• A Petition for Anti-Racism Action by Survivor Entertainment Group
    Survivor has produced 40 successful seasons over 20 years by telling the stories of people who represent a wide array of human experience within the context of a game of social strategy, physical challenges, and survival. Representation matters. One of the most important ways we can embrace our diversity and evolve is to represent that diversity responsibly, equitably and fully. A commitment to the afore-mentioned actions would have a huge impact and move us toward a more fair, just, and equitable society.
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    Created by J'Tia Hart, The Soul Survivors Organization
  • We Want Rep. Ro Khanna as the California Delegation Chair to the Democratic National Convention
    Bernie Sanders OVERWHELMINGLY won California. We need a state delegation chair to the national convention that reflects that victory and Bernie's platform. We want Rep. Ro Khanna! Rep. Khanna is a bold progressive who, along with the MAJORITY of Californians and Americans, supports Medicare for All, a Green New Deal, the dire need for racial justice, and a compassionate, PEACEFUL foreign policy platform that prioritizes diplomacy over militarization and warfare. Please sign on to support Rep. Ro Khanna as the CA State Delegation Chair to the Democratic National Convention. The State Delegation Chair represents the entire California delegation at the National Convention.
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    Created by Shawnee Badger
  • Full transparency of the Federal Government
    This is our taxpayer money, our money funded the program and the program should be accountable to us. Taxpayers are entitled to this public information and Secretary Mnunchin promised full transparency. The Washington Post's Catherine Rampell made a compelling case this morning that with "a half-trillion dollars of our hard-earned cash" in question, taxpayers should be asking, "What are they hiding?"
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    Created by Wes Hart
  • DO SOMETHING about coronavirus ravaging our communities
    SARS-CoV-2 is ravaging our communities. It is highly infectious and it is spreading like wildfire. Our hospitals are filling up and resources are scarce. It is our government’s responsibility to ensure our safety, and something must be done to prevent further deaths in our communities.
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    Created by Chloe Ramsey
  • Interracial Emojis
    American couples are not solely white. American families with only white children are not representative of reality....it’s about time to include the diversity we see in everyday American households reflected in these emojis. They are the only emojis where skin color cannot be chosen and this deserves to be changed.
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    Created by Brittany Stephenson
  • Transgender Health Rights
    It’s important to me, because my friends, whom are transgender are not being accepted by their parents and other friends, still need their health care rights. It’s their body to chose what they want to do with it, no one else’s body.
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    Created by Elan Patton
  • Reinstate Protections for our Trans* Siblings
    During this time of incredible upset, the Trump Administration has decided to finalize a rule rolling back protections for Transgender and Trans* people. President Trump has taken our outcries for equality and spat on them, dragging the LGBTQ community into the series of horrific events unfolding this 2020. The night of the four year anniversary of the Pulse Nightclub shooting, a shooting in Orlando Florida that ended with hundreds of members of the queer community dead, was the night the Trump Administration chose to tell the queer community that they are not worth health care. That if a doctor or hospital refuses to treat them based on their sexual or gender identity, that the law doesn't care about them. It feels as if he does not care about the marginalized, making it very clear to America that if we saw Black Lives Matter, he will say QUEER LIVES DON'T. The Trump Administration has been working tirelessly to narrow the definition of gender in order to LEGALLY deny health care to Transgender people and eventually the entire queer community. Queer people, especially QUEER PEOPLE OF COLOR are so much less likely to seek medical care when they need it, precisely because of the ignorance and disrespect with which the health care system sees them. We are already fighting the global pandemic of Covid-19, along with the national pandemic of POLICE BRUTALITY. The Trump Administration is shoving down our throats the reality that they would rather we all just die. We must not allow this message to be heard without a FIGHT. We must STAND UP TO INJUSTICE and not allow Trump's distracting disregard for queer life to end our fury and demand for change. This is only a stepping stone towards changing the way AMERICA SEES EQUALITY. If we don't stop this law, next it will be legal to not give health care to any queer person, or to a person based on their race, or religion. If a person has no protections based on their gender identity, what is to stop hospitals from turning away cis men or women based on their preference of gender identity. This erasure of gender related protections is DANGEROUS. This has the potential to affect every single person in America, regardless of your political standpoint. ALL PEOPLE DESERVE HEALTH CARE no matter how they identify. ALL HUMANS ARE CREATED EQUAL UNDER GOD, says the constitution. It is our job to uphold this precedent.
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    Created by Cosette Bobb
  • Remove Confederate Monument in Graham, NC
    The removal of the monument is a symbol that does not reflect the true history and it represents values that have no place in the community today. It sends the wrong message to visitors and residents. Our taxes are paying to protect something that racially divides our community. African Americans who were enslaved by the millions in the South and later subjected to brutal oppression under the white supremacist regime of Jim Crow. Our democracy is based on equality under the law, and public entities should not prominently display symbols that undermine that concept and alienate an entire segment of the population.
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    Created by Mia Bosna
  • No Republican Convention in Jacksonville
    We are in the middle of a pandemic. It's not just the people signing consent forms acknowledging the risk of COVID-19 via the Trump website who will be impacted by a massive convention. Those traveling to the convention will be interacting with locals who work at hotels, bars, restaurants, gas stations, and stores. Those attending the convention and working at the convention could potentially bring COVID-19 back to their communities. The COVID-19 confirmed cases in Florida have jumped drastically since the beginning of May. We in Jacksonville shouldn't have our health and safety threatened for politics. It is the job of the Florida governor and the Jacksonville mayor to protect the citizens, both those who did and who did not vote for them.
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    Created by Alissa Marquardt
  • All Essential Workers Need Hazardous Pay
    We put our lives and our families lives at risk with minimal protection. When were asked to wear N95 masks we get dirty ones and have to use same one for a week. Instead of quitting we showed up. We did not have to risk our lives and we do. We could of walked away anytime and gotten another job and we STAYED.
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    Created by Shelly Veitch Picture
  • LOVE to replace Robert E. Lee statue
    The current statue is an idol of bigotry, racism, and cruelty. It is a sign that screams to people of color that our state still holds on to the ideals of the confederacy. Virginia is for lovers of all things so we should be welcoming to all races. We need peace, hope, and love to heal our city and our state. But the most important of all of these is LOVE.
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    Created by Amanda Ashby
  • Get Tarrant High OUT of Uniform for good‼️
    We had our hopes up Thinking that we was out of uniform last year while we watched every other school get to post pictures in nice outfits while we had To wear khaki, blue, & what ever colors they wasn't strict about. What is so wrong about us being out of uniform too?
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    Created by Annony Mous