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To: Alderperson Angela Clay

Protect Public Park Spaces in Buena Park/46th Ward That Are Being Neglected

1. Clear park spaces along Marine Drive and public sidewalks under DLSD from tents, propane tanks, trash, portable toilets, chairs, fixtures, pallets, wood frames, appliances and any other debris within 24-hours of identification.
2. Enforce applicable codes and regulations, including Chicago Park District Chapter VII, Section B. 2., re: Park Hours and Injury to or Destruction of Park Property:
• “No person shall be or remain in any part of any park not fenced in or provided with gates, between the hours of 11:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. on the following day”
• “Homeless persons may keep only portable possessions with them … portable personal possessions do NOT include: non-air mattresses, potted plants, crates, large appliance boxes, carts, gurneys, wagons, or furniture, including, but not limited to, chairs, tables, couches, and bed frames”
• “No person shall in any park: destroy, cut, break, deface, mutilate, injure, disturb, sever from the ground or remove any sod, earth or growing thing including, but not limited to, any plant, flower, flower bed, shrub, tree, growth, or any branch, stem, fruit, or leaf thereof”
3. Respect school zones by enforcing laws that pertain to alcohol consumption, loitering, speeding, and illegal drug use.
4. Restore park areas along Marine Drive where tents have destroyed green space to date. Re-seed grass, re-plant trees, and install "No Loitering" signage.
5. Remove tents, bikes, chairs, mirrors, fixtures, pallets, wood frames, appliances, propane tanks, etc. within 24 hours of identification.
6. Provide weekly progress report via newsletter on action steps that refer to all points above.

Why is this important?

Between 2019 and 2024, the condition of the park spaces, particularly along Marine Drive between Irving Park Road and Wilson Avenue, have deteriorated significantly. Tent encampments have now overtaken public spaces; the homeless chase away concerned citizens and defecate between nearby parked cars. Large, grassy areas that were once beautiful have disappeared. Sidewalks are blocked underneath DLSD from an increased number of tents; the overall conditions have worsened and are inhumane.
Photo documentation has been provided to the Alderperson’s office that shows:
• Illegal drug sales and usage
• Illegal propane tanks which have led to several fires underneath DLSD
• Garbage and human waste in public areas
• Theft; e.g. materials removed from local businesses’ property
• Rodent infestation
Without action from Alderperson Clay, who is directly responsible for enforcing pre-established codes with the Chicago Parks Department and for activating requests with the Streets and Sanitation Department and the Department of Family and Social Services, the condition of public park spaces will continue to deteriorate. The number of encampments will spike in the forthcoming warmer months and continue through the remainder of the year. Our public park spaces should be responsibly protected to provide access for all residents. Illegal activity should not be allowed. The homeless should be re-housed rapidly and provided access to services, instead of being allowed to linger unlawfully, which prevents area residents and the public at large from enjoying easy access during designated hours to park spaces or to the lakefront via public sidewalks.

How it will be delivered

Please sign our petition and volunteer to support our mission. The petition will be delivered in person and via email to Alderperson Clay at an upcoming date. Stay tuned for updates.




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