• End police brutality
    This is important because all around the world our fellow brothers are being killed by the police, and no ones doing a thing about it. It’s time for us the people to do something about it
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    Created by Jacob Hill
  • Hollywood Walk of Fame Star
    I feel this star would shine a lil more than the rest of stars we see in Hollywood. The courage,motivation, and pure determination he had during his fight with cancer just to show the world his talent is something to be seen,learned from and honored.
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    Created by Twista _
  • Save Charlotte Stages
    Music venues not only provide entertainment and a gathering place, they also improve their communities and help heal the pain so many are dealing with during these extraordinary times. If venues do not get assistance, many will have to close their doors permanently. That must not happen. Please sign our petition and show your support. Thank you.
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    Created by Joe Kuhlmann
  • Ensure Every Student Has a device and Internet
    It’s back to school time, and most students are returning to remote learning. But for millions of kids who don’t have a device or internet access, remote learning is virtually impossible–especially for children who are already struggling because of low family income, language access, or racial barriers. *Every* kid deserves to have a chance at remote learning, and all school districts doing remote learning must make sure each student has a tablet or laptop with internet access.
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    Created by Justin Ruben
  • No Foster Child Lost
    This is important to me because I not only have 3 siblings in foster care that I have not seen since I was eleven but I also have cousins in the system that are separated. I know how the system works because I was in the system and felt alone at times. I was lonely thinking I didn't have a family that cared until my father passed away and I moved with my aunt and then was taken from her. Placed in another home and then placed with my grandmother and I was scared for years that I would be lost in the system. I have been searching for my siblings since I turned 18 I tried calling the agency we were at when I was younger I spoke to a lawyer, searched Facebook, sent emails. I want to find them because they mean the world to me and I want to make sure they know that because I went through so much pain in the system to protect them and my little sister that got adopted with me. So just getting that help and finding them and stopping this from happening to other families will mean everything.
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    Created by Skyashia LaBorde
  • Stop Taxpayer Dollars Going To Trump Campaign For RNC Speech At White House
    Political speeches and other activities should never be funded by taxpayer dollars. Federal employees should not be used to set up White House grounds for RNC.
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    Created by Erik Olufs
  • Say No to Drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge!
    Opening the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil and gas drilling will worsen both the climate and wildlife extinction crises. Burning the recoverable oil estimated in the refuge could result in more than 4.3 billion tons of carbon dioxide pollution — that’s roughly equivalent to the emissions from nearly 1,100 coal plants operating for a year. While the Earth is warming at an unprecedented rate — losing 13% of Arctic sea ice per decade — the climate crisis continues to ravage communities and wildlife habitats across the globe. At the current rate, the Arctic could be without ice in the summer by 2040. As sea ice is lost, so are the animals that depend on it for their survival. If Big Oil is allowed to drill into the Arctic Refuge, this wild landscape will be forever scarred. And, once drilling rights are sold, it will be much harder for elected officials to reverse course. Though the threat is high, the fight is not over. That’s why it’s up to all of us to oppose every effort to industrialize this pristine refuge. It’s time to demand the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge be protected from oil drilling.
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    Created by Miranda D.
  • Sign now: Urge Twitch to ban military recruiting ads & protect younger users
    The U.S. military is targeting kids — as young as 13! — while they play video games online. The Air Force, Army, and Navy ALL advertise on Twitch, an incredibly popular video game platform that has 140 million users — 45% who are under the age of 18. Military recruiting laws prohibit recruiting anyone under the age of 16. But this insidious practice targets young people who are vulnerable to abusive online advertising. It’s a blatant violation of recruitment laws and unacceptable. And Twitch has called them out before — the U.S. Army was recently ordered to stop posting ads for a fake contest designed to get people to hand over their contact information to recruiters. These ads must be stopped.
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    Created by Stephen Miles Picture
  • Oppose Project Aisle in Brownsburg, Indiana
    Town officials are evaluating an economic development proposal called “Project Aisle” that will allow a HIGH INTENSITY INDUSTRIAL FACILITY to be zoned directly adjacent to agricultural and residential areas at Ronald Reagan Parkway and E County Road 400 N. This facility is in complete opposition for the positive development and reputation of our town. - It will operate 24 hours a day/7 days a week. - It hosts parking/staging areas for 200 semi-trucks that will be on a continuous rotation on our county roads. - The primary structure will be up to 160’ in height. That is 50’ higher than our current water towers and 10’ lower than Bankers Life Fieldhouse. - This automated facility will only hire up to 150 employees divided between 3 shifts. Not a significant number based on its dramatic environmental footprint. - Property values will decrease due to noise, increased traffic and obstructed views.
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    Created by Amy McNeely
  • Let AOC speak longer at the Democratic National Convention
    The younger and more progressive Democrats are the future of the party. If there is a true desire to grow and build for the future then we need to have the younger voices heard. The Democrats of the past have so much speaking time but why only 60 seconds for one of the most relatable democrats for the younger generation of voters? It's way past due for the DNC to embrace the future. AOC is the future of the party.
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    Created by CARLA CREAMER
  • Drive Up Ballot Drop Off Locations
    Due to recent concerns regarding the ability of the USPS to effectively and timely deliver ballots and the health and safety concerns brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, we are requesting to have drive up locations placed throughout the state of Nevada where citizens can drop off their ballots safely. This alleviates the concern with the USPS delivery times as ballots would go directly to a voting poll location. Contactless delivery would also alleviate concerns regarding the spread of COVID-19.
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    Created by Katherine Gonzalez
  • Elon-Help Save our Democracy: Make DeJoy Resign
    Our democracy is hanging by a thread, Louis DeJoy, the 75th Postmaster General of the United States is a member of the Board of Trustees at Elon University. It is clear that he is involved in dismantling the U.S. Post Office and interfering with the political process and the United States Constitution. He, and Elon, need to be held accountable.
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    Created by M Gellin