• Make Texas Legal
    It is important for Texas to legalize marijuana because the 'War on Drugs' has been a lost war when you look at the studies and you look at the numbers. Multiple states as well as other countries around the world, already have legalized marijuana. Is simple but, complicated matter Has been cutting the Drug Cartels' profitability margin simply forcing them to resort to other ways to make money. states as well as other countries that have legalized marijuana for medical purposes as well as recreational purposes have seen a significant drop in certain area Of concern that has been causing problems for years. States, and Countries tax the legal marijuana to support there needed, while using less Government funding. Let's not forget that marijuana was legal in the United States until 1937 before it became illegal and it was used as medicine to cure nearly everything. And let's not forget that certain people made marijuana illegal due to the fact that minorities were starting to use marijuana to heal themselves and it wasn't just used by the high-class anymore, which is why it became illegal.
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    Created by Elijah Griffin
  • National Media - Stop preemptive TV coverage of every Trump public address
    It is important to limit pre-emptive coverage of the president's speeches in the name of fairness since other presidential candidates do not get the benefit of free coverage every time they make a speech. It is important because "breaking news" media coverage that interrupts regular programming gives the president's speeches a weight of importance and veracity that is not necessarily intended or deserved. It is important because we're frankly tired of being forced to suffer commentary that is negative, opinionated, ad hominem, and not important to the good of the country.
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    Created by S. Valleau
  • Investigate Senator Ron Johnson for interfering in 2020 election
    Election interference is unacceptable. This needs to end. Furthermore, 75% of Americans demanded a fair Impeachment Trial and I, along with many other Wisconsin Constituents wrote and/or called Ron Johnson DAILY to demand he vote according to the will of Wisconsin...and he not only never responded nor acknowledged ANY of these demands, he voted in his own interest instead. Ron Johnson needs to resign and be investigated for ethics violations.
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    Created by Kathleen Ritter
  • Save the Circus Stars
    It is important because animals are amazing. And at the end of the day they are beings, too. They have feelings and emotions, so for people to abuse animals you can tell they don't know the true value of animals' lives.
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    Created by Ny Ny
  • Cancel 2020 State of the Union (SOU) Speech
    The decision of our U.S. Senate to not hold Trump accountable for his criminal activities will embolden him and Russia and will place our nation at risk. If allowed to speak from the only Chamber of our government that is holding him accountable, it will send a message to the world that our democracy has fallen. The world is watching us and we cannot be viewed as weak at this most critical time. We must press forward with taming our rogue President and the Republicans who conspire with him to destroy our nation.
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    Created by Cheri Tyner
  • Foreign Interference in Federal Elections
    Because the Republicans are arguing in the impeachment proceedings that actions taken by persons outside of the United States to influence Federal elections are not a crime and therefore are not impeachable offenses under the Constitution.
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    Created by John Kontrabecki
    This decision would affect less affluent neighborhoods and schools and the majority of our children would suffer. Many children in our schools depend on receiving a healthy meal in school considering it may be the only meal they will eat on a daily basis. If food waste is the predominant factor or concern for dismantling the program, consider giving the students an additional 15 minutes to their mealtime. This affords them time to settle down and enjoy their meal.
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    Created by Marilyn Smith
  • We Demand All Senators Do Impartial Justice in the Impeachment Trial of President Trump
    This action is unconditionally important in order to preserve and protect our nation's Constitution and Bill of Rights. If Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell conducts a sham or mock trial, this will be an arbitrary act that ends any and all Constitutionally mandated Congressional checks on the power of the Executive Branch. This will nullify our nation's Constitution and open the door to everything from chaos to civil war; and almost certainly to a dictatorship. Our noble experiment in democracy will come to a bitter and likely brutal end.
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    Created by David Roy
  • Senate Republicans: KNOW THIS!
    The future of our republic is at stake. Our nation is in danger of losing the independence of congress.
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    Created by Harlan Johnson
  • Leaf Burning Ban within Morrison city limits
    Leaf burning has detrimental effects on people with respiratory struggles, including those with asthma, infants, the elderly and those on oxygen. Additionally, it is a carcinogen for all people (causing cancer) and is terrible for air quality. The health of our residents should take precedent over the aesthetics of our lawns. Burning is optional with other alternatives to leaf disposal, breathing is not. Please sign IF you live within Morrison city limits and share on your page if you support a Leaf Burning Ban. The final vote will be held March 9, 2020.
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    Created by Tracy Banks-Geiger Picture
  • Force Facebook to stop companies like Cambridge Analytica from using its platform.
    Because we need to preserve our democracy, and democracy can't happen when elections are being bought!
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    Created by Joyce Gerber
  • To finally remove the rule of uniform in Springfield public schools
    I feel like this is very important to the whole community. Wearing uniforms makes us feel plan and also very uncomfortable. Like for example in central, when we walk around with hoodies were hounded for them to get taken off. But if you don’t take it off that exact minute the admin will confiscate it. But see if we didn’t have to worry about uniform policy’s we wouldn’t have to worry about teacher calling admin to have student remove hoodies, Or students be given unreasonable consequences
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    Created by Gavin Garay