrell Bond
  • End Nicotine Testing On Animals
    There are many ethical concerns on animal testing, but above all which reaserchers care about is the accuracy of these tests, but there are crucial differencs. Different animals will have different reactions, laboratory animals are not exposed to smoke in the same manner or time frame that human smokers are. Much information has been obscured because there has been no link with the reactions on animals to humans. The biological differences are no surprise, our cells, nose filtering abilities, lungs and more have many differences of those of the animals. Simply, animals should not be used for predications on humans. Beagles were forced to smoke around 2 packs a day, monkeys were forced to smoke 6 hours a day for a year, mice get cigar tar smeared on them inducing tumors; all these experiments continously went on until the animals were killed and of no more use.
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    Created by Brany Acevedo
  • STOP the Suffering of Millions to Benefit Insurance Companies
    90% of us will have a parasitic infection or bout at some point in our lives . These infections can cause life threatening health complications.   Please help us, as we have suffered entirely too long. Help us improve the system for you and your loved ones future's. We do this so no one will ever suffer the health problems, isolation, and possible suicide from feeling helpless.
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    Created by Nikki Everett
  • Special Education Funds Audit in the six southern districts in San Diego.
    Our south San Diego community need to join us to ensure transparency and accountability, and to advocate for the proper allocation of the Special Education funds to benefit all children who rely on them. And to make sure their is a bright future of our children, every kid is different and they have the right to learn in their own kind of way. ____________________________________________________ Nuestra comunidad del sur de San Diego necesita unirse a nosotros para garantizar la transparencia y la responsabilidad, y abogar por la asignación adecuada de los fondos de Educación Especial para beneficiar a todos los niños que dependen de ellos. Y para asegurarnos de que haya un futuro brillante para nuestros hijos, cada niño es diferente y tiene derecho a aprender a su manera.
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    Created by Kenia Peraza
  • Let's use vacant structures to HOUSE the UNHOUSED!
    There's strength in numbers! Let's come together and urge our elected officials to do the right thing. Those of us who are fortunate enough to have a comfortable place to live owe it to those of us who are less fortunate. We can no longer turn a blind eye to the homeless situation in our beautiful county. If we allow their encampments to be torn down, where will they go? Please sign this petition so our county can give them a place to call home.
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    Created by Carolyn Rush
  • No more psychosomatic Diagnosis for people who have suffered real physical injuries!
    To have equal rights, better health care amongst people who are put at a disadvantage because of a false diagnosis gives people a greater disadvantage than others to get the proper medical care treatments that they deserve just like anyone else. There needs to be stricter laws put in place before a diagnosis of psychosomatic can be made and be determined. Very strict steps that a health care provider must establish in order to rule everything out with proper testing, evaluation of past and current medical history and traumas. This diagnosis can never be made and labeled due to a MVA or any kinda physical trauma and injury that they have sustained. This hits very near and dear to me because of the medical neglect my children and I have had to face while my children have had to watch me not get the proper medical treatments and attention that I deserved and so they deserved as well. We have an epidemic in opiates and suicide rates at an ultimate high due to the medical neglect and errors that are made by given false diagnosis to patients are severely harmful. When labeling them for a mental health diagnosis instead of there real physical injuries. This is harmful to our medical community and Families.
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    Created by Elisha Veesenmeyer