• COVID-19 Frontline Healthcare, Emergency Services & Police Hazardous Duty Tax Exclusion
    During the COVID-19 pandemic, COVID-19 Frontliners’ Healthcare, Fire/ Emergency Services & Police have been directly engaged in the defense of our nation during a historical time of arduous and dangerous situations while trying to protect our nations citizens, and infrastructure firm the fall out and possible collapse of the American and global economy. The brave women and men of this great nation who have and are serving in any of the aforementioned positions deserve the gratitude of the US government and its people just as the US Military receives during combat actions in our nations defense. As we see it, there are currently no differences between the current combat actions abroad and now here at home. The only difference currently is the common enemy. America is facing the global enemy of COVID-19 currently on our home soils. Many have lost their lives and lives of family members and friends in the line of duty against the war on “COVID-19!” While the rest of the economy is getting stimulus payments, moratoriums, and bailouts, healthcare workers, firefighters, emergency services and police departments alike have been hard at work, with little to no relief, in hazardous duty zones, risking our lives to save America and its people with little to no expectations from the American people except a simple “thank you!” We believe it’s time for the US government to step up and do the right thing in support of its frontline providers services to this great nation we call UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! United we have stood, and many have fallen and will continue to fall. Please, be kind, be compassionate like we are, and do the right thing. Provide us COVID-19 Frontliners’ Healthcare, Emergency Services & Police, Tax Exclusion Hazardous Duty Service! Thank you and Be safe America!
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    Created by Joel Kirouac RN
  • Expel Marjorie Taylor Greene
    Since she was inaugurated on January 3rd, 2021, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has continued to show that she is unfit for the office with which she is charged. She has repeatedly promoted dangerous conspiracies, refused to wear masks on the house floor, and has a history of violent rhetoric. She harassed young activist, David Hogg, and it has recently been discovered that she made numerous posts on Facebook calling for the execution of Democratic leaders, including the Speaker of the House. She harassed Muslim members of the House and demanded that they swear an oath on the bible in direct violation of Article 6 of the U.S. Constitution, which prohibits religious tests as a requirement to hold federal office. It is increasingly clear the constitution holds little meaning to Rep. Greene. The House of Representatives' power is not guaranteed to anyone, as it is a privilege bestowed by the people. This privilege, sacred in its nature, is maintained by an oath of office, entirely dependent upon the competence and good faith of the person swearing that oath. Representative Greene has no such competence or good faith. Her rampant conspiracism, history of violent rhetoric, and her disregard for other House members' dignity make her unfit for office. Therefore, the signatories of this petition call upon Speaker Pelosi to bring a vote of expulsion to the floor and remove this dangerous woman from her position.
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    Created by Conor Kelly Picture
  • Designate All Federal Agencies as NVRA Agencies
    1) To reduce the work needed for third party organizations to register voters; 2) To greatly increase the number of voters in this country; 3) To expand upon the goals of the National Voter Registration Act; 4) To overcome the hurdles set in place by petty state governments; 5) To allow popular agencies, including USCIS, VA, DOD, DHS, SSA, Interior, etc, to register voters under the laws of their respective states. More: https://www.demos.org/policy-briefs/millions-polls-national-voter-registration-act-expansion https://www.brennancenter.org/sites/default/files/publications/15_Executive_Actions.pdf
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    Created by Harry Underwood
  • Demand a Real Path to D.C. Statehood with 51 Votes in the Senate
    If you march because Black Lives Matter, our calls for racial justice are one: Last summer, the people of D.C. were tear gassed while peacefully protesting for our lives. This January, white supremacists descended not just on the U.S. Capitol but on the neighborhoods we call home. Our community was left vulnerable to the violence of hate and then called to clean up the mess, because we lack the protection of statehood. And, if the District is granted statehood, it would be the first and only state with a plurality of Black residents. D.C. statehood is a racial justice issue. If you advocate for a path through the pandemic, our calls for relief are one: In the first COVID stimulus bill, D.C. received a fraction of the support we needed to take care of our own, because we did not have the status of statehood. This too left the communities around us more vulnerable to the virus. D.C. statehood is a health care issue. If you walked out of school to demand safety, our calls for gun violence prevention are one: Congress has used its outsized authority over D.C. to block and threaten the local government’s ability to pass life-saving measures. D.C. statehood is a gun violence prevention issue. If you know #MyBodyMyChoice should be policy, our calls for reproductive rights are one: D.C. is blocked from spending local dollars on abortion care because without statehood, our elected local leaders don’t control our budget. D.C. statehood is a reproductive health, rights, and justice issue. The movement for D.C. statehood is inextricably linked to the movements for progress you are leading in every corner of this nation, so it will require all of us joining together to demand a real path to D.C. statehood. Add your voice today.
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    Created by 51 for 51 Coalition Picture
  • Accountability & Resignations due to 1/6 Sedition - Ted Cruz, Ken Paxton, & 16 TX Representatives
    On January 6th, 2021, a violent mob of extremists motivated by conspiracies that were sowed by the White House stormed into the Capitol, forcing legislators and their staff to barricade with the protection of armed guards. After hearing an address with yet more incendiary rhetoric from the outgoing president, they forced their way inside the Capitol building, carried a Confederate flag through the rotunda, and threatened lawmakers and our seat of government in Washington DC. Anyone involved in inspiring, encouraging, and abetting these terrorists must be held responsible for their actions. Unfortunately, they have been enabled by a large cross section of extremist politicians, many of whom represent Texans. They have made a mockery of democracy by embracing the fascist rhetoric of a far-right figurehead with a far-right movement behind him. They have suppressed votes while lying about the nature of our election system, sullying our elections while opposing their legally legitimate losses. They have proven themselves entirely unfit for office. They must resign. Additionally, we support the resolution of Representative Cori Bush to expel the seditious members of Congress attempting to undermine the legitimacy of our democratic election results. We support accountability that will expel, censure, disbar, begin ethics investigations into and cease campaign donations to the complicit congressmen, Texas Attorney General, as well as continue the impeachment hearing and conviction of Donald Trump. We believe in the power of democracy and the power of the People to make progress in the United States. Those who have proven that they would prefer to destroy the country rather than hold Trump accountable must surrender their power permanently. Their power is vested in us and they have shown themselves willing to use it abusively.
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  • Resign, Rep. Scott Perry
    Breaking news this evening: Pennsylvania Lawmaker Played Key Role in Trump’s Plot to Oust Acting Attorney General Scott Perry is the lawmaker named. He must resign. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/01/23/us/politics/scott-perry-trump-justice-department-election.html?fbclid=IwAR30Ni0QoXVHJhI78KOWHu-ynpCYX0bbo1Q-JcupWAVRow9-W5wBWhS7-Hs
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    Created by Karen Feridun
  • Expell Congressional Members Who Spread Voter Fraud Information
    We must ensure that ever member of Congress is held responsible when they willingly share false information to the public to compell them to implement a coup. If we do not stand firm now, they will do it again and our democracy will fail. Keep in mind, the refusal of the United States government to initiate swift and harsh punishments for those who engaged in sedition and open rebellion after the Civil War allowed for the failure of Reconstruction, the Compromise of 1877, the creation of the KKK and domestic terror, and ultimately Jim Crow legislation, ie state sanctioned apartheid. Never can we allow this to happen again, else risk plunging the nation into another uncivil war. Under Article I, Section 5, clause 2, of the Constitution, a Member of Congress may be removed from office before the normal expiration of his or her constitutional term by an “expulsion” from the Senate (if a Senator) or from the House of Representatives (if a Representative) upon a formal vote on a resolution agreed to by two-thirds of the Members of that body present and voting.
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    Created by グッチ 都玲
  • Monitoring Environmental Watch & Report Abuse Committee
    With the advancement of patents and and increased desire for both non profit and for profit companies to create changes to the weather for desires in wanting more tourism, more water for both need and recreation such as golfing and water sports including fishing and boating events. To be advanced in our modern technology we need to look at the future of this incredible state not just for now but generations of our families here in the future. Also providing guests who visit a sense of additional health concerns from our great state.
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    Created by Vincent Hartman
  • African American Class Action for Racial Injustice
    African American people deserve better.
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    Created by Dante L
  • School Officials: Investigate Illegal Impersonation
    On November 5, 2020 alert civic watchdogs discovered that a person had been using LAUSD Superintendent Beutner’s name and photo. The impostor retweeted social-networking messages from an organization known as Speak Up supporting school board candidates. As “Austin Beutner,” she retweeted support for two candidates running for school board in the November 3, 2020 election. However, when her fraud was revealed, she claimed it was a prank aimed at a friend, but there is no evidence in her online behavior of an innocent mistake. The impostor volunteers with Speak Up, an organization created to promote California Charter School Association-backed candidates for LAUSD school board. On November 6, Superintendent Beutner released a statement that he had been impersonated and that he had not issued any tweets of support for the two candidates, Marilyn Koziatek or Tanya Ortiz Franklin. LAUSD has not yet indicated that they are investigating the matter. Nor has LAUSD indicated that they have asked the L.A. County Registrar Clerk Recorder to investigate the fake account, how the impersonation violated state law, and if it influenced the school board elections. Impersonating a public official appears to violate state penal code (in law for a decade, since enactment of SB 1411 in 2010) protecting Californians against impersonation on the internet. The Superintendent and the LAUSD Counsel are obligated to investigate and verify if SB 1411 has been violated. A person is deemed impersonated "if another person would reasonably believe, or did reasonably believe, that the defendant was or is the person who was impersonated." Impersonation under the law "shall include opening an email account or an account or profile on a social networking Internet Web site in another person's name." The penalties for this illegal impersonation can include "a fine [of] ...one thousand dollars ($1,000), or... imprisonment in a county jail not exceeding one year." CALL TO ACTION We the undersigned urge the following: -- Superintendent Beutner and the LAUSD Counsel should investigate violations involving false representation, fraud, and breaches of public trust stemming from this illegal act of impersonation -- Superintendent Beutner and the LAUSD Counsel should probe any further communication or coordination of the impostor with other LAUSD officials and school district decision makers to assess further impacts such communication or coordination might have had, or continue to have, on district policy or decisions
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    Created by Cynthia Liu
  • Remove Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Greene
    The leaders who fueled last week's attack enabled acts of domestic terrorism and bolstered white nationalist groups who brought symbols of hate into our Capitol, inflicted violence on others, and threatened the lives of our elected leaders and others. Despite this violence, those who sieged the Capitol were undeniably treated with higher regard than so many Black Lives Matter protesters and people of color in their daily interactions with police. They have continued to put the lives of others and our democracy at risk. Americans have put up with this type of behavior for the last four years. Do we really need this for another two years? Congress must take action towards their behavior and make it clear that this will not be tolerated. Boebert and Greene should be expelled from Congress and charged with a crime.
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    Created by Triana Arnold James
  • Will Sanchez for Senate Exploratory Committee. Beat Rubio!
    “Let us not seek the Rep answer or the Dem answer, but the right answer. Let us not seek to fix the blame for the past. Let us accept our own responsibility for the future”. JFK For over 30 years, I have devoted my life to fighting as a lawyer on behalf of the marginalized! Immigants, LGBT communities, foreclosed homeowners, Haitians, Cubans, Nicaraguans and all communities of color. Our tent in the new Florida will be all-inclusive. We are for Healthcare for All, a Wealth Tax, Student debt relief, and restoration of rights for felons in Florida that have served their time. https://williamsanchezsenatorialexploratorycommittee.com/
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    Created by Progressive Senatorial Candidate (FL) William Sanchez