• Petition For A Ticker-Tape Parade To Honor Essential Workers
    Will Rogers was once asked why he was not a war hero, in a time when many Americans were. His answer, just slightly elaborated on, went something like this: We can't all be war heroes. I mean, someone has to be left to handle the long and arduous job of sitting on the curb and applauding when they go by. For those of us who were not heroes during the Pandemic, that remains our job. I recently spoke with a friend, let's call her Ann-Marie, who served as a nursing administrator throughout the Pandemic at a major suburban medical facility. Her job, day in and day out, from which she never wavered, was to staff the facility with nurses willing to handle Covid-19 patients. It was not an easy job. Needless to say, some nurses and other ICU staffers resigned. At one point she was in competition with a New York City facility that was offering tens of thousands of dollars per month for nurses. At another point she was asked to staff a sports facility to do vaccinations. In return, the nurses would get early vaccinations. A handful of the nurses showed up, took the early vaccinations, and never came back. But that was all the easy part. The hard part came on the days when she was called to the Covid-19 wards to share the final moments of a patient who was dying without the accompaniment of any family members. Those were the hard days. A hundred years ago, during the Battle of Verdun in World War I, one of the longest, bloodiest and most ferocious battles of the War, each day the allied troops in their tunnels shared with each other in hushed tones this simple thought: Today: on ne passe pas" (French for, "they shall not pass"). So too, each day during the Pandemic, the essential workers and first responders who came together in hospitals across America brought with them only that same noble thought: as to this patient: "on ne passe pas." Mostly, they succeeded. We can at least do our job and applaud when they go by.
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  • #SaveRJJT
    The Legacy of Roberta Jones Community theatre in Santa Clara began when Roberta Jones and a small group of hardworking individuals conceived the idea of a theatre group. Roberta Jones picked the shows, directed some, and served as executive producer of the entire program and also as "Mom" for her young charges, working to instill a sense of responsibility and dedication in each child. Since 1968 and for over 50 years, the legacy of Roberta Jones Junior Theatre continues to serve the community. Roberta Jones Junior Theatre Mission In keeping with the vision of founder Roberta Jones, and its 52-year history, Roberta Jones Junior Theatre provides youth in Santa Clara with high-quality recreational experiences in Theatre Arts. All children are welcome to participate on stage and backstage in productions. The program fosters a strong sense of place and community for participants and the general public. Youths are given opportunities for self expression in a fun, safe environment where they improve self esteem, confidence and social skills while learning the value of personal responsibility from adult role models. Audiences are provided with excellent, affordable, family-friendly special events where young performers inspire joyful appreciation for the Performing Arts in the Santa Clara community.
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    Created by Annabel Gong
    WHY: The Job Center opened in September 2020 and SETA is recommending defunding it. We CANNOT close its' doors. If ever there was ever a need for a Sacramento Job Center, it is NOW, especially coming out of the pandemic when more than ever the black and brown community is looking for work! Now more than ever we need a Job Center serving Oak Park and surrounding neighborhoods. Proposed Talking Points: 1. Oak Park is a critical community where a Job Center is needed. It is in the Promise Zone, Opportunity Zone, and designated an Enterprise Zone by HUD. 2. COVID 19 has significantly impacted Oak Park and has left many of its residents jobless and homeless. Having a Job Center in this area will be key to assisting residents find employment in order to provide for their families. Job Centers are designed to provide opportunities and resources to those most impacted by social determinants and racial equity. 3. The Fruitridge Career Center is part of a collective of non-profit organizations that work to develop the Oak Park community by reducing social and health disparities with children, adults and seniors. 4. SETA compared the performance of the newly established Fruitridge Career Center after seven (7) months of operation, during the pandemic, with the performance of Job Centers that have been open for decades, while acknowledging that even those centers under-performed because of the pandemic. 5. Pivot Sacramento as part of GoBiz operates an employment program that is consistent with the Job Center that targets people reentering from jail or prison. Through that program, we enrolled approximately 760 participants over 18 months, most enrolled during the pandemic. 6. The Fruitridge Career Center has developed relationships with employers and other community stakeholders, including the Black Child Legacy Campaign, CPS, DHA, Alchemist, River Oaks Resource Center, Unite Us and many others. 7. The Fruitridge Career Center partners with the Aggie Square Committee and Community Engagement Department at UC Davis to create employment opportunities for the Oak Park community. The termination of the Fruitridge Career Center will terminate those relationships. 8. SETA claims that funds are allocated to provide activities and services that assist unemployed and underemployed individuals to gain the skills necessary to enter high demand careers in the region. Closing the Fruitridge Career Center in Oak Park which has a high number of unemployed and underemployed individuals, especially as we near the end of the pandemic, contradicts those claims. We need you to SHOW UP and GET LOUD! MAKE A PUBLIC COMMENT ON JUNE 3RD (10AM): ~Make a verbal public comment during a meeting. The public comment phone line will open 15-minutes prior to the start of the meeting. ~Refer to the agenda and listen to the live meeting to determine when is the best time to call to be placed in queue to make a public comment (ITEM III-B – 3 – ACTION). ~Dial (916) 263-3827 and follow the prompts to be placed in queue for a specific agenda item (ITEM III-B – 3 – ACTION) on or off-agenda matter. Each agenda item queue will remain open until the public comment period is closed for that specific item.
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  • More Pride Flag Emojis on Android and Apple Devices
    This is important because LGBTQ+ representation is essential. If they can add new face emojis on the phones, why can't they add new pride flag emojis? We should be able to have the emoji that represents our sexuality and gender identity!
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  • WhatsApp is enabling anti-Palestinian mob violence. It MUST stop.
    This was preventable. Facebook has willfully enabled anti-Muslim violence and genocide around the world—including Myanmar, India, Australia, Sri Lanka and more. Today, it's the Palestinians who are targeted. Will you sign this petition to Facebook right now and demand that they stop this violence from taking place. They have enabled so much death against vulnerable communities, it must stop.
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  • Save the Children: Support HR 2590 - Save kids in occupied Palestinian territories
    For the first time, there is legislation in Congress to ensure that no US tax dollars fund multiple human rights violations carried out by the Israeli government against Palestinians. We need you to take action today to ensure that your representative is on this bill. The Palestinian Children and Families Act (H.R. 2590), introduced by Congresswoman Betty McCollum (D-MN), states that the U.S. will not fund the Israeli government's imprisonment and torture of Palestinian children; theft and destruction of Palestinian homes and property; or any further annexation of Palestinian land. This legislation couldn't come at a more critical moment. The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed systemic injustices across the globe, intensifying the harms of state violence and discrimination - Israel is no exception. During the pandemic, the Israeli government has continued to imprison Palestinian children under a military court system, putting them in grave danger of contracting COVID and separating them from their families. Horrifyingly, at a time when we are all asked to stay at home, the Israeli government has actually increased the rate at which it is demolishing Palestinian homes. Now is the time: The U.S. must stop funding the Israeli government's human rights abuses.
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  • Help Stop Idaho's Wolf Slaughter
    Unless the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service intervenes, decades of progress recovering wolves in the region will be lost. The state's wolf population will be reduced to the threshold triggering protection under the Endangered Species Act. Last year Idaho received more than $18 million in federal funding for wildlife-management projects. The promise of these funds incentivizes states to enact sound conservation policies that benefit all wildlife. And a state becomes ineligible for these funds if it passes legislation contrary to the conservation purposes of the Pittman Robertson Act and other federal laws. Please ask the agency to disqualify Idaho from receiving federal funding for wildlife management unless the state immediately repeals its wolf-extermination legislation.
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    Created by Miranda D.
  • Demanding Excellence from USPS
    First Class Mail continues to provide an affordable and secure method of communication for millions of Americans. The Delivering for America Plan diverts resources and equipment away from letter processing to prioritize package services. This betrays the mission of the Postal Service to be a vehicle for communication that binds the nation together chasing profits for the private companies that are proposed to handle mail in the expanded implementation of Surface Transfer Centers. Diverting mail outside the Postal network is already creating service delays and increasing the incidents of lost mail as the Postal Service no longer maintains custody of mail throughout the delivery process. Individuals, small businesses, and local governments rely on First Class Mail to exchange information and ideas, receive remittance payments, or issue legal notices. Allowing Postmaster General DeJoy to bull doze the implementation of these changes past the public will forever alter the network that has been built to provide the excellence that has become synonymous with First Class. Do not settle for adequate when the opportunity for excellence is still attainable. Demand more!
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  • Support the staff at All Creatures Animal Hospital
    To the All Creatures Animal Hospital (ACAH) community of pet parents, rescue organizations, and those who value the role of the local veterinarian in their community, We are veterinary support staff at ACAH. But we are also all pet parents and members of the community. When we walk through the door of our local veterinary hospital seeking care for our furry, feathered, and scaled family members, we also want to see familiar faces who we know we can trust. We feel relief knowing dedicated veterinary staff are only a phone call away when our pets are in need, no matter the species. We understand and appreciate that work requires skills and knowledge and we all want to be assured that the most qualified individuals are caring for our pets. The veterinary profession is rewarding and challenging. For many of us, this is our dream career. We are here because we love helping animals, and providing support to the people who love and care for them. Unfortunately, our profession has long been plagued with burn-out, compassion fatigue, and other systemic issues. The average length of time a veterinary support staff member stays in the field is only 3-5 years. These receptionists, kennel staff, veterinary assistants, and licensed veterinary technicians have valuable on-the-job training and/or traditional education. Many of these highly skilled and educated individuals are forced to choose between their own mental and physical health and doing the job they love. The ongoing loss of such knowledge, and the constant retraining of new staff, leads to a decline in the quality of patient care and a further increase in burn-out for those who remain. We are working to change this trend. We know that patient care is at its best when devoted and skilled individuals are at the forefront, and that can only happen when we are supported by industry leadership with the tools we need to be successful, including: - Fair pay and compensation - Decent and affordable healthcare - Adequate sick leave and paid time off to care for ourselves and our families - Mental health support - Assurances that our own beloved pets will receive quality care - Sustainable staffing and scheduling - Improved staff retention programs - Robust safety measures to protect staff from workplace hazards (including safe COVID protocols) Since the purchase of our beloved hospital, ACAH, by the Cara Corporation in May of 2020, these resources have been cut, threatened, or simply not provided at all. The corporation promised these things and more (most of which we had before the purchase, under our previous ownership). The intention was for ACAH to continue to provide high quality care to its patients as well as open opportunities for employee growth and even better patient care. We are devastated that this has become our reality instead. As the staff of ACAH, we are the bridge between the Cara Corporation and our patients. We are fighting for our rights and to continue our ability to give the high quality care you and your pets deserve. In addition to staff support, we were promised that the Cara Corporation shared the values that we hold dear. The staff and our patients were never supposed to become just numbers: those we serve were to remain the highest priority. After many attempts to discuss our concerns with the Cara Corporation were ignored, we have decided to partner with the National Veterinary Professionals Union and the International Longshore and Warehouse Union to organize our hospital so that the Cara Corporation will be required to negotiate over these issues. Our goal in this fight is to retain our autonomy, to maintain our vision of animal healthcare, and to care for the health of our families. Unionizing will give us the right to be involved in policy, ensuring that conditions remain fair to all involved and that patient care - not just profit - is central to the hospital’s mission. Our goal is to feel safe and heard and to have a stable environment where we can give you - our clients and our patients - everything we have. We will protect our patients and their care from becoming the bottom line. We will retain our authenticity. We will stop the disintegration of our caring staff. The Cara Corporation rejected our request to voluntarily recognize our union and we will soon be holding a union election (with the National Labor Relations Board) secure our union and solidarity to fight for each other. The Cara Corporation is fighting our right to organize by hiring a notorious union-busting law firm, wasting valuable resources that could be spent ensuring the best care possible for your pets. These actions are disrespectful to us and our vision, and also to YOU, the pet parent. Please show the ACAH staff how important we are to you and to our community. Your signature will strengthen our resolve, giving us a strong foundation on which to stand and fight together for what is important. All Creatures Animal Hospital is not a place, it is its people, and the clients and patients we serve are our hearts. Thank you for your support.
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    Five nights a week, an average of more than 3 million people tune in to watch Tucker Carlson on Fox News—it's the largest audience of any show on cable news. In April alone, those millions of viewers have heard Carlson claim that COVID-19 vaccines don't work, that having children wear masks to protect them from the virus is child abuse, that convicted murderer Derek Chauvin did nothing wrong, and that Democrats want to replace white voters with immigrants—a decades-old racist and antisemetic argument known as the "replacement theory." Videos featuring Carlson's comments doubting the effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines are spreading like wildfire on social media, with one clip viewed nearly 6 million times on Facebook alone. Carlson isn’t the only one: FOX pundits have been behaving in the most irresponsible manner imaginable for years. According to Media Matters, two weeks after the election was called for President Joe Biden, Fox pundits casted doubt on the results nearly 800 times. Fox News repeatedly aided Trump’s efforts to undermine election results, laying the groundwork to cry foul if Trump lost, echoing debunked theories of fraud, pushing the idea that Democrats are trying to “steal” this election, and arguing that Trump is justified in pursuing his claims of a rigged election. This pattern of coverage consequently led up to the deadly insurrection led by white nationalists. With our democracy—and human lives—on the line, we cannot allow despicable figures like Tucker Carlson to drive these harmful and dangerous messages. Please sign this petition and ask everyone you know to also sign it so we can send a clear message to Tucker Carlson and FOX News that their irresponsible conduct is being monitored and will not be tolerated.
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  • Roseville - Proclaim June as Pride Month
    Our nation was founded on the principle of equal rights for all people. Advancements have been made with respect to equitable treatment of LGBTQ persons throughout the nation. But the ideals of our founders have yet to be realized. The City of Roseville has a diverse LGBTQ community which continues to struggle for inclusion especially in this time of extreme divisiveness. The City of Roseville has a duty to: * bring its residents together, * to support one another, * to show solidarity for all its citizens, and * to invite everyone to reflect on ways we all can live and work together, committed to mutual respect and understanding, committed to supporting dignity and equity for all people in the community. The City of Roseville can demonstrate its support for our city’s diversity and our LGBTQ community by flying the rainbow flag at City Hall during the month of June.
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    One of Insession's members was banned from participating for being homeschooled. According to the IHSA handbook, homeschooled students must be allowed a chance at being on a sports team, but because our school does not consider show choir a sport, he can no longer be a part of this group that he has been in for two years. Our school and faculty have always advised and encouraged us to engage in activities such as clubs, and the arts, but are now taking away his chance to be a part of the community. Please sign to convince our school that these activities matter just as much as other sports, and that other local families shouldn't have their opportunities at making friends and memories narrowed down to "athletics"
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