• Stop Kansas politicians from taking rights away from women
    This amendment would make it possible for Kansas to set even more restrictions on the right to an abortion, with no regard for a woman’s health. The politicians and organizations behind this dangerous amendment want to ban all abortions -- no matter what. We need to trust women, not politicians. However we may feel individually about abortion, we know that it is better that each woman can make her own personal medical decisions, in consultation with her family, her faith, and the advice of her doctor.
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    Created by Rebecca Tong
  • stop cell towers from being built close to neighborhoods.
    health concerns cannot reject proposals to planning board or code offices right now due to 1996 law according to FCC. they have done no research on how cell towers emitting radiation have adverse or no effect on the environment of human lives. Research has been done by scientists but the FCC rejects this. People in Zurich are marching in the street protesting 5G. people across the country are trying to get their planning board to create ordinances to protect life. very difficult due to FCC ruling.
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    Created by Ananur Forma
  • Make Election Day a Federal Holiday
    The United States has a very low voter turnout compared to other countries. It's important that as many citizens as possible be given the opportunity to participate in our democracy by voting. Making election day a federal holiday will give significantly more people the opportunity to vote. Since it will replace Columbus Day, it won't generate any additional costs.
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    Created by Kristi Hansen
  • Terminate Lingering Bans on Hemp
    The 2018 Farm Bill defined hemp as a legal agricultural product. People who maintain irrational "Reefer Madness" grudges against hemp should not be allowed to impede access to hemp. In other words, people who dislike broccoli can't prevent others from eating it. Thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp should be no different. Organizations that maintain antiquated hemp prohibitions, such as Colorado State University-Pueblo*, are not only out of compliance with federal law, but also absurdly impede access to hemp’s myriad health benefits. Anyone who wishes to consume hemp to enhance health and nutrition should not be prevented from doing so. Therefore, signatories of this petition call for the immediate termination of all existing bans on hemp across the USA. *Colorado State University-Pueblo, which ironically houses an Institute of Cannabis Research, maintains the following ignorance-inspired prohibition on hemp and/or Cannabis: “The use of marijuana on campus, even with a valid medical marijuana license, is prohibited.”
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  • Akron, Summit County African American Leadership Covenant
    The report is clear. Our babies are dying, employment opportunities do not exist for us, evictions are at an all-time high, shortages exist in adequate housing, HIV is on the rise and the list goes on for us. Please read below and join us in establishing a new day and a new way. Akron, Summit County African American Leadership Covenant. Vision Statement “We envision a community that values diversity and maintains high standards, in a safe and nurturing environment that builds independence and economic self-sufficiency, while educating our community in the knowledge of self and promoting a healthy quality of life for all throughout the life cycle.” Commitment Statement As a leader in the African American community in Akron, Ohio and the County of Summit, I am committed to secure and promote the financial, legal, spiritual and cultural well-being of the community and to ensure that it fulfills its mission. As a leader, I understand that I share the responsibility to always work collectively in the best interests of the community, a duty to put the good of the community first and avoid any conflicts with other leaders that would hinder the progress of members within the community. In the event a conflict arises, I am committed to reconciliation for the greater good of the community. In furtherance of these commitments and responsibilities I will put forth my best individual effort to: • Participate in and support the African American community with my talents, resources, skills, and abilities. • Lead with integrity, honesty, compassion, and commitment. • Dedicate my efforts towards uniting and uplifting black people • Educate myself, be self-determined to benefit my brothers and sisters • Advocate, sacrifice, and lead by example for our children’s children • Take talk to action in collective work and responsibility • Never give up, never give in and stand on truth
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    Created by charmaine thurman
  • Rename South Van Ness as Dolores Huerta Boulevard
    Dolores Clara Fernández Huerta is an American labor leader and civil rights activist who, with Cesar Chavez, is a co-founder of the National Farmworkers Association, which later became the United Farm Workers (UFW). Huerta helped organize the Delano grape strike in 1965 in California and was the lead negotiator in the workers' contract that was created after the strike. Huerta has received numerous awards for her community service and advocacy for workers', immigrants', and women's rights, including the Eugene V. Debs Foundation Outstanding American Award, the United States Presidential Eleanor Roosevelt Award for Human Rights and the Presidential Medal of Freedom. She was the first Latina inducted into the National Women's Hall of Fame, in 1993. Huerta is the originator of the phrase, "Sí, se puede" (Yes, we can). As a role model to many in the Latino community, Huerta is the subject of many corridos (Mexican or Mexican-American ballads) and murals. In California, April 10 is Dolores Huerta day. It is also her birthday.
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  • Make Me 46th President of the United States
    Because I want to make America a great place for international immigrants again. Because President Donald Trump is a terrible President. I want to be a good president for same-sex marriage, women and immigrants.
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    Created by Michael Tierney
  • Beau Pollock x Joe Rogan interview
    This book is necessary tool for Men and young Men to deal with modern American life and society and personal growth.
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    I HAVE CHRONIC RARE DISEASE SCHWANNOMATOSIS AND HEMOCHROMATOSIS TYPE 1( brain iron accumulation ) and other rare diseases, I FOUND OUT AFTER 51 YEARS I HAVE AUTISM, PDD-NOS, I DO NOT HAVE THE PRIVILEGE TO HAVE ACCESS TO A SPECIALIST IN MY RARE DISEASES BECAUSE, OF THE HEALTHCARE SYSTEM, I WANT A BETTER HEALTH CARE TO BE ABLE TO HAVE A QUALITY OF LIFE LIKE A HUMAN BEING. A good health is a true wealth, preservation of health is a duty, health is not like money, we don`t think of its value until we lose it, the more healthy you are the more efficient your body talent it will be to produce outstanding results, THE ONLY PLACE YOU LIVE IS YOUR BODY, LET`S TAKE CARE OF OUR HOME VERY WELL when health is lost you lose your home. The Adult needs to take action. Be wise and consider that health is the greatest of human beings' blessings. We have health, we have hope and we have a wealth that we need. , BE SAFE IN YOUR HOME WHICH IS YOUR BODY, REPEALING AND REPLACING WITH A LAW THAT WORKS FOR ALL AMERICAN CITIZENS. AMERICAN HEALTH INSURANCE SYSTEM NEED A CHANGE. LET`S BUILD A HEALTHCARE SYSTEM WHICH INCLUDES ALL AMERICAN CITIZENS. ADD YOURS OR YOUR FAMILY MEMBER HEALTH CHALLENGES, PLEASE ENJOY ME, BE A CO-LEADER, TOGETHER UNITED WE CAN BE UNSTOPPABLE, ask your family to Sign the petition to enjoy it the campaign, ask your neighbor, your college, your friends on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, please let`s save our next generation from losing they live early age from cancer or suffering from some rare disease we never heard about it, from losing their savings or even their houses because of the medical bills, please let unite to be what it was before in America the Best Healthcare System on Earth. THANK YOU
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  • Promote legislation to prevent public schools from starting before 8 a.m.
    Many high schools today start school in the 7 o'clock hour, a practice started several decades ago to save money by recycling school bus runs. Now considerable research confirms that these school start times are inconsistent with sleep needs of teenagers and young adults and are seriously undermining school performance as well as children's health and welfare. Because politics, money, and other logistical issues inevitably keep most school systems from changing start times, we need a national minimum start time for all public schools to make it easier for communities to do what's best for the safety, health, and learning of all children of every age when they set local schedules.
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    Created by Terra Snider
  • Endorse Bernie Sanders
    Bernie will fight for the working class and poor. He has been consistent for 40 years. Medicare For All, tuition free public college, Green New Deal, Get money out of politics, get us out of endless wars, Federal Jobs Guarantee, Expand Social Security, Immigration reform, Criminal Justice Reform
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    Created by Robyn Weisgerber
  • I Support NJ's Vaccine Exemption Reform Bill
    "In New Jersey, the number of children in pre-kindergarten through high school who cited religion as an excuse to avoid vaccines grew from 1,641 in the 2005-06 academic year to just under 14,000 in the 2018-19 year. Of these, 8,348 children were enrolled in pre-kindergarten, according to state Department of Education data." - nj.com Parents citing religious concerns as a reason to not vaccinate their children is rapidly becoming more widespread in our state. This is being framed as a "personal / medical choice" issue; however, it is a public health issue. Until 2018, measles was all but gone in North America; now there are outbreaks in California and right here in NJ. Measles, which is often framed as a "harmless childhood disease", can have serious complications, including lifelong disabilities and pneumonia (which can lead to death). This is especially true if someone sick with measles is malnourished or immunocompromised. The bill is not about "forced vaccines". The bill is about making sure that children who are at higher risk due to lack of vaccination, are not spreading VPD (vaccine-preventable diseases) to other peoples' children. It is about protecting some of the most vulnerable members of our population, such as kids who are immunocompromised and legitimately can't receive vaccines. Ideally, this bill will open up further dialogue between parents and doctors, so that healthcare providers can better answer parents' questions and assist them in determining what is reliable information and what is not. The anti-vaccination crowd has come out in full force in NJ, harassing legislators and making verbal / digital personal attacks. The protesting outside Senate has been so loud that you can barely hear what's going on inside the building. The bill has been dropped once already and passed over yesterday as lawmakers have caved to the hysteria and bullying. We can't simply let this go. The medical community is overwhelmingly in favor of vaccines. And this is who we should be listening to - not conspiracy theorists and Del Bigtree. I think it is also important to note, that there are almost no major religions that object to vaccinations. The vaccines manufactured and given now are very far away from the aborted fetal cell lines that they were once grown in. (See second link at the bottom for an article / example of this from a Christian viewpoint). This is not a slippery slope and it's not about taking away our freedom. Parental fear and misinformation does not supercede a child's right to a healthy life. Other states have done this; now it's our turn. Support bills A3818 and S2173. We have laws about child car seats. It's time to toughen up the laws about childhood immunization and keep NJ's vaccine rates high. Children have the right to be protected against disease. https://www.nature.com/articles/s41390-019-0354-3 https://www.thegospelcoalition.org/article/what-christians-should-know-vaccines/
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    Created by Gabrielle Zdep