• Make Student Loan Payments 100% Tax Deductible!
    44 million hardworking Americans currently owe a total of $1.5 trillion in student loan debt. This is a financial crisis that, if not addressed, will be a driver of economic catastrophe for millions who are increasingly unable to pay down their student loan debt due to high interest loans. Student loan forgiveness is sorely needed, but in today’s politically divisive climate it is not likely to be passed. Americans struggling to pay off their student loan debt need some form of relief now, not later. What this proposal does is allow, at the very least, those who are repaying their student loans to have those payments deducted from their tax liability, 100%. This would provide much needed tax relief for millions of Americans who are struggling to pay down their student debt. Furthermore, this would also allow Americans with student loan debt to pay down their loans faster. The United States House of Representatives and the United States Senate should pass this measure immediately to provide economic relief to millions of Americans currently bogged down with student debt in the form of fair taxation.
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  • 10th Floor Rent Strike
    To 10th Floor Brokers, We represent a coalition of your current tenants and allies. We are writing this in light of the current COVID pandemic and how it has impacted all of our daily lives. We are politely requesting that in these uncertain times that rent payments for the month of April be cancelled, as the livelihoods of your tenants, our friends, family, and neighbors, are in flux. With this request, we also ask that payment notices, late fees, or other pressure to pay cease immediately. All of your tenants are doing their best to make it through this difficult time and are staying home to keep all of us safe. Our ability to protect ourselves, our loved ones, and our community should not be put in peril due to job loss caused by this crisis. We want to work with you as partners to ensure safe and secure housing for all of our neighbors. To that end, drastic and widespread changes will be needed to your maintenance schedules. Several buildings you manage have long-standing issues of pests, mold, electrical issues, leaky pipes, flooded basements, and the like. We collectively require that all issues and all buildings be fixed - issues within common areas to be fixed immediately, and issues within individual units to be fixed once the State’s “Stay at Home” order is lifted. We also request that any time you plan to enter a unit that you provide 24 hours notice and get confirmation prior to entering the unit. Beyond the scope of us as renters, this is also a general protest. We invite you to stand with us. If your bills are not able to be paid because of quarantine, we invite you to protest those bills as well. We believe systemic change is needed and this is one path for all of us to reach for that. Stand with us in our stand for healthcare for every person in America. It is needed now more than ever. Just as lives will be ruined by landlords who try to harass and evict during a pandemic, lives will also be ruined by crushing medical debt brought on by a widespread illness. Thank you for considering these items. God bless.
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  • We Demand a Global Ceasefire
    None of us have ever seen anything like the coronavirus crisis. The whole world, all at once, has been brought to its knees, is shut down, and individual governments are working, sometimes together, to defeat the global pandemic. Most of the news right now is soul crushing, but it’s also heartening to see so many people doing things big and small to try and make it through this. Because the truth is, it’s going to take all of us, everywhere, doing our part. That’s what every doctor, every scientist, and every public health official is telling us. Yet in far too many corners of the world, some of us are still trying to kill one another on the battlefield. And we are seeing before how the military-first approach responds to global health crises — it deprioritizes human needs. So let’s do something BIG. Add your name NOW and join the chorus for peace and tell U.S. leaders that YOU support a global ceasefire!
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  • Expand Stay at Home Order to Include Mutual Aid in Durham, NC
    Mutual aid is defined as a voluntary reciprocal exchange of resources and services. There are already several mutual aid efforts underway, both neighborhood-based and citywide. They are decentralized by necessity, and the organizers are conscious and cautious around the need to practice social distancing and follow safety and health protocols as recommended by the CDC. We would invite the city and county to participate in our collective thinking around making mutual aid safe in this time. Durham has precedent for effective, widespread efforts at mutual aid in times of crisis, including recent successful efforts to get emergency supplies to victims of Hurricane Florence in 2018. Durham was an epicenter of the organizing that led to airdropping shipments of supplies to affected areas, making necessities more accessible, and more quickly, than many official sources of support including cities, counties, and the Red Cross. In addition to our request to protect mutual aid efforts, we fully support the recent call to reduce community harm by rejecting policing and carceral responses to this pandemic. We are also heavily conscious of the real danger of the coronavirus to people incarcerated in the Durham County Jail. We therefore demand that everyone who wants to be released from the jail be allowed to do so immediately, and that the County provide appropriate wellness and safety provisions for those who choose to remain. Mutual aid efforts in Durham are not situated to do casework, but are interested in helping to support the release of prisoners through neighborhood-based mutual aid. The spirit of the Community Safety and Wellness Task Force was to create community systems of care. Even in a time of crisis when we’re encouraged to do social distancing, we can have solidarity even beyond the confines of our families and neighborhoods. Please join us in this collective effort at solidarity by recognizing mutual aid and freeing our incarcerated community members in the jail. Signed, Danielle Purifoy, Mab Segrest & Lewis Wallace Petition Signers: Danielle Purifoy Mab Segrest Lewis Raven Wallace Jesa Rae Richards Faith Holsaert Quisha Mallette Giuliana Morales Catherine Edgerton Hideo Higashibaba Billy Dee Devohn Phillips Fern Hickey Maryam Arain Meghan McDowell China Medel Grace Nichols AJ Williams sumi dutta Beau Cromartie Beth Brockman Anne Wells Leilani Dowell Isaac Villegas Maya Washington Jatoia Potts Kelly Creedon Annie Segrest Andrew Meeker Aman Aberra Eli Meyerhoff Allison Swaim Winston Torrance Jake Stanley Sammy Truong Helen Cane Alejandra Mejia Konstantin Bakhurin Sandra Korn Hannah Ball-Damberg Gann Herman Jeremy Purser Alexandra Chass Ellie Pate Anita Simha Vicki Ryder Tracy S. Feldman Latasha Watts Tracie Minor Links: Durham Mutual Aid guide to neighborhood organizing: https://docs.google.com/document/d/10VpieQKeJtsz7suGs0PWCHuFq2y-YVn_6VRnWSVeWMY/edit?fbclid=IwAR3nZIx61Eu5Ac0eLOn2BynH9uUio7faFLoy6iOrxOoRPUGe0asKUtLbNbA#heading=h.4l4cdle0d8sa Durham Mutual Aid Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/durhammutualaid/ Proposal for a Community Led Safety and Wellness Task Force: http://durhambeyondpolicing.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/Durham-Beyond-Policing-Budget-Proposal-2019-2020.pdf Durham Mayor Pro Tem Memo, “Durham Community Safety and Wellness Task Force,’ https://cityordinances.durhamnc.gov/OnBaseAgendaOnline/Documents/ViewDocument/Final-Published%20Attachment%20-%2013824%20-%20MEMO%20-%20MEMO%20-%203_2_2020.pdf?meetingId=369&documentType=Agenda&itemId=15078&publishId=64804&isSection=false This includes: “Task Force Objectives: ● Conduct a comprehensive review of existing institutional and community-based public safety and wellness resources. Identify community safety needs that are not currently being served and provide recommendations for how to add new resources to fill these gaps.” Mutual Aid Coverage: https://www.scalawagmagazine.org/2020/03/covid19-community-aid/ The End Money Bail Act https://www.dataforprogress.org/end-money-bail.
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  • No Chase Overdraft Fees during Pandemic
    People are out of work and are waiting for the Federal Government to pass legislation that would put a limited amount of money in their pockets even less for those with lower incomes. I recently overdrew my account due to extra expenses for preparing for NY/CT "Stay at home" order and having started a new job. Chase charged two overdraft fees for $68.00. In this time of unprecedented crisis Chase bank must do their part to ease the financial strain of this pandemic for their customers. They were bailed out in 2008 from taxpayers pockets and again will reap the reward of the 2+ trillion dollar stimulus package which favors banks and large corporations. Senator Porter, in a congressional hearing with Jaime Diamond showed a chart of what the average teller makes at Chase if she were a single mother with a child. With her salary she still fell $564.00 dollars short of her monthly expenses. When asked what Mr. Diamond would do about, he said "I will have to look into that". Chase bank can absorb the financial loss of suspending overdraft fees until the economy rebounds.
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    Created by Wendy Van Buren
  • Gov. Cuomo: Stop exploiting incarcerated labor for the production of hand sanitizer.
    In an effort to stop the spread of COVID-19, New York Gov. Cuomo is exploiting the forced labor of incarcerated people to make hand sanitizer but is doing nothing to protect them. In his proud announcement that Corcraft, a state-run corporation operating in state prisons, is manufacturing hand sanitizer scented like a "very nice floral bouquet," he casually left out the fact that the people work for Corcraft are paid less than one dollar per day. And to add insult, people in prison may not even be able to use the hand sanitizer themselves because, according to the Department of Corrections and Community Supervision, anything with alcohol content is contraband.  The virus has already made its way into jails and prisons across the state and is wreaking havoc. Riker's Island has at least 40+ cases, an employee at Sing Sing prison tested positive, and the first incarcerated person to test positive is at Long Island county jail. And these are just the cases we know of. Incarcerated people need protection, not exploitation! People locked in prisons deserve safety and wellness just as much as every other New Yorker. Yet, instead of ensuring that, Cuomo has been doing everything to treat incarcerated people with complete disdain -- undeserving of basic rights and human dignity. He has refused to take up the vast majority of clemency petitions and expand parole and medical release for elderly incarcerated people personally blocked the passage of the HALT Solitary Confinement Act, allowed New York State to continue to operate under a Jim Crow-era voting law that prohibits incarcerated people from voting, and is currently championing rollbacks to recently enacted bail reforms that would expand the jail population.  Prisons and jails are places where a vulnerable population is forced into close quarters, healthcare is poor, and access to soap, sanitizer, toilet paper is limited at best. Inside a prison or jail, it is near impossible to contain an outbreak of infectious disease. This puts both incarcerated people and the people who work in jails at health risk.  We need your support to make sure Cuomo hears this message loud and clear. People locked in prisons and jails are extremely vulnerable in times like this--but with the power of people like you, we can ensure that they aren't forgotten nor exploited. Sign the petition.
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  • Enact Long-term Covid-19 Pandemic Planning
    In light of the Covid-19 Pandemic, most of our leaders within the United States are providing best case scenarios of how long it will take for the virus to "wash through" the United States and the world. Although reasonable best case scenarios say it could last as short as three months within the United States (Pentagon), we could be facing many months of the virus with potential stay-at-home orders occurring across the country during that time frame. In the 1918 flu pandemic, we had an outbreak in the Spring, the Fall, and again in the Winter. We could be facing the possibility of social distancing and stay-at-home orders for over a year. Estimates of when a vaccine will be available are at approximately 18 months. We can hope for the best, but we should also expect and plan for large volumes of infected throughout the duration of that time frame, even longer. We should expect that our hospitals will become overwhelmed repeatedly with waves of outbreaks. The thought that the virus will go away within a matter of a couple of months is something that we shouldn't even be considering, let alone expecting. While we are presently verbally encouraged to stay at home, many of our institutions promote programs that regularly involve daily face-to-face interactions. Aside from also supporting essential services, we should also consider effectively planing and enacting legislation for incentives for both non-profit and private online businesses, employment and education programs. Doing this is essential for the long-term well-being of our country.
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  • Moratorium on Rent, utilities and bankruptcy and garnishment payments
    Due to COVID-19, there is an overwhelming amount of unemployment, benefits, food and personal and household necessities. Help needed for travel expenses to those workers who are still on the front line during these devastating times to help America and Wisconsinites become and stay healthy.
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  • Halt All Evictions, Repossessions, Foreclosures, and Utility Shut-offs in Alaska
    We are tenants, workers, poor and marginalized people, young and old. We applaud the efforts and initiative taken thus far by Governor Dunleavy, the Alaska Legislature, the Municipality of Anchorage, the Alaska Judiciary, and various utility companies to mitigate the economic and public health impacts amid the COVID-19 pandemic. However, we believe further measures must be taken to properly address the severity of the crisis we are in. With COVID-19, we are already seeing unprecedented economic impacts around the world and here in Alaska. People are being laid off or experiencing loss of hours or wages as we are being asked to self-isolate during this time, and all schools and non-essential businesses are closing for the safety of our community. If we hope to contain the virus and flatten the curve, no one should lose their home during this crisis. Everyone must have access to food, shelter, electricity, heat, information, and clean water throughout this pandemic. While COVID-19 created this growing humanitarian crisis, the reality is that many of us have been living in crisis even before this pandemic. Multitudes of tenants are already incapable of paying next month’s rent and bills, and inaction from our elected officials will exacerbate these circumstances. If our government fails to act on the solutions proposed, we call on all tenants to resist evictions, and organize to withhold their rent payments for the entirety of the crisis and use their limited resources on the necessities—such as groceries, prescriptions, diapers, and mental health services—to maintain the well-being of themselves and their communities. We are committed to protecting everyone’s right to stay in their homes and not face evictions as we collectively take on the impacts of this crisis.
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    The spread of Covid 19 is still rising at an ever increasing pace across the country. We are nowhere near the peak of this outbreak. Prematurely removing the controls now in place will be disastrous and result in a far greater spread of the desease, with far greater numbers of deaths. And that will have an even greater negative impact on the economy as well. PLEASE SHARE THIS WITH AS MANY PEOPLE AS YOU CAN. THANK YOU.
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    Created by John Orabone
  • Urge the YMCA to provide PAID-LEAVE for NON-WORKING employees and HAZARD PAY for WORKING EMPLOYEES
    Well over half of all employees' hours have been cut or completely gutted during the pandemic. Many have openly cited concerns regarding paying monthly rent and bills, working through rigorous protocols in at-risk conditions, and lack of efficiency and communication from YMCA-CW administration. Receiving hazard pay and paid leave are the only equitable solutions right now. Paid-Time Leave for all employees who are not being scheduled: Due to COVID-19, employees have lost work hours and are not given paid-time leave. Our licensing has changed protocol and has resulted in very few employees being scheduled. We are being forced to use our PTO when many of us have little or no PTO to use. The YMCA is refusing to support their employees with paid-time leave in this uncertain time. Many of us have built relationships with our co-workers, program families, and other peers at our sites. We should be able to feel secure that we will not be put in a position that can potentially affect us in our return to work. We are being expected to wait until the pandemic plays out with no pay. Although we are highly trained and experienced, we simply cannot afford to continue with the YMCA unless we receive a living wage. Hazard Pay for all employees that are working regardless of position or location: In order to keep everyone safe, there are additional and significantly more rigorous protocols employees must now take to protect the health of everyone in the program. Not only are we caring for the children, but we’re also rigorously cleaning and sanitizing. While we are happy to help the families of first responders, emergency workers, healthcare professionals, and other families - this is still a large and uncertain risk and is putting the lives of employees, their loved ones, and everyone they come in contact with in danger while risking their health and overall well-being. It is our job to care for these families, and we want to do it the best we can with extra support. The YMCA has 5 core values: caring, honesty, respect, inclusion, and responsibility. Please help YMCA employees urge CEOs Tyler Wright and Kevin Washington to publicly support this petition and give their staff Paid-time leave and Hazard Pay. YMCA employees dedicate their physical and emotional labor caring for the well being of others. If we are not financially stable or physically in good health, it will be more difficult to do so. We deserve stability and good livelihood, not marginalization. Many companies have taken care of their employees during this hard time, and YMCA is a very well known nonprofit alongside these businesses (Starbucks, Willamette Dental, New Seasons, Home Forward, Vision Works, and Target to name a few). We are ready to see YMCA on this list. It's time to live up to the core values and show their employees that they care and will support their employees. Are you with us? -Simrat Mann, Maria Vu, Tullia Fusco, Faith Lao, Daniel A. Zepeda, Mike White, and Nayantara A. Johnson.
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  • Child care could be gone because of coronavirus! #FundChildCare
    Access to child care is in crisis right now and possibly far into the future with disastrous consequences. Parents unable to make copayments due to loss of income. Providers who are in a real and present danger of closing permanently without financial relief. Emergency workers who can’t access much needed child care. Something has to be done. As a nation, we are on the verge of losing more than half (yes you read that right - MORE THAN HALF) of our child care programs in the next week IF there isn’t significant public investment and support. There are over 2 million paid providers and educators in the U.S., and we cannot afford to lose them! Without child care, frontline workers won't be able to continue doing their essential jobs and, as we emerge from this crisis, we may find there is no child care system to return to as families go back to work and school. Providers who are open are struggling without support for public health training, and working in hazardous conditions for long hours. We need to support them in their critical role in our public health infrastructure. And families -- including frontline workers -- shouldn't have to worry about how they will afford child care in this time. SIGN NOW to urge Congress to provide at least $50 billion in child care funding to ensure the stability of our child care system so parents and caregivers have child care to return to when this crisis is over!
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