• Dianne Feinstein: Step Down From Senate Judiciary Committee
    Republicans are trying to rewrite the rules and force through an unqualified, extremist candidate for a lifetime position to the Supreme Court. Prominent Democrats spoke our strongly against this move, up until the moment where someone could actually do something. That person is Senator Feinstein, and she did nothing. She made small talk. She asked about Amy Coney Barrett's family. She thanked Lindsey Graham and gave him a hug. If confirmed, Barrett would be in the position to invalidate some of our most hard-fought rights, like abortion access and the Affordable Care Act. Senator Feinstein is supposed to be fighting on our behalf to keep these rights intact, not thanking their opposition for their "fairness" during a patently unfair process. As a constituent, I'm calling on Senator Feinstein to step down from her leadership role on the Senate Judiciary Committee, and make room for someone who's willing to fight the hard fights. I ask that her colleagues on the committee join us in voicing their disapproval of her leadership.
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    Created by Amy Brown
  • Vote 4 Me Pledge Campaign
    Many are excluded from the voting process- whether they're too young, incarcerated or suppressed. Regardless, your vote impacts their future too. Vote4Me is amplifying the voice of those who can't vote because they deserve a say in their lives. Take a pledge to vote for those in your own life who can't vote, and encourage others to do the same! For those who can't vote, we're hear to support and amplify. Challenge those around you who can vote & say, "This is why you should vote 4 me."
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    Created by Laura Montilla
  • Speed Bumps
    The fact that several parked cars have been hit, we are lucky that no one was in the cars, between the cars, or even launched into someone's house. This has turned into a safety issue and it's only a matter or time before someone is seriously hurt or killed.
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    Created by Shalyn Woodham
  • Rename Indian Village
    Indian Village is an affluent neighborhood on the East side of the city of Detroit. It is a subdivision that was created from a farm owned by the Cook family. The name of the neighborhood was not chosen to lift up or empower people, it was not chosen out of honor or respect. Instead, according to the Detroit Historical Society, it was chosen to “give the neighborhood character” helping to sell the lots and homes. There were many settlements in the area and there is a long history of people living in the area before colonization. However, local Tribal historians, the Detroit Historical Society, and the Michigan State Historic Preservation Office have all confirmed that there was not a Native settlement at the location. The name is offensive to the local Indigenous people, historically inaccurate, and misleading. It is not acceptable to appropriate people or culture to sell products. Indian Village is another example of the appropriation of the Indigenous people of North America being used by others. These practices must come to an end and we are calling on the neighborhood residents and the City of Detroit to rename this neighborhood to “The Village.”
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    Created by Jared TenBrink
  • A Pledge to Protect Our Election
    We have always relied on overworked and underpaid state and local election officials to successfully oversee the electoral contests that keep our democracy ticking. Thousands of public servants across 50 states, 3,141 counties, and 14 sovereign territories have a long, proud history of doing their job to ensure our voices are heard. This year, they need our support. They need to know that the vast majority of Americans trust them to run smooth and secure elections, and that we all agree on a specific set of fundamental nonpartisan principles. The conspiracy theories about "voter fraud" and a "rigged election" are an insult to the people who keep our elections free and fair. Protect Our Election is working to repair the damage done by building a grassroots movement to support the dedicated election administrators who are working so hard this election season. We need to let these public servants know that we have their back - that Americans still believe in democracy and still trust them to do their jobs the way they always have. They need to know we outnumber the angry mob. Take action today by sending a message of support to your state election officials. Let them know you are doing your part as a citizen, that you appreciate how difficult their job is, and that you reject the idea that this election will be compromised.
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  • The US Needs Immediate Covid Relief NOT Coney Barrett Hearings
    More than 215,000 Americans have died in 2020 from the coronavirus and 40,000 to 50,000 new cases are diagnosed each day in the United States. Millions of Americans are suffering and struggling to get by. Dr. Anthony Fauci says that we currently face a "difficult situation" with rising positive cases as we head into Winter. The Senate must prioritize coronavirus relief over filling a seat on the Supreme Court.
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    Created by Paula Noonan
  • Freeform should have 31 nights of Disney
    Freeform has a wide variety of Audience. They show 31 days of Halloween movies, and they have Christmas specials. I am petitioning for this network to add a 31 days of Disney movies. The up and coming generation DESERVES to experience the classics that is Disney. Children are so impressionable and they see such violence and gore on TV that we owe it to them and ourselves to provide a safe time and space for children to spend time and watch TV with there family’s without being subjected to unchildly things. Disney movies not only provide that safe space but they are also a huge part of a child’s development. Disney inspires, animate, and molds the lives of millions, so who are we to deny our children this experience. Simply adding Disney to Freeform will not only make views skyrocket, but bring family’s together in a safe setting and during trying times like these, it might be exactly what we need to bring our community back together!
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    Created by Cadience Dixon
  • Keep our students with their teacher!
    Students that will stay in distance learning deserve to stay in their current school and with their current teacher. Any additional change at this point in the school year will not only cause additional learning loss, but will also impact their mental health. All students deserve equal access to education!
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    Created by Erika Mozqueda
  • President Bush: Please Endorse Biden
    It is no secret that many of us in the MoveOn community did not support the Bush administration, and many of us, including me, were adamantly opposed to many of their policies, especially the war in Iraq. Even though we may not have voted for President Bush or supported his policies, our very democracy is at stake in 2020. A 2018 poll conducted by CNN shows that 76% of registered Republicans hold a favorable view of Bush, which clearly would include a large majority of Trump supporters. While many Trump supporters would instantly change their view of President Bush if he endorsed Mr. Biden, enough of them may vote for Biden to change the outcome of the election. While Biden is ahead in national polls, let's not forgot our mistakes in 2016 of ignoring the Electoral College. The uncomfortable truth is that polls in "swing states" right now are incredibly close -- most within the margin of error. Mr. Biden's victory is far from certain right now, especially with Trump controlling all levers of government and clearly willing to do anything he can to ensure lower voter turnout and discredit as many ballots as possible. President Bush is the one American in the unique position of putting an end to the Trump regime. During his time in office, President Bush often spoke about freedom and belief in democratic values. Respectfully, it's time for him to prove that he really meant what he said.
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    Created by Nate Weaver
  • Ban the Sale of KKK and Nazi Memorabilia
    Profiting off of hate is deplorable, and wrong. The sale of Nazi memorabilia is illegal in the EU, and it should be illegal in North America as well. The perpetuation of these goods being circulated gives them credibility, and a sense of honor. There is no honor in the genocide of millions of people. There is no honor in terrorizing innocent people. There is no honor is racism, and xenophobia.
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    Created by Rebekah Grippen
  • "Zero Waste" for East Orange - Petition for a Cleaner City!
    This will improve the quality of our lives and our health.
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    Created by Christina Coaker
  • #thislandisOURland: Community Statue Replacement in SFV Ca
    Representation is important! Our community is made of First Nation, Mexican Indigenous and immigrant populations. As such, we desire to see our historical leaders memorialized in our neighborhoods, too. Our Community Campaign includes: A picture and social media posting component This online petition A GoFundMe And a formal application to the City of LA
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    Created by Monique Orozco