• Empower Youth: Lower the Age to Run for President!
    Empowering the Future - A Call to Lower the Age to Run for President Dear Fellow Citizens, Our nation stands at a crossroads, facing unprecedented challenges and opportunities. In this moment, we must harness the full potential of every citizen, regardless of age. I am writing to you today to advocate for a cause that is not just about me, but about empowering an entire generation of young Americans who are ready to lead, innovate, and create a brighter future for us all. It is time to lower the age requirement to run for president and give young voices the platform they deserve. Why It Matters 1. Fresh Perspectives and Innovative Solutions The younger generation brings fresh ideas and a keen understanding of modern challenges such as climate change, technological advancement, and social justice. Our nation needs leaders who can think outside the box, who are not bound by outdated paradigms but are eager to explore new solutions. By lowering the age requirement, we open the door to innovative policies that address today’s most pressing issues with the urgency and creativity they demand. 2. Representation for All Generations Youth make up a significant portion of our population, yet their voices are often underrepresented in the highest levels of government. This imbalance means that the concerns and aspirations of young people are not fully reflected in national policies. By allowing younger candidates to run for president, we ensure that our leadership is truly representative of all generations, leading to a more inclusive and balanced approach to governance. 3. Energy and Determination Young leaders are driven by passion and determination to make a difference. They are not yet jaded by the status quo and are often more willing to challenge existing systems to create meaningful change. This energy is essential for tackling long-standing issues that previous generations have struggled to resolve. It is time to infuse our political system with the vigor and ambition of youth. Why You Should Support This Movement 1. A New Era of Leadership Supporting the movement to lower the age requirement for presidential candidates is about more than just changing a number. It is about ushering in a new era of leadership that is responsive, dynamic, and attuned to the needs of a rapidly changing world. It is about believing in the potential of our youth to rise to the occasion and lead with integrity and vision. 2. Bridging Generational Divides Lowering the age requirement fosters greater understanding and collaboration between generations. It encourages mentorship and the sharing of wisdom between older and younger leaders, creating a more cohesive and united society. By bridging these divides, we can work together more effectively to build a prosperous future for all. 3. Fixing What Past Generations Couldn't There are persistent issues that have been passed down from generation to generation, unresolved and festering. It is time to give the younger generation the chance to tackle these problems with fresh eyes and new approaches. By supporting this movement, you are empowering young leaders to address and fix the challenges that past generations have struggled to overcome. Why Choose Me I stand before you as a representative of this movement, ready to champion the cause of youth empowerment and lead with dedication and purpose. My commitment to this cause is unwavering, and I am prepared to work tirelessly to ensure that our voices are heard. Here is why you should choose me to spearhead this movement: 1. Passionate Advocate for Change I have always been driven by a deep passion for making a positive impact in our society. My experiences have equipped me with the knowledge and determination to advocate effectively for this cause. I am committed to fighting for the rights and representation of young people in the political arena. 2. Proven Leadership Throughout my life, I have demonstrated leadership in various capacities, whether it be in community organizations, educational institutions, or advocacy groups. I have a track record of bringing people together, building consensus, and driving meaningful change. I am ready to bring this experience to the national stage. 3. Vision for the Future I envision a future where age is not a barrier to leadership, where young people are empowered to bring their unique perspectives to the forefront of national policy. I am committed to creating an inclusive and forward-thinking government that truly reflects the diversity and potential of our nation. Join the Movement This is a pivotal moment in our nation’s history. Together, we can create a future where every voice is heard, and every citizen has the opportunity to lead. I ask for your support in this movement to lower the age requirement to run for president. Let us stand together, empower our youth, and fix what past generations couldn't. Thank you for believing in the power of young leadership. Together, we can make history. Sincerely, West Abadie 
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  • Hold Ocean County Jail Accountable for the Death of Keith Raymond Press
    I can’t go into complete detail since this is an ongoing civil rights investigation. What I will say is that Ocean county jail located in New Jersey needs to be held accountable for the death of Keith Raymond Press. Had the proper procedures been performed by the facility before, during and after his suicide, a life would not have been lost. The Ocean County Jail previously underwent a $1.5 million lawsuit with an outcome of a negligence verdict. A scarily similar situation occurred with a man named Kenneth Conforti who failed to receive the proper resources and medical attention by the facility after committing suicide in his cell. https://newjerseymonitor.com/2023/08/10/states-top-court-upholds-1-5m-negligence-verdict-against-jail-for-inmates-suicide/ This is not about restitution. This is about justice. Every system has failed Keith Raymond Press throughout his lifetime. A man is gone. There will be justice for Keith. Stand alongside me through this journey to fight a corrupt system. As long as we have each other, Keith’s memory will not be forgotten and his death will not go unnoticed. As always, keep your heads up. He would do the same for us, let’s do right by him. 
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  • Help Needed for the Disabled
    The commissioner, Nina Waters, could order the plow already at the beginning of our 70 yard road to plow it for the safety of 10 people and one disabled man.  Simple accommodation to solve a very simple problem, but she refuses to help her own constituents. 
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    Please join me we all know in the 1980's the "war on Drugs" meant war on Black Americans.  Most of the men I counsel up state are from that era.  Sentenced 15-25 years for marijuana. Today their are marijuana distributors on nearly every corner.  Pardoning individuals who were unfairly treated by the criminal legal system, the government acknowledges harms of an unjust system, takes a positive step to rectifying errors and removes barriers to employment, housing and other basic needs of those plagued with a criminal history.
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  • Demanding a Fair Salary Increase for Merced County Public Employees
    Merced County Public Employees need your support to have a salary increase granted by the Board of Supervisors in order to address the following issues:       1.   Cost of Living Increase: The cost of living is rising by 3.3%, making it harder for public employees to afford basic necessities.  2.   County Budget: With a budget of $1.17 billion, Merced County should have the financial capacity to support its employees with a livable wage.  3.   Fair Compensation: Public employees deserve fair compensation for their hard work and dedication to our community.  4.   Poverty Rates: Merced County's poverty rate is above the state and national average. Many public employees are near the poverty line, and it is crucial they receive adequate salary increases to address this.   Merced County public employees are the backbone of our community, and investing in them is investing in our county’s well-being. These hardworking individuals manage important tasks in government offices, such as handling records, processing permits, and assisting the public with their needs. They ensure everything runs smoothly in our local government. These employees have families to support, needing money for housing, food, education, and healthcare. By giving them fair pay, we help them take care of their families and continue to provide excellent service to our community. Ensuring they are paid well is crucial for keeping Merced County a great place to live.
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  • Unacceptable Living Conditions at Chase Arbor Apartments
    This is important because the condition of property does not coincide with the price of rent . Chase Arbor Apartment complex are scamming people into signing these lease agreements and pay unnecessary fees. If future residents were informed of these issues beforehand, many would choose not live at Chase Arbor. Residents deserve a safe comfortable home to stay in.
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  • Impeach Judge Marcella Matos Wilson
    Judge Wilson took an oath to protect the rights of the people. Instead, she maliciously and arbitrarily deprives the people of the very rights she swore to protect. The NJ Consitution grants the people the power. WE are the government and when it needs to be reformed, we petition for redress. There is no authority in our country that allows a judge to strip families of their Constitutional rights. My children and I have been separated for 16 months and the pain is indescribable. Failure to uphold and protect our rights will not be tolerated by the citizens of NJ. If Judge Wilson has exempted my family from the Constitution, anyone else’s could be next. We must send a STRONG message that NJ Judges who wage war against the Constitution and our families have no place in our courts. Silence is consent. Please sign. WE THE PEOPLE!
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  • **Petition to Address the Exploitation of Players in the Mavericks Independent Baseball League**
    These changes are essential to ensure that the league operates with integrity and fairness, honoring the dedication and passion of its players. We call upon the league's management to take immediate action to rectify these issues and create a supportive environment for all players.
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  • Hate Groups Are Targeting Drag and Pride Events. We Demand Action.
    Last year GLAAD released a report detailing more than 160 protests and threats targeting drag events, many of them carried out by violent hate groups like Proud Boys, white supremacists, and other far-right extremists.  This Pride Month, violent groups are still targeting the LGBTQ community.  Yet federal law enforcement agencies have been virtually silent about these domestic extremist threats.  We demand that federal law enforcement: 1. Create and maintain a comprehensive, publicly-available database tracking all threats to pride and drag events. 2. Commit to robust monitoring of threats at upcoming pride celebrations. 3. Issue public statements condemning anti-LGBTQ extremism and affirming their commitment to protecting our community. Hateful politicians want to intimidate us and legislate against our art and identities. But we will not be silenced. Qommittee is an organization of drag artists, many of whom have faced these threats directly. We demand safety and the freedom to express ourselves and our pride in every community. By signing this petition, you're sending a powerful message that hate has no place at Pride. Together, we can make this Pride Month a celebration of love, joy and resistance in the face of hate.
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  • Save the San Juan Hotel
    We must restore and preserve the San Juan Hotel and be a model for the rest of the Valley to preserve our history.
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  • Stop Instagram AI Integration Policy
    Instagram is going to use your photos, your likenesses, your images, your art, to train their Artificial Intelligence, Meta, without consent or compensation. This will affect artists, who will be out of a job if and when AI becomes advanced enough to create art without human involvement. This will affect people who decide to put their faces on the app, that will have to worry about fake inappropriate photos of them being spread across various platforms. We witnessed this happen with celebrities such as Taylor Swift a few months ago. None of this is acceptable, and we cannot let them get away with this.
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