• Repeal the Comstock Act!
    The Comstock Act—if enforced—is a law that prohibits the mailing of contraceptives through the mail. If the GOP wins the presidency this November, Donald Trump could enforce this law, which is still on the books though it's long been unenforced—and therefore restrict access to medication abortion, as well as other contraceptives. That's right: It's a backdoor to an abortion ban—as well as an attack on birth control, which the right wing has its targets set on—and the Supreme Court is handing Donald Trump the key. Repeal the Comstock Act NOW! Stop anti-abortion extremists' efforts to push a nationwide medication abortion ban and to limit access to birth control and other reproductive health care.
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  • Protect Children From Abuse and Death in Child Care Facilities
    Require states to report child safety data at the federal level and enforce existing child care safety regulations
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  • Fight against cancer, not high prices: Lower Keytruda costs
    Being a cancer patient or having a family member with cancer is already a very difficult situation, besides the immense emotional pain, the cost of treatment can be a heavy burden. The consequences of increasing the price of Keytruda are alarming and for many families, unbearable.Many patients rely on this medication as their best hope for survival, and price hikes could place it out of reach for those who need it most. Price gouging in the pharmaceutical industry not only threatens the lives of vulnerable patients but also reflects a disturbing trend of prioritizing profits over human welfare. We cannot allow greed to dictate access to life-saving treatments. Lowering the price of Keytruda is not only a matter of fairness but a moral imperative to ensure that individuals battling cancer have the opportunity to receive the care they deserve without the already inevitable financial hardship.
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    Created by Valeria Trevino
  • Bring back FREE PCR tests and increase the number of free at-home COVID tests!
    The Federal Health Emergency for COVID expired in May 2023, stripping everyday people from the resources and support they needed to manage community care and health. Now private insurance companies are no longer required to cover the costs of testing, pushing the most reliable form of testing for early detection, Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) tests, out of reach for many. And in March 2024, the government stopped the popular program that gave households access to four free at-home antigen tests per month. Over the past three years, we were able to use tools like testing, among other interventions, to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and help save lives. And it worked. We were able to drastically reduce infections and deaths. But with new variants emerging, cases are on the rise and hospitalizations are spiking. We can’t repeat past mistakes and allow COVID to once again spiral out of control. Add your name to call on our government to keep testing FREE and make it even more accessible by not only bringing back the USPS program, but also increasing the number of antigen tests each household can request. Last updated on March 14, 2024
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  • Pass the We the People Amendment and end corporate rule!
    On January 21, 2010, SCOTUS in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission expanded the constitutional doctrine that corporations are persons, widening their constitutional right to buy elections and run our government. Since that ruling, 14 states that previously banned corporate contributions had their laws overturned by the courts. And subsequent rulings, following the precedent of Citizens United, paved the way for the creation of Super PACs and unlimited corporate spending in politics, flooding our elections with dark money. Enough! Our democracy should reflect the will of the people, not greedy corporate entities. We can reverse Citizens United, end “corporate personhood,” and take our democracy back by introducing a new amendment to the U.S. Constitution: the We the People Amendment. “We, the People of the United States of America, reject the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling in Citizens United and other related cases and move to amend our Constitution to firmly establish that money is not speech and that human beings, not corporations, are persons entitled to constitutional rights.” The majority of Americans, when asked if they believe corporations should have the same rights as people, believe the Constitution should be amended to state that corporations do not have constitutional rights. Add your name to demand that Congress pass the We the People Amendment NOW!
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  • Emergency: 600,000+ Californians Losing UC Health Coverage
    Help us Now! Over 600,000 Californians will lose access to UC Health Systems, including cancer patients, children and countless others in critical need due to a contract dispute between Anthem aka Elevance and UC Health. Human lives are at risk while Anthem refuses to act in good faith and agree to standard levels of care. Please end this dispute NOW before anybody dies.
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    Created by Elisabeth Campos
  • Stop the corporate greed. Protect players and use real grass, NOT TURF!
    Out of 30 NFL teams, 14 use real grass, 14 use artificial turf, and 2 use a hybrid field of grass and artificial materials. It would only cost the NFL 12 million dollars to replace the current turf fields to grass, compared to the nearly $12 billion dollars in revenue that the NFL made in 2023. And that’s not all: Over the last 8 years alone, the NFL has made over 74 BILLION dollars in revenue. Yet, many NFL team owners (30 out of 32 of whom are billionaires and have a combined net worth of over 260 BILLION DOLLARS) would rather prioritize their corporate profits over their players’ safety. For over a decade, NFL players themselves have been very vocal about how much of a toll turf takes on their bodies, and how they dread games where they know they will be playing on turf. The National Football League Players Association (NFLPA), the labor union that represents NFL players, has been advocating for grass fields despite the league’s PR attempts to defend the use of artificial turf. The NFL has a history of putting corporate profits above players: • In the 2000s, Dr. Bennet Omalu discovered a link between football and Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) , a degenerative brain disease caused by repeated blows to the head causing concussions. But instead of thinking of ways they could protect their players, the NFL went after Omalu and other scientists studying CTE. After nearly a decade of denial and suppressing scientific evidence, the NFL finally admitted the truth: There is a link between football and CTE. • Back in 2021, after shamefully using “race-norming” which prevented hundreds of Black football players with dementia from qualifying for awards in a $1 billion settlement of concussion clamps, the NFL agreed to end this practice. • The NFL has continued to come under fire for their lack of guaranteed contracts for players. The sham contracts offered by the NFL give so many outs for the corporation that players rarely see the full payouts from their deals. Meanwhile, every other major league in professional sports has guaranteed contracts. This is greed and exploitative, plain and simple, and it's costing players. And these are just a few examples. The NFL must do better and put player safety above corporate profits NOW. Add your name to the petition.
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  • Nurses call for action in solidarity with Palestine
    We, the rank-and-file nurses of California Nurses Association, National Nurses United, and National Nurses Organizing Committee, understand the power of collective action. Around the world, the Labor movement has fought for and with oppressed and marginalized communities for decades. Our Union brothers and sisters have stood hand in hand with oppressed and marginalized people in their fights for equality: from the U.S Civil Rights movement to ending Apartheid in South Africa. Since October 7th, 2023, the relentless bombing of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank has resulted in more than 22,000 people killed and more than 52,000 are injured, in addition to thousands who are missing and feared dead under the rubble, 305,000 residential homes have been destroyed or damaged, 339 educational facilities are damaged, 197 places of worship have been damaged, and 26 out of 35 hospitals are not functioning. More than 300 healthcare workers including doctors, nurses, and civil defense rescuers, have been killed as well leaving an already fractured medical infrastructure with less resources and healthcare professionals to assist in caring for critically injured civilians. We have seen the news of Israel using Artificial Intelligence to bomb the press where over 100 journalists have been killed along with many of their family members, to bomb mosques and churches, and historical monuments–to erase any history of the Palestinian people. We are witnessing a genocide unfolding in real-time. As nurses, we follow the nursing code of ethics. The ethics we live by have four main principles: autonomy, beneficence, justice, and non-maleficence. To call for the liberation of the Palestinian people, and to demand that the Union stand beside the Palestinian people, is deeply rooted in our nursing code of ethics. Palestine deserves to live free from this endless violence and displacement from their native land. We have committed our lives to these principles, and so long as we have a collective voice, we will demand a Free Palestine. Our call for Palestinian Liberation is an extension of our commitment to justice, and if we are silent, we are complicit in the genocide. We hope that CNA/NNU/NNOC stands with us in unwaveringly supporting the liberation of the Palestinian people, because doing so is imperative to our Union’s anti-imperialist, racial justice values that we claim to uphold. Check out these actions that you can take now.. Before you sign, please consider exploring these actions that you can take now. http://tinyurl.com/unfp1 In Unity, Union Nurses For Palestine
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    Created by Jehad Adwan
    Unhoused people are human and deserve all the same rights as a person that does have a space to live. If you want to have the downtown areas clean and sanitized. People need a shelter, a building, a place they feel safe that will provide them with the basic needs of a human being.
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    Created by carol dowling
  • Support working families at Johanna Foods in Flemington, NJ!
    Because stimulating economic equality and strong worker power helps all workers to win increases in pay, better benefits, and safer working conditions.
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    Created by UFCW Local 152
  • TRS Dump Express Scripts
    Join together to tell TRS we need better pharmacy services.
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    Created by B Saccardo
  • It's time to #PassPaidLeave for all!
    The United States is one of only six remaining countries in the world with no guaranteed form of paid leave. Just 25 percent of workers in the entire country have access to paid family leave through their jobs. And here in America, one in four people who have given birth returned to work within two weeks—bleeding, sleep-deprived, and often still injured. There is a human cost to the lack of paid leave, and families are paying for it. Women and caregivers lift up our economy, which also disproportionately relies on the undervalued labor of women of color. Passing paid leave and care policies would yield millions of jobs, billions in wages, and trillions in GDP. It would reduce turnover costs, retain talented workers, and allow employers and small businesses to be more competitive. It would keep working people in their jobs and families afloat.
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    Created by Sarah Manasrah