• Publicly Reject Project 2025!
    Trump’s first term was chaotic and incompetent. But this time, MAGA is prepared with a detailed plan to quickly seize power and ruthlessly reshape America. Project 2025 is a 920-page document authored by Christian nationalists that provides a step-by-step blueprint to impose the MAGA agenda on every aspect of Americans’ lives and make Trumpism the rule of law. Their goal is the elimination of our freedoms and protections: eliminating Social Security and Medicare, corporate regulations, environmental protections, rights for LGBTQ+ people and religious minorities, contraception and IVF, resources we need for public education, and more.  Their plan also includes systematically sabotaging our elections for their own benefit. And they want to dismantle our democracy and its checks and balances by centralizing power to the White House, giving the president control of previously independent agencies, such as the Federal Communications Commission and the Federal Trade Commission, and even the Department of Justice. As one expert, Mary Guy, warned in response to Project 2025, "Democracies have crumbled before, and that’s on the verge of happening here." Project 2025 details a concerted plan for how the MAGA movement seeks to control us, decide our futures for us, and take us backward. Instead of representing "We the People", they want to rule over us and for their corporate interests.  We deserve to know where our elected leaders stand on this extreme, dangerous blueprint. It’s time we sound the alarm about this MAGA vision and demand all Republicans in Congress go on record with their position on Project 2025. A banner at a protest against Project 2025 in Washington D.C. on January 27, 2024 (Credit: Elvert Barnes/Flickr.com)
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  • Safety For The Kids
    As much as we love the new park. A lot of us don’t love that it is not fenced in. It only takes a blink of an eye for the kid to run into the street, especially with it being so close. It would be safer and easier for us parents if there was one entrance/exit.
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  • Let's use vacant structures to HOUSE the UNHOUSED!
    There's strength in numbers! Let's come together and urge our elected officials to do the right thing. Those of us who are fortunate enough to have a comfortable place to live owe it to those of us who are less fortunate. We can no longer turn a blind eye to the homeless situation in our beautiful county. If we allow their encampments to be torn down, where will they go? Please sign this petition so our county can give them a place to call home.
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    Created by Carolyn Rush
  • No more psychosomatic Diagnosis for people who have suffered real physical injuries!
    To have equal rights, better health care amongst people who are put at a disadvantage because of a false diagnosis gives people a greater disadvantage than others to get the proper medical care treatments that they deserve just like anyone else. There needs to be stricter laws put in place before a diagnosis of psychosomatic can be made and be determined. Very strict steps that a health care provider must establish in order to rule everything out with proper testing, evaluation of past and current medical history and traumas. This diagnosis can never be made and labeled due to a MVA or any kinda physical trauma and injury that they have sustained. This hits very near and dear to me because of the medical neglect my children and I have had to face while my children have had to watch me not get the proper medical treatments and attention that I deserved and so they deserved as well. We have an epidemic in opiates and suicide rates at an ultimate high due to the medical neglect and errors that are made by given false diagnosis to patients are severely harmful. When labeling them for a mental health diagnosis instead of there real physical injuries. This is harmful to our medical community and Families.
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    Created by Elisha Veesenmeyer
  • CTA Safety and Reliability
    Ensuring the safety and reliability of public transportation in Chicago is paramount for the well-being of its residents and the city's economic vitality. A functional public transit system not only provides essential mobility for commuters but also reduces traffic congestion, pollution, and dependence on personal vehicles. However, recent disruptions and safety concerns on trains and buses not only undermine passenger confidence but also hinder productivity and increase the financial burden on commuters forced to seek alternative transportation options. Moreover, the unchecked behavior poses a broader societal issue, reflecting the need for improved mental health services and social support systems. By addressing these challenges through enhanced security measures with proper mental health training and regulating ride-sharing prices, Chicago can promote a safer, more accessible, and equitable transit experience for all residents, thereby fostering a thriving urban environment.
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    Created by Kayla Lewis
  • Toxic, Radioactive Drilling Waste Has No Place on PA Roads
    This petition will be delivered with the letter below. As of this writing, more than 50 organizations and 70 individuals have signed it. If you would like add your organizations to the letter, please visit https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSehxDE1egWy-bj2OBwGm1urZg363IfUYhj_DeMP4zZuZZzcLA/viewfor The letter opens, Dear Governor Shapiro, Legislators, In written testimony on road spreading of conventional drilling wastewater the DEP submitted to the Senate Democratic Policy Committee, the agency said that “if a valid coproduct determination can be made that adequately compares brine to a commercially available product, even if it may not be as effective as other road-spreading products, it’s possible that oil and gas waste brine may continue to be spread as a dust suppressant. [emphasis added]” Given the scientific evidence of the danger road spreading poses, as well as the inability of the agency to manage oil and gas waste, continued road spreading is unacceptable. The undersigned organizations and individuals are calling for an outright ban on road spreading of all oil & gas waste in the Commonwealth. In 2022, the DEP issued a report ordered by Governor Wolf evaluating the agency’s oversight of the conventional drilling industry in Pennsylvania that declared, “A significant change in the culture of non-compliance as an acceptable norm in the conventional oil and gas industry will need to occur before meaningful improvement can happen.” The remark was based, in part, on shocking statistics that indicated that fewer than half of the conventional drillers operating in the state had filed production and waste reports in the previous five years. The yearly percentages told an even worse story. The rate of non-compliance was trending upward from 53.7% in 2017 to 61.8% in 2021. It was no surprise in March when Kurt Klapkowski told the House Environmental Resources and Energy Committee that the figure for 2023 had risen to 86%. When a moratorium on road spreading of conventional drilling waste was imposed in 2018, some companies continued the practice by claiming a loophole in a program managed by the Bureau of Waste Management called the Coproduct program. Some of those drillers continued to report road spreading in their annual waste reports, so we know that at least 3.5 million gallons of highly toxic, radioactive drilling waste has been disposed of on our roads in the past six years. Given the degree of non-compliance, the amount that has gone unreported is surely much higher. Read the full letter at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSehxDE1egWy-bj2OBwGm1urZg363IfUYhj_DeMP4zZuZZzcLA/viewform Photo credit: PA Environment Digest
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    Created by Karen Feridun
  • Blue Building in Springfield SC, Garden Club
    The Mayor has changed the locks, and only gave a 2 hour notice of the city's intent to ban the Club from use of this building. Also it has been hinted that the Garden Club pay a use fee for this building. Monies generated from Garden Club events always go towards improving the appearance of the City of Springfield, such as planting trees, cleaning up and planting in city garden. It is important to take pride in our town. We are growing in population, and a few of the abandoned store fronts are being renovated and filled by new businesses. The Garden Club wants to help this growth with our spirit, energy, pride, and esthetic improvements.
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  • Vote of NO Confidence - Adrian Planning Commission
    The concept behind setting up local elected governments is to protect the interests of its citizens. The City of Adrian has lost sight of this core value and consistently prioritizes “SPECIAL INTERESTS” over community interests.
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    Created by Julian Mnich
  • Stop wasting time and pass emergency funding for Baltimore bridge repair NOW!
    The Port of Baltimore is a major U.S. port and the national economy—and all Americans—will suffer unless immediate action is taken to repair the bridge and reopen the port. The government intervening to quickly repair the Baltimore bridge is not only what is right; it’s what is good and necessary for the entire country. Congress can provide the necessary funding needed to quickly and swiftly repair the bridge—as it has done in the past. In 2007 a bridge tragically collapsed in Minnesota, killing 13 people and injuring more than 145 people. Congress took swift action, and in just three days authorized emergency funding to repair the bridge. And in 2013, the Skagit River Bridge collapse in the state of Washington resulted in $15.6 million in emergency funds. Instead of focusing on this tragedy and what they can do to help relieve some of the burden, MAGA Republicans in Congress wasted no time to use the Baltimore bridge collapse to push their own corrupted agenda—going so far as to blame diversity and DEI for the bridge collapse. Why? Because Baltimore’s mayor, Brandon Scott, is Black. It’s blatant racism, and they are using that racism to stoke their most extreme base, all while refusing to take necessary action that the people in Maryland and across the country desperately need. Republicans in Congress, putting their own political careers above the public good, are digging in their heels—insistent on resisting and undermining President Biden every step of the way. They need to be reminded that they answer to constituents, and that constituents are demanding Congress pass funding to repair the bridge NOW!
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    The standard of living should be the same for all residents of the State of Michigan, County of Wayne, specifically the city of Inkster. We residents have largely been ignored and neglected when services are offered to other communities while overlooking ours.
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    Created by Cresia Davis
  • You can't delete climate change!
    We can’t address environmental threats and natural disasters without naming the root cause: climate change. Floridians live on the front line of the climate crisis. With record-breaking temperatures, rising sea levels, and home insurance rates skyrocketing due to climate-related liabilities, we need our elected officials to respond with urgency and accuracy, not censorship. We cannot accept 'adapting' to the climate crisis. Solely reacting to the consequences of climate change is not a strategy—our legislators to be proactive and to acknowledge the reason why these disasters are occurring: climate change. We demand our elected officials stop denying climate change and attempting to delete it from state law. Floridians believe the science proving human-caused climate change. It's time for our leaders to meet the climate crisis with the same concern as their constituents.
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    Created by Mia Senechal
  • Act NOW to remove lead from the country's water supply
    It is unacceptable that in the 10 years after lead contaminated water was discovered in Flint, Michigan—exposing millions of people to serious illness—the city still hasn't replaced the lead pipes that caused the crisis. But this isn't just an issue in Flint. Though the use of new lead pipes have been banned since the 1980s, it's estimated that there are 9.2 million lead pipes used in public water service lines across the country. Even just a tiny amount of lead can cause serious, lifelong damage to those exposed. Lead contamination in children is associated with learning and behavioral issues and long-term exposure can result in lifelong disabilities. And for adults, lead exposure is linked to high blood pressure, heart disease, decreased kidney function and even cancer. This is about more than just clean drinking water—it's about environmental justice. In Flint—a city with a majority Black and working class population—the water crisis has shown how easily government mismanagement can expose marginalized communities to environmental hazards.
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