• Help US Citizens and US residents return home - Stuck in Peru and other countries
    We need to return to our country. US Citizens and US residents remain in Peru. Many are not in Lima and are in areas that are still under quarantine and need to travel to Lima to fly out. The US Embassy needs to help us. We are human beings that need medical care, need to be reunited with our families, our children are in the US and we are here. We need our US Government to help us.
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    Created by Cynthia Duffaut
  • Paint "Black Lives Matter" down Elk Ave
    We seek to outright condemn racism and bigotry in our "bubble" and town and to invite those in fear of the looming atmosphere of white supremacy to take refuge in our safe haven.
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    Created by Chloe Bowman
  • send trump to jupiter with no space suit
    because trump is a racist, sexist, homophobe , transphobe , rapist and hes an ignorant piece of shit.
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    Created by rowen kai
  • UPS, FedEx and DHL Can Expand Mail-in-Voting
    Quite simply, we have a president who is trying to rig an election with a false narrative around mail-in-voting and defunding of the infrastructure the is needed for it. With COVID expanding uncontrolled throughout the United States, poll workers - the majority are over 60 and high-risk for COVID - will not be available to staff in-person voting. We risk terrible lines at polling locations, not to mention, further spread of the virus. Without mail-in-voting and the related logistics necessary to get ballots to & from voters, we simply will not be able to have free-and-fair elections in November. The voice of the people must be heard. Our democracy depends on it.
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    Created by Jason Briggs
  • Switch single use plastics to biodegradable plastics
    Biodegradable plastics have existed for years. My time working at both Starbucks and Coffee Bean showed me the amount one single store throws away in a day. My heart breaks for the landfills full of plastic, the animals and environment we destroy and ultimately ourselves. If Starbucks switches cups and straws alone to biodegradable plastics imagine how many lives we save. Banning straws did nothing and is ablist! Don’t be fooled by recycling! All the recycling would go into the same dumpster as the trash, and most places in the US say they recycle but it ends up in a landfill. STOP THE WASTE - CHANGE TO BIO DEGRADABLE PLASTICS NOW. Starbucks claims to be at the forefront of innovation, I believe if they make the switch others will follow suit!
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    Created by Ally McGillicuddy
  • Mayor Kenney: Give Sanitation Workers Proper PPE + Hazard Pay
    Their health and safety is essential and impacts the city of Philadelphia.
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    Created by M P
  • Mulliken Welcomes Diversity
    The board's actions in previously denying the monks' request for permission to renovate the former Mulliken United Methodist Church was contrary to the ideals and beliefs of the majority of people in Mulliken. The people of Mulliken are particularly dismayed that one board member specifically stated that she voted against the monks' request based on religious differences. Religious discrimination is contrary to the best interests of the Mulliken community and to the preferences of the people of Mulliken. Such discrimination cannot be permitted to be perpetuated or endorsed by the Village board. The people of Mulliken welcome the Buddhist community. It is our hope that the monks will reapply and that their application will be granted. The Mulliken community looks forward to meeting and getting to know our newest members.
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    Created by Kathrine Price
    Therefore, we are asking our Select Board to review the seriousness of this situation, reconsider the permit and using Board guidance, seek consultation and the good will of the property owner to re-locate this peddler to a more appropriate site that does not interfere with the safe, normal, daily life of our community. Thank you, petitioners for "NO PLACE TO PEDDLE HATE"
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    Created by NoPlaceTo PeddleHate
  • Justice for Krista Baldivia and Alonzo Wilds
    Krista Baldivia and Alonzo Wilds both left behind families. Krista left behind a mother, a father, 9 siblings, a husband, a daughter and a step-son. While Krista may not have been a pillar of the community she was a person and justice should be served the same as if she was the Frederick County Commonwealth Attorney's own blood. Her, and Mr. Wilds, criminal history should not overshadow the cause of their deaths and the actions of Heishman.
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    Created by Michele Angelos
  • John Lewis Memorial Statue at BLM Plaza Washington DC
    Congressman John Robert Lewis was an American Hero and one of our Forefather's of Civil Rights. From his early activism as one of the original 13 Freedom Riders, his speech at the March on Washington, his march across the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma Alabama on Bloody Sunday March 7, 1966, to his 33 years in Congress Congressman Lewis spent his life's work for diversity, inclusion, and equality for all. Congressman Lewis is a recipient of Profile in Courage Award by the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation and the Presidential Medal of Freedom along with countless other accolades. Even as John Lewis was dying he continued to put others ahead of himself. Prior to his passing Congressman John Lewis had the forethought to have his letter published in the NY Times on the day of his funeral where he addressed the younger generations, “Now it is your turn to let freedom ring.” In his letter to the NY Times on seeing Black Lives Matter Plaza Congressman Lewis wrote "I just had to see and feel it for myself that, after many years of silent witness, the truth is still marching on." https://www.nytimes.com/2020/07/30/opinion/john-lewis-civil-rights-america.html This is the time that we recognize this true American hero and not five, ten, or fifty years from now. Let us be more like Congressman John Lewis and be on the right side of this history.
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    Created by Jon Beard
    The Axios Interview, by Jonathan Swan, definitively underlined the devastating truth of US President's mental deterioration."Trump presents as a man in decline, unable to absorb basic facts about the deadly pandemic ravaging the nation, being spoon-fed information in simplistic kindergarten-level charts." (Daily Edge) President Trump's attack on the USPS, and its ability to ensure due democratic processes through the safe delivery of ballots, is unconstitutional and an attack on Civil Rights. Trump's action is a direct attempt to dismantle the foundation of American democracy, and therefore, in itself, enough reason to force the resignation of Trump before democracy is completely lost. Further, the unleashing of extreme militarized violence against U.S. citizens is a terrifying authoritarian act disregarding First Amendment Rights of all citizens to protest.
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    Created by Mary O'Connor
  • Board of Governors of the United States Postal Service: Remove Louis DeJoy
    I am a tax paying American Citizen. Louis DeJoy is taking actions that are disrupting the mission of the United States Postal Service, which is to deliver US mail to the citizens of the US in a timely fashion. DeJoy has no experience or expertise that pertains to the USPS. In the last 3 weeks mail delivery has begun to take longer than it had prior to Mr. DeJoy being appointed to the position of US Postmaster General. Mail that would normally take 2-3 days to receive is now taking 4-6 days. This is in direct correlation to actions taken by Mr. DeJoy that deprioritize the timely delivery of our mail. With a federal election less than 3 months away in the midst of a global pandemic it is imperative that the timely delivery of United States mail be made a priority. Mr. DeJoy is a barrier to this necessity.
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    Created by Patrick Chaffeur