• Cancel the LUMA contract that has left Puerto Ricans without power over and over again!
    Before Hurricane Fiona hit, Puerto Ricans were being subjected to nearly daily power outages that were burning out generators, leaving hospital patients at risk, and forcing children to do their homework under flashlights. For this state of misery under the LUMA Energy consortium, households and businesses were issued SEVEN rate hikes—in one year alone. This abuse is unconscionable. After more than 100 organizations sent letters to the Commonwealth and Federal governments, and to Congress, and after attempts by legislators in the Island to withhold funding from LUMA Energy were blocked by a Congressionally-imposed fiscal control board, Puerto Ricans en masse took to the streets. Their demand that went unheeded: Cancel the LUMA contract. Gov. Pedro Pierluisi, we echo the call of the people being harmed by this bad contract and incompetent service provider. Do right by the people by canceling this contract before Nov. 30th. Otherwise LUMA will be locked in for 15 years. In fact, all you have to do is not sign any renewal contract. To President Biden and Congress, we say Puerto Rico MUST have a sustainable and clean, renewable energy grid that is reliable, hurricane or not. The federal government should take immediate steps so that what should have been done after Hurricane Maria is accomplished. Federal reconstruction funding to rebuild the electricity grid should be required to be used for only sustainable and clean, renewable energy projects, not dirty, polluting fossil fuels. FEMA should reprogram the tens of billions already available in disaster funding to municipalities and NGOs. As energy experts advise, Congress should move to cancel all or a substantial portion of the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority’s debt. FEMA officials recently testified that out of $13 billion available in US grid reconstruction funds, only $40 million had been disbursed, FIVE years after Hurricane Maria. Enough is enough! Please join the demands of the people of Puerto Rico: #CancelLUMA, #CleanGrid4PR #CommunityDrivenRecovery
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    Created by Power 4 Puerto Rico
  • Tell GM to commit to carbon-free ethical aluminum!
    Corporations love to make big sweeping public announcements about “going green” and then taking victory laps in the press without making real, concrete changes to address climate change. Take General Motors for example. Last year they unveiled their plan to become carbon neutral by 2040. Which sounds good on paper until you realize the process to make aluminum for cars generates about 1.1 billion tons of CO2 emissions.1 And with the rising adoption of electric vehicles, demand for aluminum is expected to explode in the coming decades.2 Tell General Motors CEO to walk the walk when it comes to climate change and commit to sourcing only carbon-free aluminum! Sign the petition! Right now China is the biggest aluminum producer and they use coal-powered electricity to drive the process. This generates a massive carbon footprint for a country that is already the world leader in greenhouse gas emissions.3 But it doesn’t have to be this way. Suppliers can make aluminum using renewable energy-powered electricity and stop relying on coal. They can also use recycled aluminum which generates only 5% of the carbon emissions.4 Not only are the current aluminum supply chains dirty from a climate perspective, they’re also dirty from a human rights perspective. Early this year, General Motors was found to have ties with Chinese aluminum suppliers in the Xinjang region, known to use forced labor from Uyghur muslims.5 Just as bad, the bauxite needed to make aluminum has created a strip mining industry that has devastated the health and livelihoods of Indigenous communities across Africa, Asia and Australia.6 General Motors is a world leader in the automotive industry. If they demand their suppliers to decarbonize, the industry will follow. And when it comes to climate, we can’t afford to wait for corporations to just decide to do the right thing. We have to push them. Tell General Motors CEO to walk the walk when it comes to climate change and commit to sourcing only carbon-free aluminum! Sign the petition! Sources: 1. Center for Strategic & International Studies, “Decarbonizing Aluminum: Rolling Out a More Sustainable Sector,” February 25, 2022. 2. Ibid. 3. BBC, “Report: China emissions exceed all developed nations combined,” May 7, 2021. 4. BloombergNEF, “Green Aluminum is Competitive Today. It’s Time to Start Transforming,” June 16, 2021. 5. Washington Post, “Automaker suppliers linked to controversial labor programs in Chinese aluminum industry, report says,” April 8, 2022. 6. Human Rights Watch, “Aluminum: The Car Industry’s Blind Spot,” July 22, 2021.
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  • Muir Michigan Speed Limit Reduction for Elementary School
    People should join this petition to ensure the children are able to safely cross the road. I would also like to see a crossing guard in place. Parents of the community are concerned, and action taken previously by other community members to reduce the speed limit have not been honored; in fact; MDOT elected to increase the speed limit. Accidents have resulted from this decision. Truck drivers and other drivers have also voiced concerns as they do not feel safe turning into driveways, onto side roads where there are no stop signs/stop lights, and into businesses.
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    Created by Robin Coon
  • Stop Taos County Housing Insecurity - end evictions now
    The County Commissioners can facilitate a rebirth and revitalization of Taos County. They can act now and be part of building a new Taos County, which is entirely based on the old Taos County before all of these rules and regulations stifled innovation and ingenuity. This will enable reduce water and fossil fuel consumption, foster innovation and empower aspiring farmers, and most importantly, it will increase the quality of life for people in the community. If Taos County goes back to its roots and empowers owner builders to develop innovative solutions to the problems that plague our society, they will re-foster the innovation, courage and self-sufficiency for which the residents of Taos County are known. The county is full of innovative individuals who have embraced taking personal responsibility for the world. They have taken it upon themselves to live more in harmony with the earth and reduce their global footprint. Yet, instead of celebrating these innovations, the county is, at present, attempting to regulate them out of existence. Think about individuals making minimum wage who cannot afford a home. Think about the most disadvantaged members of this community. Keeping people off the streets helps everyone in the community. For a full problem and solution statement with citations and references, go to: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1a1Htw7P8ulf9uKChr83bRMudsMR6vI5UBD3GLDcW_Z0/edit?usp=drivesdk
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  • Preserve Gowanus for Residents & Businesses (Register Opposition to 9th Street Rezoning)
    The real estate developers are a powerful force in NYC, but the people of Brooklyn don't back down in the face of a threat to our communities.
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    Created by Kathryn Krase
  • President Biden, Declare a Climate Emergency
    We are partnering with other organizations across the country to gather signatures on this petition started by Greenpeace. Please add your name to this petition to send the strongest possible message to President Biden. The climate crisis is already changing life as we know it. Devastating climate impacts are displacing millions of people each year. Meanwhile, the fossil fuel industry continues to extract from public lands and exploit communities of color for profit. Declaring a Climate Emergency would be the beginning of the end to the era of fossil fuels and climate destruction. By using his executive powers, President Biden can repair the harm caused by environmental racism and deliver good-paying union jobs, justice, and clean energy for all. Families from Washington state to Florida are already starting to feel the severity of the climate crisis. In the United States and around the world, Black, Brown, Indigenous, and poor people are the first to feel the impacts of fossil fuel extraction and predatory exploitation. By declaring a Climate Emergency, President Biden can begin to utilize the “whole-of-government approach” to begin solving the biggest existential threat that we have ever faced.
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    Created by Karen Feridun
  • Make the Installation of the Climate Clock in the PA Capitol Permanent
    As I write this, the clock that indicates how much time we have left to avoid a 1.5 degree temperature increase is about to roll over from 7 years, 0 days, 00:00:00 to 6 years, 364 days, 23:59:59. In spite of this, and the fact that the majority of Pennsylvanians want to see their government act on climate, our state government continues to take us in the wrong direction, approving more fossil fuel and petrochemical development while pushing for huge investments in false climate solutions promoted by the fossil fuel industry. Among them are technologies like Carbon Capture and Storage and Blue Hydrogen, initiatives like turning western PA into a Hydrogen Hub, and specific projects like Nacero, Encina, and KeyState. Our clock must serve as a permanent reminder that our government needs to break its ties with the industries responsible for the ever-shortening amount of time it counts down and take swift, bold, and just action on climate.
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    Created by Karen Feridun
  • PA Gov't, Eliminate $5,000 Fee to Access a Taxpayer-Funded Database
    Years ago, the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources contracted with a private corporation to put oil & gas well records on its cloud via a database called EDWIN. DCNR staffers scan the records that are uploaded. The database and all of the work to populate it is funded with your tax dollars. The data in the EDWIN are critically important to people who are tracking issues related to oil & gas development. They should not have to travel to a DCNR office in Pittsburgh or Middletown or submit requests to receive individual records to avoid paying $5,500 dollars to access public information. One of those people is Laurie Barr, who I have worked with for many years. She doggedly tracks orphaned and abandoned wells in the state. There are hundreds of thousands of those wells dotting the state that have never been plugged and are leaking climate-killing methane unchecked. One academic researcher who toured the state with Laurie called some of the wells she found 'super-emitters' of methane. Laurie has spent her own money on gas, tolls, and hotels to make the 5 hour trip to Pittsburgh just to access the data she should be able to access for free from her home computer. Please sign my petition to tell the DCNR to eliminate the outrageous fees that only serve to restrict access to critically-important public information.
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    Created by Karen Feridun
  • Aquifers Act
    People should join this campaign for change because it presents a paradigm shift, environmentally, for the United States. Currently, our society channels water from every rainfall to be drained away. This causes dehydration of the land withheld water. Every hard surface produces rainwater run-off. These are places where rainfall could previously sink into the ground. We cannot remove every hard surface, like roofs and roads, so we must invest in managing that run-off more naturally to allow more water to soak into the aquifers. One more time, too often too much fresh water or storm water is directed into rivers and waterways before it can soak into the ground. Many of us have seen the pipes that discharge at incredible rates, and still don't seem to be enough to capture our ever-growing hard surface footprint. These pipes must be discharged before the natural environment and given spaces within the cities, towns, and farms to seep into the soils of the landscape. Every town and region will be different based upon rainfall and geologic boundaries. Securing fresh water resources for our environments will then increase the availability of fresh water for human use. Remember the power of the beaver, that is who and what we must encourage and replicate now.
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    Created by Will Pierce
  • "The People's Mandate" (includes abolishing the filibuster and codifying Roe)
    This is important because the people of the United States cannot allow a currently undemocratic institution like the Supreme Court to make incredibly dangerous population-wide decisions which go against facts, logic, and the will of the people.
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  • We Need an Anti-Price Gouging Law in Maryland NOW!
    On June 11th, 11 churches joined together to provide $25,000 in free gas in Prince George's County to provide direct aid to the community. Organizers were discouraged to learn that Sunoco Gas Station on Marlboro Pike increased the price per gallon by 10 cents during the event- and immediately lowered the price after. Currently, in Laurel, MD residents are receiving rent increases from $400.00 - $1600.00 as well as parking fees of varying amounts depending on rental seniority & Schweb Partners LLC based in Jackson, NJ claims this is market value for their units. Blatant exploitation and price gouging are unacceptable when our community is struggling to make ends meet, Maryland needs explicit anti-price gouging legislation to protect our citizens from industry greed.
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  • Vote NO on the Water Quality Accountability Act
    Your signatures will accompany a letter that we'll submit to the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. The full letter is available for your review here. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeeWiBV-J1bxRofYiSvdD9KgfyZilG_KKJGaZZKoC75tDxfPA/viewform
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