• TJJD: Give Victims a Voice
    A 12 year old girl was raped and pressed charges against her offender in 2017. After the trial was delayed three times over the course of three years, this young woman's offender has still not been brought to justice. It is time that we ensure victims are afforded the rights that they are guaranteed by law. This starts with providing victims with a designated contact in each office across Texas that will ensure that the victims' needs are met. More and more victims feel powerless when their trials are delayed for years at a time. Victims are voiceless when they are not granted time to speak in court and present their Victim Impact Statement. The Texas Juvenile Justice Department is a system that prioritizes the punishment of offenders before granting the victims' guaranteed rights. Please help bring justice to these victims by supporting the revision of the Texas Family Code § 57.003.
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    Created by Brooke Free
  • Dianne Feinstein: Step Down From Senate Judiciary Committee
    Republicans are trying to rewrite the rules and force through an unqualified, extremist candidate for a lifetime position to the Supreme Court. Prominent Democrats spoke our strongly against this move, up until the moment where someone could actually do something. That person is Senator Feinstein, and she did nothing. She made small talk. She asked about Amy Coney Barrett's family. She thanked Lindsey Graham and gave him a hug. If confirmed, Barrett would be in the position to invalidate some of our most hard-fought rights, like abortion access and the Affordable Care Act. Senator Feinstein is supposed to be fighting on our behalf to keep these rights intact, not thanking their opposition for their "fairness" during a patently unfair process. As a constituent, I'm calling on Senator Feinstein to step down from her leadership role on the Senate Judiciary Committee, and make room for someone who's willing to fight the hard fights. I ask that her colleagues on the committee join us in voicing their disapproval of her leadership.
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    Created by Amy Brown
  • Vote 4 Me Pledge Campaign
    Many are excluded from the voting process- whether they're too young, incarcerated or suppressed. Regardless, your vote impacts their future too. Vote4Me is amplifying the voice of those who can't vote because they deserve a say in their lives. Take a pledge to vote for those in your own life who can't vote, and encourage others to do the same! For those who can't vote, we're hear to support and amplify. Challenge those around you who can vote & say, "This is why you should vote 4 me."
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    Created by Laura Montilla
  • A Pledge to Protect Our Election
    We have always relied on overworked and underpaid state and local election officials to successfully oversee the electoral contests that keep our democracy ticking. Thousands of public servants across 50 states, 3,141 counties, and 14 sovereign territories have a long, proud history of doing their job to ensure our voices are heard. This year, they need our support. They need to know that the vast majority of Americans trust them to run smooth and secure elections, and that we all agree on a specific set of fundamental nonpartisan principles. The conspiracy theories about "voter fraud" and a "rigged election" are an insult to the people who keep our elections free and fair. Protect Our Election is working to repair the damage done by building a grassroots movement to support the dedicated election administrators who are working so hard this election season. We need to let these public servants know that we have their back - that Americans still believe in democracy and still trust them to do their jobs the way they always have. They need to know we outnumber the angry mob. Take action today by sending a message of support to your state election officials. Let them know you are doing your part as a citizen, that you appreciate how difficult their job is, and that you reject the idea that this election will be compromised.
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  • BREAKING: Supreme Court lets Trump end 2020 Census early -- tell the Senate to act now
    The Trump administration is trying to end the 2020 Census count as soon as possible -- so that already vulnerable communities lose out on representation in Congress and vital funding for things like schools, fire trucks, and COVID-19 relief. This is just the administration’s latest attempt to intimidate, exclude, and erase immigrant families and young people out of the 2020 Census. And now, the Supreme Court has given Trump and his administration the go-ahead to halt the census count. Remember: rigging the census is part of a years-long effort by far-right political operatives to rig our system and silence millions of Americans. We’ve uncovered documents from the GOP’s top redistricting strategist, Thomas Hofeller, that outline this exact strategy -- and we took this fight to court. And despite this setback, we’re not done fighting. But we need to prepare for the worst: that the Administration might shut down the census immediately. We have one path to stop this -- put maximum pressure on the U.S. Senate to save the Census. We must go all out -- right here and right now -- to protect the 2020 Census from political manipulation. We must make sure senators know that their seats are on the line -- and the American people expect them to put the integrity of our democracy before Trump’s partisan schemes. We don’t have a moment to waste. There is bipartisan legislation right now that would save the U.S. Census -- and passing it just got far, far more urgent. If we can get it to the Senate floor, it has the support to pass. Demand that GOP senators add their support to the bipartisan 2020 Census Deadline Extensions Act (S. 4571) -- which would extend the census count through October 31st -- and insist Majority Leader Mitch McConnell holds a floor vote.
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  • Impeached presidents shall not run for re-election
    A president who has been impeached, whether convicted or not, has been found to have broken a law. Such a president cannot be trusted and has proven to be compromised in one way or another and should not be allowed to be re-elected for any government office, particularly president or vice president of the United States of America
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    Created by Carole Kveen
  • Inclusive American History
    History is fundamental to our understanding of the world around us. Through the study of history, we can discover why the world is as it presently exists: our world in its current state is a direct result of the developments and events of the past. Every action taken in the past, every idea and concept thought of and acted upon, every war and treaty, every great leader and villain has contributed to the collective sum of developments which have molded our world. History is the build-up of actions taken in the past, and as we go about our lives in the present we contribute to that accumulation. Our choices today will directly affect the future, just as the choices of the past directly affect our present. We are, right now, making the history of the future. Thus, history is an immensely important subject to study and understand. It provides the answers to why the world is like it is. An inaccurate understanding of the past, therefore, will present the incorrect answers as to why the world is like it is now. This is incredibly important: having the incorrect answer to why the world exists as it does presently means that the consequences of choices made in the past, or the reality of the development of the past, will be lost and unknown. This means that, as we move forward into the future, we will be unable to truly understand our own place in history and the nature of the changing world around us. Further, incorrect readings of the past can lend support to ideas or beliefs which don’t actually have a historical basis. Such misinformation about the past can provide people inaccurate assumptions about the world around them. It is lamentable, then, that history is so often either lost, deliberately misconstrued, misunderstood or misinterpreted, or entirely fictitious. Much of our understanding of history, and the stories presented to us, do not accurately describe actual events in the past. We therefore often cannot truly understand the nature of the world around us. Much of early recorded history is rife in inaccuracy, legend, and fable. This, of course, is a result of the nature of early human civilization: writing was uncommon and in its early stages of development, history was told through word of mouth and legend, and such a medium for the recording and telling of history easily allows for the true history to be changed, altered, and reinterpreted. Yet history has also been deliberately falsified to provide support or justification for various positions or beliefs. As with any other type of knowledge, history directly influences and shapes our perception of the world, our beliefs, and our ideas. Because of this, the telling of history can be a powerful tool to provide justification for some concepts or ideas, and rewriting history can discredit others. There are many examples of these inaccurate histories, and some of them are quite prolific and influential in the way various societies and civilizations perceived the world. These inaccurate stories of history range from legends and myths about the origins of civilizations and societies, such as the legendary founding of Rome by Romulus and Remus, sons of Mars, which gave the Romans a perception of their civilization as being divinely inspired and thus destined to greatness, to stories about great events in a countries past, such as Paul Revere’s supposed ride to warn the colonists that the British ‘were coming’ which, in reality, never happened but created patriotic fervor amongst American citizens. Further inaccurate histories can be seen across theology, as almost every system of religion claims to be the sole descendents and adherents of the one true god or gods. Not every religion can correctly claim to be the only true faith, and thus the histories that each present must somehow be falsified. As students and scholars of history, we must thus pick out what we discern to be the most reliable sources of history, and be skeptical towards all claims and stories which attempt to tell the past. History is an immensely important subject which contributes very heavily towards our understanding of the present, and as such it is vital that we understand it as correctly and completely as possible. The misconceptions and misinformation about the past which is prolific in modern times lends support to inaccurate understanding of our present world, but hopefully the diligent study of and reporting on accurate and correct accounts of the past will help us finally understand the true nature of our here and now. Cody Knipfer.
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  • Justice for Rape Victims in Bangladesh
    Rape in Bangladesh is a chronic, horrific crime that is not addressed on a consistent, compassionate, legal basis in our country. Too often, the victim is blamed for the offender's crime. We demand that our government establish the Office of Violence Against Women within our Department of Justice so that this dreadful violence may stay in the forefront of our courts, police and offenders. #Rape #Bangladesh #JustuceForRapeVictims #ViolenceAgainstWomen
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    Created by Sumiya Sumiya
    As families return to work as the state moves through the four phases, childcare is ESSENTIAL to ensuring the workforce is able to restart. Families with young children NEED our support! Lack of access to child care impacts first responders and front line workers - they NEED our services more than ever! Child care NEEDS an IMMEDIATE influx of equitable grant monies, distributed on a PER CHILD basis - based on licensed capacity - not an arbitrary tiered system that does not take our real expenses into consideration. Issues that appeared to be temporary, e.g. front line teachers and directors becoming ill and sites shutting down, at the onset of this public health emergency, are now causing permanent damage to the early education system. The cost of purchasing personal protection equipment (PPE) and reducing group sizes has further impacted how many children can access services. Without adequate capacity, children will not have access to care and parents will be unable to go to work. Immediate state intervention is needed to stop the COVID-19 pandemic from pushing the child care industry to economic collapse.
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    Jaiden Locarnini Barajas 13 years old of Reno Nv was killed on September 25 while waiting for the school bus in Fallon Nv. He was ran over by a drunk driver who turned out to be a retired police officer. Trying to flee the scene the man had to be guided off the road by a witness. Jaiden and his two sisters were standing in the yard waiting for the school bus when this man made a u turn and plowed through a yard running 13 year old Jaiden over who pushed his sister out of the way, saving her life. This man was able to go home that night to his family. Why is this ok? Why wasn't something done about this? That is why we want this law. Something needs to happen.
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    Created by Athena Poole
  • Plan for Maui to have a safer reopening
    As Maui County residents, it has become clear to us that the Governor has not done a sufficient job to mitigate and plan for COVID-19. We appreciate that our Mayor and County Council have been concerned and making efforts to protect Maui and keep us safe. We feel the current plan to welcome back tourists is very dangerous to our residents, as the state is not prepared to reopen safely. The single test plan will allow too many positive cases to slip through, and we have already seen how a few cases quickly and exponentially grow beyond what can be controlled or managed with our limited medical and public health resources, including contact tracing. We understand that our economy needs to reopen, but if we do not reopen SAFELY, we will find ourselves in the position of having to shut down again just in time to miss out on the winter holiday travel season. Meanwhile, we risk having our caseload grow and overwhelm our ONLY hospital. Why should allowing mainlanders to vacation here without the hassle of a quarantine take precedence over making it safe for our keiki to have in person school, sports, and extracurricular activities. The current state plan will hurt our keiki, our kupuna, and our hospitality workers.
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    Created by Cara Flores
  • Denounce FRMC Nazi Club
    This is important especially as we are witnessing upticks in violent racially charged hate crimes. Most recently a Black family in Warren was targeted due to their race by a white neighbor. It is important that Madison Heights takes a firm, zero tolerance stance on hate and bigotry in our city. To call Madison Heights the "City of Progress" while housing a known Nazi club in 2020 seems contradictory. We can do better and the citizens of Madison Heights deserve to live in a city that does not welcome hate groups and allows them to stay.
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    Created by Elliott Koch