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To: Congressman David Trone and Congressman Jonathan Jackson

Rep. David Trone says "Who cares about that little cemetery?" We Do and We Vote!

Photo by Kirt Morris on Unsplash

Congressman David Trone says "Who cares about that little cemetery (referring to Moses African Cemetery in Bethesda, Maryland.) Mr. Trone, We care and We vote! Our ancestors were murdered, raped, worked to death, disrespected and discounted as human beings. Yes, they were dumped in "little" cemeteries because of people who thought of them as less than human. You owe our community an apology! We care and We Vote!

Why is this important?

Why was Congressman Trone so dismissive, insulting and ignorant in his interaction with Dr. Marsha Adebayo at a recent MLK event. She asked to talk to him about the Bethesda Road Moses African Cemetery and efforts to reclaim the land to memorialize the lives of enslaved and post-emancipated African Community. Instead of engaging, he dismissed her with a wave of his hand and a turn of his back saying" who cares about that little cemetery?" I care about that "little Cemetery," and I don't care to have a person with David Trone's historical ignorance and dismissiveness towards African American struggles influencing our community. The people in the "little cemetery were human beings and they deserve respect. Most of those buried in the "little" cemetery were children who were kidnapped, raped, murdered and worked to death in Bethesda, Maryland. Why are we still debating whether Black Lives Matter? We need the community to speak out against Congressman Trone's statement.

David Mott - retired union organizer, Poor People's Campaign, Montgomery County


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