There are so many furbabies that are well cared for. I ask everyone to help out in getting our furbabies the protection they deserve. Our furbabies ARE NOT A POSSESSION, they are part of our family. 
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    Created by Nannette Heady
  • Get Primal Moon on 95.9 The River, and start a Local Radio Hour
    This one is truly for all artists in the area that want to be heard. It's also for people that are not afraid of discovering great new music, in their own backyard. 
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    Created by Joseph Brunker
  • Unacceptable Living Conditions at Chase Arbor Apartments
    This is important because the condition of property does not coincide with the price of rent . Chase Arbor Apartment complex are scamming people into signing these lease agreements and pay unnecessary fees. If future residents were informed of these issues beforehand, many would choose not live at Chase Arbor. Residents deserve a safe comfortable home to stay in.
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    Created by Demi Wiggs
  • Act Now to Sound the Alarm on Nukes at the Presidential Debates!
    From China to Russia to the United States, we’re witnessing troubling moves to build nuclear weapons that push us all toward global catastrophe. Even a “small” nuclear war — where just three percent of the world’s current nuclear arsenal is deployed — would have apocalyptic effects. Millions would be killed on impact, followed by environmental destruction, famine, and more death in the fallout. There’s one thing we all deserve to know: How will the President of the United States respond in the face of this rising threat? President Joe Biden and Donald Trump could tell us how they’d act at their first debate later this month. The problem? We don’t know if CNN moderators Jake Tapper and Dana Bash will ask. That’s where you come in. We have just a narrow window of opportunity to urge the presidential debate moderators to pose a crucial question about nuclear weapons at the first Presidential Debate on June 27.  The good news is that they can’t ignore a call from tens of thousands of activists from across the country urging them to do it. Sign now if you agree: Debate moderators must ask President Biden and Donald Trump about any nuclear plans!
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  • Call on Congress: Skip Israeli PM Netanyahu’s Speech!
    Right now, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu continues to wage a devastating war in Gaza, while undermining diplomacy and ignoring calls and protests from thousands of Israelis, including hostages’ families, to accept a ceasefire that can end the violence, bring their loved ones home, and build true security. None of this is a one-off for PM Netanyahu, who has built a career on impunity and sabotaging peace processes. His current resume includes everything from domestic corruption charges to accusations of empowering Hamas to weaken a two-state solution. Despite all this, House Speaker Mike Johnson — with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries in tow — has officially invited PM Netanyahu to address a joint session of the U.S. Congress later this summer. No matter your politics, one thing is clear: Granting PM Netanyahu a congressional platform will come at the expense of peace. Nothing will change if leaders who continuously choose violence over peace are given huge megaphones and political cover, especially by the U.S. government. This speech is scheduled for July 24, and that’s why we’re working fast to pile on the pressure to urge members of Congress to RSVP ‘No’.
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  • Save Parks & Recreation, Save Dog Church
    Let's keep our parks and recreations space for parks and recreation and the active use by our neighborhood and fellow Huntsvillians. Cemeteries fill up. It happens. I know that Maple Hill Cemetery is getting full if not nearly full already, but there are other cemeteries. Once we give up the recreation and pubic space we can never get it back.
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    Created by Ben Payment
  • WYBL Takeover
    This is important to the kids of our town because we have had a successful league here in Wellsville for over 10 years. We have lost a great number of kids to River Valley League in East Liverpool. If we continue on with no changes to the committee, it is very possible that our league will no longer exist within a couple of years. There are plenty of coaches and parents that care enough to turn this around and build the best possible league for our kids. 
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    Created by Lauren Adams
  • **Petition to Address the Exploitation of Players in the Mavericks Independent Baseball League**
    These changes are essential to ensure that the league operates with integrity and fairness, honoring the dedication and passion of its players. We call upon the league's management to take immediate action to rectify these issues and create a supportive environment for all players.
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    Created by Jordan Drake
  • No special treatment for Trump, deliver a just sentence!
    Trump was convicted by a jury of 12 people on 34 counts for a felony election conspiracy and cover up. He is the first former president to ever be convicted of a felony.  Trump’s sentencing is scheduled for July 11, and Judge Merchan overseeing the case has discretion in deciding the sentencing. Trump could face up to four years in prison and a fine of up to $170,000, or he could only be charged a fine, or sentenced just to probation or home confinement. Time and time again we’ve seen injustice play out in the American criminal legal system—with the wealthy and privileged able to buy their way out of accountability while poor and working class people, LGBTQ+ communities, Black, Indigenous, Latinx, and Asian American and Pacific Islander people, and other marginalized groups are overpoliced, criminalized, and harshly sentenced. Our elected leaders should be held to the highest standards. With all eyes watching, it’s important for Judge Merchan to deliver on the promise of the American legal system, and make sure the will of the people is reflected fairly and justly in the sentencing.  Add your name to demand that no preferential treatment be given to Trump—and for him to issue a fair and firm sentence!
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  • End Nicotine Testing On Animals
    There are many ethical concerns on animal testing, but above all which reaserchers care about is the accuracy of these tests, but there are crucial differencs. Different animals will have different reactions, laboratory animals are not exposed to smoke in the same manner or time frame that human smokers are. Much information has been obscured because there has been no link with the reactions on animals to humans. The biological differences are no surprise, our cells, nose filtering abilities, lungs and more have many differences of those of the animals. Simply, animals should not be used for predications on humans. Beagles were forced to smoke around 2 packs a day, monkeys were forced to smoke 6 hours a day for a year, mice get cigar tar smeared on them inducing tumors; all these experiments continously went on until the animals were killed and of no more use.
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    Created by Brany Acevedo
  • Immediately investigate Scouting America for child sexual abuse claims
    Scouting America has systematically failed to protect children at every turn. The Boy Scouts knew about predators in their ranks for a long, long time. A 2010 civil lawsuit revealed that the organization for years had tracked suspected and known abusers but didn't consistently report them. Even leadership from within the scouting organization have begged lawmakers and the public to act. In a press conference detailing the ways in which Scouting America is unsafe for kids, Michael Johnson, former Scouts' Head of Youth Protection, called the organization and its programs "high risk."  Yet, law enforcement and politicians have done little to support survivors and hold the organization accountable. And the consequences are devastating. Beyond the initial abuse, thousands of survivors have come forward and shared the impact of the abuse on their lives. From drug abuse to difficulty maintaining healthy relationships, victims of childhood sexual abuse may spend a lifetime healing from their trauma. NO child should ever have to go through this horror.  Scouting America, an organization meant to teach young people leadership and integrity, not only failed to protect these children but put them directly in harm's way. Add your name to demand that Congress investigate Scouting America NOW.
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  • Our Safe Place NEEDS YOUR HELP!
    Nonprofit organizations that focus on youth development and issues are crucial because they provide essential support and resources to help young individuals grow, learn, and overcome challenges. We plan to expand and offer mentorship programs, educational opportunities, and guidance that can positively impact the lives of young people, shaping them into future leaders and contributing members of society. By addressing the specific needs of youth, we aspire to play a vital role in creating a better future for the next generation!
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