• It's time to #PassPaidLeave for all!
    The United States is one of only six remaining countries in the world with no guaranteed form of paid leave. Just 25 percent of workers in the entire country have access to paid family leave through their jobs. And here in America, one in four people who have given birth returned to work within two weeks—bleeding, sleep-deprived, and often still injured. There is a human cost to the lack of paid leave, and families are paying for it. Women and caregivers lift up our economy, which also disproportionately relies on the undervalued labor of women of color. Passing paid leave and care policies would yield millions of jobs, billions in wages, and trillions in GDP. It would reduce turnover costs, retain talented workers, and allow employers and small businesses to be more competitive. It would keep working people in their jobs and families afloat.
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    Created by Sarah Manasrah
  • Netflix: Stop the corporate greed, stop raising prices, NOW!
    Netflix’s newest price increase follows its unpopular and restrictive policy change regarding password sharing, requiring customers to pay an extra $7.99 to share their password with someone outside of their household. Netflix needs to know that consumers have the power—and we're not going to allow them get rich while they slash services and raise costs. The reality is, when one streaming giant like Netflix raises its prices, the others often follow. Disney+, Hulu, Apple TV+, Discovery+, and AMC+ are also raising prices on some of their monthly subscriptions. It’s unacceptable. Over the years, many people have ended their traditional cable TV contracts and migrated to streaming services, but the price hikes on these services are quickly becoming unsustainable. Netflix must stop the price hikes, NOW. Netflix is implementing a price hike despite anticipating 5 BILLION dollars in free cash flow, partly due to writers and actors going on strike because Netflix and other streaming giants were refusing to offer them a fair contract. So essentially, writers and actors with the Writers Guild of America (WGA) and Screen Actors Guild (SAG-AFTRA) went months without work or pay while Netflix got richer. It’s corporate greed on the backs of writers, actors, production staff, and Netflix subscribers, plain and simple. It must end. The massive wealth inequality that we see between the ultrawealthy and everyday working people is reflected in the entertainment industry too. Streaming companies like Netflix make BILLIONS of dollars in corporate profits each year and pay top executives hundreds of MILLIONS of dollars combined, while exploiting writers, actors, production staff, and streaming subscribers. This is one of the many reasons why we have to come together to stop these price hikes. Add your name to the petition, and then send it to three friends to spread the word!
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  • Investigate ExxonMobil Acquisition and Stop Big Oil From Getting Bigger!
    A majority of the people in the United States are concerned about climate change as a “major threat” to our country. The U.N.'s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change reported that about 70% of global greenhouse gas emissions are from burning fossil fuels—yet Big Oil continues to prioritize profits over our planet's future. ExxonMobil spreads disinformation and denies climate change to cover up Big Oil’s complicity. A former Exxon chief executive even said, “I’m not convinced that the earth is warming at all.” Allowing Big Oil to get even bigger is a threat to our climate, democracy, and future. Our government has a responsibility to rein in mergers and acquisitions like this to prevent monopolies and prioritize people. We must prevent this dangerous takeover and protect our interests. Let Big Oil know that we are watching. Launch an investigation ASAP!
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    Created by Aliya Khan
  • Stop this outrageous Paxlovid increase, end Big Pharma greed!
    Paxlovid saves lives. And Pfizer is jacking up its price. Pfizer just announced it’s going to nearly triple the price of the antiviral COVID drug that can help reduce symptoms, prevent hospitalizations, and save lives.1 Pfizer executives are prioritizing profits over patients. This is Big Pharma greed, plain and simple. Pfizer’s CEO doesn’t need any more millions — he made $33 million in 2022,2 while so many Americans struggle to pay for the prescription drugs they need to survive. We must let President Biden know this is unacceptable. Sign the petition: Tell President Biden to stop the corporate profiteering off of COVID treatments by guaranteeing access to all Americans. Paxlovid costs $13 to make. Pfizer is going to sell it for $1,400.3 That’s a 10,000% price markup. Drug corporations are making massive profits on medicine people need to survive. Pfizer became the first ever Pharma company to bring in $100 billion in revenue. That’s right, $100 billion.4 While everyday Americans are struggling to afford medications, Pfizer executives are getting richer and richer. Big Pharma will always want to maximize profits. Big Pharma executives will always want fat bonuses. That's why President Biden must step in. Add your name: Stop this outrageous Paxlovid increase, end Big Pharma greed! Sources: MSNBC, “The estimated production cost of Paxlovid: $13. Its new list price: $1400,” October 23, 2023. Fierce Pharma, “Coming and going paid off for biopharma CEOs in 2022,” July 27, 2023. MSNBC, “The estimated production cost of Paxlovid: $13. Its new list price: $1400,” October 23, 2023. Fierce Pharma, “Coming and going paid off for biopharma CEOs in 2022,” July 27, 2023.
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    Created by Demand Progress
  • Amazon can afford to pay, but only will if we make it
    During the COVID-19 pandemic, Amazon became a trillion-dollar corporation, with Bezos becoming the first person in history to amass $200 billion in personal wealth. Meanwhile, Amazon warehouse workers risked their lives as essential workers and only briefly received an increase in pay. Now, we're demanding Amazon pay its fair share to workers, communities, and the planet. Sign the petition to join workers, activists, and citizens from across the globe coming together to Make Amazon Pay its workers fairly, pay for its impact on the environment, and pay its taxes. Together, we'll demand Amazon and lawmakers implement policies to improve the workplace, provide job security, respect workers, operate sustainably, and pay back to society.
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  • Your comments are needed to support critical new DOL H-2A regulations
    In September, the Department of Labor (DOL) proposed new regulations for the H-2A guest worker program that would reduce abuse, exploitation and trafficking of farm workers. Transparency and accountability in the H-2A program will in turn improve the wages and working conditions of US workers. The 327 pages of complex regulations by the Biden administration would improve the lives of the hard working men and women who harvest our food and reflect the recommendations that the farm worker movement have been making for years. The public comment period will be open until November 14th. Please help us do all we can to make sure these changed regulations go into effect by sending your email to make sure the final regulations are as strong as possible and improve workers' conditions, wages, and ability to organize. The proposed DOL regulations would improve conditions for H-2A farm workers by: * Strengthening workers' right to advocate, form a union & have key services in employer-provided housing * Protecting workers from unjust firing, retaliation, and other violations by employers * Prohibiting employers from confiscating travel documents to prevent human trafficking * Targeting unlawful fees, fraud, and other abuse in the recruitment and hiring of workers These changes are urgently needed. Just last year, a federal investigation uncovered how H-2A employers ran a human trafficking ring, described by prosecutors as "modern day slavery" in Florida, Texas, and Georgia. In Utah, the former President of the Utah Farm Bureau is now subject to a human trafficking investigation after physically assaulting H-2A workers on his farm. Wage theft, abuse and exploitation are commonplace in the H-2A program and displace US workers while employers profit. This can't keep happening. The current system is broken and oversight is urgently needed and the regulations must be changed. Take action to send us your comments, add a personalized comment on the box on the share page and we can submit them en masse and save you the difficulty of navigating through the government website.
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    Created by United Farm Workers UFW
  • Protect and Empower Organized Labor from Corporations' Attacks!
    More Americans are recognizing the critical role of unions in advancing workers’ rights and how the power of collective bargaining ensures that the economy works for everyone. Thanks to organized labor, UPS workers won wage increases and an end to forced overtime and the tiered pay system this year. Amazon workers in Staten Island voted to form Amazon’s first-ever union despite Amazon’s threats and intimidation tactics. Now, as United Autoworkers head into their second month of striking, we’re seeing the Big Three automakers being pressured to give their workers fair contracts after historic profits. Organized labor has created benefits all Americans enjoy today, including the eight-hour work day, anti-discrimination legislation, employer-based health coverage, safer working conditions, and many other policies which protect American workers. We know that when we support labor unions, we’re supporting the everyday Americans and communities who are vital to our economic well-being. These historic strikes, with public support, have made negotiations at the bargaining table possible. Now’s the time to affirm our solidarity with the workers who uplift our economy!
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  • Don’t make Jim Jordan Speaker of the House
    Our institutions, and quite frankly, just general normalcy are at stake. Chaos will ensue if MAGA leaders like Jordan or Scalise get picked as Speaker of the House and extremists likeMatt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene will only be emboldened. As the GOP circus continues, the American people are the ones who will continue paying the price for their chaos, as House Republicans continue to avoid governing and advancing progress. Sources: 1. "Freedom Caucus likely to play a bigger role in new GOP-led House. So who are they?" Pew Research Center, January 23, 2023 https://www.pewresearch.org/short-reads/2023/01/23/freedom-caucus-likely-to-play-a-bigger-role-in-new-gop-led-house-so-who-are-they/ 2. "Jim Jordan's rapid rise has been cheered by Trump and the far right. Could it soon make him speaker?" ABC News, October 16, 2023 https://abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory/jim-jordans-rapid-rise-cheered-trump-make-speaker-104002789 3. "Jim Jordan U.S. Representative from Ohio," GLAAD, October 6, 2023 https://glaad.org/gap/jim-jordan/
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  • Look Twice, Save a Life
    No one should have to bury their loved ones because of someone else’s lack of concern.
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    Created by Justyna Micun
  • ADD MY NAME: Say NO to HOA House Thieves!
    Housing can be a particularly cruel method of racial oppression and Home Owner Associations (HOAs) are often the tool. Green Valley Ranch HOA -- and many other HOAs -- have far too much power over residents and are motivated entirely by profit, often on the backs of low income people of color looking for the American dream of owning their first home. HOAs should never restrict anybody's right to shelter. Nowhere is this more clear than in Denver at the Green Valley Ranch properties. We can stop Green Valley Ranch and other HOAs by joining together and making change on the local, state and national level. The Redress Movement works in deep partnership with local communities to repair the harm caused by intentional policies to segregate communities and we do our work by educating, mobilizing, shifting the narrative, and winning redress victories. Our starting point is housing but we work in solidarity with others who are facing the facts of history, redressing harms of the past, and healing our nation by dismantling the barriers that divide us.
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    Created by Sumner Bright
  • End Merch Cuts Nationwide for Artists and Fans
    This week, Live Nation announced it would stop taking merch cuts at some of its venues. While it’s a start, there are nearly 100 Live Nation venues this does not apply to and many, many more venues nationwide owned and operated by other companies. Every venue and promoter must follow suit. Venues and promoters—often one and the same, given Live Nation’s effective monopoly on the live music industry—do not design, manufacture, ship, transport, load, or unload, and in most cases sell an artist’s or band’s merchandise. Fans are already price-gouged by junk fees on ticket sales. Taking a cut of merchandise sales from artists not only drives up the cost of merchandise for fans, it also creates a situation for musicians where making ends meet is even more difficult in an already predatory industry. These cuts have such a negative impact on some artists, they are forced to consider leaving the industry altogether because they cannot afford to continue with their careers. The fans come to the venues for the artists, not for the venue owner or promoter. They buy merchandise to support the musicians they love, not because they’re fans of a corporation. Their money should go directly, and entirely, to the artists.
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    Created by Laura Jane Grace
  • Make polluters pay: Sue Big Oil to hold them accountable for their climate crimes NOW!
    Our neighbors are losing their homes, and sometimes even their lives, to fires, floods, and extreme heat. Cities and states are spending billions to respond to non stop climate disasters and extreme weather events. But instead of paying their fair share for the damage they’ve caused, fossil fuel companies continue to rake in massive profits at our expense. It’s time to make polluters pay for the damage they’ve done. There’s now a growing global effort to use our legal process to hold Big Oil accountable for their climate disinformation and the damage they’re doing. Cases in South Africa, the Netherlands, the United States, and beyond are already making their way through the courts. Together, we can build a global movement that supports these lawsuits and other mechanisms to hold Big Oil accountable. These lawsuits aren’t a solution to the climate crisis – we need governments to do their part – but they’re a powerful tool for us to finally hold this industry accountable. Join us and sign the petition.
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