• Freeform should have 31 nights of Disney
    Freeform has a wide variety of Audience. They show 31 days of Halloween movies, and they have Christmas specials. I am petitioning for this network to add a 31 days of Disney movies. The up and coming generation DESERVES to experience the classics that is Disney. Children are so impressionable and they see such violence and gore on TV that we owe it to them and ourselves to provide a safe time and space for children to spend time and watch TV with there family’s without being subjected to unchildly things. Disney movies not only provide that safe space but they are also a huge part of a child’s development. Disney inspires, animate, and molds the lives of millions, so who are we to deny our children this experience. Simply adding Disney to Freeform will not only make views skyrocket, but bring family’s together in a safe setting and during trying times like these, it might be exactly what we need to bring our community back together!
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    Created by Cadience Dixon
  • Recycle movement
    So that the residents of our community can recycle responsibly. Allowing us not to fill our trash cans as fast. As we are not allowed to put anything outside of the trash can. Example boxes, anything recyclable.
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    Created by Bradley Sloma Picture
    As the years keep going students years at IVAS is only getting worse. Students deserve more than what we are receiving. For example, If you look at A-plus you will see the drastic changes they have made to that building. IVAS has been standing since the early 2000s yet A-plus secondary gets a new building. What about IVAS? Our classroom is so small sometimes students don't have enough desks to sit in a classroom. Our books are all torn up or they haven't been updated. Let's not forget the restrooms, girls athletics, and boys athletics is a hassle everyone is bunched up together trying to change. Students can't even pass through the hallways without getting pushed. Our funds are so low drill team and cheer team doesn't even have a closet to sort their things in. When it rains our whole B building is filled with leaks. Especially in the gym which is very dangerous. Let’s not forget the band room, it has leaks in every corner, or how in one classroom there was mold, or how a piece of the ceiling fell onto a students shoulder. Our teachers are also a very important topic to talk about. Teachers do their best to try to make the students feel so important, but when something is wrong with teachers, students reflect on what the teachers are feeling. When the administration is not giving teachers fair treatment our teachers are tired but still stay for us students. Teachers have been quitting so many times and also during the year, meaning administration will put in a sub who knows nothing about the subject making students not learn a thing. Students have yet to find a stable teacher who will stay all throughout till graduation. This reflects on students' education. We are not learning a thing if teachers are quitting and getting mistreated. Let's talk about the Covid-19 situation. During this situation is a hard time for not only for students but for teachers as well. Teachers don't have PPE which is something that should be provided to teachers and classrooms in the middle of a pandemic. Teachers don't even get lunch break because it has been taken away from them. These things reflect on us, students. Teachers are willing to go above and beyond for us but at a certain point, they get tired of this treatment and have to start thinking about themselves. This is our time to stand together. We have to use our voices to get a better environment for our education, we need to use our voice for better education, we need to use our voice so that finally they can see the mistreatment that is going on at IVAS, we need to use our voices so they can finally acknowledge IVAS and not just A-plus. We need staff who will take the time to try and figure out how to make IVAS a better school. It's sad that staff from A-plus come to IVAS and them, themselves complain and see how bad IVSS is compared to A-plus. When is our time to shine? When are we going to get teachers that stay, when are we going to get new restrooms, when are we going to get new books, or how about some more space in our school. When is it our time to finally better our education? When will they acknowledge us? The administration doesn't even know our names, they just see us as money bags. This is our time students! WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER, WE WILL GET EVERYTHING WE NEED TOGETHER! PLEASE USE YOUR VOICE AND HELP US SIGN THIS PETITION.
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    Created by Anonymous Anonymous
  • Rewrite the American Constitution
    Slaves were not freed until 1863. Women were not allowed to vote until 1920. Black people were not allowed to vote until 1965. Gay marriage was not legalized until 2015. Our constitution was written ONLY by white men in the 1700s. We are not including the thoughts and perspectives of any woman, any person of color, any of our LGBTQ communities. We cannot expect change and we cannot expect equal justice for all when we are living under the supreme laws of a document crafted in the 1700s. As women, we deserve a say As people of color, we deserve a say As people of different sexualities or nonconforming genders, we deserve a say. As people with differentiating cultures in our country, we deserve a say. Sometimes we need to deroot and replant to grow a vital and luscious garden. America, land of the free, home of the BRAVE. WE, the people, must put meaning to those words. It only takes 100,000 signatures in 30 days or less to send a petition to the white house. Please, let’s come together and fix this before it’s too late. Please, set aside our differences and let’s fix this, before it’s too late. Estados Unidos necesita tu ayuda. Por favor. Nosotras necesitamos vivir mejor. No más odio. No más tristeza. Más valentía, más libertad, más vida!! ahora! Vámonos! Salud y gracias.
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    Created by Isabelle Grace Picture
  • Saving the Sea Turtles
    This is important because the Sea Turtle species is quickly becoming extinct. Six out of the seven species are dying out because of human impacts. It is estimated that more than 100 million marine animals die each year as a result of getting tangled in plastic.
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    Created by Hailey Ririe
  • Sunset Park Dog Run
    Many of these dog owners take advantage of the designated areas in Sunset Park during off-leash hours. Off-leash areas offer the opportunity for dogs to exercise and interact with other dogs. This produces well­-behaved, non­-aggressive dogs that add a positive aspect to the community. Many owners are not able to go to the park areas for a variety of reasons. Some work during off-leash hours, some are concerned with going to the park when it is dark, and some are unable to walk far from home. The community needs a fenced-in area for unleashed dogs that is able to stay open during the day. Together, we hope to raise the funding and awareness necessary to build the dog run and maintain upkeep.
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    Created by Jacinda Quinones
  • Ban Single-Use Plastic Bags in The State of Florida
    As a peninsular state surrounded by water, and filled with miles of Everglades wetlands, we, of all states, should be making the greatest effort to reduce our waste. Florida’s coasts, wetlands, springs and marine life support tourism and have helped the state amass great wealth year-round. We need to protect the greatest natural treasures of this state. Ban single-use plastic bags for good. Let’s be the 9th state to do so, alongside California, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Maine, New York, Oregon and Vermont.
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    Created by J C
  • Joint Chiefs Promise to Enforce Election
    The continuation of American democracy.
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    Created by Stanley Holditch
  • Keep Gray Wolves from Slaughter!
    We've seen the tragic results when wolf management is turned over to states. States beholden to special interests are eager to let wolves be hunted, trapped and poisoned with the same kind of violence that nearly drove them extinct more than a century ago. In the one-third of Washington where wolves lost federal protections back in 2011, the state has wiped out entire packs. Idaho has for years expanded its hunting season for wolves and Wyoming even allows people to chase wolves to exhaustion with snowmobiles, then run them over. Wisconsin has laws requiring trophy hunts of wolves just as soon as wolves are stripped of federal protections. These are just a few examples of what could happen nationwide to wolves if federal protections are stripped and management is turned over to states. America needs wolves. They are a vital keystone species and their loss can have devastating effects on ecosystems and other species. Removing Endangered Species Act protection is the opposite of what's needed: stronger protections and science-based wolf management plans. We demand you immediately stop plans to strip Endangered Species Action protection from nearly every gray wolf in the lower 48.
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    Created by Miranda D.
  • The University of Michigan: Decolonizing Pedagogies Initiative
    DPI must be instilled within DEI project plans to offer a sustainable approach to retaining diverse ANISHINAABEK, Native American, First Nations, Black Native, Pacific Island, Mesoamerican, South American, Caribbean Indigenous and global Indigenous students and their epistemologies. DPI at The University will give way to mass decolonization of academia throughout Turtle Island. Decolonization must BEGIN with Michigan! THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN MUST BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR THE TREATY OF FORT MEIGS ON BEHALF OF DIVERSE ANISHINAABEK AND GLOBAL INDIGENOUS ONTOLOGIES IN HIGHER EDUCATION. Times up Michigan, your Treaty obligation is overdue. We DEMAND decolonial pedagogy.
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    Created by Samara Jackson Tobey
  • We need a climate change segment for all the presidential debates
    The climate crisis is at our doorstep, and presidential candidates must speak to how they will stop and decrease the impacts of climate change going forward. Chris Wallace included two question on the climate in the first presidential debate, and believe all debates going forward must include a similar segment. Hurricane Laura, a Category 4 hurricane, ripped apart the coastline near Lake Charles, LA, barely missing major metropolitan areas like Houston, TX, and New Orleans, LA. Massive, powerful, and destructive hurricanes are becoming the norm—and we haven’t yet reached the end of the 2020 hurricane season. Wildfires are currently burning across the entire West Coast, from California to Oregon and Washington. Entire communities are being displaced or destroyed, people are dying, and millions had to experience apocalyptic orange skies from the smoke and soot. The air quality in cities like Portland, OR, has been abysmal. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, any level above 300 on the air quality index is hazardous, and anything above 500 is off the charts. Portland has faced days where the air quality index reached 516. Firefighters—including crews of state prison inmates, who earn as little as $6 a day—are working in extreme temperatures and perilous conditions to battle the fires. And so many of these repercussions from the climate crisis happen during a global pandemic that has killed close to 200,000 people in the U.S. The impact of climate change on coronavirus transmission is still being explored, but researchers already believe that people are more likely to die from COVID-19 when exposed to poor air quality. We are seeing the tragic reality of the climate crisis of our generation. The climate crisis is disproportionately hurting communities of color and low-income communities. We are already seeing this with frontline communities breathing in toxic air, including in Philadelphia, PA, and consuming toxic water, in communities that include Flint, MI. We are seeing this with the farmworkers in California breathing in toxic air as they supply food for American families. Not only that, but the federal government, states, and localities are facing the economic consequences of climate change. Entire cities and communities are being threatened and damaged. Hurricane Laura is estimated to have caused $25-30 million in damage, and the financial impact of the West Coast wildfires is predicted to be close to $20 billion. The financial, human, and wildlife cost of climate change is incalculable. Climate change, racial justice, and economic justice are all inextricably tied. So we must act now. The climate crisis is here, and we, our politicians—and our future president—have to take action in order to mitigate its impact. That is why it is essential that candidates for president speak to this urgent issue. In 2016, the national presidential debates did not include any questions on the climate crisis. The Democratic candidates were eventually asked about climate, thanks in part to petitions like this one. Omitting a conversation on the climate crisis from the presidential debates absolutely cannot happen again this year, when a historic election is underway. Let’s collect as many signatures as we can on this petition and make sure our voices are heard. We are asking Chris Wallace, Steve Scully, and Kristen Welker, the moderator for the presidential debates between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, and major news media networks to include a substantial segment on climate justice. Both presidential candidates must directly address what they plan to do in order to decrease the impact of climate change on this country and the world.
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    Created by Anisa Nanavati
  • Stop the appointment of a climate denier to NOAA!
    As fires fueled by a climate crisis rage across the West Coast, Trump just appointed a climate denier to a key position in the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration -- the federal agency that focuses on weather and climate. Trump's new appointee, David Legates, believes the sun and not unchecked carbon emissions cause climate change. He even said rising CO2 levels in the ocean are fine because they'll produce bigger crabs. Legates has ties to the Koch brothers, who have funded his climate denial research in the past. He also has ties to the Heartland Institute, a far-right think tank that fight against efforts to stop the climate crisis. Trump is stacking federal agencies with stay-behind forces who will continue to advance his extremist agenda even if Trump isn't there for a second term. That's why Congress needs to act now to stop climate deniers like Legates from taking up crucial positions that oversee federal climate research. Can you help?
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    Created by Demand Progress