• First Ladies to rebuild the Flower garden
    It is part of the White House's history since 1800s. Former first ladies had added to the beauty of the garden by planting flowers. Unfortunately Melania Trump ripped out this garden when her husband was in office instead of adding to it. I think it's something that should be restored in honor of all the first ladies that have once lived there.
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    Created by Jennifer Wissian
  • Pete Buttigieg for Secretary of State
    Mayor Pete speaks 9 languages, served in the United States Armed Forces, and is a fine, upstanding young leader. His experiences, his intelligence and his desire to do right by the American people makes him the perfect choice to represent the United States on the world stage.
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    Created by Maureen Meaux
  • Stop Leopard Trophy Imports!
    Shooting threatened wild animals like leopards, elephants and lions for sport is barbaric, jeopardizes their existence and threatens biodiversity worldwide. We’re in the midst of a heartbreaking mass extinction, with 1 million species at risk. If we don’t act now, Africa’s leopards could be gone from the wild in our lifetimes. That’s why the Center for Biological Diversity is fighting in the courts and the halls of Congress to shut down the sick wildlife trade that’s a major driver of the extinction crisis. We need you with us to win. Join the fight: Sign our emergency petition and share it to stop the United States from driving Africa’s leopards and other rare species extinct.
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    Created by Miranda D.
  • We Need Nationwide Count Every Vote Legislation
    In the midst of a global pandemic that dramatically increased the safety risks of physically going to the polls to vote, several states decided to suppress voter turnout by creating rules that effectively invalidate mail in ballots that arrive after Election Day even if they are postmarked by Election Day. To be precise, there are 28 states that do not allow postmarked ballots to arrive after Election Day. Simultaneously, the President of the United States has deliberately undermined the operations and sustainability of the United States Postal Service and impeded its capacity to process mail, including ballots, in a timely manner. Thus, regardless of the outcome of the 2020 general election, it is clear that we need stronger federal protections for American voters so that every vote counts and so that states cannot suppress votes in the aforementioned manner. In America, our hope is that we are better than this. Not counting votes is unacceptable. Ignoring votes is unacceptable. And voter disenfranchisement is unacceptable.
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    Created by Colin Byrd
  • Make changes to dangerous intersection
    There are reoccurring accidents at this intersection putting drivers and homeowners at risk of injury and property damage. The traffic signs are not enough to indicate the sharp curve. 15mph signs are ignored and cars are regularly underestimating how sharp the corner is.
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    Created by Danielle Chin
  • Count All the Votes & Seat Legitimate Electors
    Despite the moniker as the oldest democracy in the world, the United States has an archaic Electoral College system, in which skates of electors representing a state vote for a presidential candidate to the Electoral College—with 270 electors needed to win. For over 100 years now, the electors with few exceptions represent the candidate who won the popular vote by state, and with a recent Supreme Court ruling, are even more tightly bound to do so. Nevertheless, this election, the Republican Party and Trump campaign are continuing their onslaught against our democratic norms and institutions. In an attempt to steal the election, the Republican Party and Trump campaign are suing states to stop the counting of valid ballots largely of minorities, younger people, and people from traditionally Democratic strongholds. Congress can stand up and end this chicanery by refusing to seat the Electoral College until all votes are counted! More nefariously, the Trump campaign and Republican State Parties are preparing a shadow campaign to appoint alternate slates of electors to the Electoral College in an attempt to sow chaos and throw the election to the House of Representatives. Congress can and must head this off by pledging to only seat slates of electors who represent the popular vote winner of that state. These actions can bring peace to the chaos of the post-election period and ensure the survival of our democracy with a smooth transition of power.
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    Created by The Woape Foundation Picture
  • IRS: Time to revoke 501c3 status of Higher Plain Baptist Church in Oklahoma City
    On Friday, October 30th, Higher Plain Baptist Church in Oklahoma City held an event sponsored by the Oklahoma County Republican Party called "Mark and Patricia McCloskey, persecuted by the left, are coming to OKC!" This event announcement also listed several Republican officer-holders (and candidates running for reelection) as speakers including: Brian Maughan County Commissioner District 2, David Hooten County Clerk and Rick Warren County Court Clerk. This event is deeply troubling for the following reasons: 1. The event violates the provisions of the IRS restrictions on "political campaign activity" for 501c3 organizations. 2. This event celebrated the actions of two people who were indicted in St. Louis of unlawful use of a firearm and evidence tampering, all as a response to Black Lives Matter protesters. 3. The church permitted people to be in the parking lot during this event, brandishing AR-15's as a deliberate attempt to intimidate peaceful protesters. As a result of this situation, I am preparing a formal complaint against Higher Plain Baptist Church (form 13909) with the IRS, urging the IRS to revoke the tax exempt status and will be submitting the responses to this petition as part of the complaint packet. Sources: 1. Eventbrite.com Ticketing page for this event: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/mark-and-patricia-mccloskey-persecuted-by-the-left-are-coming-to-okc-tickets-126895871969?fbclid=IwAR3dTjb1JHmb1I8cgBCJa1irq_g6AlmAm01pYBISZcOYT7OIdUonoaaSAek 2. IRS Publication 1828 (IRS Tax Guide for Churches and Religious organizations) - https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/p1828.pdf 3. IRS Form 13909 - https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/f13909.pdf PHOTOS FROM: https://www.facebook.com/faulkingtruth
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    Created by James M. Branum
  • Stop Viewing 50 Cents “Power”
    The majority of the viewers of “Power“ are from black and brown communities. These are the communities that have supported him through out his entire rap career and movie career. His announcement on instagram of his support of Trump, is solely based upon his own self interest. He stated that voting for Biden would increase his taxes. Despite the fact that supporting Trump is supporting systemic racism, police brutality, racial intolerance, etc, aimed at the same communities that he has built his wealth upon. On the “Tonight Show” with Jimmy Fallon, after exclaiming his support of Trump, Chelsea Handler, whom he once dated said “He doesn’t want to pay 62 percent of taxes, because he doesn’t want to go from 50 Cent to 20 Cent,” Handler explained to Fallon. “I had to remind him that he was a Black person, so he can’t vote for Donald Trump, and that he shouldn’t be influencing an entire swath of people who may listen to him because he’s worried about his own personal pocketbook.” What a sad commentary on the character of this man. He later publicly rescinded his support for Trump, after telling fans to vote for him. (How irresponsible, because, he is a public figure). However, privately, I’m sure when he casts his ballot it will be for Trump. Although, 50 Cents now claims he was joking. This election is not a joke, in fact, this is one of the most important elections of our lifetime, not to be taken lightly. We are in a fight for our lives, for our democracy, for equality, for judicial reform, women’s rights, etc. Is this who we should continue to make richer, when he shows such a lack of empathy for the plight of the black community. Black People Wake up, and Stop supporting a narcissist that shows us no support.
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    Created by Katrina Perkins-Kennedy
  • Sign the Count On Us Pledge to ensure every vote in Wisconsin is counted.
    We, the people of Wisconsin, call on our public officials to: -Be proactive about making sure voters know their rights and have access to all voting options including voting by mail, in-person early voting, and safe and accessible voting on Election Day. -Support local clerks and municipalities to ensure that every voter that chooses to vote in person on Election Day has an accessible and safe voting location, including proper protections against the spread of COVID-19 such as clearly marked mask requirements, social distancing guidance and hand sanitizer. -Take immediate action to protect Wisconsinites from voter intimidation at the polls and from misinformation campaigns. -Set the expectation that in Wisconsin every vote is counted and that all voters have a meaningful chance to procure provisional or mail-in ballots if needed. -Support local election officials and the media to communicate proactively and transparently with voters about the ballot counting process and when to expect results.
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    Created by Nicole Safar
  • Stop the ban of LGBTQ+ rights in the US.
    They want to revisit and ban the laws that gave us our rights in 2015 from the Obergefell v. Hodges case (ending at a 5:4 vote). We’ve spent so long fighting a debating for our HUMAN rights. It’s already been brought up in court with a 5:4 vote. Our rights are human rights. Why should we have them stripped away for simply loving who we love, and identifying the way we do? It is 2020 yet we’re going backwards. The fourteenth amendment guarantees protection and equality to ALL US citizens, where is that protection and equality now? Please sign this and SHOW that we won’t stop demanding equality in this country.
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    Created by Evie Solowczuk
  • TJJD: Give Victims a Voice
    A 12 year old girl was raped and pressed charges against her offender in 2017. After the trial was delayed three times over the course of three years, this young woman's offender has still not been brought to justice. It is time that we ensure victims are afforded the rights that they are guaranteed by law. This starts with providing victims with a designated contact in each office across Texas that will ensure that the victims' needs are met. More and more victims feel powerless when their trials are delayed for years at a time. Victims are voiceless when they are not granted time to speak in court and present their Victim Impact Statement. The Texas Juvenile Justice Department is a system that prioritizes the punishment of offenders before granting the victims' guaranteed rights. Please help bring justice to these victims by supporting the revision of the Texas Family Code § 57.003.
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    Created by Brooke Free
  • Petition To Reopen Township Pit
    As a resident of Rockford Township we appreciated the use of the Township Pit greatly! Since it has been closed we have had to drive over 20 min away to the Wright County Compost & Recycling Center to transport brush from trimming trees. The transport it’s self has some risks to consider such as driving 55 mph with tied down brush, as items can shift and cause injury to others on the road, especially motorcyclists. While we do understand the closing of the Township Pit was necessary to bring about change, we urge you to consider the time and efforts, as well as safety of the citizens of our Rockford Township equally important and reopen the Township pit as a result. Your concerned neighbor.
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    Created by Wendy Burandt