• No to Christian Support for the "Deal of the Century"
    Trump's "Deal of the Century" is a direct attack on the rights of the Palestinian people, one that would not be possible without Christians United for Israel (CUFI), the largest Israel lobby in the US. CUFI has spent over a decade laying the groundwork for these policies. With unyielding support for U.S. military funding to Israel, anti-BDS legislation, and settlement expansion, CUFI has been moving towards this moment since its inception. It is no surprise that CUFI's founder, John Hagee, a frequent guest to the White House over the past 4 years, attended Trump's announcement. With over 8 million members and consistent presence on Capital Hill, CUFI is intimately involved in strengthening conservative backing for Israel. Trump’s shameful attempts at suppressing Palestinian freedom would not be possible without them. We cannot allow CUFI’s influence to go unchallenged! Join me now in taking back our Christian Voice!
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    Created by Tarek Abuata
  • All kids play Rule
    Leaving kids out of games will continue to decline the number of kids participating in different youth sport programs
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    Created by Shawn Ealy
  • Help stop Fox News Fake Propaganda that’s dividing the United States
    The truth matters. Accurate and fact base news empowers all Americans. These conspiracy theories are Russian Conspiracy theories intended to tear our nation apart. Help us unit our country with by sponsoring fact based news.
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    Created by Deirdre Coval
  • Gabby McCarter
    Gabby is the most hardworking, talented, brave person I know. As a senior in High School, she is amazing. She deserves to be there y'all
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    Created by Asenath Miller
  • Rally to demand witnesses at Impeachment Hearing in Senate
    A trial without witnesses or evidence allowed is not a trial - it's a cover-up. I keep hearing that the president is not above the law - but, then we see our elected officials allowing him to act like he is. A sitting president cannot be indicted? That's above the law. If you or I were accused of a crime, would we be allowed to control what evidence the prosecution can present? Why can he? The American people should be up in arms! Senators have taken an oath to be fair and impartial - but then voted to not allow witnesses. That's not fair and impartial. In a recent poll, over 70% of Americans want to hear from witnesses. We need to organize a rally to demonstrate that the American people will not stand for a sham and cover-up in the Senate impeachment trial. Let's take to the streets and demand a fair and impartial trial that includes witness and documents - and all Senators do their job and actually consider the evidence. Any Senators that will not do that should be recused. Senators Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham - take notice. They have already announced they would not be fair and impartial.
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    Created by Dan Paiano
    Aaron Gacilan viciously kicked Alex Sanchez in the back of the head multiple times causing him to go limp and then left him 4hours with an unattended head injury. Alex is a special needs boy who the family entrusted to United Living Care Center in Elk Grove, which Aaron Gacilan family runs and owns. Alex had the mental capacity of a 2-4 year old. This care home needs to be held responsible as well as Aaron Gacilan for the brutal murder of Alex Sanchez an involutary manslaughter charge is not enough. Our family will never get to hug, laugh, see, or be with Alex again due to Aaron actions. We are grieving and need the communities support to get justice for Alex please sign and share this petition in hopes that the D.A. in Elk Grove will give our family some justice for an innocent life taken too soon by the hands of Aaron Gacilan and to prevent any other families from going through the pain he has caused ours.
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    Created by Destiny Ynez
  • Defend our Constitution!
    It is not hyperbole to say that our country is at a crossroads and the very health of our Republic is at stake. It is undeniable that President Trump has abused the power of his office by seeking the interference of a foreign government in our elections and that he refused to provide Congress with documents and witnesses who would have provided important information regarding the impeachment investigation. By requesting assistance from a foreign leader, Trump violated the law established by the FEC Act. By refusing to provide witnesses and documents, he was in Contempt of Congress. Both acts are crimes. Both acts are impeachable offenses. Both acts require witnesses, testimony, and further discovery to determine in an impartial manner if the President should be removed from office. We, the American people, including the constituents in your respective states deserve to have fair and impartial representation in the Senate, especially at this moment. If you do not stand in defense of the Constitution at this moment, and this trial is the circus that the Republican leadership is promising, it will be the beginning of the end of our Republic as we know it. The Congress will forever lose its ability to check the power of the Executive Branch. This is not about this President, this is about the pillar of our country which requires separate powers that balance each other. You have each shown the independence, thoughtfulness, and leadership to show the country and the world that the idea that is America still breathes powerfully through our Constitution. Thank you.
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    Created by Hogan Sherrow
  • Make Election Day a Federal Holiday
    The United States has a very low voter turnout compared to other countries. It's important that as many citizens as possible be given the opportunity to participate in our democracy by voting. Making election day a federal holiday will give significantly more people the opportunity to vote. Since it will replace Columbus Day, it won't generate any additional costs.
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    Created by Kristi Hansen
  • Vote No!!! A Carvana Fulfillment Center Should Not be In Richmond Heights
    1. The proposed building WILL substantially, adversely affect the character of the neighborhood. It is designed to be "incongruent" with its surroundings and would serve as a 24-hour glowing beacon/advertisement to passing cars on HWY-64/40 and 170. 2. The proposed building Is NOT consistent with good planning practice. Good planning practice services the community in which is located with taxes revenue and jobs. It does not negatively impact nearby business tenants or residents. This facility will provide minimal tax revenue, be minimal staffed and will cause substantial injury to the value of neighboring property. Good planning practice also meets the needs of the present, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. This fulfilment center could serve no future purpose and, if they went out of business, would require demolition. 3. The proposed building CANNOT be operated in a manner that is not substantially detrimental to the permitted developments and uses in the district. Currently all deliveries at the Galleria occur underground, as a requirement of the original Galleria development/agreement with the community. The Carvana fulfillment center would be serviced daily, during off peak hours (early morning), by a truck with a multi-car carrier trailer. The visual noise and literal noise of the structure would adversely affect the neighboring community. 4. The proposed building CANNOT be developed and operated in a manner that is visually compatible with the permitted uses in the surrounding areas. The structure is a multi-tiered, glass tower lit with color changing LEDs. By their nature, LEDs have superior directional output. The structure would be lit to be seen far-and-wide by passing cars on HWY-64/40 and 170. The surrounding residential neighborhoods, especially Berkshire neighborhood, would be adversely affected by the 24-hour light pollution, which cannot be screened or buffered due to the significant height of the structure. The Planning and Zoning Committee of the City of Richmond Heights voted in agreement with ALL points stated above at a hearing on November 21st, 2019 and rejected this project. Proposed concessions from Carvana and their legal team to reduce the height, dim lighting on one side, or provide compensation for landscaping to neighboring properties do not make the above statements any less true. Please sign this petition to show the city council members of Richmond Heights how to vote on Monday, February 3rd at 7:30 (date postponed from 1/21).
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    Created by Elizabeth Gast
  • Mitch McConnell Must Recuse from Impeachment Trial, or be Expelled from the Senate
    We are at a critical juncture in our democratic process of the impeachment trial of President Trump, and the future of our republic hangs in the balance. We must have a fair and open trial in which the witnesses and evidence which have recently become public, and those withheld or blocked previously by the administration, are brought forward and examined by an impartial Senate, and the President provides his defense under oath. He will then either be cleared, censured, or impeached based upon the facts, and our republic will be made stronger by our re-commitment to the rule of law in these partisan times. The Senate Majority Leader has publicly committed himself AGAINST this very process by announcing publicly, “Everything I do during this, I’m coordinating with the White House counsel. There will be no difference between the president’s position and our position as to how to handle this to the extent that we can.” While Senator McConnell is entitled to his personal opinion as to the guilt or innocence of the President based upon the partial case so far, he can NOT be allowed to manage the impeachment process at the direction of the accused President. Leader McConnell, having repeatedly made his intentions to obstruct efforts for an open and fair-minded inquiry clear, must either recuse from any leadership role in the impeachment so that an impartial member may be appointed by the majority, or he must be expelled from the Senate for violation of his oath and blatant obstruction of justice and of the senate. Any impeachment trial conducted "in coordination with the White House Counsel" is a mockery of the rule of law, and if allowed, will mark the end of our Democracy. Please sign and share this petition to tell our senators that they must either persuade Senator McConnell to recuse himself from any leadership role in the impeachment trial of the president, or initiate an expulsion process against Senator McConnell for violation of his oath and for his blatant and self-confessed collaboration with the defendant to obstruct justice in the most important trial in our nation's history.
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    Created by Peter Leinau
  • Senior Class Walk
    We were promised this walk since our freshmen year, for it to be taken from us for no reason at all is completely ridiculous.
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    Created by Maddie Willett
  • Bring back McDonald’s cinnamelts
    Because this item is very dear to me and they were so good. Everyone loves them.
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    Created by Jaida Luna