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To: Leonard C. Desiderio, Andrew Bulakowski, Bobby Barr, Melanie Collette, Will Morey

Let's use vacant structures to HOUSE the UNHOUSED!

Cape May County Commissioners,
Too many of our fellow citizens are unhoused. While they sleep in the woods, many buildings in our county sit vacant. Instead of "criminalizing" their misfortune, we should be trying to help them.
Let's have the county purchase vacant structures and turn them into affordable housing units. Together, we can help our less fortunate brothers and sisters live a more dignified life!

Why is this important?

There's strength in numbers! Let's come together and urge our elected officials to do the right thing. Those of us who are fortunate enough to have a comfortable place to live owe it to those of us who are less fortunate. We can no longer turn a blind eye to the homeless situation in our beautiful county. If we allow their encampments to be torn down, where will they go? Please sign this petition so our county can give them a place to call home.

How it will be delivered

Petition will be delivered to the Commissioners at an upcoming Commissioners' Meeting


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