• Sign the petition: Break Up Amazon!
    Amazon continues to feel the heat in Alabama. Earlier this month the NLRB ruled that Amazon unfairly tampered with the union vote in Bessemer, Alabama.1 Amazon used their massive power to pressure the postal service into putting a mailbox at the workplace in Alabama -- which may have caused workers to feel Amazon could see when and how they voted, potentially influencing the result. This is just further proof that Amazon has too much power, and is abusing it to undermine workers' rights. One way we can help fight back: pressure the federal government to break up Amazon. Sign the petition: Tell the federal government to support workers and break up Amazon! Amazon isn't just a tech giant, it's a global monster with tentacles gripping nearly every part of daily life. And Amazon workers, especially Amazon warehouse workers, continue to feel the squeeze. Amazon warehouse working conditions are notoriously bad. So much so, the National Council of Occupational Safety and Health named Amazon one of the most dangerous employers in the country.2 On top of that, during the historic heatwaves earlier this summer, Amazon warehouses pushed workers to their physical brink, without providing air-conditioning. But the tide is turning. Activists like you and me are speaking out and demanding Amazon be held accountable. In Alabama, that might mean a new worker union election. But we can't stop there. Amazon has proven time and again that they have too much power and influence, and use it to undermine their workers and their right to a safe workplace. So now it's time for action. Together we can raise our voices and pressure Congress to act boldly to break up Amazon's monopoly. Sign the petition: Tell the federal government to break up Amazon! Sources: 1. Vox, “The Amazon union drive isn't over yet,” August 3, 2021. 2. Futurism, “After Deaths, Amazon Lands on List of Most Dangerous Employers,” October 18, 2019.
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  • Hold DTE accountable for excessive power outages and lack of infrastructure investment & maintenance
    Hard working individuals and families across southeast Michigan have been adversely impacted by DTE Energy's continued failure as our sole electrical service provider for far too long. From frequent brownouts to complete power outages – citizens are left without much needed power and often significant financial loss resulting from damaged appliances and spoiled food with no compensation. DTE Energy continues to respond to outages with only promises made for improved infrastructure investment and maintenance that simply does not take place or produce lasting results. DTE Energy must be held accountable for the poor state of their system and make real financial investment to provide lasting and sustainable improvements that greatly reduce the frequency and duration of power outages.
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    We don’t have the luxury of hanging up on reality. There is so much at stake: Healthcare, poverty, racial equity, public safety, housing, social programs — the list goes on. We cannot let the Conservative party win and implement policies that sow hate and division and take away what we have worked so hard for. The party that embraces Trump and all that he stands for — xenophobia, racism, classism, white supremacy, extremism, snd so much more. Their top candidate is a Trump Republican who will unravel all that is good in our State, including the progress that we have made. The struggle for equity and dismantling of hate will be under attack. If you still aren’t feeling the pressure — remember that the power of a governor is immense. Imagine meaningful legislation that we have advocated for never being signed into law. Our hands will be tied. The poll results are in and show that if we don’t show up to vote, the recall will 100% happen. If you do nothing else in this stressful year, please make it voting and reaching out to others to VOTE NO on the recall. Please contact the author of this petition for details on how to GET INVOLVED and SPRED THE WORD. And vote. Vote. VOTE. Kimberly Adams roomforhope@yahoo.com 714-325-5303
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  • Stop climate change. End subsidies for the deadly fossil fuel industry.
    The world's climate scientists just sounded a "red alert for humanity." The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the Nobel Prize-winning body that synthesizes and summarizes the state of climate science, released a report today, and their assessment could not be clearer: 1) we are changing the climate in ways that threaten hundreds of millions of lives and are already causing irreversible damage; 2) "the worst is yet to come"; and 3) we must act immediately and on a massive scale to save lives and species from a planet set to spiral out of control. With so much that needs to change, where do we start? We start by cutting off warming at the root: We must get off of fossil fuels. Burning coal, oil, and fossil fuels is the top ingredient in the blanket of pollution warming our planet. And right now our tax dollars are actually paying companies like Exxon and Shell to destroy the planet. Today's IPCC report lays out in brutally meticulous detail what so many of us already know through our daily experience: climate change is here, and it is a life-and-death emergency. Just hours before the report was released, the Dixie fire tearing through California became the state's largest wildfire in history, blanketing the sky with smoke so thick that people in Colorado and beyond had to stay indoors to avoid dangerous air. The report is a survey of lots of specific climate studies, giving us a view of the whole forest instead of the individual trees in it. So while their findings are startling, they're not surprising to people following along. And it should be no surprise to the companies fueling our warming planet—They've known about their contribution to climate change for decades, but have chosen to pursue a coverup over a makeover. If we're going to address climate change–and we must—then we have to immediately stop giving taxpayer handouts to fossil fuel companies like Exxon. Sign the petition: end Fossil Fuel subsidies, invest in climate solutions.
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  • End Fossil Fuel Ads on Social Media
    Advertisements from Big Oil are polluting the public debate on climate change, and obstructing the ability of governments to take necessary steps to stop deadly emissions and pollution. Companies like Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, and TikTok are now some of the biggest online platforms for public debate that we have - and for fossil fuel polluters to greenwash their reputations and obstruct climate action. Responsible companies should not be profiting off of climate disinformation. Social media companies have already banned tobacco advertisements because of the damage they do to public health, and now Big Oil is using the same tactics as Big Tobacco to mislead the public. Emissions from fossil fuels and the subsequent pollution and climate damage are the leading cause of preventable deaths worldwide. Fossil fuel companies are using their ad campaigns to influence the debate around and block climate action. If you agree that it’s time for big tech companies to ban fossil fuel advertisements, add your name to our petition now.
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  • Tell Congress: Denounce Amazon’s plan to build a South African HQ on sacred indigenous land!
    Amazon wants to build a new HQ in South Africa by bulldozing over sacred indigenous land.1 And just like when Amazon tried to build a new HQ in New York City, local activists in Cape Town are pushing back. Amazon didn't choose a sacred indigenous site by accident. They know it has historical, cultural and environmental significance.2 They just want to destroy and build on it anyway. But since Amazon is a US company, they're particularly vulnerable to grassroots pressure here in the US. You can show your solidarity with indigenous activists in South Africa by calling on your member of Congress to denounce this new Amazon headquarters. Sign the petition: Tell Congress to denounce Amazon's plan to build a HQ on sacred indigenous land in South Africa! The indigenous land sits on the banks of the Liesbeek River where in the year 1510 Khoi peoples successfully fought back Portuguese intruders. The area is still a source of pride and cultural heritage for the Khoi, which also survived decades of oppression under Apartheid. But now Amazon wants to bulldoze it and build a sprawling campus. Over 50,000 residents in Cape Town signed a petition opposing the construction, but Amazon is pushing ahead anyway. That's why folks on the ground there are asking for your help! If US elected officials publicly denounce this HQ project, Amazon will face an international political and PR nightmare. Activists here in the US successfully blocked an Amazon HQ in New York City. Together you can show solidarity with indigenous activists and help block this new Amazon HQ in South Africa. Sign the petition: Tell Congress to denounce Amazon's plan to build a HQ on sacred indigenous land in South Africa! Sources: 1. Reuters, "Heritage dispute engulfs site chosen for Amazon's new African HQ," June 3, 2021. 2. Africa News, "Controversy over the location of Amazon African headquarters in Cape Town," May 14, 2021.
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  • PA DEP, We Deserve to Know the Full Story on PFAS and Fracking
    In revealing that PFAS chemicals have been used in fracking here in PA, the Editorial Board of the Philadelphia Inquirer has done the work your state regulators have failed to do. This failure comes on the heels of so many others that a Grand Jury convened to look at the industry couldn't help but report a year ago on how badly our regulators have failed us. The Editorial Board describes DEP's attitude as "willful ignorance." That's putting it mildly. Time for an attitude adjustment at DEP for the good of all Pennsylvanians. Philadelphia Inquirer editorial - https://www.inquirer.com/opinion/editorials/fracking-pennsylvania-pfas-toxic-chemicals-water-20210805.html PFAS report by PSR - https://www.psr.org/blog/new-report-fracking-with-forever-chemicals/ Grand Jury report - https://www.attorneygeneral.gov/taking-action/press-releases/43rd-statewide-grand-jury-finds-pennsylvania-failed-to-protect-citizens-during-fracking-boom/
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    Did you know? Gardening has many positive effects, including but not limited to: - Increased well-being, physical activity, and overall health. - Helps encourage healthier eating habits (adolescents are more likely to eat veggies when participating in gardening!). - Provides a productive outlet for community members. - Beautifies communities and freshens the air we breathe!
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  • Save Oceanside Sand
    California beaches and coastal ecosystems are disappearing. Let’s work together to achieve responsible, long-lasting solutions. Sign this petition and let your representatives know that you are concerned about the loss of sand on our beaches in Oceanside, California. By signing your name, you'll be demonstrating your support for a sustainable solution to retain sand on our local beaches.
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  • Jamaica Qns residents fight CM Miller for clean environment & NO waste increase. Kill Int 2349-A
    Our fight for a clean environment and clean air, must be heard. Pollutants from the local waste transfer stations on Douglas Ave. have caused asthma, cancer, and other health ailments in our community, and enough is enough. We have been neglected too many years by our elected officials in exchange for them getting funding from these waste stations in Jamaica, Queens. Waste stations “fund our NYC parks” and “help the community” while they get passes to pollute our community. We must fight against this environmental racism.
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  • Restore Press Freedom!
    Today the entire mainstream media is owned by only FIVE corporations, all of which are run by people who are invested in weapons and war. The result is a media that always starts with a pro-interventionist position and is staffed by former intelligence officials and generals that protect the government narrative instead of the truth. Additionally, it is extremely rare for mainstream media outlets to have on opposing viewpoints, especially from the left, to have debates and discussions. We need a return to fairness, truth and civil debate.
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  • Raise SSI/SSDI permanently due to Changing economy due to COVID/Poverty
    I am not the only one in this mess. I know other people feel the crunch of their expenses and day to day lives. People are scared to ask for more, because they know they'll be denied. I say we ask anyway, can't try, can't do. What if we change things?! What if we find a solution! What if we are listened too! Sign your name, and work for positive change. Let's not give up!
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