• Make Sport Fees More Affordable
    The fee for being in a sport is $300 per sport. This number quickly adds up and some students might not be able to join multiple or even one sport because of the expensive fees.
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    Created by Angelcesar Calderon
  • Stop Sammy from Playing World of Warcraft Again.
    Sam has become bored with Red Dead Redemption 2 and seeks to relive his glory days in World of Warcraft. Little does Sam know, there's no glory left. We can't let him get sucked back in.
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    Created by Josh Wendt
  • Bring Harley Home
    Because the shelter will not release our pup and they are being unjust and unreasonable!!!!
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    Created by Angela
  • HOA Accountability
    A prime example is the fact that they never notified ANY neighbor regarding the last election held in February, therefore, securing their position for another 3 years.
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    Created by Stephen Walker
  • Joel-a-Palooza
    I am starting this petition to try and show the Joels the love and convince them to come to this event/move to Texas. Because of course, we do it best in TEXAS.
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    Created by Elisabeth Garlington
  • Support Donta Green - Westinghouse Football
    We want to ensure that the dedication and hard work of Donta Green and the current Westinghouse football coaching staff is honored and continues. The voice of the parents, students, and community should be heard and concerned when selecting the next Head Coach.
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    Created by Westinghouse Football Petition
  • Help me convince my friend to fix his PS4
    I am starting this petition because I want to help my lazy friend fix his PS4 so he can download the games he bought, and we can finally play together. He doesn't want to buy a new one, the warranty is expired, and we live too far apart for me to come over and provide guidance. So if I can get assistance in convincing him to fix his PS4, Y'all would be helping a brother out and that would be greatly appreciated.
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    Created by Brandon
  • Rezone from Highway Commercial (HC) to Light Manufacturing (LM)
    Sign this petition to let our City Council know that we are not in favor of this rezoning. The City Council of Santa Fe, Texas will be voting on February 14, 2019 at 7:00pm to a request to rezone a piece of property in the 3400 block of FM 646 N in Santa Fe, Texas. This piece of property is located close to the Shell station at 646 N and 1764. This area has many residential homes in it and 2 elementary schools. We request that another location that is not dense in homes and schools be considered!
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    Created by Dedr
  • Save The Wambaw Cycle OHV Trails/Francis Marion National Forest From The Negative Impact Of A Sch...
    The USFS is having a timber sale (or possibly already has) and has already painted thousands of trees for removal which will negatively impact the recreation of OHV riders in the Francis Marion National Forest. It appears that this will negatively impact approximately 13 of the only 18 miles of the North Trails (or 76%+/-!). Please help stop this before it is too late! With over 250,000 acres, surely there are other areas that could be harvested rather than ruining a recreation site. A portion of the South section of trails was cut and destroyed last year, with many more painted trees pending more cutting and removal and has not been repaired, restored or replanted (if this is even planned). We do not want this to happen any more on any of these precious trails.
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    Created by Ella Belair
  • Petition to request Call of Cthulhu Expansions or Second Edition
    I am a fan who loves this series and the universe behind it. I love the new Arkham Horror LCG, but I also want to be able to have a way to play that you can just pick up or show to new players, without the extensive setup of the other board games, or the dedicated campaigns of the current LCG.
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    Created by Paul Deignan
  • League of Legends Animated Series
    The purpose of this would be to show Riot, the owners of League of Legends, and whomever else it may concern all the interest (if any) of an animated League of Legends Series. I had sent Riot support a message asking why they hadn't already done this and what it would take to make this a reality. They said they weren't sure. I asked what if enough people showed interest, for example, something that had a million signatures of people that would be very interested in them pursuing this. I was told, that's something that they would have to take very seriously and would probably help to get that achieved. So here we are; let's see if there is as much interest as I think there is seeing as the hype towards each new animated short they put out is usually very high.
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    Created by Jareth
  • All animals deserve adjustments!
    1. Redefine the scope of practice and educational requirements for chiropractors AND veterinarians wanting to offer animal adjustments (also known as: musculoskeletal manipulation, veterinary chiropractic, animal chiropractic adjustments, veterinary osteopathic manipulation, animal bodywork, etc). All chiropractors and veterinarians need to be trained by the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association (AVCA) or International Veterinary Chiropractic Association (IVCA) so they are intimately aware of the anatomy they are working with, red/yellow flags as to when NOT to administer treatments, and how to safely administer treatments. Adjustments are an ART that require someone have more than 6 months/200 hours of training. Adjustments are a SAFE therapy when administered by someone TRAINED and CERTIFIED. The AVCA and the IVCA are the ONLY 2 associations that require 200+ hours of training and then a BOARD exam in order to be certified. They also REQUIRE continuing education in order to stay up to date. 2. Allow and encourage open access for animal owners seeking supplemental, holistic, and natural therapies such as animal adjustments. Currently, state laws require that an animal owner: A- seek out a veterinarian (who, many times, do NOT have training in or even an UNDERSTANDING of such therapies) to conduct and/or recommend alternative treatments or B- request DIRECT or INDIRECT supervision via a referral form so that the animal may see a specialist (many times, a trained chiropractor). This referral slip is designed to make sure the patient is eligible for treatment/ rule out red flags. The laws do NOT mention that the specialist has to have any specified training, but this specialist DOES have to be signed off the the animal's primary caregiver and the veterinarian overseeing care. This process has resulted in many owners being told NO by their primary treating veterinarians and having to "go shopping" for another vet in order to get their pet "signed off" so they can start treatment. This is COSTLY and FRUSTRATING and puts a monopoly on the alternative therapy market based upon what veterinarians are recommending. With this limited access, animals can be over-recommended drugs, surgery, and unfortunately euthanasia which puts undue stress on the owner, the economy, and the animal. Alternative therapies are often LESS expensive, get BETTER results, and are targeted at promoting POSITIVE patient outcomes above all else. 3. Allow for equal opportunity marketing via scope definition. Currently, the Texas Board of Chiropractic defines chiropractic as a therapy for HUMAN spines only whereas the Texas Veterinary Medical Association defines that veterinarians can perform chiropractic adjustments, regardless of training or certification. Veterinarians are allowed to market themselves and their services with the terms "animal chiropractic" whereas chiropractors are NOT. There is an obvious disconnect on those who are allowed to market themselves as "animal chiropractors." Chiropractors that perform adjustments on human AND animal spines are being threatened with having their HUMAN license taken away due to "practicing veterinary medicine" when adjusting animals REGARDLESS of their AVCA/IVCA certification or proper referral forms signed. This is an unfair monopoly and decreases the reach of holistic and alternative therapies to animals that could benefit from care. Animals deserves holistic options rather than the BIG three Western options: drugs, surgery, or euthanasia. Animals are PROPERTY in Texas and have ZERO say in their health care decisions. Therefore, all health decisions on their behalf are made by the animal owner and their allocation of resources. This should be a top priority to all animals owners because holistic therapy options MINIMIZE financial strain and MAXIMIZE health benefits for the animals receiving them. I personally benefit from this petition as a provider, but I want to help ALL owners looking to help their pet so that they can know all their options when taking care of their pet.
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    Created by Kaitlyn Lackey