• President Biden: End Trump's reprehensible landmine policy!
    Landmines don’t understand a ceasefire. That means, even years after hostilities have ended, they can be triggered by a cow or a child and explode everyone and everything within a 27-meter radius. It’s a no-brainer that these abhorrent weapons should’ve NEVER gone into the ground in the first place. On the campaign trail, President Biden agreed, stating a commitment to "promptly roll back Trump’s deeply misguided decision" to continue their use. But the toing and froing since he’s taken office is not a great sign. That means we need to get LOUD to tell him that we demand an end to the use of landmines — for good. Will you add your name demanding President Biden end Trump’s reprehensible landmine policy?
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  • Mayor Wheeler: Illegal Parking & Garbage Dumping
    The health and safety of the residents in the community depend on safety and a clean neighborhood as intended, instead of a homeless drug addicts, drug dealers, illegal parking and garbage dumping section of our retirement community. It is unsanitary with mounds of garbage dumped around the neighborhood and it breeds rats and other vermin that carry disease. All around our community of homeowners the area is being used as a dumping ground with homeless pirating electricity and the theft of car parts and other personal items from homes. Residents are no longer able to stand on the number 23 bus stop in fear of being attacked with some residents being chased. Please tell Mayor Ted Wheeler and our elected City officials to support and act on our request to clean up our community and get rid of the garbage and illegal activities occurring in plain sight. Add a turning lane and no parking signs. Make Portland Beautiful again.
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  • Stop the Asphalt Assault in the Mountain View Neighborhood
    No to Another Polluting Industry in the Mountain View Neighborhood! No to the New Mexico Terminal Services’ Asphalt Plant! ___________________________________________________________________ Please consider making a comment when you sign the petition. Comments may be used anonymously in social media, legal materials, promotional materials and any other manner to oppose industrial development in Mountain View If you would like to stay involved and get updates on this action and other issues of cumulative impact in the Mountain View Neighborhood please click here to sign-up for our contact list: http://bit.ly/mvcoalition ___________________________________________________________________ We, the residents of Mountain View and our allies and supporters, believe the New Mexico Terminal Services (NMTS) Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) batch plant would further negatively impact the health of community members because the air pollution permit allows NMTS to release significant amounts of air pollution into the Mountain View community, which is already host to a large number of toxic and hazardous industries. “The Environment is where we live.” ___________________________________________________________________ The Threat—Widespread destruction of the environment and our community On October 26, 2020, the City of Albuquerque Environmental Health Department approved Air Quality Application Permit #3340—New Mexico Terminal Services, LLC—new construction for a 400 tph Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) Plant, and a 133 tph Aggregate Railcar Unloading Terminal, located on a 61+ acre tract at 9615 Broadway Blvd. SE. The property is currently zoned Agricultural (A-1) "Agricultural Use" and is not zoned for "Industrial Use" (M-2). The Mountain View community is consistently inflicted with toxic and hazardous pollution from High Industrial Businesses, which includes: Emissions / fumes of carbon Monoxide (CO), Nitrogen Oxides (NOx), Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), Sulfur Oxides (SOx), Total Suspended Particulate (TSP), Particulate Matter < 10 Microns (PM-10), Particulate Matter < 2.5 Microns (PM-2.5), and Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAP). The entirety of the cumulative pollution problem is concerning in the Mountain View area. The Community Who is Threatened: Mountain View is a residential and agricultural community located between the Rio Grande and I-25 south of Rio Bravo in southeast Albuquerque. It has consistently been invaded by polluting industries through policies of the City of Albuquerque and the County of Bernalillo. Our community is largely Spanish-speaking, low-income, and working class. Mountain View has been defined as a vulnerable environmental justice community by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). For several decades we have lived with the disproportionate burden of polluting industries compared to other more affluent neighborhoods. Mountain View is a predominantly “Hispanic” community of color. Many residents self-refer to themselves as Chicano or Mexicano. Community Concern: Our community is already disproportionately overburdened with polluting and toxic industries. We, the residents of Mountain View, and our supporters are concerned this NMTS hot mix asphalt batch plant may further negatively impact the health of our community members, because studies have shown that asphalt plants in general have significant health impacts. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) impact our health, and recent studies are finding many of these contribute to a growing pandemic of disease including Parkinson’s. We recognize that the continued, ongoing targeting of our low-income community of color with polluting industries by elected officials and regulatory agencies is a glaring example of environmental racism, and we will name it. Upcoming Hearing The ABQ / Bernalillo County Air Quality Control Board is holding a dispositive hearing, likely in late summer this year, that may include opportunities for public comment. We expect that the hearing will be held over Zoom due to COVID-19 safety precautions. Attorneys from the New Mexico Environmental Law Center are representing the co-petitioners: Mountain View Neighborhood Association, Mountain View Community Action, and Friends of Valle de Oro National Wildlife Refuge. More information about the hearing will be shared as it becomes available. What the Community is Asking For: We respectfully request the ABQ/Bernalillo County Air Quality Control Board to reverse the air permit that the Environmental Health Department issued for NMTS to build and operate a hot mix asphalt batch plant in Mountain View. We also want the City of Albuquerque to cease approving all permits for polluting industry in our already-overburdened neighborhood in Mountain View and to declare a moratorium on such permits. More information Contact: Nora Garcia, President of Mountain View Neighborhood Association, (505) 414-1621 Marla Painter, President, Mountain View Community Action, (505) 220-3969 Aryn LaBrake, Executive Director, Friends of Valle de Oro, (505) 750-3383 Photo by: Gabriela Campos
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  • Senate Bill 5141- Climate Justice Task Force
    While privileged communities get to drive through tree-lined neighborhoods, underserved communities are left with thick polluted air and chain linked fences, this is climate injustice. Senate bill 5141 will be implementing a climate justice task force, this will make sure everyone is protected from the climate crisis. The task force provided will take into account the health issues that come with climate change, for example, lung issues from inhaling poor air quality. Reducing environmental health inequities will keep hundreds of people safe and taken care of. The environmental health disparities map "shows pollution measures such as diesel emissions and ozone, as well as proximity to hazardous waste sites" (Washington State Department of Health). Senate Bill 5141 would have government officials refer to the map more to keep polluted areas of Washington under control, as well as keeping underserved communities safe. We need to ensure this bill gets passed so that all communities are protected and accounted for.
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  • Americans must get back to work with clean energy and care jobs! Congress must act.
    My name is Beth, I live in Ventnor, New Jersey, and I saw the impact of Superstorm Sandy first hand. My house had to be taken down, and I am still not home after 9 years. Very little has changed in Washington, but the climate crisis keeps getting worse. Just look at the heat waves and fires already spreading across much of the U.S. this summer. Our government is still doing too little about the rising sea levels, urgent need to cut pollution, and need to invest in renewable energy. I am genuinely frightened for the planet my grandchildren will inherit. Now, in the middle of a pandemic with our country facing several crises at once, it is clear that Congress must act. I and all signing this petition are calling on Congress to do just that—to act now, with urgency, to create good, union jobs, from clean energy jobs to jobs in the care sector to manufacturing jobs—and to ensure that all of those jobs do their part to reduce the fossil fuel pollution causing climate change. I and those signing this petition also call on Congress to make sure these investments include those who often have been excluded in the past—communities that have lost manufacturing jobs, low-income communities, communities of color, communities facing environmental harm, and fossil fuel communities impacted by the clean energy transition. Prior to Sandy I was like many others. I didn’t understand the reality of climate change until I experienced it. In the same way, how many people thought much about the impacts of a pandemic before Covid hit? Now I understand that this could be the new norm, dangerous pandemics and life-threatening climate disasters that could ruin our communities, unless we reimagine and recreate our economy and build a clean energy future. We need Congress to take action immediately to put Americans back to work in clean energy and care jobs! As an Independent that voted Republican in the past, many might have preconceived notions about what I stand for. But in reality, I believe we must have a country that works for everybody. Right now, I know that we need to come together for this transformational change and recovery. We need to stand together even if we don’t always agree. We need to find common ground especially when it comes to saving our communities, building a clean energy future and protecting our planet. We need to make sure we’re being equitable and everyone is included. And we need to ensure the money is spent wisely, with strong oversight to prevent waste. This goal is bigger than a political divide. This is the moment where we have to take immediate action to create jobs and reimagine the economy in a way that enables all of us to get back on our feet and is sustainable for the earth. Congress must be bold and act now!!
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  • Shut Down the Dakota Access Pipeline
    The Biden-Harris administration should be commended for its early focus on climate change, tribal sovereignty, and racial justice and equity, including its decision to stop the Keystone XL pipeline and nominate Rep. Deb Haaland to become Interior Secretary. We, the undersigned, respectfully urge President Biden and Vice President harris to reverse another harmful Trump Administration decision and immediately shut down the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) during its court-ordered environmental review. When Trump took office four years ago, he stopped the environmental review of the pipeline and fast-tracked it, disregarding serious environmental risks and trampling over Native American treaty rights & tribal consultation. In March 2020, the U.S. District Court ruled in favor of Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and several other tribes that DAPL is operating without the proper permits and necessary environmental review under the National Environmental Policy Act. In July, the Court ordered the pipeline shut down pending the environmental review. On January 27th this year, the U.S. Court of Appeals confirmed that the pipeline is operating illegally and gave the Biden-Harris Administration the authority to shut it down, and is asking the Biden-Harris Administration whether they intend to shut it down or allow it to operate illegally without a permit. We urge President Biden and Vice President harris to remedy this historic injustice and direct the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to immediately shut down the illegal Dakota Access Pipeline while the Environmental Impact Statement process is conducted, consistent with the D.C. District Court’s decision and order. Additionally, the U.S. Army Corps must ensure a robust environmental review with significant tribal consultation, tribal consent, and a thorough risk analysis. With real leadership, we have a momentous opportunity to protect our water and respect our environmental laws and the rights of Indigenous people. This is our moment. Mni Wiconi. Water is life.
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  • Defense Secretary Austin: Stop the construction of the new U.S. military base in Okinawa
    Right now, concrete is being dumped into sacred lands of the Okinawan people for the construction of a new U.S. military base. With over 800 military bases around the world already, the construction of another base is not only harming the Okinawan people but ramping up the threat of war. 2021 has to be the year we finally close the new base in Okinawa and begin a pathway towards peace in the Pacific — and we do that by closing down our foreign military bases and building up diplomacy. We’re in a unique, but narrow opportunity with President Biden in office to raise the alarms on this, and other, disastrous bases. That means we’ve got to jump into action and urge Defense Secretary Austin to stop the construction NOW — and we need your help in getting LOUD.
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  • We are the ones
    This is an unorthodox petition we're asking Pennsylvanians to sign. It comes in the wake of the decision of the Delaware River Basin Commission to vote to ban fracking in the basin. Governor Wolf is among the Commissioners who say in their resolution that they looked at the science and the on-the-ground impacts and concluded fracking is too dangerous to allow in the basin. When they looked at the science, they were looking data points that very often represent Pennsylvanians. When they looked at on-the-ground impacts, they were looking at the the impacts many Pennsylvanians are experiencing. We believe there should be no sacrifice zones. If fracking is too dangerous for those of us in the Delaware River Basin, it's too dangerous for Pennsylvanians everywhere. Signers' names of this petition will be delivered along with a letter containing the petition text we're delivering to Governor Wolf on April 13. It's not just the format of the letter that is out of the ordinary. We're asking people to sign with a brief description of the shale gas activities in their area and/or the impacts they have experienced. For those in areas of the state unaffected by fracking, we're asking them to add In Solidarity to their signatures. Please add your descriptions or statements of solidarity in the comments section so your signatures follow the same basic format of those of the signers of the letter.
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  • Save Mākaha Beach
    It's important to stop this project as this project creates more hazards to the community such as pedestrian safety, how will DOT ensure the safety of our Keiki when they walk to Mākaha Beach with a two-year construction site during the day and night? How are they suppose to walk through ditches while cars bypass them? With no Bikeways in place it doesn't contribute to Hawaii Transportation System, how are bicyclists suppose to train and or exercise? There is also a desire to restore ancient marshlands (muliwai) a culturally significant area where Ohana's are meant to come malama and gather, it'll be an outdoor classroom for all; if the water is restored we could raise fish to conserve the environment and reintroduce some endemic to this area which is O'opu, 'Ōpae, Anae, HawaiianDamselfly and other natural resources that are impacted by Kili Drive and the two bridges currently standing. The Master Plan is a much safer and smarter choice as it will take the bridges out of the flood zone and keep us safe from high surf, climate change, natural disasters, and the natural effects of beach erosion. It will also take away this straightaway route that is known for speeding and a lot of drunk driving, it'll also showcase the beauty of Mākaha with a more scenic route.
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    We service the marginalized families in the Red Hook Community and are commited to child safety. The decision to install the bus stop outside our school was in reckless disregard for the safety of our children. At NO TIME were we consulted or advised that a bus stop was being installed outside our school. We would have vociferously expressed our concerns. Since the installation of this bus stop, we have reached out to express our concerns. Sadly, this fell on deaf ears. We live in daily fear that someone will get hurt or WORSE because of the danger of the bus turning on our corner where parents cross the street to enter/leave our building. Also, many of our children leave our building when it is dark during the winter months. The children and families of the Red Hook houses deserve a safe environment like their counterparts in gentrified neighborhoods. As advocates for our families and community, we DEMAND that this bus stop is removed. Please help keep our children safe!!!
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  • Reestablish Federal Theatre Project
    President Biden's predecessor FDR signed the New Deal Legislation to bring the country out of Depression and also brought forth FEDERAL THEATRE. We the actors and artists are out of work and are in a similar situation comparable to the Depression era of 1930's with Covid 19 still hanging over our heads. All the theaters along with so many businesses are shut down. Actors and artists are out of work since the beginning of the Pandemic. FEDERAL THEATRE was a successful project and it created a new awareness among the public and work for all the actors and others that depend on theatre. An idea is a most powerful thing. And theatre is the place to nurture those ideas in these changing and rebuilding times. It is the Federal Theatre that gave opportunity to everyone to become an artist. And some of the most wonderful artists came out of that project, for instance, Arthur Miller, Orson Welles to name a couple. It's not just commercial theatre that only few people can afford to go. Federal Theatre is open for everyone and it is full of new ideas. It is time to restart this project again. Other Western countries have it in one form or the other of this theatre and they produce wonderful plays and create excellent artists. You need ART and a person can not live by bread alone. Coming out of Pandemic and being cooked up in self-containment in our apartments, it is essential to have a theatre to go to, that is cheap and affordable to everyone, not just for few. Moreover, It is good for the society and for everyone's mental health. Tell President Biden to publicly support this proposal and sign it as part of the New Stimulus legislation or a separate Executive Order from the White House.
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  • Dog Park in JP
    Jamaica Plain has grown in population over the last few years. As such, there are more folks and families living in our community. Though we have a large amount of open space, there is a not a designated place for dogs to roam and socialize. For folks without access to transportation, this raises equity issues and favors access to cars. We know the City of Boston would like to have a park within a 15 min walk from all folks, we would like a dog park within each neighborhood. We also know that there can be trauma or fear of and from dogs. Creating a space for dogs allows for all community members to use public space conscientiously and intentionally.
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