• Allow voting at 120 federal agencies in Indiana
    It takes a strong large community to request change. We believe people in Indiana are not aware of this voter suppression tactic which comes from fear. Why should we not be allowed to vote in every location, even federal buildings in Indiana? It can be done in a fair and legal manner which has been seen in so many states nationwide. Indiana has poor voter turnout and deserves to have better access and advantage as all states. 
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    Created by Teresa Foster
  • JD Vance Must Release Ten Years of His Tax Returns
    Transparency is the foundation of any functioning Democracy, but we still know very little about JD Vance, Donald Trump’s new running mate. JD Vance claims to be a “rags-to-riches” story, growing up poor with Hillbillies in Appalachia. Yet he has refused to release any real details about the source of his wealth in his relatively short career. No one knows where JD Vance's money came from. He grew up in the suburbs of Dayton, Ohio, and graduated with a bachelor's degree in political science in 2009. He then received a law degree in 2013, but just three years later, in 2016, Vance published a book claiming to be a venture capitalist after only having a few months of relative experience and no education in the field. The media has only recently started to expose the major holes in JD Vance's resume. For example, they have discovered that JD Vance was a lawyer for a lobbying firm hired by Purdue Pharma in the months prior to the release of his book, blaming a hillbilly ”culture in crisis” for the opioid crisis. Vance never disclosed his connections to the makers of Oxycontin. Later, he started a fake opioid nonprofit that hired a spokesperson for the opioid industry. At the same time, media reports have also exposed Vance's connections to Peter Thiel, an Artificial Intelligence Billionaire who appears to be responsible for every major development in JD Vance's career. Not only did this billionaire support JD Vance while he wrote his book, but he also gave JD Vance his first “venture capitalist” job and donated a historic $15 million to get JD elected to the Senate in 2022. The fact is, JD Vance’s story seems to be a lie–or at least greatly exaggerated. JD Vance must now release the last ten years of his tax returns so American voters know the real source of his income. Of course, Donald Trump never released his tax returns because they are “under audit.” But every other candidate has. Mike Pence did when he was named Trump’s VP in 2016, with the “full support of Mr. Trump.” In fact, President Joe Biden released his tax returns while he was VP and then three years after when he became a candidate.  Kamala Harris released 10 years of their tax returns back in 2019. We need to see J.D. Vance’s tax returns. 
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    Created by Matthew Hildreth Picture
  • Empower Youth: Lower the Age to Run for President!
    Empowering the Future - A Call to Lower the Age to Run for President Dear Fellow Citizens, Our nation stands at a crossroads, facing unprecedented challenges and opportunities. In this moment, we must harness the full potential of every citizen, regardless of age. I am writing to you today to advocate for a cause that is not just about me, but about empowering an entire generation of young Americans who are ready to lead, innovate, and create a brighter future for us all. It is time to lower the age requirement to run for president and give young voices the platform they deserve. Why It Matters 1. Fresh Perspectives and Innovative Solutions The younger generation brings fresh ideas and a keen understanding of modern challenges such as climate change, technological advancement, and social justice. Our nation needs leaders who can think outside the box, who are not bound by outdated paradigms but are eager to explore new solutions. By lowering the age requirement, we open the door to innovative policies that address today’s most pressing issues with the urgency and creativity they demand. 2. Representation for All Generations Youth make up a significant portion of our population, yet their voices are often underrepresented in the highest levels of government. This imbalance means that the concerns and aspirations of young people are not fully reflected in national policies. By allowing younger candidates to run for president, we ensure that our leadership is truly representative of all generations, leading to a more inclusive and balanced approach to governance. 3. Energy and Determination Young leaders are driven by passion and determination to make a difference. They are not yet jaded by the status quo and are often more willing to challenge existing systems to create meaningful change. This energy is essential for tackling long-standing issues that previous generations have struggled to resolve. It is time to infuse our political system with the vigor and ambition of youth. Why You Should Support This Movement 1. A New Era of Leadership Supporting the movement to lower the age requirement for presidential candidates is about more than just changing a number. It is about ushering in a new era of leadership that is responsive, dynamic, and attuned to the needs of a rapidly changing world. It is about believing in the potential of our youth to rise to the occasion and lead with integrity and vision. 2. Bridging Generational Divides Lowering the age requirement fosters greater understanding and collaboration between generations. It encourages mentorship and the sharing of wisdom between older and younger leaders, creating a more cohesive and united society. By bridging these divides, we can work together more effectively to build a prosperous future for all. 3. Fixing What Past Generations Couldn't There are persistent issues that have been passed down from generation to generation, unresolved and festering. It is time to give the younger generation the chance to tackle these problems with fresh eyes and new approaches. By supporting this movement, you are empowering young leaders to address and fix the challenges that past generations have struggled to overcome. Why Choose Me I stand before you as a representative of this movement, ready to champion the cause of youth empowerment and lead with dedication and purpose. My commitment to this cause is unwavering, and I am prepared to work tirelessly to ensure that our voices are heard. Here is why you should choose me to spearhead this movement: 1. Passionate Advocate for Change I have always been driven by a deep passion for making a positive impact in our society. My experiences have equipped me with the knowledge and determination to advocate effectively for this cause. I am committed to fighting for the rights and representation of young people in the political arena. 2. Proven Leadership Throughout my life, I have demonstrated leadership in various capacities, whether it be in community organizations, educational institutions, or advocacy groups. I have a track record of bringing people together, building consensus, and driving meaningful change. I am ready to bring this experience to the national stage. 3. Vision for the Future I envision a future where age is not a barrier to leadership, where young people are empowered to bring their unique perspectives to the forefront of national policy. I am committed to creating an inclusive and forward-thinking government that truly reflects the diversity and potential of our nation. Join the Movement This is a pivotal moment in our nation’s history. Together, we can create a future where every voice is heard, and every citizen has the opportunity to lead. I ask for your support in this movement to lower the age requirement to run for president. Let us stand together, empower our youth, and fix what past generations couldn't. Thank you for believing in the power of young leadership. Together, we can make history. Sincerely, West Abadie 
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    Created by West A
  • Petition: Demand All Presidential Candidates Take Cognitive, Psychological, and Integrity Tests
    Concerns have been raised about some presidential candidates' cognitive abilities, psychological traits, or integrity, affecting their mental acuity, communication, behaviors, honesty, and other competencies. As Americans, we demand full transparency regarding candidates' cognitive abilities, psychological states, and integrity assessments to make informed decisions in November. We, our congressional representatives and governors must ensure presidential candidates are fit for the Executive Office of the President of the United States. The role is too demanding and consequential for us, our country, and the world to ignore or dismiss any possible deficiencies in any candidate that we may see and hear.
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    Created by Michael Doorley
  • Help Needed for the Disabled
    The commissioner, Nina Waters, could order the plow already at the beginning of our 70 yard road to plow it for the safety of 10 people and one disabled man.  Simple accommodation to solve a very simple problem, but she refuses to help her own constituents. 
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    Created by Ann Marie Damian
  • End corruption on the Supreme Court! Hold Clarence Thomas accountable.
    It seems that there’s no end to how many luxury vacations, shady payments, and lavish gifts Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has received. The Senate Judiciary Committee recently reported that Thomas took an additional 3 trips — including a yacht vacation in Indonesia — funded by billionaire GOP mega-donor Harlan Crow. Over two decades, Clarence Thomas has received over $4 million in gifts, much of which have been undisclosed like these trips with Crow. These GOP billionaire-funded gifts and the many scandals and conflicts of interest on the Court — between Thomas, Alito, and Roberts — cast serious doubt on the impartiality and ethical standards on SCOTUS. But Congress can hold Thomas accountable and finally end corruption on the Supreme Court, by passing the Supreme Court Ethics, Recusal and Transparency Act.. The list of Thomas’ corruption scandals is long and includes mysterious, unexplained business income, a web of conservative dark money benefitting him and his wife, failures to recuse himself from cases where he has clear conflicts of interest, and much more. Here’s how the New York Times put Thomas’ refusal to recuse himself from Trump’s immunity case it: “Justice Clarence Thomas, who participated in the case despite his wife [Ginni] Thomas’s own vigorous efforts to overturn the election.” Justice Alito also recently became enmeshed in a new corruption scandal when it was discovered that a Stop the Steal style flag was flying over his house in 2020. The flag flew as the Court considered whether or not to take on a critical election case in the days after the Capitol riots, just before President Biden was sworn in. The Supreme Court is supposed to be fair and independent, but conservative Justices’ corruption and ethics scandals are piling up. We need Congress to pass this bill to finally create a real, binding code of conduct for our federal courts. Sign the petition: Pass a Supreme Court Ethics Act to end corruption by Clarence Thomas and the other right-wing Justices on SCOTUS. SOURCES: - https://www.propublica.org/article/clarence-thomas-harlan-crow-private-jet-flights-senate-investigation-scotus -  https://x.com/stevenmazie/status/1798738498201202993 - https://www.newyorker.com/news/news-desk/legal-scholars-are-shocked-by-ginni-thomass-stop-the-steal-texts - https://www.nytimes.com/2024/05/16/us/justice-alito-upside-down-flag.html
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    Created by Demand Progress
  • Save the San Juan Hotel
    We must restore and preserve the San Juan Hotel and be a model for the rest of the Valley to preserve our history.
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    Created by SSJH Initiative
  • Speed Kills
    There has been several accidents and deaths at the particular location. One of my childhood friends has been struck at this location. My older sister has been struck by vehicles there. Moreover,  a number of my childhood friends have been killed at that intersection.
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    Created by Brandon Sumler
  • Merriam Flags for freedom: Ask city council to poll the community
    If you believe that a community should have a voice and be heard, and that city council members should make the effort to reach out to their constituents so they can be reflective of their community’s desire then sign this petition. Signing this petition does not declare your wishes for flying the flags or removing the flags. It just sends a message to our elected council members that we expect them to make an effort to adequately reflect what each of their wards desire. This is especially important when a volunteer committee has a split recommendation to council on a sensitive topic. Please also note the  committee was only 6 people and made no effort to reach out to the public either. Sadly one member skipped almost all the meetings and discussions but did show up to vote for removing the flags at the final meeting 
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    Created by NG D
  • Ziegler Must Immediately Resign or Be Removed from the Sarasota School Board by Gov. DeSantis
    Ms. Ziegler's conduct has been a continuous distraction from the business of the Board  — the education of our students, and the Board's stated commitment of "Every student every day."  At the May 7, 2024 School Board meeting she proposed a resolution defying constitutional officer responsibilities by refusing to uphold changes to Title IX. She claims she was protecting "our girls" while openly discriminating against certain students. This makes our students unsafe.  Ms. Ziegler has damaged countless students' lives and is an embarrassment to the Sarasota County School District.  She needs to resign or be removed. Join us in this effort. 
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    Created by Robin Williams
  • STOP the Suffering of Millions to Benefit Insurance Companies
    90% of us will have a parasitic infection or bout at some point in our lives . These infections can cause life threatening health complications.   Please help us, as we have suffered entirely too long. Help us improve the system for you and your loved ones future's. We do this so no one will ever suffer the health problems, isolation, and possible suicide from feeling helpless.
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    Created by Nikki Everett
  • Remove Insurrectionist Ginni Thomas from the Board of the Library of Congress NOW!
    Evidence revealed in 2022 shows that Ginni Thomas texted Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows—as well as legislators in Wisconsin and Arizona—urging them to overturn the election results. And she even attended the Stop the Steal rally on January 6.  The Trust Fund Board of the Library Congress manages over $200 million in donations for the library. We cannot trust an insurrectionist like Ginni Thomas to oversee and manage federal dollars.  Ginni Thomas was a part of a group of far-right activists who pushed Trump to get rid of members of his administration who were thought to be “disloyal” to him and suggested that those members be replaced with people they chose. Months later, Trump nominated Ginni to the Board of the Library of Congress. Justice Clarence Thomas has a clear conflict of interest, and despite that, he has refused to recuse himself from Trump’s Supreme Court cases that would have implications for his wife. The corruption knows no bounds. President Biden has removed many Trump appointees from their posts. The time is NOW to remove Ginni Thomas from the board of the Library of Congress. Will you add your name to the petition?
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