• Censure John Neely Kennedy
    Opposing our representational democracy’s standard norms, in this case, is seditious.
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    Created by Ben Redwine
  • Amazon Web Services - don't allow Parler to aid a possible attack on the USA
    As long as a large national platform like Parler is allowed to spread incendiary rhetoric, attacks on our government and country are likely.
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    Created by Frank Imburgio
  • Demand Ted Cruz resign
    Ted Cruz has disgraced the state of Texas and the republican party. His ousting will benefit not only the state of Texas, the republican party of texas, but the entire US population.
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    Created by sissy smith
  • Hold them ALL accountable for the coup
    Unless this is done, laws become a lie and the democracy is well and truly dead. Unless this is done, you create a schism between power and the powerless that is too deep to heal; our brothers and sisters of color, our women, will never trust, will never stop fighting to create equality, and there will never be peace. Ever. Unless this is done, you confirm the ability of another dictator to take the White House, and you allow the Senators who care only for their own skins to keep perpetuating the violence and lack of morality to continue. And you simply kill our country.
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    Created by Lori Kirstein
  • We demand your immediate resignation!
    Cynthia Lummis, (R) Senator of Wyoming, was sworn to affirm that she would support and defend the constitution. This oath is required by the constitution, to which - Senator Lummis - has broken the laws to which thereof.
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    Created by People of Wyoming
  • Expel Senator Roger Marshall of Kansas from the United States Senate
    As a Kansan, I was disturbed that the United States Senator elected to represent me would take part in an effort to overthrow the election of another state. If my vote is to count, my elected representatives must trust the state and local officials whose job it is to accurately conduct, count, and audit each election. Regardless of the outcome of the election, Senator Marshall's actions set a dangerous precedent for our nation's democracy that anyone's vote may not count so long as enough U.S. Senators object at the point of certification. This is a violation of the United States Constitution and amounts to an attempt to overthrow the Government of the United States. Senator Marshall presented no substantiated evidence to support his actions, and instead used conjecture, conspiracy theories, and lies to support his claims. Without verified evidence of election fraud, Senator Marshall's actions amount to an act of sedition, and for that he should be expelled. The First Amendment gives me the right to petition the United States Government for a redress of grievances, and as his constituent, I petition the United States Senate to hold Senator Roger Marshall of Kansas accountable for his actions.
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    Created by Matt Kleinmann Picture
  • Label Hate Groups as Domestic Terrorists
    Ending white supremacy is THE work of our generation. Its been 15 years since the FBI warned us that the klan and other hate groups had infiltrated police forces across the nation. On JAN 6TH 2021 we saw the consequences of previous administration's failure to act on the FBI's warnings. This horrible failure must be corrected. We must not tolerate intolerance!! Will you stand on the right side of history Mr. President? Label hate groups as terrorists and make it impossible for them to function in the light of day. Hate speech is not free speech it is premeditated violence.
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    Created by Keith Kofoed
  • Impeach Missouri Sen Josh Hawley
    Senator Hawley's actions directly put our nation's democracy at risk. He incited violence by his words and must be removed.
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    Created by David Epstein
  • Immediate expulsion of Josh Hawley, Ted Cruz and all seditious traitors from the US Senate.
    For the reasons stated above Josh Hawley and his colleagues who participated in and encouraged the lies and lunacy of his claims cannot be trusted in good faith to serve their constituents. Due to their failure Josh Hawley et all needs to go.
    1,408 of 2,000 Signatures
    Created by Kerri Driscoll
  • Force Mike Braun to resign
    Indiana has no laws that allow for a recall so Mike Braun must be forced to resign.
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    Created by Mallory Rodenberg
  • Josh Hawley Must Resign
    After the riotous attack on our Nation’s Capitol today we need to squelched all bad actors that incite the Trump base. Hawley’s persistence that the election was fraudulent is an assault on Democracy. His behavior puts all Americans at risk.
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    Created by Cele Gannon
  • Remove Trump immediately, invoke 25th amendment
    Remove Trump to save our country from more terrorism in his remaining days.
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    Created by Bonnie Brusky