• FOCO Engineering: Upgrade intersection to 4 way stop w/MARKED Protected Pedestrian Cross Walk
    Intersections are dangerous when properly marked. The risk of fatalities and other injuries exponentially increases at unmarked and dangerous intersections like this one. With the exploding increase in traffic flow and pedestrian usage, upgrading this intersection is critical to preventing preventing fatalities in Nuckols Road. Other intersections in Forsyth County similar to the Habersham Trce / Nuckols Rd have been upgraded AFTER FATALITIES have occurred. As a resident of the community for over 12 years myself I have seen the exponential increase of traffic usage (both Residential and Commercial) on Nuckols Road, which runs right through center of our community. Nuckols Rd is a high traffic road that is abused by local car dealers, motorcycle riders, non-residents using it as a bypass road between Buford Dam and Highway 20, and has no ADA Complaint crosswalks for subdivision residents for Habersham At Lanier and Habersham On Lanier. Nuckols Rd is clearly marked an a posted 30 Mile Per Hour Rd, which is very rarely observed by drivers. We have seen and appreciate the significant road improvements that include repaving and a sidewalk that stretches down Nuckols Road from Buford Dam Rd to Highway 20. These road improvements alone have created more traffic because non-residents of Nuckols road communities utilize it as a high speed bypass road. This along with the number of disabled persons, ageing residents, motorcycle riders, increased commercial traffic, car dealer test drives, and overall residential growth have contributed to decreased safety within our community and required immediate resolution before something catastrophic happens. As a community, we do our diligence to maintain a productive relationship with local car dealerships and often request them to ask their employees to respect the speed limit and be aware of the pedestrian traffic as these drivers roll through our community. At the end of the day, our words and requests only fall on deaf ears. As more residents move into our community, and most recently with the Covid pandemic, the use of the newly installed sidewalks has blown up! Parents with children, People with Pets, Joggers, Walkers, Handicapped residents, and even our elderly community are more active than ever. Why is the speed deterrent requests for a 4 way stop, speed break, or at a minimum a MARKED pedestrian cross walk so important? Currently there is no safe ADA Compliant intersection crosswalk that crosses and connects both sides of the community. § 40-6-92. Crossing roadway elsewhere than at crosswalk: To cross the road as a pedestrian means jaywalking and moving traffic does not have to yield to pedestrians, creating a safety issue. § 40-6-72 - Stop signs and yield signs: Vehicles, including School busses entering the intersection from Habersham Trace must still yield right of way to oncoming traffic coming from a blind curve, even after they entered the intersection. There is no deterrent to encourage speeders to slow down or stop for our children in school buses. On both side of Habersham Trace there are handicapped children, handicapped adults, elderly and coming soon a person who is permanently bound to a motorized wheel chair. All of whom need access to a safe crossing point that can be enforced by the Forsyth County Sheriffs Office. Sheriff Freeman and his department are aware of the handicapped children in our community and are continually watching out to protect our most vulnerable residents. They are also aware of the issue of dangerous speeders abusing Nuckols Rd. FCSO officers are limited in their ability to stop speeders because of the minimum distance rule that is required to use a laser to ticket them. The speeders are aware of this and take advantage of this. However, an improved traffic control intersection w/ ADA Compliant crosswalk at Habersham Trce / Nuckols Rd would not only be an excellent and enforceable speed deterrent, it would also drastically increase residential safety, and help FCSO reduce wasted resource time by giving FCSO officers a focused traffic enforcement point. A speed deterrent, even as minimal as a MARKED (Painted and Sign) Pedestrian crosswalk, drivers are required to slow down and yield (if needed) to pedestrians without swerving around them. Approving and installing any form of speed deterrent like this pedestrian crosswalk will accomplish 3 important things. 1. A 4 way stop with MARKED pedestrian crosswalk will provide a safe crossing point at Nuckols Road between both sides of the Habersham Community for all of the residents (handicapped or non-handicapped) to utilize the wonderful sidewalk some of our SPLOST funds were used for 2. A 4 way stop, with a MARKED pedestrian crosswalk will indirectly create a safe speed barrier, as drivers will be more alert to the presence of pedestrians while recalling that pedestrians have the right of way in a crosswalk. It won't be a harsh physical speed deterrent like a speed bump, but it will be a deterrent that is enforceable and safe to use when pedestrians are present. 3. A 4 way stop with a MARKED pedestrian crosswalk will also assist the Forsyth County Sheriffs office with their mission of keeping our roads safe by creating a focus point during the day when Pedestrians and Vehicle traffic co-mingle in the same spaces, at the same time. These improvements will increase overall safety for local residents, protect county resources, reduce wasted enforcement resource time, and most importantly increase overall property values. At the end of the day we all want the same things; safe roads, safety in the community, and reduced the use of wasted resources. Having this 4 way stop with pedestrian crosswalk will benefit everyone.
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    The impending foreclosure avalanche will hurt many Americans. Foreclosures will increase the houseless population, and will DISPROPORTIONATELY affect black and brown homeownership and further widen the generational wealth gap. The American Rescue Plan needs to direct resources to help homeowners NOW
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  • Don't spend $100 billion on new nuclear weapons!
    The US already has a bloated Pentagon budget. Now the Pentagon wants to spend $100 billion on totally unnecessary nuclear warheads. But with a new president in office, we can finally put a stop to Trump’s misguided nuclear weapon spending. More nuclear weapons don’t make the planet more safe. Former Defense Secretary William Perry has argued this plan is totally unnecessary. Instead of tossing millions of our taxpayers dollars into unnecessary nuclear weapons and stoking world wars, we should throw the brakes on Trump’s nuclear program and focus on the real war against Covid-19. Sign the petition: Tell Congress to defund Trump’s $100 billion nuclear weapons system!
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  • Vaccinate North Carolina Teachers Now!
    Governor Cooper just held a press conference asking schools to begin offering in-person education. However, coronavirus numbers are still revising, with dangerous, more transmittable variants spreading, and the state isn't offering any protection to keep teachers safe. Teachers need to be protected before requiring them to return to in-person instruction. The variant strains identified in North Carolina make the virus much more infectious and allow transmission with much less viral load. Statistics have also recently shown that children make up 1/5 of the cases in North Carolina and have been key in virus transmission. Everyone is talking about the kid's safety while ignoring that school buildings are full of adults too- many of them high-risk. This response by Governor Cooper is not based on science and what is best for our teachers and students- it is based on pressure to return to in-person school regardless of the consequences. If teachers are being required to return to in-person instruction, they should at least have the option for protection of the available vaccine. Vaccinate teachers now.
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  • McClintock Disunity Campaign
    Tom McClintock continues to work against the best interests of his constituents. He's been a carpet-bagging representative for most of his political career and needs to stop lying as a political tool.
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  • COVID-19 Frontline Healthcare, Emergency Services & Police Hazardous Duty Tax Exclusion
    During the COVID-19 pandemic, COVID-19 Frontliners’ Healthcare, Fire/ Emergency Services & Police have been directly engaged in the defense of our nation during a historical time of arduous and dangerous situations while trying to protect our nations citizens, and infrastructure firm the fall out and possible collapse of the American and global economy. The brave women and men of this great nation who have and are serving in any of the aforementioned positions deserve the gratitude of the US government and its people just as the US Military receives during combat actions in our nations defense. As we see it, there are currently no differences between the current combat actions abroad and now here at home. The only difference currently is the common enemy. America is facing the global enemy of COVID-19 currently on our home soils. Many have lost their lives and lives of family members and friends in the line of duty against the war on “COVID-19!” While the rest of the economy is getting stimulus payments, moratoriums, and bailouts, healthcare workers, firefighters, emergency services and police departments alike have been hard at work, with little to no relief, in hazardous duty zones, risking our lives to save America and its people with little to no expectations from the American people except a simple “thank you!” We believe it’s time for the US government to step up and do the right thing in support of its frontline providers services to this great nation we call UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! United we have stood, and many have fallen and will continue to fall. Please, be kind, be compassionate like we are, and do the right thing. Provide us COVID-19 Frontliners’ Healthcare, Emergency Services & Police, Tax Exclusion Hazardous Duty Service! Thank you and Be safe America!
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  • Expel Marjorie Taylor Greene
    Since she was inaugurated on January 3rd, 2021, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has continued to show that she is unfit for the office with which she is charged. She has repeatedly promoted dangerous conspiracies, refused to wear masks on the house floor, and has a history of violent rhetoric. She harassed young activist, David Hogg, and it has recently been discovered that she made numerous posts on Facebook calling for the execution of Democratic leaders, including the Speaker of the House. She harassed Muslim members of the House and demanded that they swear an oath on the bible in direct violation of Article 6 of the U.S. Constitution, which prohibits religious tests as a requirement to hold federal office. It is increasingly clear the constitution holds little meaning to Rep. Greene. The House of Representatives' power is not guaranteed to anyone, as it is a privilege bestowed by the people. This privilege, sacred in its nature, is maintained by an oath of office, entirely dependent upon the competence and good faith of the person swearing that oath. Representative Greene has no such competence or good faith. Her rampant conspiracism, history of violent rhetoric, and her disregard for other House members' dignity make her unfit for office. Therefore, the signatories of this petition call upon Speaker Pelosi to bring a vote of expulsion to the floor and remove this dangerous woman from her position.
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  • Medical and/or Recreational Marijuana Legalization in Tennessee
    Marijuana accounts for 53% of all drug arrests in Tennessee, 33% of which are for simple possession. Approximately 20,000 residents of Tennessee are arrested for marijuana possession each year. With the requirement for arrest being 1 ounce of marijuana worth potentially $580 dollars at street value, equating to $11,327,400 minimum worth of potential sales in a legal setting, based on arrests alone. With Tennessee's tax rate of 9.25%, this equates to $1,047,784.50 in potential tax revenue per year at a minimum. (Drugscience) Legalization has already been shown by Forbes.com to be a massive boost in tax revenue for states that have taken the first steps. After Legalization, Tennessee can expect figures similar to the state of Washington where marijuana sales generated $395.5 million in tax revenue in 2019, or Colorado where tax revenue from marijuana exceeded and nearly doubled the $42,000,000 collected from alcohol taxes in the last fiscal year with an astonishing $70,000,000 in tax revenue. Colorado witnessed a $2,000,000 boost in tax revenue from a 10% flat tax on all marijuana products added to the original sales tax of 2.9% in just the first month of 2014 from marijuana sale. Regardless of special taxes in areas of Colorado, sales stayed consistent and healthy, with a total of $14,200,000 worth of marijuana sold. The legalization also came with a bylaw that dedicated the first $40,000,000, which was met in the first fiscal year, of tax revenue directly to school construction. (Forbes) Alcohol, a legal drug, caused 88,000 deaths from 2006-2010, according to the CDC. Marijuana has never been reported to cause death in the history of mankind. One would sooner die of smoke inhalation than of an overdose of THC. Legalization poses no threat to public health or society. In Tennessee, marijuana prohibition has created a racial disparity of arrests in an otherwise fairly equal society of marijuana users. Marijuana users of African descent are 4 times more likely to be arrested than their Caucasian counterparts, even though Caucasians are 5% more likely to partake in recreational marijuana, according to a study done by the American Civil Liberties Union. (ACLU) The State of Tennessee would see more Tax Revenue from legalization then they do from Court Fees collected from simple possession cases, all while saving money from prosecution of said cases. The American Chemical Society has shown that Marijuana is an effective treatment for Alzheimer's. Rather than further bogging down our healthcare system with prescription man made pain killers, or opioids, which has a high level of addiction, legalizing it for medical purposes will allow those with medical disorders to be treated by their choice of medication, which falls under President Trump’s “Right To Try” policy. It is also nature's oldest nausea medication for cancer patients, as well as a stimulant for those who suffer from narcolepsy.(ACS) Tennessee is one of a few states that is behind in the times. Former US Attorney General Jeff Sessions once said, “Good people don’t smoke marijuana.” Well sorry t Studies show that motor skills can not be impaired by marijuana more than the legal limit of 0.05% Blood Alcohol Concentration. Driving while under the influence of THC, while not recommended, is still safer than alcohol, according to a 2001 study. (NORML) o spoil Former AG Sessions mind frame, but good politicians who are not doctors or have no background in science don’t stand in the way of medical treatment that is a choice by the individual which is protected under Freedom of Choice within The Constitution of not only The United States but also The Tennessee State Constitution.
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  • Accountability & Resignations due to 1/6 Sedition - Ted Cruz, Ken Paxton, & 16 TX Representatives
    On January 6th, 2021, a violent mob of extremists motivated by conspiracies that were sowed by the White House stormed into the Capitol, forcing legislators and their staff to barricade with the protection of armed guards. After hearing an address with yet more incendiary rhetoric from the outgoing president, they forced their way inside the Capitol building, carried a Confederate flag through the rotunda, and threatened lawmakers and our seat of government in Washington DC. Anyone involved in inspiring, encouraging, and abetting these terrorists must be held responsible for their actions. Unfortunately, they have been enabled by a large cross section of extremist politicians, many of whom represent Texans. They have made a mockery of democracy by embracing the fascist rhetoric of a far-right figurehead with a far-right movement behind him. They have suppressed votes while lying about the nature of our election system, sullying our elections while opposing their legally legitimate losses. They have proven themselves entirely unfit for office. They must resign. Additionally, we support the resolution of Representative Cori Bush to expel the seditious members of Congress attempting to undermine the legitimacy of our democratic election results. We support accountability that will expel, censure, disbar, begin ethics investigations into and cease campaign donations to the complicit congressmen, Texas Attorney General, as well as continue the impeachment hearing and conviction of Donald Trump. We believe in the power of democracy and the power of the People to make progress in the United States. Those who have proven that they would prefer to destroy the country rather than hold Trump accountable must surrender their power permanently. Their power is vested in us and they have shown themselves willing to use it abusively.
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  • Service industry workers should qualify for the 1st wave of covid vaccine.
    We need to support the service industry. Anyone currently working with the public should qualify for a vaccine--I love teachers, and we need to support them, too, but if you aren't teaching in person, I'm sorry, you need to wait. These are the people who have been yelled at and spit on regarding mask requirements, yelled at and threatened regarding various shortages that have occurred, and deal with, BY FAR the largest number of strangers on a day-to-day basis. They can't get a living wage, yet... Can they at least be treated like the essential workers they are and get the vaccine ASAP? For efficiency, sending notices to businesses to post in break rooms regarding when employees will be eligible, where and how to sign up for appointments, etc., would help to get the word out to more people faster, rather than hoping everyone gets contacted in a timely manner individually.
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  • Deplatform the Fox News Channel
    While we believe in a free press and that censorship is offensive to democracy, FNC is gaming the system in a way that is demonstrably harmful. The recent political situation has vividly illustrated how many people have been mislead by FNC propaganda. For example, a large number of their viewers have been conned into believing there were election irregularities when none have been proven; FNC viewers are more likely to believe that the threat of COVID-19 isn’t real or has been overplayed; research has shown that FNC viewers are less well informed than viewers of other news channels. It’s also worth noting that OfCom, the UK broadcast regulator, has found Fox’s programming to be in violation of their impartiality rules for news programs. For these reasons and many others, we urge the Senate or the FCC under your oversight, implement ways to counteract the insidious effect of the Murdoch media conglomerate.
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  • Tell Congress: We need emergency paid leave now.
    President Biden unveiled a $1.9 trillion COVID rescue package featuring an expansion of emergency paid leave, providing economic security to nearly 200 million working people, as well as our nation’s long-term recovery from COVID-19. This bill closes the loopholes in the Families First Coronavirus Response Act, it provides over 14 weeks of paid sick, family, and medical leave. It also provides a maximum paid leave benefit of $1,400 per week for eligible working people, and extends emergency paid leave measures until September 20, 2021. This couldn’t come at a more urgent time, as Congress allowed the previous paid leave provisions to lapse in December, right as we hit new, devastating peaks in the coronavirus crisis. President Biden’s plan to reinstate and improve emergency paid leave is a critical step to supporting working families while reducing the spread of the virus. Congress must pass President Biden’s American Rescue Plan, NOW!
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