• Free Wooby
    I am heartbroken to see the last human NPC held in such a terrible place against his will. . .
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    Created by AlexWJones
  • Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez dance party
    I am starting this petition to prove to everyone that members of Congress can, and SHOULD, be people. Ordinary people, who laugh, sing, care for one another, and yes, DANCE. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has already proven herself on this issue, and as a proven multi-tasker I'm asking her to continue to lead by example, and bring some STEP to Washington D.C. Thank you.
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    Created by James Reed
  • Petition to Create an Intermidiate Aqua Spin Class
    The Tuesday and Thursday 8 am and 9 am Aqua Spin Class participants have been taking the same Beginners class for the last several sessions because there is not an Intermediate Class. We feel that more advanced training at this point is necessary to obtain our individual desired goals. There is an advanced class held on Saturday, however, the current participants are requesting a morning weekday (preferably two weekdays) Intermediate Aqua Spin course. We are requesting for the course to begin in the Winter (Jan 2019) or Spring Sessions 2019.
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    Created by Sheila Seldon
  • Grandparent's rights ammendments
    5 Years ago, My Son died at age 23 of health complications leaving a daughter then 1 year old, now she is 7 years old, after my Son died I was not allowed to see my Grand daughter again because the mother don't allow me to see her because she had a new boyfriend. I tried court but this law doesn't help me to see her; The law establishes that you should have a parent like relationship with your Grandchild; How could I have a Parent like relationship with my Granddaughter if I'm not allow to see her? I been fighting in court since then but this law doesn't support my claim. This situation has affected me and my whole family she has family in her daddy side she can't even look at and this will affect me always until is changed is cruel for my granddaughter and me not to be able to see each other again because my deceased Son can't give me the right to see her again; I lost him that is so strong and painful and loosing her too is killing me emotionally and Physically; Please I'm begging to help me please make Amendments in this law. I'm a mental health worker and I'm please asking , begging for support.
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    Created by Sandra Izquierdo
  • Don't Change The DCCAH!
    The DC Commission for Arts and Humanities should remain independent from the Office of the Mayor. It is alarming that the Mayor's office wants to consolidate power considering it's recent flirtation with censorship. Please sign the petition which will be sent to Mayor Muriel Bowser opposing this proposed change.
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    Created by Maria Benzie
  • "Friends" Forever
    My life has been forever changed since the moment that Rachel fled her wedding and ran into Central Perk on that crisp New York afternoon. So many lives will be damaged by the removal of this show. Friends was my friend when no one else was...
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    Created by Kinsey Loebig
  • Ban Conversion Therapy In Nebraska
    I am starting this petition because I have heard so many stories. It is wrong that people , mostly children, are being forced to "change" who they are for no good reason. It needs to stop.
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    Created by Samantha Painter
  • Lori Mueller: Create Holocaust Education in Baraboo WI
    As an American, a Jew and as an educator I was upset about the image of boys doing the Nazi salute in a prom photo. I was especially disturbed that you decided to not punish these boys. I wonder if these boys had put up their middle finger or “mooned” for the photo if you would have reacted the same.
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    Created by Felice Schlesinger
  • thank the firefighters in california
    to share gratitude for the goodness of these men and women
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    Created by Cecile Moochnek
  • California cheer teams petition CIF's Sunday no play rule
    In 2017 the State of California adopted Assembly Bill 949 making competitive cheerleading a sport, as a result, cheerleaders across the state are now governed by California Interscholastic Federation (CIF). Athletes, coaches and parents are enthusiastic about the benefits that CIF can provide the sport of Traditional Competitive Cheer; however, there is one CIF bylaw that has a negative impact on many of the most elite cheer athletes. CIF's no Sunday play rule means that California cheer teams cannot compete in the Sunday Finals at the National High School Cheerleading Championships (NHSCC) in Orlando, Florida. The NHSCC is one of the few cheerleading competitions sponsored by the governing body of high school sports the National Federation of High Schools (NFHS) and is featured on ESPN. The no Sunday play rule prohibits the most elite high school cheerleading athletes from competing at the highest level of competition for their sport which directly impacts their potential college participation in this sport. Colleges have representatives present at the NHSCC at a recruitment combine which allows athletes to create contacts for potential scholarship opportunities. Athletes, coaches, and parents support the no Sunday play rule for all other contests; however, for teams who make it to the Finals for the NHSCC, their athletes gain national exposure to college coaches and recruiters. All other sports are given “National Rankings” through MaxPreps without actually having to compete in any national level games or competitions. Of the 51 states there are approximately 30 states represented at the NHSCC; therefore, it gives traditional competitive cheer the closest thing to a ranking system that is similar to Max Preps. In addition, the only high school championship that offers a world ranking is the NHSCC, where approximately 6 countries are represented; this World competition is on Sunday. In the last 5 years, multiple California teams who have made it to Sunday Finals, have received televised national exposure on ESPN creating positive publicity for the high schools they represent. It is for this reason that teams are asking for the waiver for just the NHSCC. California cheer teams would like to continue to represent their high school at the National Level by competing in the Sunday finals at the National High School Cheerleading Championships.
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    Created by Elena M Klock
  • Stop the VA dog experiments!
    The VA is going to start fatal experiments on dogs! USA Today reports: In Milwaukee, the experiments call for researchers to remove sections of dogs’ brains to test neurons that control breathing before the animals are killed by lethal injection, research records show. In Cleveland, tests involve using electrodes on dogs’ spinal cords to measure cough reflexes before and after severing the cords. In Richmond, Virginia, experiments include implanting pacemakers in dogs, then inducing abnormal heart rhythms and running the animals on treadmills to test cardiac function before euthanizing them by injection or draining their blood.
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    Created by Josh
  • School zone safety an emergency for Elmont Memorial High school students
    Too many accidents have caused students to be unsafe by speeding drivers as well as insufficient signage and unsafe traffic pattern that have resulted in serious injuries as well as fatalities. Our children deserve to be safe when walking to school and walking home from school. We are demanding the school area of Dutch Broadway and Elmont Road to be designated as a school zone with all the proper traffic signage, changing the traffic pattern during school hours and greater driver accountability by law.
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    Created by Mimi Pierre Johnson