• Revitalize MLK Recreation Center
    New recreation centers have been built all over Denver county but none included a therapy pool that’s mainly used by the disabled and senior community. I was born and raised in Denver and actively over the years have seen this recreation center neglected. The City & County of Denver has held numerous meetings trying to close this center without avail. Each time the community has said that this is important to the community, disabled, seniors and those that must rehabilitate, due to lack of other physical therapies. Again the therapy pool is malfunctioning and the sauna has been closed for weeks. This problem is unexceptionable by any standards and must be addressed.
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    Created by Akilah Graham
  • Improve Staffing at Riverside Hospital
    Riverside Hospital has systematically and consistently failed to provide adequate staffing on all units leading to patients experiencing delayed or missed care, missed activities and interventions, and delays in admissions. Riverside Hospital has an obligation to its staff and community to provide the best care possible, not the most cost-efficient care possible. RN morale is at an all-time low and nurse mental and physical health is in jeopardy as they are not able to provide the care that their patients need and deserve. With the current staffing conditions RNs are “triaging” their responsibilities, potentially leading to serious consequences. The current unsafe staffing conditions will only worsen as our colleagues consider retirement or resignation in order to find better staffing and working conditions with other employers.
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    Created by James Humphreys
  • Tell Mayor Bowser: DC Government Healthcare Heroes Deserve a Fair Contract
    Nurses have been validated as healthcare heroes. The nurses worked through the pandemic to ensure that patients throughout the District were properly cared for.  Since 2019, the Mayor has refused to bargain in good faith with the nurses by consistently canceling negotiation sessions, refusing to bring proposals to the table and finally only offering 1% for annual raises, while approving over 2% annual raises for other DC government employees. This is a slap in the face to the nurses who sacrificed the safety of their families to ensure that District residents were properly cared for. The Mayor needs to give the nurses a fair contract that reflects our value to the patients and residents of the District of Columbia.
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    Created by Wala Blegay
  • STAND with Texas Trans CHILDREN and their FAMILIES
    These American children, and their parents, must be protected AT ANY COST!
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    Created by TED Y
  • Petition to get Medication for free for ALL Cardiac patient's!
    Because no parent of a child who has ALREADY been through Open Heart Surgery should have to worry if their child will survive after discharge because insurance will not pay for the medicine and they can not afford THOUSANDS or more for one month of one medicine!
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    Created by Kayla Stratton
  • Keep universal masking in place in Hamden Public Schools
    MASKING SAVES LIVES. Join us in asking our schools to follow scientific recommendations about how to protect children, families, and educators in Hamden from COVID-19.
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    Created by Madeline Ravich
  • Restore Essex County Public School's COVID-19 Mitigation Strategies and Protocols
    The health and safety of the Essex County Public School students, teachers and staff is of the utmost importance. Essex County Public Schools had to release students early on February 4, 2022, due to a staff shortage. Many teachers and staff members believe the learning environment is unsafe and do not want to put themselves at risk of contracting COVID-19. An Essex High School student was sent to the principal on February 3, 2022, after a teacher discovered a flyer organizing a student walkout. The flyer read, “Covid-19 is real. We lost too many lives," and asked students to walk out for 16 minutes in honor of the 16,412 people who lost their lives due COVID-19 in Virginia. A parent of a special needs student who is nonverbal and wheelchair bound, said she took her daughter out of school because of health and safety concerns. Signing this petition is important because we cannot allow elected officials to put the health and safety of our children and community at-risk. By prematurely ending COVID-19 mitigation strategies and protocols, the school district is unable to provide a safe environment for students to receive a free appropriate public education.
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    Created by Ronnie Sidney II
  • Illinois Funeral & Burial Assistance Program for Murdered Children Act
    Nobody plans to bury their murdered child – it’s among the worst possible unexpected expenses, yet thousands of Illinois families are paying it. They are depending on your help during some of the most tragic and painful times of their lives. We look forward to working with the Illinois General Assembly to ease some of their pain.
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    Created by David Nayak Picture
  • Tell the Maryland General Assembly to Protect Abortion Rights by Amending the State Constitution
    The 1973 Supreme Court ruling in Roe v. Wade made access to safe and legal abortion a constitutional right. Today, that freedom is at risk like never before. In 2021, states introduced 663 abortion restrictions and enacted 108 of them — a record number since 1973. Meanwhile, 80% of Americans want abortion to be legal. We are the majority, and in this unprecedented time where the federal right to abortion may be no more, it is up to state governments to step in and ensure our laws reflect that. Passing a constitutional amendment to protect reproductive rights NOW is one of the most concrete measures we can take before it is too late. That’s why I am calling on the Maryland General Assembly to amend the state constitution to protect personal reproductive liberty and guarantee the right to an abortion. Add your name to show your support!
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    Created by Doug Gansler
  • Tell Amazon: Stop the spread of covid, reinstate free testing for workers
    Under the highly contagious Omicron Covid variant, Amazon should be making testing easier for employees in order to stop its spread. But the world’s largest employer is failing their workers by stopping free onsite warehouse testing and scaling back paid leave from two weeks to one. Sick workers are scrambling to find free testing and support from Amazon.¹ Tell Andy Jassy, Amazon CEO (who replaced Jeff Bezos last July), to reinstate free Covid testing, longer quarantining, and sick days for their workers. Amazon is making billions off the pandemic. The tech giant, with profits that rose over 220% during Covid,² can afford to reinstate onsite testing. This isn’t the first time Amazon has brazenly risked public health and their workers’ lives. In November, Amazon settled a case with the California attorney general over claims that it concealed Covid-19 case numbers. As part of the settlement (still subject to court approval), Amazon must notify workers within 24 hours of new Covid cases and notify local health agencies within 48 hours.³ But if workers are struggling to get tests or test results, then Amazon doesn’t have anything to report — and infected employees could keep on working and spreading the virus. Take action now. Sign the petition to tell Amazon’s CEO, Andy Jassy, to stop risking lives and reinstate free warehouse Covid testing for their workers. Sources: 1. “Ailing Amazon workers struggle to find Covid tests themselves,” NBC News, Jan 13, 2022. https://www.nbcnews.com/tech/ailing-amazon-workers-struggle-find-covid-tests-rcna11942 2. “Amazon's profit soars 220 percent as pandemic drives shopping online,” The New York Times, May 12, 2021. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/04/29/technology/amazons-profits-triple.html 3. “Amazon settles claims it concealed Covid-19 cases from workers,” CNBC, November 15, 2021. https://www.cnbc.com/2021/11/15/amazon-settles-claims-it-concealed-covid-19-cases-from-workers.html
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    Created by Granate Kim
  • California can lead the nation in healthcare justice by passing AB1400
    CalCare, AB1400, is supported by The Physicians for a National Health Program, who rely on gold-standard evidence-based data published in peer-reviewed journals to show that it will cover more, for less, with better health outcomes: https://pnhp.org/news/california-single-payer-legislation-ab-1400/ CalCare is also supported by the respected California Nurses Association (https://www.nationalnursesunited.org/press/california-nurses-association-holds-calcare-day-of-action), and the California Teachers Association. Likewise, a systematic review in PLOS Medicine of 22 studies over a 30-year period show single-payer healthcare to reduce costs, cover everyone, and provide more comprehensive coverage than private health insurance: https://journals.plos.org/plosmedicine/article?id=10.1371/journal.pmed.1003013 But perhaps more importantly, we all know family, friends, and neighbors who are unnecessarily stressed by rising medical costs, medical debt, bankruptcy, insufficient medical coverage or no coverage at all. Therefore, we the undersigned respectfully call on you to support AB1400, CalCare, Guaranteed Healthcare for All, as it will strengthen our school budgets, help businesses, both small and large, cut rising employee healthcare costs, save thousands of dollars yearly to families and individuals, and provide a more just and compassionate healthcare system for all Californians.
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    Created by Jim Hesson
  • Governor Newsom: Follow the science—protect CA healthcare workers and our patients!
    CDPH's plan to return COVID-exposed or positive healthcare workers, without isolation or a negative test, does not follow sound science. Given what is known about the transmissibility of the new variant, it will likely put healthcare workers and patients at unnecessary risk. Our elected leaders should listen to frontline nurses and other healthcare workers.
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    Created by SEIU 121RN