• Tell Governor Carney to Address Women's Reentry Now!!
    We need to address generational curses and Women's Reentry, Child Mental Health, State and Local Police Conduct, Prosecutorial Conduct and Taxation without Representation for Ex-Offenders. While there has been some improvement, more needs to be done today!! Join setuptofail.org in our quest for Justice and Responsibility.
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    Created by Angela Greenwood
  • Tell Attorney General Merrick Garland: Fire Trump appointees in the DOJ!
    Almost an entire year after leaving office, Donald Trump’s political appointees are still working in the Department of Justice.1 Even worse, there’s never been any investigation into whether Trump broke personnel rules by hiring them. That’s because Attorney General Merrick Garland says he’s not “looking backward.”2 As a nation, we can’t collectively move forward past the Trump administration if his cronies are still burrowed deep inside the Department of Justice. Sign the petition: Tell AG Merrick Garland to investigate and remove Trump appointees in the DOJ! Having Trump appointees installed in career positions at the DOJ is a ticking time bomb for the Biden administration. One of them, Deputy Solicitor General Chris Gannon went against the Biden administration and argued, in front of the Supreme Court, to deny Social Security benefits for residents of Puerto Rico. Another Trump appointee, Alexander Haas, has used his position as Director of the Federal Programs Branch to weaken protections for student-borrowers from predatory for-profit colleges. These cases may seem small but they impact real people, and the longer these Trump appointees remain in the DOJ the more likely they could become involved in high-profile cases like voting rights, immigration, or reproductive rights. President Biden can’t afford to keep Trump aides inside the DOJ. If Attorney General Merrick Garland truly wants to look forward and not backward, he can start by removing Trump’s cronies from his agency. Sign the petition: Tell AG Merrick Garland to investigate and remove Trump appointees in the DOJ! Sources: 1. The American Prospect, “The Trump Officials Still Running Biden’s Justice Department,” December 13, 2021. 2. Washington Post, “Merrick Garland Will Not Deliver Your Catharsis,” July 19, 2021.
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    Created by Demand Progress
  • Pass the Open Courts Act!
    Over a decade ago, Demand Progress’ co-founder Aaron Swartz started working to make federal court documents available to the public at no cost. The public entrusts federal courts with our rights and disputes; in turn, the public has a right to inspect court records and ensure federal courts administer justice fairly. But the current filing system stashes these essential documents behind a paywall, costing the public more than a hundred million dollars each year.[1] In 2008, Aaron paid a small fortune to bring several million federal court documents out from behind the paywall, exposing misdeeds within the federal judiciary in the process. For sharing information and revealing wrongdoing, Aaron was pursued by the FBI.[2] It’s time for court documents to be made public. Sign the petition if you agree. Thanks to Aaron’s and others’ activism, we’ve come a long way from the days when open sourcing federal court documents was regarded by the federal government as radical — even potentially criminal. When the Senate returns from holiday break, legislation to make federal court records available at no cost to the public will be brought before the full Senate for a floor vote. This movement is gaining traction. We need to make sure the legislation passes. Sign the petition: Tell Congress we demand the passage of the Open Courts Act! Information freedom activists and civil rights groups have been calling for transparency around court records for over a decade. But the federal court administrators still refuses to make these records publicly accessible, even after a district court ruled last year that the courts are dramatically overcharging the public for access the paywall as it currently exists is illegal.[3] Court administrators, who have diverted the revenues for unauthorized purposes, fear giving up this revenue stream. Some federal judges do not want to empower systematic studies of how justice is administered, and have fought the public access movement tooth and nail.[4] The courts have built a rickety, poor-designed, costly alternative to the promise of access for all that (barely) serves their narrow needs, not that of the public. Thankfully, many federal court records have entered the public record another way: through grassroots information-sharing. In the process of empowering the public to access its own laws, activists have also exposed rampant privacy violations within the federal judiciary — demonstrating once again that public oversight is essential to protecting democracy.[2] It’s time for Congress to require the courts provide free and open access to federal court records. Sign the petition: Tell Congress to pass the Open the Courts Act to grant the American people access to their own records! Sources: 1. Fix the Court, “How Could We Pay for Free PACER? Let's Look at the Options,” August 29, 2019. 2. CNN, “How Aaron Swartz helped build the Internet,” January 15, 2013. 3. ABA Journal, “Federal judiciary wrongly used PACER fees for unrelated projects, Federal Circuit rules,” August 6, 2020. 4. GovExec, “The Paywall That Continues to Stand in the Way of Government Transparency,” November 30, 2021.
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    Created by Demand Progress
  • Remove and Ban Fox News from all U.S military instillations and Federal buildings
    Removing Fox News and it’s affiliates would greatly improve the mental health, slow the spread of misinformation and disinformation and decrease the radicalization of our armed force members and Federal employees.. The disastrous effect this propaganda has on the morale of our men and women must not be minimized
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    Created by Brian Sheehan
  • Remove Robert Doherty as Chairman of the Sullivan County Legislature
    We, the undersigned, petition the legislators of Sullivan County, NY, to vote to remove Robert Doherty as the Chairman of the Sullivan County Legislature. We believe this action will restore civility to legislative discourse, and further restore the faith of residents in a properly functioning local government, of which they can be proud. Robert Doherty’s reckless governance, willful disregard for both ethical conduct and process, and his continuing blatant abuse of fellow legislators, county staff, and the public, has sapped community trust in the institution and demoralized hundreds of county public servants that work for and protect our community. Specifically, Robert Doherty: - Uses Sullivan County assets for political gain - Regularly makes factually inaccurate and demonstrably false statements in both legislative meetings and other public forums - Regularly misrepresents the sentiments of the legislature - Regularly belittles and harasses women during legislative meetings - Has repeatedly directed personal attacks against fellow legislators and other municipal officials - Burdens Sullivan County with legal expenses due to his potentially illegal activity while serving as chairman During Robert Doherty’s chairmanship: - Sullivan County staff positions are chronically and dangerously unfilled - The Care Center at Sunset Lake, Certified Home Health Agency, and the Department of Community Services are destabilized and threatened - State-mandated transparency rules are flagrantly ignored - The County Attorney is a lawyer who was appointed before he was to be removed as a Judge of the Sullivan County Superior Court by the NY State Commission on Judicial Conduct due to multiple instances of misconduct and abuse of authority - The Sullivan County Legislature has lost the trust of county employees, unions and the public The continuing misconduct of Robert Doherty has caused undue expense and brought shame to the office, the Legislature, and to this County. By our signatures below, we implore this Legislature to vote to remove Robert Doherty as Chairman of the Legislature.
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    Created by We Are One-Sullivan
  • Prosecute Trump and his accomplices
    Every single freedom we have will be taken away, from voting to judicial decisions to the right to protest. The very atrocities we see in other authoritarian countries will become our every day reality. If corruption is left to become normalized and the perpetrators aren't held accountable, common sense shows this will all just get worse.
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    Created by Lisa Anderson
  • The Need For A Woman of Color Speaker is the Only Acceptable Option
    With a female majority in the New York CIty Council, and with Latino Leadership in high positions on a decline, it is crucial that our City centers a Latina leader in our government to ensure equity, diversity, inclusion, and representation are prioritized.
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    Created by The People of New York
  • Rename 21st in Bryan, Texas: Carey Cauley Jr Street
    When asked at the Chamber event honoring Irma Cauley why no action yet on the street renaming, a Bryan Councilmember responded "well, if everybody wants it." City Manager policy requires “100% of property owners, residents and business owners” to sign a written petition affirming their desire to rename their street Carey Cauley Jr Street. There is no ordinance -no law- on Bryan’s books to rename streets. Local community leader, Helen Washington, walked the streets gathering signatures. She's the spearhead who is crossing every "t" and dotting every "i.” Help her. EVERYBODY, please join Helen and everybody who lives on 21st Street to SUPPORT this effort to honor the Cauleys. Please SIGN to tell Bryan Mayor and City Council you SUPPORT renaming 21st Street to honor our local civil rights heroes.
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    Created by Janet Dudding
  • Demand the Media Cover the GOP's Coup Plans!
    1. Democracy must be the main story. Newspapers, television, and radio need to increase the frequency and in-depth reporting on democracy issues. Americans have to understand the strategies planned to manipulate elections – the voter suppression laws, extreme gerrymandering, replacement of honest election officials, and the scenarios for a losing candidate in 2024 to be declared the winner. 2. Stop routine “bothsides-ism" when covering the two major parties – half of the coverage to one and half to the other regardless of merit. Media should cover the facts and refute the lies -- not propagate them or give them equal time and space. When democracy is under attack, journalists should not cover it like politics as usual. 3. Journalists must hold politicians accountable. They must persistently interrogate every politician who is promoting lies. According to a recent CNN poll, “Almost 6 in 10 (59%) of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents said that ‘believing that Donald Trump won the 2020 election’ was very or somewhat important to what being a Republican meant to them.” Almost all Republican officeholders and candidates have repeated lies about that election and January 6. The media are responsible for reporting the truth and countering the lies. 4. The press should not allow Koch organizations to receive free promotion of their op eds or commentaries. The Center of the American Experiment, the American Enterprise Institute, the Federalist Society, the Heritage Foundation, the American Legislative Exchange Council, and many others are part of a coordinated group funded by the Koch donor network. Their anti-voter, anti-democracy agenda is well documented in Nancy MacLean’s book, Democracy in Chains, and should be exposed by the media. Indivisible MN03 has endorsed this petition. We are asking you to also sign and demand the media cover the struggle to save democracy!
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    Created by Dave Olson
  • Demand that GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert Resign - Rolling Stone Article
    The Rolling Stone article points out that Lauren Boebert and/or her staff were involved in the planning conversations, according to key witnesses, of the January 6th insurrection and attack on the U.S. Capitol. The reason it is important for individuals who believe in Democracy to sign our petition to demand that GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert is that by sending a message that the citizens of our country will not stand by and let far right extremists like Lauren Boebert destroy our nation and precious Democracy.
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    Created by Colin Wilhelm Picture
  • Congress: Mold and Water-Damaged Buildings Are Affecting Our Public Health
    It's estimated that 47% of ALL U.S. homes have visible dampness and mold. People spend 90% of their time indoors, yet a lack of emphasis is put on indoor air quality and how that affects our health every day. The recent peer-reviewed medical journal “A Comprehensive Review of Mold Research Literature From 2011 – 2018” published in Internal Medicine Review concluded that 112 of 114 (98.2%) of epidemiological articles published between 2011 and 2018 supported the proposition that inhaled mold, mold fragments, toxins and various pathogenic inflammagen, or other components of the air in water-damaged buildings (WDB), cause single and multi-system illness in humans. Symptoms include chronic and daily manifestations of fatigue, pain, nonrestorative sleep, cognitive deficits, neuropathic pains, gastrointestinal issues, musculoskeletal compromise, post-exertional malaise, dermatological, ophthalmic, endocrine, and other chronic multisystem symptoms for those suffering. These studies included 273,000 subjects from over 30 countries and 5 continents! The time for adequate funding for research and awareness on this overlooked public health issue is long overdue.
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    Created by Brandon Chappo
  • Correct the marginalization of Derwood
    Throughout the recent electoral redistricting process undertaken by the Montgomery County Redistricting Committee, the Derwood community repeatedly told the Redistricting Commission that it was vitally important that our community not be split across multiple districts. When the initial three maps were released on October 13th, we were pleased to note that two of the three maps kept Derwood intact and placed us in districts which shared many common issues with our community. This is important because it helps ensure equal representation of all communities within a district. We were optimistic that our concerns were being addressed and going forward our community would be fairly represented by its Councilmember. This optimism crashed to earth on October 20th when the Redistricting Commission approved a map which splits Derwood. A portion of Derwood, west of Shady Grove Road and north of Muncaster/Muncaster Mill, has been included in the Upcounty/Midcounty district. A district which shares a lot of commonalities with the Derwood community. The remainder of our community, however, has been appended to a district which includes Aspen Hill and Glenmont and extends to Wheaton and Forest Glen! One only needs to look at Google maps to see that this portion of Derwood is separated from the rest of the proposed Wheaton district by Rock Creek Regional Park, Lake Bernard Frank, and Lake Needwood and shares a lot of commonalities with the proposed Upcounty/Midcounty district while sharing little to none with the proposed Wheaton district. We have no idea whatsoever why this portion of Derwood has been included in the proposed Wheaton district except to increase the population of this proposed district which even with the inclusion of this portion of Derwood is undersized. If this proposed map is implemented, Derwood would reside in the forgotten periphery of this district. The Councilmember representing this proposed district will be more concerned with the majority, its interests will drive the agenda of the Councilmember, and Derwood will be marginalized. During the Redistricting Commission’s October 20th meeting Commissioner Stein, author of this map, stated that "We should not be drawing maps to advantage one part of the county and disadvantage another part of the county", however, Commissioner Stein has done just that to Derwood. This portion of Derwood is truly in another part of the county when compared to the remainder of the proposed Wheaton district. We should never seek to enfranchise one part of the county while disenfranchising another. For reference, the web site of the Redistricting Committee is here: https://www.montgomerycountymd.gov/COUNCIL/BCC/redistricting/index.html
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    Created by Jeffrey Reznick