• Protect LGBTQ+ Girl Scouts at 2023 National Convention
    I am Rebecca–a National Delegate from Northern California. I am also a queer person. I am concerned about the National Convention taking place in Florida, due to the recent rise in homophobic, transphobic, and racist legislation occurring Florida. Girl Scouts has been working to be a more inclusive organization, and this is very contrary to that ideal–bringing Girl Scouts of all identities to a place that doesn't embody that value and is an unsafe environment. When a state passes bigoted policies, it empowers people with those beliefs to act on their beliefs, which endangers Girl Scouts going to Florida. Bringing people–especially en masse– supports the Floridian economy and tells them that their policies and actions are acceptable and that there are not consequences. Girl Scouts' event going to Florida shows immediate disregard for queer and trans members' safety, needs, rights, and humanity. In order to amend this, I believe Girl Scouts must move the 2023 National Convention and Phenom out of Florida. Girl Scouts must take action (not just in words) to protect queer and trans attendees through, but not limited to: transportation from airports to the sites for safety, LGBTQ+ safe break rooms, and gender inclusive bathrooms at hotels and other centers. Girl Scouts can do better; Girl Scouts must do better. Girl Scouts prides itself on being a youth oriented and led inclusive organization, and listening to and acting for the needs of their membership on this issue is crucial to demonstrate this.
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    Created by Rebecca Ireland
  • George Santos Needs To Resign
    Integrity and honesty of candidates for office and holders of office are of vital importance for a democracy. Mr. Santos' case for office was based almost entirely on fabrication. That cannot be acceptable for continuing in any elected office.
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    Created by Robert Yamins
    We believe the requested Rezoning and Land Use Designation Change are not an improvement to the General Plan, nor is this development in scale or does it fit with the identity and character of the surrounding areas. We would hope the Peoria Planning Commission and members of the City Council of Peoria will honor the original intentions of the city of Peoria’s visionaries by rejecting Simpatico’s application.
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    Created by Judy Schear
  • American Jews Demand: George Santos Must Resign for Misusing Holocaust Tragedy
    George Santos lied about his mother’s family fleeing from Nazi oppression in the Ukraine and then Belgium, fleeing from the Holocaust to Brazil, where he then immigrated to the United States. His mother’s family already was living in Brazil during the period when he said they were fleeing from the Holocaust, so this is an outright lie. The Holocaust is one of the greatest crimes against humanity to ever occur, and to the Jewish people, the Holocaust is a personal and collective tragedy. We hold the truth of the Holocaust sacred and do not accept when it is used in a lie for political gain to help to obtain political office. It has been proven that Representative Elect George Santos has completely lied about his family background, and he is neither Jewish, nor did his family flee from the Nazis in Europe. This is an unacceptable lie and we demand that he step down and not take his seat in Congress. We demand that the GOP recognize his slap in the face of the memory of the Jews who suffered and died in the Holocaust and call for him to not take his seat in the House of Representitives.
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    Created by Jordan Atinsky
  • Justice for Terra!!!!
    Because my daughter and so many others who defended themselves are behind bars.
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    Created by Adrienne Grant
  • Consider a less divisive name for the King Cotton Holiday Classic
    The Civil War continues to be the single most divisive event in US history. References and branding that are remnants of this destructive time in our history should be considered divisive as well.
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    Created by Kyle Williams
  • Keep Trump Off Facebook
    Facebook is preparing to make a decision on whether or not to reinstate Donald Trump's Facebook account. For the risk Trump poses to our public safety and democracy, we must keep Trump off Facebook. Join us in urging Meta to keep Trump off Facebook.
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    Created by Accountable Tech Picture
  • Break up Ticketmaster & Get Rid of Their Ridiculous Junk Fees!
    In 2010, Ticketmaster and Live Nation merged (which should’ve never been allowed) and now we’re all suffering: from consumer to artists to venue themselves. The only winners here are Ticketmaster and corporate influence. Ever since, tickets have been steadily raising in cost, coupled with exorbitant fees and a flawed user experience that leaves working people less likely to want to partake in the experience again. We’ve seen this so clearly with Taylor Swift tickets recently, because of the dynamic ticket system Ticketmaster has in place, the more desire there is for tickets the higher the price goes. When Taylor first announced the tour, the prices were to be capped around $499. But after the “troubles” with the queue (that Ticketmaster sent out codes for in ADVANCE), ticket prices were going up and changing as people were checking out. Third party corporations make an entire industry of scalping these tickets and buying them in waves that forces people to pay thousands of dollars to see their favorite artist. It doesn’t have to be this way. Whether you’re a swiftie or not, you know this is wrong and disappointing for people everywhere who just want to see their favorite artist or go see live music. We refuse to be silenced any longer!
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  • Support Mental Health Services in Texas Schools
    On any given day a school social worker can help a child who is engaged in NSSI (non-suicidal self-injury) receive wrap around services, assist a child experiencing homelessness with transportation to school, clothes and free meals, give a child with anxiety tools for managing a panic attack, and help a child find their voice to combat bullying. In one school week, and even in one day, all of these situations can arise, alongside countless other complicated situations that need immediate attention. Unfortunately many school districts don't provide schools with a social worker, or they may require a social worker to work at multiple schools. Understaffing means social workers have extremely high case loads and are not able to effectively support student's needs. The TEA reported there were approximately 5,308 Texas students for every one school social worker employed in our state during the 2019-2020 school year. We need a social worker at every school and funds specifically allocated to school districts to provide mental health services. Therefore, we need an amendment to the Texas Education Code to include social work services and the Texas Education Commission to directly distribute funds to school districts for mental health services.
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    Created by Mary Richardson-Perez
  • Safe Streets for Glastonburys Neighborhoods
    Our town attracts many families because of its great school system and its natural beauty. We want to feel safe outside. Please help by being a voice to emphasize the need for safe streets.
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    Created by Lisa Mendum
  • Vietnam Antiwar Activists Support Russian Peace Movement
    For more than a year Russia's war in Ukraine has produced a horrific loss of life and destruction of humanitarian and economic infrastructure. More than one million Russians have voted with their feet, evading the draft by choosing self-exile, similar to Americans who fled to Canada and Europe during the American war in Indochina.. This statement was created by the Vietnam Peace Commemoration Committee. Our purpose is to honor the protests and the activists that helped end the US war in Indochina and to share lessons for the present. www.vietnampeace.org
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    Created by John McAuliff
  • Berkshire apartments
    Due to people are getting sick from mold , preventing people who work from home to make living!
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    Created by Lateesha Reid