• Vice President Joe Biden: We Need Your Voice
    Vice President Biden: As the presumptive Democratic nominee for president, you have the opportunity to address the American people during this time of fear & uncertainty. Unfortunately, you appear to have gone MIA. We the people need to hear from you. We need to know that you are with us, that you understand the pain we are living with everyday. That you are fighting for us. That is the Joe we voted for, not absent Joe. We have come through a contentious political process to arrive at this moment. You can help bring Democrats together & reach out to other voters if only you choose to do so. We understand that you are in a difficult position. You cannot appear to be using COVID-19 to benefit your campaign. However, you need to show that you stand with us. We need a leader now more than ever. Are you that leader? Your signature https://m.facebook.com/joebiden/ Email: go.joebiden.com/page/s/contact-us Phone: (202) 456-1111
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  • Shelter in Place in the State of Florida & Social Distancing
    The virus spreads too fast; we have many people who are 65 and over here in Florida who are vulnerable as well as it seems to be all age groups. There is lack of social distancing being enforced or mandated. We are not lazy, we are hard working Americans and tax payers. We want to work but we need to survive this first in order to get back to work! All lives matter! Many of us do not have the luxury to run to our summer cottages! It will be another New York or Italy if the governor does not support our requests. Even Collier county doctors are making this request. If too many people die, who will be able to work? Not to mention how many lives and loved ones will be lost.
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    Created by Brenda Schlueter
  • NY Release People Incarcerated for Technical Violations
    Inmates are in very close quarters, visits are being suspended at all State prisons, inmates have relatively inadequate healthcare, and suppliers, like Walmart, are now refusing to deliver food and care packages to inmates. This greatly reduces the ability of family members to care for their incarcerated loved ones on their own. There is a petition circulating asking the Governor to release the elderly, pregnant women, and those with a compromised immune system. We started this petition because we believe that inmates who are there for simple technical violations should be included. A technical violation is when a parolee does not meet a condition of their parole but also DOES NOT commit a crime. These are things like failing to report for a scheduled visit, missing a curfew, or failure to gain employment. Releasing inmates who are locked up for non-criminal technical violations would help reduce the load on valuable resources New York State needs now to fight this pandemic, to protect the wellbeing of inmates who cannot be released and allow these inmates to return home and care for their family members during this trying time. Ohio was the first to release inmates due to COVID-19 concerns and we know you like to lead the way on innovative solutions to challenging modern problems. Please, Governor Cuomo, release parolees who have been incarcerated for technical violations due to COVID-19 concerns.
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    The spread of Covid 19 is still rising at an ever increasing pace across the country. We are nowhere near the peak of this outbreak. Prematurely removing the controls now in place will be disastrous and result in a far greater spread of the desease, with far greater numbers of deaths. And that will have an even greater negative impact on the economy as well. PLEASE SHARE THIS WITH AS MANY PEOPLE AS YOU CAN. THANK YOU.
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  • Child care could be gone because of coronavirus! #FundChildCare
    Access to child care is in crisis right now and possibly far into the future with disastrous consequences. Parents unable to make copayments due to loss of income. Providers who are in a real and present danger of closing permanently without financial relief. Emergency workers who can’t access much needed child care. Something has to be done. As a nation, we are on the verge of losing more than half (yes you read that right - MORE THAN HALF) of our child care programs in the next week IF there isn’t significant public investment and support. There are over 2 million paid providers and educators in the U.S., and we cannot afford to lose them! Without child care, frontline workers won't be able to continue doing their essential jobs and, as we emerge from this crisis, we may find there is no child care system to return to as families go back to work and school. Providers who are open are struggling without support for public health training, and working in hazardous conditions for long hours. We need to support them in their critical role in our public health infrastructure. And families -- including frontline workers -- shouldn't have to worry about how they will afford child care in this time. SIGN NOW to urge Congress to provide at least $50 billion in child care funding to ensure the stability of our child care system so parents and caregivers have child care to return to when this crisis is over!
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  • Provide adequate support for small businesses shut down due to COVID-19
    Many of us are the only providers for our families. Many of us are sole-proprietors and can’t even qualify for unemployment benefits. We have to furnish our own medical insurance, and if we can not run our business we cannot pay for our medical expenses either. We are in the worst possible situation here. Madam Speaker, we are so proud of what you are trying to do for America. Please, do not leave small businesses in the lurch. When all of this is over who will cut your hair, who will launder your clothes, who will treat your aches and pains and soothe your worries? People like us. Please, remember us when you are fighting for the Disaster Relief measures on the house floor and in Senate.
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    Created by Anya Yudin-Baehrle
  • Honor Kenny Rogers
    Kenny Rogers had appeared in a GEICO commercial and thus deserves for the company to pay tribute to him.
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  • ALL Poor People Must Qualify for Financial Relief During the Coronavirus Pandemic
    All of us have added expenses during the Coronavirus Pandemic. No one is immune or exempt. Without added income, we cannot pay our rent, stock up on food and supplies, purchase medication, or pay our bills. It is not just those out of work or who make between $12,500 and $75,000 that are suffering. We need to give *all* residents in our country the best chance at survival we can and reduce the potential impact on our economy and healthcare system by continuing to force people to find work and the means to survive, spreading the virus further and prolonging the impact of the pandemic. If we exempt people from government-provided financial relief, then we are putting their lives at risk. Our goal should be to save as many people as possible. NO POOR PERSON SHOULD BE EXEMPT! We should *all* qualify for the government help we need to survive and thrive.
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    Created by Amanda Siebe
  • End the COVID-19 Public Health Hazard in Federal Prisons
    Like people across the U.S., I have a loved one who is incarcerated in federal prison. We miss him. And with the spread of COVID-19, we worry. Whatever view you have of prisons, no one should be sentenced to die from COVID-19. Our loved one, like other inmates, can't practice COVID-19 safety protocols, such as social distancing, regular hand washing, and rigorous hygiene. He shares a cell that is 7 X 8 feet, with bunk bed and lockers taking up much of that space. In his unit, 130 people share 6 showers, 4 toilets, 4 urinals, and 9 bathroom sinks. When prisoners' risk of exposure increases, so do the risks for staff, who come and go from the prison, and the wider community who interacts with those staff. Financial pressures also increase for families, prisons, the healthcare system, and the economy at large. Because of these credible risks, state and county facilities, as well as correctional institutions in other countries, are reducing their prison populations. It's time for the U.S. Bureau of Prisons to do the same. Please tell our U.S. Senators and Representatives to direct the BOP to adopt comprehensive safety protocols immediately. The protocols should release inmates who have limited time remaining on their sentences and have a minimum Recidivism Risk Level assessment; if need be, they could be placed on home confinement via GPS monitoring and could shelter in place. Bringing inmates, like our loved one, home right now would reduce the risks to everyone. It would also bring our family together during this stressful time. In times like these, we need each other. Will you sign this petition and help us all?
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  • Stop construction work for coronavirus
    We should be just as important to protect. We are out in public and in buildings with many other workers and trade to a point where social distancing is nearly impossible. Also the shortage of PPE is another fact. Whatever is available, companies should keep workers home and donate what they have available to hospitals, etc. If we want to stop the spread, only hospitals, food, and supply stores should remain active at this critical time. Do this and minimize the spread even more. We have families to go home to and we shouldn't be forced to work unless it benefits hospitals, food, or supply stores.
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  • Immediate Release of National Protective Equipment Stockpiles to Hospitals
    If the health care providers get sick the capacity to deliver medical care collapses and many thousands will die. IMMEDIATE release of supplies is required as hospitals are already facing large numbers of infected patients and are running out of protective equipment. Staff exposures now means loss of health care capacity later when then the patient numbers will be even higher. Releasing equipment after medical care providers have been exposed is too late; then the future loss of medical care providers will be imminent.
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  • APD is NOT Taking Coronavirus Seriously!!!
    I am the fiancé of an employee of APD (Albuquerque Police Department) and have had to see my partner be forced to go into work even though the rest of city employees are safe and secure in their homes. Their reasoning: "if you can't work from home, you must come into work." This, which goes against all recommendations, is their stance to force non-essential individuals to go to work and ignore anything related to COVID-19. Along with that stance, they are threatening people's jobs by indicating if they do not comply they will be disciplined up to the point of termination. And, the distance between employees in various areas are not 6ft apart. During the middle of the week of March 16, 2020 I was informed that a person tested positive for COVID-19 inside the building I work in. A single floor building with close cubicles, one bathroom per gender, and shared common areas. This is very serious, unnerving, and I have been in self-quarantine since. Even when APD was informed of this, they ignored it and still forced my fiancé to go into work. Along with every other non-essential civilian employee that they decided to make "essential" from when they have always been considered non-essential. This change was made last minute, not communicated, and APD has had over 15 years to communicate to individuals if they are essential or not. And all of these employees are non-essential until APD finds it convenient to force them into work and change their status from human to slave. They received a lot of money after 9/11 to have an emergency plans ready. APD is not taking the COVID-19 seriously and forcing non-essential civilian employees to go into work against the protocols issued by the Mayor and the Governor. Especially when there is a real concern present! Think about this: would you want someone being forced to go into the office after their partner has been potentially exposed? I currently do not have any symptoms; but, with the unknown of the COVID-19 I am being cautious. And, every day my fiancé has to go into the office and have a potential of either spreading it or picking it up from those in the building is scary. We cannot have a true quarantine until my fiancé and all other non-essential employees are released home for two weeks, at least! Please stand with me and every other civilian employee to tell APD that their stance on not taking this seriously is endangering the health of their civilian employees, our city, and the community!
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    Created by Anthony Aranda