• Let Vann go to seaside
    Having fun with all my friends at the beach
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    Created by Vann Moss
  • Petition Hakaku (t.me/jdanielricher) to rename t.me/toalibertarian from "Tales of a Libertarian" ...
    The post on UAA that promised this petition after it reached one thousand views lmao. I'll siphon your Richard if you do it daddy Hakaku.
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    Created by JollyJenkins
  • Let’s Be Reasonable
    My petition is about Aldine I.S.D. dress code. I have been personally affected by not being able to wear ripped jeans because I have a limited wardrobe and issues with figuring out what to wear everyday. We want to follow rules that make sense and do away with the ones that don’t.
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    Created by Ashlynn McCutcheon
  • Stardust Movie Die Challenge
    Inaccurate and disrespectful biopic
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    Created by Carly Stokes
  • Allow an exception to the rule which prohibits naming a NY street after anyone who has not been d...
    There is already a petition to rename the stretch of 5th Avenue in front of Trump tower between 56th and 57th Streets be renamed "President Barack H. Obama Avenue." which currently has 428,245 signatures. This is a very popular idea which has widespread appeal- every day there are more people signing that petition and the goal keeps getting reset as the number continues to rise. This shows that there is already public support for this idea. People want this to happen. Unfortunately, unless an exception is made which will allow for the renaming to occur despite the fact that Obama is currently still living or the rule that requires a person to have been deceased for 2 or more yrs at the time of the renaming is changed and the restriction no longer applies this idea will never become a reality
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    Created by Cheryl Morris Walder
  • Visa: Help stop the next mass shooting
    Content warning: Gun violence. Shooters often spend tens, even hundreds of thousands of dollars on guns and ammo in the lead-up to their crimes — wildly unusual behavior that would be easy for Visa’s sophisticated software to spot. And while credit card CEOs claim it’s not their job to flag customer purchases, the facts don’t back that up. Visa already reports big-ticket transactions with suspected links to fraud, money laundering, terrorism, and other crimes. It would be simple to add mass shootings to that list. If you’ve ever gotten a fraud alert from your credit card then you already know how easy it is for credit card companies to spot and investigate suspicious activity. You’ve already shown that you have the power to make companies cut ties with the gun industry. PayPal and Apple Pay block gun sales on their platforms, and United, Hertz, and countless others have ended their NRA discounts. Now you can push Visa to save lives too. Together we can send a powerful message to Visa: Commit to reporting mass shooters’ deadly transactions.
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    Created by Katie Reilly , SumOfUs
  • Uncharted 4 Free For PS Plus Members
    The reason I’m starting this petition is to let everybody know how good a game Uncharted 4 is and it needs to be free for PS Plus members. I love all the uncharted games and I really want Uncharted 4 to be free. I hope Sony and PlayStation listen and see this petition.
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    Created by Ricky
  • We demand data rights in the United States
    We learned a crucial lesson after 2016, that US voter data was processed abroad by a defense contractor based in the United Kingdom. The British authorities declared that had Cambridge Analytica not abruptly ceased operations, it would have been fined and prosecuted for committing mass data abuse under UK law which prohibits political profiling without consent and data rights. We reject the notion that it is acceptable for campaigns to employ international vendors. We further reject the notion that it is appropriate for entities that also contract with militaries should be able to also work on political campaigns. This did not happen before 2016 and it should never happen again. We demand the right to know about our data, who is collecting it, how it is being processed, used, and shared. We demand to know if it includes inferences made about us and it attempts to predict our behaviors and beliefs. All corporations, organizations, political parties and campaigns must be required to disclose our data to us when we request it. There must be criminal penalties for corporate officers who refuse to comply with disclosure orders. Companies must not be able to use bankruptcy law to evade accountability for data crimes. We demand the right to refuse that our data be collected, processed, and stored. We must not be penalized for taking our data back from those that seek to harvest it. Data privacy cannot become a new luxury for only those that can afford it. We demand that lawmakers stand up to the powerful lobbies that aggressively work to weaken laws that seek to protect and limit the use of data. We demand that the industry lobby stand down and let us be granted true data rights. Industries that profit from our data owe it to our democracy that sustains their businesses. It is time for them to allow their business models to be disrupted by the necessity to grant all residents of the USA the essential data rights to sustain election integrity. All 200 million registered voters in the US were victims of mass data abuse that was used to weaponize political media against individual voters without their knowledge or consent. We must confront the new powers of political technology and algorithmic social media to diminish the integrity of free and fair elections. The same tools used to sell ski vacations and skin creams are being used to let candidates chose their voters while finding other voters than can be dissuaded from voting. Disinformation can be untraceable because tech platforms and advertising networks grant maximum privacy to advertisers and minimal privacy to voters. Democracy is not assured without fundamental data rights.
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    Created by David Carroll
  • Stop the Use of Children As Slaves
    Dear Fellow MoveOn Members, I was saddened by a Washington Post article called, "Cocoa's Child Laborers". The link to the Washington Post article is included for your convenience: https://www.washingtonpost.com/graphics/2019/business/hershey-nestle-mars-chocolate-child-labor-west-africa/?utm_term=.5c5ac7afe286 This article discussed the current slavery of children at cocoa farms in Africa. Children, some as young as 5 years old, are either stolen from their parents or run away and forced into slavery at cocoa farms. It is estimated that 179 million young children are exploited and forced to work in horrible conditions that would be deplorable to the average American. A day’s work at a cocoa farm is not good work for an adult and it is truly an inhumane act to force children to work these farms. However, this modern day slavery is kept alive and thriving by you, me, all of us. Everyday, Americans eat chocolate candy, chocolate bars, chocolate cake and other food items containing chocolate that are made from the hands of child slaves. As of today’s date, NO American company (Mars, Nestle, Hershey) can state and certify that 100% of their products are free of slavery. Our United States companies know these products are made with the hands of enslaved children and yet, they are OK with this fact. These companies reported to the US government and to different media outlets, that they are trying and have been trying for twenty years to stop the use of slave labor in their chocolate products. However, they have concluded it is just too hard. It is too hard to stop buying products and crops from farms using children as slaves. It is too hard to buy products and crops from farms that do not use slave labor. So, for the last 20 years, our American companies present plans, promises, and presentations to government officials and continue to buy items, crops and products produced from enslaved children. There is no accountability for our American companies to stop enslaving children with their support of slavery at cocoa farms. This petition is designed to draw the attention to the issue and to request US legislation to be created with the following action items: 1) Call for labels and certifications on each piece of chocolate sold in the United States that children slaves were not used in the production of that item. 2) Implement and Enforce 19 USC Section 307 of the Tariff Act of 1930 and refuse the entry of cocoa, cocoa products, or chocolate that is produced or manufactured from the use of enslaved children. 3) Impose fines and penalties for American companies who do not achieve the US approved goals and objectives, as promulgated by the American company, for eradicating the slavery of children from the chocolate industry. Please sign this petition and send a message to our government and American companies to stop making empty promises and to start eradicating the slavery of children at cocoa farms. Thank you for your time and consideration.
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    Created by D. Burton
  • Dark Shadows
    Childhood memories at a good time and place in our lives.
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    Created by Richard A West
  • Unblock cool maths
    I want to play snake.
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    Created by rANDOM BRO
  • Take The Letter K Out Of Knife
    It hurts me to see the letter k in knife
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    Created by Josh Hebert