• Ziegler Must Immediately Resign or Be Removed from the Sarasota School Board by Gov. DeSantis
    Ms. Ziegler's conduct has been a continuous distraction from the business of the Board  — the education of our students, and the Board's stated commitment of "Every student every day."  At the May 7, 2024 School Board meeting she proposed a resolution defying constitutional officer responsibilities by refusing to uphold changes to Title IX. She claims she was protecting "our girls" while openly discriminating against certain students. This makes our students unsafe.  Ms. Ziegler has damaged countless students' lives and is an embarrassment to the Sarasota County School District.  She needs to resign or be removed. Join us in this effort. 
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    Created by Robin Williams
  • Tell Pres. Biden: Reaffirm the right to protest now!
    Hundreds of students have recently been arrested for participating in protests against the Israeli government’s war in Gaza at dozens of universities across the country. But blue lights and zip ties aren’t making students on any campus safer, and sending in armed troops will only increase the tensions — and the potential for tragedy. We don’t have to guess what that looks like because we already know: At Kent State on May 4, 1970, 28 National Guard soldiers fired into a crowd of thousands protesting the Vietnam War. They killed four students and wounded nine others. Those protests weren’t so different from the ones we are seeing today. From Columbia to the University of Texas-Austin to the University of California, Berkeley, and back again, young people across the country are exercising their constitutionally protected rights to free speech and assembly to protest horrific violence in Gaza. President Biden has an opportunity to show the kind of leadership necessary to meet this moment of crisis. As the protests spread, Republican governors could act unilaterally to bring more military presence to college campuses across the country. That’s why your voice is urgently needed today: Will you help us send the president a clear and crucial reminder that dissent is not a crime, and protest is patriotic?
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    Created by Win Without War Picture
  • STOP the Suffering of Millions to Benefit Insurance Companies
    90% of us will have a parasitic infection or bout at some point in our lives . These infections can cause life threatening health complications.   Please help us, as we have suffered entirely too long. Help us improve the system for you and your loved ones future's. We do this so no one will ever suffer the health problems, isolation, and possible suicide from feeling helpless.
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    Created by Nikki Everett
  • Publicly Reject Project 2025!
    Trump’s first term was chaotic and incompetent. But this time, MAGA is prepared with a detailed plan to quickly seize power and ruthlessly reshape America. Project 2025 is a 920-page document authored by Christian nationalists that provides a step-by-step blueprint to impose the MAGA agenda on every aspect of Americans’ lives and make Trumpism the rule of law. Their goal is the elimination of our freedoms and protections: eliminating Social Security and Medicare, corporate regulations, environmental protections, rights for LGBTQ+ people and religious minorities, contraception and IVF, resources we need for public education, and more.  Their plan also includes systematically sabotaging our elections for their own benefit. And they want to dismantle our democracy and its checks and balances by centralizing power to the White House, giving the president control of previously independent agencies, such as the Federal Communications Commission and the Federal Trade Commission, and even the Department of Justice. As one expert, Mary Guy, warned in response to Project 2025, "Democracies have crumbled before, and that’s on the verge of happening here." Project 2025 details a concerted plan for how the MAGA movement seeks to control us, decide our futures for us, and take us backward. Instead of representing "We the People", they want to rule over us and for their corporate interests.  We deserve to know where our elected leaders stand on this extreme, dangerous blueprint. It’s time we sound the alarm about this MAGA vision and demand all Republicans in Congress go on record with their position on Project 2025. A banner at a protest against Project 2025 in Washington D.C. on January 27, 2024 (Credit: Elvert Barnes/Flickr.com)
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  • Fire and ban Harrison Butker from the NFL
    The NFL has a responsibility to show respect to its viewers, including women, men and LQBTQ+. But, by letting Harrison speak like this they are instead promoting hatred towards women and the LGBTQ+ community. This needs to stop. If they don't punish him, they are stating that this behavior is ok and it is not ok. He is inciting hateful and outdated stereotypes, that do nothing but harm people. These stereotypes have been used to keep women and LQBTQ+ from being able to live their lives they way they want and instead forces them to live in constant fear of violence. The NFL and the Kansas City Chiefs need to send a clear message that this hatred can not be tolerated and they can do it by firing and banning Harrison Butker from the NFL. 
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    Created by Jenniffer Petty
  • Pass the CROWN Act
    Right now—in 2024—in 27 states it's completely legal to discriminate against people for wearing their natural hair. Formal and informal "dress codes" are used to shame and punish Black people for wearing hairstyles that are consistent with their natural hair texture. And for many in the Black community, it's about more than just hair. Locs, twists, coils, braids, and other natural hairstyles are an expression of identity. Discriminating against Black people for wearing natural hairstyles isn't only a violation of civil rights, it's a direct attack on Black culture. And it has real-life consequences. Black people are being robbed of job opportunities, education, and their dignity all because of racist policies designed to make them tone down who they are. The CROWN Act (Creating a Respectful and Open World for Natural Hair), a bill aimed at ending race-based hair discrimination in schools and workplaces for Black Americans and other communities of color, was just reintroduced in the Senate. Now is our chance to end hair discrimination nationwide. It's time to put an end to this. Sign the petition to urge Congress to pass the CROWN Act NOW so no one suffers the injustice of experiencing racial discrimination because of their hairstyle.
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  • Special Education Funds Audit in the six southern districts in San Diego.
    Our south San Diego community need to join us to ensure transparency and accountability, and to advocate for the proper allocation of the Special Education funds to benefit all children who rely on them. And to make sure their is a bright future of our children, every kid is different and they have the right to learn in their own kind of way. ____________________________________________________ Nuestra comunidad del sur de San Diego necesita unirse a nosotros para garantizar la transparencia y la responsabilidad, y abogar por la asignación adecuada de los fondos de Educación Especial para beneficiar a todos los niños que dependen de ellos. Y para asegurarnos de que haya un futuro brillante para nuestros hijos, cada niño es diferente y tiene derecho a aprender a su manera.
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    Created by Kenia Peraza
  • Oppose Resolution 218
    In 2008, an Albany county legislator tried to pass a resolution in opposition to the Iraq War. It led to an hours long debate on the floor, and what came of it was that Albany county decided that Resolutions would be used to codify things into law, while Proclamations which are not voted on, but legislators sign on to if they would like, can be used as an honorary/symbolic gesture of support. Recently, the Albany County legislature has decided they want to codify the policy around proclamations, more specifically they don't want to issue proclamations for controversial issues, or for issues that urge another body to take action. However, they have drafted a policy that doesn't outright exclude such proclamations from being issued. This is problematic because it gives rise for the policy to be applied in a potentially discriminatory manner.
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    Created by Albany Muslim Advocacy Coalition
  • Tell Delta Air Lines to Stop Union Busting
    Everyone deserves to be treated with respect and dignity in the workplace. An injury to one worker, is an injury to all workers everywhere.
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    Created by Gameli Appiah
  • Award Civil Rights Icon Ruby Bridges the Presidential Medal of Freedom!
    The Presidential Medal of Freedom is the nation's highest civilian honor for Americans who have made exemplary contributions to the United States. Ruby Bridges has been fighting her entire life to fight back against racism, especially for children. She's an inspiration and role model to children and adults across the country, and she deserves to be honored as such. Books telling Ruby's story of racially integrating public schools in the south—including a book she wrote about her experiences—have been disputed or banned in schools across the country. It's the duty of our education system to teach kids the truth about our world while inspiring them to change it for the better. That mission is what Ruby Bridges embodied when at just 6 years old, escorted by U.S. Marshals through a crowd of violent protesters, she integrated an all-white elementary school in New Orleans, Louisiana, in 1960. When Ruby took her first step into her new school she helped to usher in a new era of progress for America—one that Republicans are now trying to reverse. Republicans have launched an all-out assault on the free expression of minority voices and integral parts of American history. In a disturbing display of censorship, 2023 saw an unprecedented purge of nearly 2,000 books from school libraries across the country. These books primarily represented characters who are people of color or LGBTQ+, or tackled significant themes such as racism. These book bans are a blatant attempt to distort historical truths and silence the diverse narratives that are critical to understanding the full American experience. Tell President Biden: Ensure Ruby's story of bravery and triumph over racism is never forgotten. Sign the petition to award Ruby Bridges with the Presidential Medal of Freedom.
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  • Hands Off Rafah!
    Since this conflict initiated, over 34,000 Palestinians have been killed, over 78,000 wounded, and more than 1.7 million have been displaced from their homes, out of which numbers and for all categories above, 50% are children and 70% are women and children. The number of Palestinian children killed during this conflict since October 7th has been greater than the number of children killed in conflicts around the globe from 2019 to 2022 and it stands alongside the currently ongoing war in Sudan which began in April 2023, as it is also reminiscent of the killing rate since Rwanda in 1994 when comparing the total number of killed and injured civilians per day since the conflict began. The attack on children and women of this conflict is atrocious. It should not be allowed at this time of our human history and must be stopped immediately. According to Haaretz, Israel News, Wednesday, 15.05.2024 ""Israel's defense minister called on PM Netanyahu to publicly declare that Israel won't establish military rule over Gaza, after Netanyahu told CNBC that "talk about the day after [the war], while Hamas is still intact" was pointless. Israeli officials warn that Egypt may withdraw from mediation efforts on a hostage release deal because of Israel's operation in Rafah, and that the crisis could harm security and intelligence cooperation between the countries. The EU said the continued assault in Rafah "would inevitably put a heavy strain on the EU's relationship with Israel."" DEMOCRACY NOW: Israeli Human Rights Lawyer Attacked While Documenting Settler Raid on Gaza Aid ConvoySTORYMAY 16, 2024 ""Aid agencies are running out of food in southern Gaza amid Israel’s ongoing offensive in Rafah and the shutdown of the two main border crossings in the south. Some 1.1 million Palestinians are on the brink of starvation, according to the United Nations, while a “full-blown famine” is taking place in the north. Meanwhile, some Israelis have been blocking aid from reaching the Gaza border, including a violent attack on trucks carrying humanitarian relief through the occupied West Bank earlier this week, when settlers threw food packages on the ground and set fire to the vehicles at the Tarqumiyah checkpoint near Hebron."" According to Haaretz, Israel News, Tuesday, 14.05.2024:  ""The International Court of Justice said it will discuss new emergency measures sought by South Africa over Israel's offensive in Rafah on Thursday. The Biden administration reportedly believes Israel has concentrated enough forces outside Rafah for a full assault in the coming days. Talks over a hostage release/cease-fire deal have reached a stalemate due to Israel's operations in Rafah, Qatar's PM said. Cairo is considering downgrading its diplomatic ties with Israel due to the Rafah operation, Egyptian officials told the Wall Street Journal. Far-right Israeli extremists set ablaze two aid trucks bound for Gaza.""
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    Created by Karla Galdamez
  • Let's use vacant structures to HOUSE the UNHOUSED!
    There's strength in numbers! Let's come together and urge our elected officials to do the right thing. Those of us who are fortunate enough to have a comfortable place to live owe it to those of us who are less fortunate. We can no longer turn a blind eye to the homeless situation in our beautiful county. If we allow their encampments to be torn down, where will they go? Please sign this petition so our county can give them a place to call home.
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    Created by Carolyn Rush