• Veterans to Manchin: We Need Clean Energy Now
    When we were called to serve and protect our nation, we showed up. Congress: the American people are now calling on you for action. It's time to deliver real clean energy security that takes the power back from hostile dictators and greedy corporations.
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  • Cincinnati City Council: Thank you for keeping the Closing the Health Gap in the City Budget
    The City’s funding is crucial to the Health Gap’s continued work of meeting people where they are to improve our health outcomes. City Council’s support of Closing the Health Gap has helped our community in the mission to close the health gap. • The Health Gap has reached over 923,000 households through the WE MUST SAVE US CAMPAIGN, COVID- 19 Community Resources website and Town Halls to provide COVID-19 resources and vaccine education to the communities. • Since 2004 The Health Gap has reached over 1,094,307 people through its Do Right! Campaigns throughout 22 targeted Cincinnati neighborhoods, teaching people how to eat, move, and live right. • Over 141,280 have attended the annual Health Expo, where over 36,000 health screenings have been performed and countless valuable health information provided. • The Health Gap’s Do Right! Kids Initiative has 3,221 students participating in in-school and afterschool activities. • Do Right! Block by Block Initiatives in Mt. Auburn has impacted 1,000 participants annually. Tell your story, sign the petition and show Cincinnati City Council why their continued support of Closing the Health Gap is important in continuing the important work of eliminating ethnic and racial health disparities in Greater Cincinnati.
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  • Mayor Breed: don't ignore climate in your budget
    Anybody who woke up in San Francisco under the orange sky on September 9, 2020 knows that climate change is undeniably upon us. But if we start now, there are still many things we can do to turn the tide and avoid the worst impacts. In our city that means rapidly switching our homes and vehicles off of fossil fuels and moving to cleaner, safer, electric alternatives powered by renewable energy; expanding transit; strengthening our ecosystems; and protecting and empowering the communities that will face the worst impacts. San Franciscans are ready to step up and do our part, and we need support and help from our city's leadership. The Climate Action Plan lays out clear strategies and action points for reducing our carbon emissions. Now, we need the Mayor and other city leaders to commit the funding to implement it. Delay at this point is inexcusable -- the longer we wait, the harder it gets to avoid the increasingly threatening consequences of a hotter planet. San Francisco has a long history of innovation and a strong progressive tradition. We should be leading the country and the world into a healthier, safer, more resilient future. (Photo credit: "The Day The Sun Didn't Rise" taken on September 9, 2020 by Christopher Michel is licensed under CC 2.0.)
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  • Tell AT&T to Stop Supporting Attacks on Democracy and Our Rights!
    Over the past year, we've seen unprecedented attacks on democracy, including the ability of eligible voters – especially Black and Brown voters – to participate in elections and have their vote count. This must stop and companies need to step up and defend democracy. Unfortunately, many companies that claim to support civic participation and racial justice – including AT&T – have practically done the opposite, standing by and passively supporting the same politicians who have launched these attacks. - AT&T was one of the first companies[1] to break their commitment[2] to stop contributions to members of Congress who voted against certifying the 2020 election results. - AT&T is a top corporate donor to politicians that sponsored laws making it harder for many voters to participate in elections, especially Black and Brown voters. In 2021, for example, AT&T gave Texas Gov. Greg Abbott 100,000[3] on the same day he called a special session to pass legislation that makes it harder for eligible voters to register and cast their vote. - AT&T is also a top corporate contributor[4] to the sponsors of bills designed to intimidate and criminalize peaceful, non-violent forms of protest. - AT&T needs to stop giving money to radical insurrectionists and do business in a manner consistent with its values. Actions speak louder than words and AT&T's actions often contradict the company's commitment to equal opportunity and racial justice. That cannot continue. We call on AT&T and CEO John Stankey to stop supporting extremist politicians that are making it harder to vote and participate in our democracy. ----------------------------------------------- References 1. https://www.latimes.com/politics/story/2021-04-19/corporations-pledge-donations-politicians-opposed-election-certification-biden 2. https://www.latimes.com/politics/story/2021-04-19/corporations-pledge-donations-politicians-opposed-election-certification-biden 3. http://thehill.com/business-a-lobbying/business-a-lobbying/563541-watchdog-says-att-gave-over-100k-to-abbott-gop 4. https://www.greenpeace.org/usa/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/Democracy-Report-2.pdf
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  • Preserve a JP Landmark & Create a More Affordable Jamaica Plain!
    There is a serious shortage of affordable housing across Boston, especially in the Pondside and Jamaica Hills sections of JP, where the monastery is located. In 2021, the City of Boston committed to Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing, and now requires that developers analyze and account for the history of racial exclusion and segregation in any new housing development. The monastery offers an opportunity to realize fair housing principles and create housing for folks that have been historically excluded: working class, people of color, and/or people with accessibility needs. If the city allows Holland Development to demolish the monastery, they plan to develop 26 market-rate condominiums. Under the city and neighborhood inclusionary policies, we might achieve a few affordable units. However, if we can preserve the building and win a robust planning process, then there is room for more creative re-use and more affordable housing. The City of Boston and the Landmarks Commission must put the needs of the community ahead of developers. Many community members would like to see the building preserved for its historical and architectural associations with Jamaica Plain’s development, Boston’s religious history, the significance of this Poor Clare Monastery in the history of the Order in the United States, and its organizing and charitable work domestically and abroad. The parcel at 920 Centre Street is large - nearly three acres. The wider community should have a voice in the future of this prominent, large and unique parcel. In the process of responding to the owners’ demolition request, the Boston Landmarks Commission staff has also determined that the monastery building (built in 1932) itself has historical significance. The current structure and any new construction on this parcel of land must include substantial affordable housing, in line with the inclusionary zoning requirements adopted by the JP Neighborhood Council, to preserve the diversity and meet the needs of Jamaica Plain and Boston.
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  • Exxon's Banning Gay Pride
    Exxon employees have reported that Exxon has issued a new policy against showing LGBTQ+ pride—specifically forbidding facilities from raising the rainbow flag during Pride Month. The reason employees have been given: Exxon needs to remain "neutral." There's nothing commendable about "neutrality" that insults and undermines LGBTQ+ staff, especially at a time when the LGBTQ+ community is under attack. Exxon has the gall to ask its employees to represent it in pride parades—even while making their pride invisible at work. Exxon has endless acts of immorality to answer for, after decades of suppressing science and super-charging our climate crisis—a corporate policy of destruction. This latest decision is just one more reminder that Exxon doesn't care for its community or employees, either.
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  • The Climate Crisis is Here: Tell President Joe Biden to Declare a Climate Emergency!
    Climate scientists and organizers have been sounding the alarm on the climate crisis for years. The latest findings from the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) tell us that regardless of what we do now, temperatures will still rise globally. But, we still have time to mitigate damage to our most vulnerable communities by using the full power of the government to tackle the climate crisis head on. Fossil fuel CEOs are set to make near-historic profits this year2, while working people have been navigating everyday life between a deadly pandemic—made worse by the Trump administration—unemployment and the worst effects of this crisis, from a record-breaking wildfire and hurricane season. Scientists have told us exactly what we need to do to mitigate this crisis, but will we listen and respond? Now is the time for President Joe Biden and his administration to make change for working people across the country and declare a climate emergency.
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  • Save our Green Space, Sky and Light in Royal Oak Neighborhoods
    We have seen the de-forestation of Forest Avenue over the past several years. I am a 22 year long resident on Forest Avenue. We are losing our Canopy of trees. Many of us moved here to this street specifically for the canopy of mature trees. These trees not only add beauty and uplift our spirits, but they provide shade for our homes and yards that enable us to enjoy living in a neighborhood that values nature and supports a healthy environment. If these variances which are extreme - are allowed - this sets the precident that others will follow. The property of 801 N. Alexander is on the corner of Forest Avenue. The variances ask for waiving of 16.6 ft of the required 25 setback from Forest Ave. That is more than HALF the required setback they asking to be waived. These are the remaining FIVE variances they are also asking the city to waive: • 2 feet of the Maximum height of 30 feet, • 5 feet of the minimum 35 feet setback on N. Alexander • 3.4% (190 sq ft) of maximum allowable lot coverage of 10% for an accessory structure/garage • 493 sq ft. of the maximum allowable total lot coverage of 1800 Sq. ft. • 4 ft of the maximum allowable driveway width of 25 along Forest Ave. This is pure greed, without any consideration of how this structure will impact those who live nearby, or the precident this sets for future homes. The builders who come into our city - don't value Trees, They don't value clean air, they only value money. They have been welcomed to come to our city, to our street and to kill our lovely trees, to obstruct our sunlight and to create a concrete community. A beautiful one hundred plus year old pine was taken down from 801 N. Alexander and a second healthy mature tree destroyed from the property as well, so that the builders maximixe the footprint of the structure and also the skyline. This needs to stop. Say No to the approval of these Variances. Say Yes to preserving Green Spaces, Trees and Sunlight.
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  • Repair Pōka'ī Bay's dilapidated jetty wall and overall improve the water quality.
    To address the health hazards, and environmental concerns, social and environmental injustice to the Wai'anae community. To make right what has been wrong for so long for our Kupunas and future generations to come.
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  • PA Gov’t, We Demand Climate Action NOW!
    This is the petition we’ll deliver to our governor, legislators, regulators, the Attorney General, the Auditor General, and other elected and appointed officials during the Pennsylvania Climate Convergence in Harrisburg this June.
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  • Sign the petition: Tax oil and gas company profits and stop price gouging!
    Even as the price of gas per barrel is well below recent records, gas prices remain high.1 That’s because oil and gas companies are gouging consumers, and taking advantage of the war in Ukraine to rake in as much profit as possible. Senator Elizabeth Warren introduced a bill that cuts to the heart of the problem: corporate profiteering. The Big Oil Windfall Profits Tax will stop price gouging at the pumps by forcing oil and gas companies to share their recording-breaking profits with consumers.2 This can’t wait, tell your elected officials to pass this bill and stop gas price gouging. Sign the petition: Tell Congress to tax oil and gas companies and stop price gouging at the pumps! Senator Elizabeth Warren’s bill would take on price gouging. The Big Oil Windfall Profits Tax would tax the big oil companies and also go a step further: by using that revenue to give Americans a rebate to offset how much soaring gas prices hit people’s pocketbooks. If oil and gas companies had their way, every major news event would trigger unnecessary gas price hikes at the pumps, and squeeze new record profits out of the hands of everyday Americans. We have to put a stop to this. Sign the petition: Tell Congress to tax oil and gas companies and stop price gouging at the pumps! Sources: 1. Newsweek, “Oil Prices Are Dropping — Will Gas Prices Go Down, Too?,” March 14, 2022. 2. Truthout, “Warren Says Democrats Are Working on a Bill to Tax Big Oil’s Windfall Profits,” March 9, 2022.
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  • save wolves from extinction
    Wolves are key apex predators for balanced ecology of wild lands. Yellowstone Park in 1960s is a good example of what will happen to wild land when wolves are absent, total collapse of ecology, no animals or vegetation. Without sufficient healthy wild land, our future generation will not even have clean water to survive. Hence the Federal government's project Conservation Atlas. You cannot conserve healthy wild land without having healthy numbers of wolves. Killing them must stop NOW. Protect them now, they will repay us in tenfold.
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