• Save Florida Solar industry
    It is important to have as many voice be heard about the Florida Light and Power screwing over the people of Florida with rate hikes and taking away solar business and jobs in our state. With Florida Light and power having a hand in writing the SB 1024 bill the utility company is essentially stealing power from owners of solar panel systems. The company will take the power and sell it back to consumers without having to pay for the electricity generated by our systems that have been paid for out of our own pockets.
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    Created by Chris Mickens
  • Save Upper Ojai From Development
    Preserve Upper Ojai's rural charm. Save Ojai from Los Angeles Developers, more traffic, increased pollution. Please ask the County of Ventura to VOTE NO!
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    Created by Trevor Quirk
  • Continue the Active Streets Program in Estabrook Park
    The parkway slices a long and narrow park right down the middle, and commuter traffic disrupts the otherwise peaceful and park-like atmosphere and threatens the wellbeing of park patrons and wildlife alike.
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    Created by Andrew Dressel
  • What the U.S. Can Do to Stop Extinction
    More than a million species are on track to go extinct in the coming decades. In the face of this crisis, the United States must be a global leader. I urge you to join the Convention on Biological Diversity and call for the end of human-induced extinction. Created in 1992, the convention is the primary international agreement to conserve biological diversity. The United States helped develop the treaty, but the Senate never ratified it. Currently we're the only major country that isn't a party to the convention — a shocking failure that needs to be remedied. Later this year the convention will meet to set the global conservation agenda for the coming decade. I urge you to ratify this convention to help protect life on Earth and call for an end to human-induced extinction.
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    Created by Miranda D.
  • Mandatory Guaranteed $15/hr
    We go through a lot to pickup and drop off orders. There are examples of health issues caused due to long periods of driving to the deliver food to customers in order to make a decent hourly wage. $3 per delivery is slaves wages and should be a crime. We demand $5 minimum per delivery before customers tip. We demand $15/hr while on the app with a 50% acceptance rate. If 8 hours are spent on the platform, you should make a minimum of $15/hr. Anything other should be a crime. (GoPuff guarantees a $14 hourly pay if you do not make at least $14 an hour from deliveries).
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    Created by Gabriel Wilson
    We need people to understand what Nexamp has done to us and our small community! Other large industrial solar companies are also doing this to other communities: LAWSUIT THREAT. Nexamp threatened to take the town to court because we were concerned about native wildlife and requested a larger buffer between the clear-cutting of the forest and wetland. Nexamp wanted to clear-cut 10 feet away from a wetland. ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION AND EROSION. Nexamp promised no noise or environmental disruption, but they lied. We endured the stressful deforestation of 30 acres in our backyards. A diesel generator ran 24/7 for 8 months for “climate control” of batteries on site, which caused noise and air pollution. Lots of litter blew onto our land and into wetland streams. We documented the litter, picked it up, and notified the DEP. Heavy, loud freight trucks used Conway’s small town roads and exceeded bridge weight limits to make large deliveries constantly at early hours during construction, stressing road surfaces and disrupting our rural neighborhood’s quality of life. Erosion took place in numerous areas around the site, some going into neighboring wetlands (still not remediated), abutters’ properties, and a public road.. Nexamp allowed rock dust from drilling and dirt dust from fill brought on site created storms of dust that blew around our homes during the hottest days from failure to have water trucks on site. This caused air pollution affecting our families and native wildlife. VIOLATION OF ABUTTERS’ BOUNDARIES. Nexamp went over the property lines of abutting neighbors with silt fencing, using inadequate data to accurately make site plans realistic for visibility from abutting neighbors due to tree cover and topography of land PANEL VISIBILITY. Nexamp promised the array would not be visible because it is situated on a high ledge, but we can see the panels from our home windows and from the public road. This eyesore has taken away beauty from our small rural town and disgusted many residents. POWER SURGES AND OUTAGES. When the array went “live” the neighborhood experienced random power surges and outages due to Nexamp’s faulty equipment.. This affected many people working from home and the performance of appliances and electronic systems. HARMFUL EXPOSURE TO “DIRTY ELECTRICITY.” After the array went live, harmful high-frequency dirty electricity (confirmed by Eversource) was broadcast into our homes for 7 months, affecting our children’s mental health, as well as the adults. Because of this urgent problem, Eversource shut down Nexamp’s solar array on 1/14/22. Subsequently most of the children’s aggressive, angry behaviors have changed; their demeanor is back to normal being happier and sleeping better. (Teachers and doctors are documenting this.) Also, my neighbor and I have developed tinnitus from exposure, all due to Nexamp’s faulty equipment. NO CLIMATE STUDIES. There have been NO studies done in New England on how these arrays are affecting the climate. One panel can get to 149 degrees Fahrenheit on a summer day! If there are 18,000 panels, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that these arrays are giant ovens heating up New England’s landscape. We need to stop allowing industrial solar to prey on small rural communities with inadequate bylaws, put people’s health in jeopardy, and wipe out native wildlife, many of which are in steep decline and becoming endangered. Temperature monitors need to be in place in and around every array built, and the public needs access to these numbers. We have every right to know how hot these industrial solar parks can become and how they affect the climate around them, and have resources for people to report dirty electricity! Please see these links for more information: https://www.bostonglobe.com/2021/12/30/science/new-england-is-warming-faster-than-rest-planet-new-study-finds/ https://phys.org/news/2016-11-solar-island-effect-large-scale-power.html https://www.techtimes.com/articles/257268/20210221/sahara-desert-solar-panels-are-contributing-to-global-warming-scientists-find-out.htm https://www.dirtyelectricity.org/adhd https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/18556048/ https://www.bostonsolar.us/solar-blog-resource-center/blog/how-do-temperature-and-shade-affect-solar-panel-efficiency/#:~:text=Solar%20panels%20are%20generally%20tested,%C2%B0F%20during%20the%20summer.
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    Created by Devlin Selman Picture
  • Petition against the PWC Gateway rezoning, 4-lane highway, and increasing the DC Overlay Zone
    The proposal for the PWC Digital Gateway offers a false choice between building data centers to boost our commercial tax base OR protecting our national parks, Rural Crescent, and drinking water supply. We can do both! Land is available in the Data Center Overlay District, which means we can build more data centers in the right spot AND protect our environmental assets. We are seeking to keep the area currently zoned Agricultural, not to build the Bi-County Parkway (or similar name) and to keep the Data Center Overlay Zone as the current size until that area is built out and fully occupied. Prior to accepting the PWC Gateway Comprehensive Plan Amendment citizens would like to see an Environmental Impact, Water and Power Grid Study. If the Amendment is accepted, the current open space concept will be changed to include 70 foot building heights with noisy industrial strength HVAC Chillers on the roof, additional transmission lines, new substations, thousands of acres of trees decimated and watershed damage to the Occoquan Reservoir and Chesapeake Bay. Paving over the Rural Crescent for data centers and adding a 4 or 6 lane highway will accelerate climate change. In fact, we will create even more sprawl and more climate change acceleration as people move to areas further out than Prince William, to escape data center alley. The undersigned are asking the Prince William County Board of County Supervisors to vote NO on the PWC Digital Gateway Comprehensive Plan Amendment (CPA) rezoning. If you would like additional information regarding support against the above amendments see: GROUPS opposing the zoning change, building the parkway, and extending the data center overlay zone The Prince William Conservation Alliance PWConserve.org The Coalition to Protect Prince William County ProtectPWC.org The Piedmont Environmental Council The American Battlefield Trust The National Parks Conservation Association NPCA.org Manassas National Battlefield Superintendent Virginia Native Plant Society Coalition to Protect Historic Thoroughfare State of Virginia Forestry Department Water Management PWC Historical Commission Piedmont Environmental Council Great Falls Sierra Club Coalition for Smarter Growth American Battlefield Trust Manassas Battlefield Trust ManassasBattlefield.org Virginia Piedmont Heritage Area Va. Delegate Danica Roem Va. Delegate Dan Helmer
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    Created by Karl Greten
  • Support Walking, Biking and Rolling in Sacramento
    Transportation is the leading cause (over 50 %) of greenhouse gas emissions in Sacramento. Our air quality is among the worst in the country. Traffic is congested and speeding in neighborhoods is rampant. Sacramento will not reach its climate goals if we keep doing what we've always done. One of the least expensive ways to reduce GHGs is to reduce vehicle miles traveled (VMT), and most people use their car to make short trips (3 miles or less each day). We need to get people to leave their cars parked and choose walking, biking or rolling to reach their destinations around town.
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    Created by Debra Banks
  • We Need Your Support for Mountain Bike Trails in DeForest
    Mountain bike trails provide opportunities for kids and adults to be active while also appreciating the outdoors. Thoughtfully planned and mindfully built trails that are designed to be safe and have minimal impact on the environment will be a great asset to the community. Mountain biking is one of the fastest-growing sports in the U.S. It is a sport that many people within the community already engage in, but do not have access to within the community. Besides the benefits of mountain biking, having trails in DeForest will allow people the opportunity to get engaged with the building and preservation of these trails. Likely leading to participants appreciating these spaces and advocating for their preservation in the future. Other Benefits: 1. Participants are encouraged to practice leave-no-trace principles which can be applied in a variety of natural settings. Leave-no-trace means you take out what you take in, stay on established trails, and generally have as little impact as possible on the area while using the trails. 2. Mountain bike trails offer additional access to areas designated as being recreational spaces (parks and open spaces). 3. Mountain biking is a healthy activity both physically and mentally as it allows participants to both exercise their bodies and minds by riding challenging trails. 4. Mountain biking in natural areas affords participants the opportunity to appreciate and value these spaces, becoming individuals who preserve and protect these spaces. 5. Mountain bike trail building and maintenance offers people an opportunity to come together to learn how to care for these spaces.
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    Created by Matt Hayden
  • single Use Plastics can be stopped. Here is how.
    Congress is listening to the large beverage bottlers, since they are contributing so much money to their campaigns. But these companies do not vote. The people do. If we can get enough signatures on this petition, our representatives will have to listen. This is an easy step that has been taken in other countries and some individual states. Where it has been implemented, it has been shown to significantly reduce plastic waste. Please joint me in bringing this to the attention of your representatives so that we can get this important bill passed.
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    Created by David Cook
  • Keep ALL Oil & Gas Wastewater Off Our Roads!
    When the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection's (DEP) Oil and Gas division put a moratorium on road spreading in 2018, conventional drillers turned to a different arm of the agency, the Bureau of Waste Management, to find a loophole that would allow them to keep spreading toxic, radioactive drilling wastewater on unpaved roads in PA. The loophole is called Coproduct Determination. Owners of any waste product can legally make determinations that their waste is essentially a product capable of performing the same function a commercially-available product performs. And then they can start using it. At no time are they required to tell the DEP. Should the DEP find out and request a copy of the determination report, the waste owner must provide a copy. In early 2021, for the first time since drillers started availing themselves of the loophole, the Bureau of Waste Management requested determination reports from 17 drillers. The Better Path Coalition requested copies of the reports and put together our own list of companies reporting road spreading in the DEP's Oil & Gas Waste Report. We came up with 29 companies. DEP provided copies of 8 reports that included one that wasn't on our list because the company had not reported road spreading after the moratorium. What we found in the so-called determination reports was alarming. Not one driller came close to doing a proper determination following guidance laid out in 25 PA Code Section 287.8. Some just turned in random lab tests. Others submitted reports filled with extraneous information. When we tried to do our own tracking of the waste, we found the DEP's reporting system to be seriously flawed and missing critically important information. We chronicled all of this in our new brief, The Moratorium Morass. You can read it here, https://www.betterpathcoalition.org/betterpathbriefs. Public health and the environment won't be protected until there's an outright ban on spreading dangerous drilling waste!
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    Created by Karen Feridun
  • Urge Senator Joe Manchin to change his position on Build Back Better
    Many young people, like me, are impacted by climate change. They believe Biden is not doing enough to address the issue, but I blame Republicans since they are the ones stalling Biden's agenda throughout much of last year. We need to urge Republicans to join Democrats in passing a mammoth spending bill that will help save our planet, help our working families, and get our lives back to normal since we are in the middle of a pandemic. Republicans should drop their partisan rhetoric about the bill, and start thinking about the lives of their constituents, including myself and my family, and my community.
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    Created by Jason Goldstein