• Get Mr. Bryan back his job!
    Not only is Mr. Bryan an amazing person just in general. He is one of the very few teachers today who still absolutely give their all to his children in his class, and every other child in that school as a matter of fact, Bryan is there to feed their minds and teach them, there is not one child in that school that doesn’t absolutely adore Bryan , because of his work ethics his ethics as a human being and his teacher ethics bring back Bryan immediately!!
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    Created by Cassandra Doolittle
  • Repeal the Comstock Act!
    The Comstock Act—if enforced—is a law that prohibits the mailing of contraceptives through the mail. If the GOP wins the presidency this November, Donald Trump could enforce this law, which is still on the books though it's long been unenforced—and therefore restrict access to medication abortion, as well as other contraceptives. That's right: It's a backdoor to an abortion ban—as well as an attack on birth control, which the right wing has its targets set on—and the Supreme Court is handing Donald Trump the key. Repeal the Comstock Act NOW! Stop anti-abortion extremists' efforts to push a nationwide medication abortion ban and to limit access to birth control and other reproductive health care.
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  • Don’t Ban TikTok!
    TikTok is a place where millions of Americans have gone to find community, education, to grow their small businesses, and to organize on issues that affect our communities. It should not be banned. Members of Congress are claiming that banning TikTok is an issue of national security and data privacy, meanwhile little has been done to pass a comprehensive data law that protects us from all social media companies. In 2018, it was revealed that a data analytics firm that worked with Donald Trump’s election team harvested 50 million Facebook profiles of American voters. This was one of Facebook’s biggest data breaches ever, and the data was used to build a software program that influenced the 2016 election by targeting them with political advertisements. TikTok shouldn’t get singled out when privacy, data tracking, and data harvesting is an issue with ALL social media platforms. After members of Congress in the House of Representatives voted to pass a law to ban TikTok, it was revealed that some of those who voted for the TikTok ban may own $29 million to $126 million worth of stock in TikTok’s competitors like Amazon, Google, Meta, Microsoft, and Snapchat. This means that many of the same politicians who voted for a TikTok ban would financially benefit from a TikTok ban. It’s unacceptable. A TikTok ban would also harm small businesses. Over 5 million small businesses have TikTok accounts and TikTok generated $14.7 BILLION in revenue just last year which created over 224,000 U.S. jobs.Banning TikTok could be financially devastating for millions of people across the country. The truth is, data privacy is a huge issue. Companies track our data, our conversations, the things we view on social media platforms and use it to target us, and then sell our information to third parties all the time. But this isn’t just a TikTok issue. It’s a Big Tech issue. And just banning TikTok won’t fix it. Only passing strong national privacy legislation will truly protect us and our data. And together, we can demand it. In the meantime, we must come together to ensure that members of Congress don’t avoid the real issues at hand and that they don’t violate our free speech by banning TikTok. Will you take action now and sign the petition?
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  • End Child Labor Nationwide
    At the state level, Republicans have been eroding child labor laws across the United States within the last year—which has mainly looked like shifting guidelines on work hour restrictions for 16- and 17-year-olds. In the past fiscal year, the U.S. Department of Labor Wage and Hour division reported 835 cases of child labor violations affecting 3,876 minors, and 688 minors employed in violation of hazardous occupation, a 283% increase from nearly 10 years ago in 2015.

 The Department of Labor has called for employers to follow national labor law, but the department’s wage and employment division remains understaffed to take up cases to hold employers accountable, with the list only growing from shifting guidelines.
Many Republican-led state legislatures copy and paste their state-led strategy. If it happens in one state, it has the potential to be adopted by another—to the detriment of working people everywhere. In 2024, news of Republican dedication to tearing down and taking away any benefit working people have is commonplace. There's a reason for this: It's yet another part of Republicans' larger desolate vision for the future of America. Another push from the same MAGA Republicans who routinely try to rob senior citizens of Social Security, restrict access to domestic and social programs, and block Medicaid expansion This is part of a long-term plan to make labor cheaper while empowering corporations and CEOs to undermine workers' rights simultaneously.
The impact of these laws is just going to negatively impact children, particularly children of migrants who are often forced into the workforce early because of circumstances out of their control. The push to roll back these standards is just beginning, and we need to stop it in its tracks now. Image Credit: More Perfect Union
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  • Backpacks in class
    Having backpacks in class is a way to make everything more organized and it’s faster to go to classes
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    Created by Avery Hotze
  • Issue subpoenas for Leonard Leo and Harlan Crow!
    Democrats on the Senate Judiciary committee voted to subpoena Leonard Leo and Harlan Crow as part of an ongoing ethics probe into Supreme Court Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito … but then never issued the subpoenas. It’s been over two months. What’s the hold up? Around the initial vote, Republicans like Lindsey Graham and Josh Hawley promised messy, vendetta-filled retaliation if Democrats voted to subpoena their conservative allies. Leo is the chief architect of the right-wing Supreme Court and Harlan Crow is a billionaire GOP mega-donor and close friend of Clarence Thomas. Democrats must continue their SCOTUS ethics probe and issue the subpoenas for Leo and Crow. Leo and Crow’s shady involvement with SCOTUS and certain conservative justices has been heavily reported on, and must be officially investigated. A recent ProPublica expose revealed just how central Leo is to the right-wing’s domination of United States courts. From his post atop the conservative legal think tank The Federalist Society, Leo guided Supreme Court appointments under Bush Jr. and Trump, organized luxury trips for Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito, oversaw well over $1.6 billion in funding for right-wing dark money groups, and much more. Then there’s Crow. Over more than two decades, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas reportedly accepted luxury trips virtually every year from GOP mega-donor, and billionaire Dallas businessman, Harlan Crow without disclosing them. Between the two of them, Leo’s injection of huge sums into our legal system has led directly to our current right-wing court that’s gutted our reproductive rights, decimated environmental protections, and more. And Crow’s involvement with Thomas raises extreme ethical concerns. Senate Democrats must continue their investigation into Supreme Court corruption and hold Leo and Crow accountable. Sign the petition to Senate Democrats: Issue the subpoenas for Leonard Leo and Harlan Crow. Investigate the extent of corruption on the Supreme Court!
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    Created by Demand Progress
  • Dismiss charges against Sgt. Jason Spencer
    Good samaritans should not be punished.
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    Created by Maryam Khan
  • Fight to take back our reproductive freedom!
    On top of protecting the reproductive freedoms of every person in Alabama, there's a moral duty to ensure that reproductive access continues across the United States, and this decision will not stay in a bubble. Over and over, we have seen conservative state legislatures copycat one another’s reproductive health care policies. The outcome from this case will affect fertility treatments and reproductive health care across the country. Your personal beliefs are your own, but using your own individual ideological beliefs to limit the medical care and bodily autonomy for all is unacceptable. This decision is based in an ideological and unscientific definition of personhood, and it will have long-term impacts if we do not fight back and reverse it soon.
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  • Justice for Nex! We demand an investigation NOW!
    Nex had been bullied for months after Gov. Stitt made it mandatory by law for Oklahoma public school students to use only bathrooms that match their sex assigned at birth. Stitt's administration recently appointed Chaya Raichik—a right-wing activist known for targeting LGBTQ+ teachers—to the Library Media Advisory Committee of the state Department of Education, even after she targeted Nex's school district last year after a teacher voiced their support for the LGBTQ+ community. We cannot allow these disgusting and violent policies and rhetoric to continue anywhere in the United States. Elected officials hold so much power with their words, actions and legislation. Every year that conservatives are allowed to throw temper tantrums about the advancement of civil rights, the quality of life for LGBTQ+ people, particularly trans and nonbinary people, deteriorates. We must hold elected officials and Republicans accountable for their transphobic, homophobic, and violent rhetoric. School officials completely and totally failed Nex. And the blame lies not just with them but also with Gov. Stitt and his cruel administration. LGBTQ+ and gender-diverse students deserve to learn without fear of bullying, harassment, or violence. They deserve to love and be loved for who they are. And they deserve to live long, full lives. Nex was robbed of their future, and their family, friends, and community will spend the rest of their lives grieving what was taken. In Nex's memory, we have to fight to make sure that the bullying, violence, and hate that killed Nex, as well as the negligence that followed, do not happen to any other LGBTQ+ or gender-diverse child in Oklahoma or anywhere in the United States. Will you take action now and sign the petition? #JusticeForNex
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  • Mars and Nestlé: Stop using child slave labor in your chocolate NOW!
    Children are often abducted from their homes and later sold to cocoa farmers, potentially never to see their families and loved ones ever again. Most of the children are 12-16 years old, but reporters have found children as young as 5 years old, many of whom are forced to work up to 14 hours a day. And when children attempt to escape, they are beaten and tortured. It’s unacceptable. Children forced to work on cocoa farms often use machetes to cut cacao bean pods down from trees and then pack them into 100-pound sacks and when they’re full, they have to carry them. Aly Diabate, a former enslaved cocoa worker said, “Some of the bags were taller than me. It took two people to put the bag on my head. And when you didn’t hurry, you were beaten.” The chocolate industry has a revenue of over 254 BILLION dollars per year, yet, even though it is estimated to only cost the industry a little over 5 million dollars a year to trace cocoa beans to track where their cocoa is coming from, there has been little interest in the technology from any chocolate company. It’s shocking, but not surprising. Greedy corporations in the chocolate industry like Nestlé and Mars have enough money to pay workers a living wage AND ensure that they DO NOT use child slave labor. But instead, they are prioritizing their corporate profits. No more. Major chocolate companies have claimed to be concerned and to make efforts to end child slave labor, but they are a multi-billion dollar industry, but it’s been over two decades since they were exposed, and there is still child slavery in their supply chains. It’s wrong. Together, we can keep getting loud and pressuring chocolate industry companies like Nestle until they end child slave labor once and for all. Will you take action now and sign this urgent petition? Image credit: Duchesse layenah
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  • Take A Stand on Sexual Assault in California
    We need to take a stand and help those who have been assaulted. They matter and we need to help make a safer community. So many do not speak up because its painful and justice does not prevail.
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    Created by Stephanie Lawrence
  • Pass the We the People Amendment and end corporate rule!
    On January 21, 2010, SCOTUS in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission expanded the constitutional doctrine that corporations are persons, widening their constitutional right to buy elections and run our government. Since that ruling, 14 states that previously banned corporate contributions had their laws overturned by the courts. And subsequent rulings, following the precedent of Citizens United, paved the way for the creation of Super PACs and unlimited corporate spending in politics, flooding our elections with dark money. Enough! Our democracy should reflect the will of the people, not greedy corporate entities. We can reverse Citizens United, end “corporate personhood,” and take our democracy back by introducing a new amendment to the U.S. Constitution: the We the People Amendment. “We, the People of the United States of America, reject the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling in Citizens United and other related cases and move to amend our Constitution to firmly establish that money is not speech and that human beings, not corporations, are persons entitled to constitutional rights.” The majority of Americans, when asked if they believe corporations should have the same rights as people, believe the Constitution should be amended to state that corporations do not have constitutional rights. Add your name to demand that Congress pass the We the People Amendment NOW!
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