• Free To Pee: Incorporate Accessible Gender-Neutral Restrooms In Every Public School
    For many trans and non-binary students, being forced to use a labeled, gendered restroom is extremely uncomfortable. We should not have to experience any more struggle or discomfort than our cisgender peers. Gender-neutral restrooms should be accessible and available to students without them having to ask to use a staff restroom or be forced to one or two options that are often far away from classes.
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    Created by Lynx Kelly
  • Tell Congress and President Biden: Ban ICE surveillance of money orders and cash transfers!
    Most people think sending money to a friend or family member in need is a personal matter, but ICE disagrees. We just found out that ICE has been collecting personal financial data on millions of people who use money transfer services like Western Union.1 ICE can use this data to try to target immigrants who send money back to their families, and potentially deport them. The federal government should never be in the business of spying on people who are just trying to financially help their friends and family. Sign the petition: Tell Congress and President Biden to ban ICE surveillance of money orders and cash transfers! For millions of people in California, Arizona, New Mexico, or Texas, who recently used a money order service, like Western Union, their personal information and the personal information of the person they sent money to likely ended up in a database without them even knowing – a database that is shared with ICE and other law enforcement agencies. Since 2019, ICE used administrative subpoenas to money order and cash transfer companies like Western Union to collect sender and recipient names and addresses. This essentially criminalizes people for not having bank accounts, and specifically targets immigrant communities of all kinds for the commonplace practice of sending remittances back to family members. Once Senator Wyden started asking questions about the program, ICE shut it down.2 That’s because ICE has gotten so out of control that they don’t stop to question whether their actions are legal or not – they’re just out to hunt down, detain, and deport as many immigrants as they can. This has to stop. ICE has consistently proved that they will abuse any amount of power given to them. That’s why Congress and President Biden need to act now to specifically and permanently ban ICE from spying on people’s private financial data. Sign the petition: Tell Congress and President Biden to ban ICE surveillance of money orders and cash transfers! Sources: 1. Buzzfeed, “ICE Conducted Sweeping Surveillance Of Money Transfers Sent To And From The US, A Senator Says,” March 8, 2022. 2. Ibid.
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  • save wolves from extinction
    Wolves are key apex predators for balanced ecology of wild lands. Yellowstone Park in 1960s is a good example of what will happen to wild land when wolves are absent, total collapse of ecology, no animals or vegetation. Without sufficient healthy wild land, our future generation will not even have clean water to survive. Hence the Federal government's project Conservation Atlas. You cannot conserve healthy wild land without having healthy numbers of wolves. Killing them must stop NOW. Protect them now, they will repay us in tenfold.
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    Created by Ayako Moult
  • Save American Food Market's American Dream
    For decades spanning several councilmembers and prosecutors, the Detroit Shoreway has tried time and again to frame American Food Market as a cause for drug distribution within the community yet despite numerous police raids and injunctions have found no evidence for these claims. As of March 4th, 2022, Councilwoman Jenny Spencer and the Cuyahoga prosecutor's office of Michael o'Malley chose to enact a nuisance law rarely used in history as a new tactic to shut the store down temporarily. They claim it is the responsibility of the store owners to enforce laws surrounding drug trafficking happening near the store or else suffer the consequences for other people's actions. It is the duty of law enforcement to patrol the neighborhood from crime, not small business owners.
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    Created by Thaer Husien
  • Sign the petition: Tell Congress to pass the No Facial Recognition at the IRS bill!
    This year, it’s the IRS that made a mistake. When the IRS announced that they wanted taxpayers to submit to facial recognition technology just to access their tax information, the backlash from the public and politicians in both parties was swift! As a result, the IRS suspended it’s contract with ID.me, their facial recognition vendor. But that’s not enough. They could quietly reinstate that contract, or another one like it, anytime they’d like. That’s why Senators Roy Blunt and Jeff Merkley introduced the No Facial Recognition at the IRS bill – and in a deadlocked, divided Congress, it’s already got bipartisan support. We need to speak out now to help it become law. Sign the petition: Tell your member of Congress to pass the No Facial Recognition at the IRS bill! Facial recognition isn’t just creepy and invasive, it’s been well documented to have racial and gender biases – meaning that women and people of color have a harder time being accurately recognized by the software. No American taxpayer should have to jump through this unnecessary high-tech hoop just to access their tax information online. Especially when the technology itself has trouble telling women and people of color apart from each other. It’s telling that the No Facial Recognition bill already has bipartisan support in a bitterly divided Congress. The message is clear: emerging technologies, like facial recognition, are a Wild West, and without regulation could lead to dystopian consequences. Together, activists caused an uproar over the IRS’s use of facial recognition earlier this year. Now we must build on this momentum and make sure the IRS can’t do anything like this in the future. Sign the petition: Tell your member of Congress to pass the No Facial Recognition at the IRS bill!
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  • Stop the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Bill
    My name is Jaime. I’m a mom and teacher in Florida. My husband and I have three amazing children— our youngest is transgender. Our family is one of many with a personal stake in stopping the discriminatory “Don’t Say Gay” (HB 1557/SB 1834) bill currently working its way through the Florida legislature because our daughter identifies as a girl even though she was mistakenly assigned male at birth. Because of how she chooses to express her authentic self, our daughter has been bullied at school. We fear the passage of a bill to ban any discussion of children’s LGBTQ+ identity will hurt kids and limit schools’ ability to foster an overall environment of compassion and kindness to all. Right now, politicians in FL are proposing a bill that would BAN some educators from teaching about LGBTQ+ people. This bill would make it illegal for any elementary school staffer—including teachers and school counselors—to talk about LGBTQ+ people. They would be barred from talking about how kids express their gender identity, or the fact that some kids have two dads or two moms. And if a child confides in their teacher or counselor about their own identity, that staff member would be required to disclose that to their parents, even if there were concerns about potential abuse. Sadly, a third of all LGBTQ+ youth report being physically abused by parents due to their identity. Requiring staff to tell parents puts children at a huge and unacceptable risk of violence. Sign the petition now and tell FL legislators and the governor to oppose this dangerous bill. Thank you.
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    Created by Jaime J.
  • Petition to get Medication for free for ALL Cardiac patient's!
    Because no parent of a child who has ALREADY been through Open Heart Surgery should have to worry if their child will survive after discharge because insurance will not pay for the medicine and they can not afford THOUSANDS or more for one month of one medicine!
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    Created by Kayla Stratton
  • Congress must publicly support diplomacy with Iran!
    Now that a diplomatic breakthrough with Iran is on the horizon, the war hawks in Washington are working overtime to sabotage this deal before it's even announced. In fact, as soon as word of an imminent deal got around, the powerful chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Senator Bob Menendez, took to the chamber floor to trash the negotiations and call for a continuation of Trump's failed "maximum pressure" policy. Senator Menendez isn't just wrong, he’s dangerous: his words and actions undermine U.S. diplomats who are still in the middle of negotiations and put us on a path to war. But right now, he and other hawks are testing to see how far they can push us away from diplomacy and peace. What happens in the next twenty four hours is CRUCIAL — if we show up, and are loud — we can not only get hawks to step back, but we also strengthen the resolve of members of Congress who are waiting to see what the consensus is. That’s why we’ve got to call on every member of Congress right now to support diplomacy.
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  • NCNW says U.S. Department of Justice must Investigate Bomb Threats Against HBCUs
    HBCUs exist because of the persistent desire of Black Americans to obtain higher education, in the past and today. HBCUs produce pioneers, leaders and responsible citizens. Their legacy is indeed “sacred.”
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    Created by National Council of Negro Women, Inc.
  • Change in Federal laws for Adults with Chronic & Progressively Terminal Conditions.
    The medically disabled community needs some CHANGE!We should not be punished for conditions that are not under Our control. Many of us are unable to work and provide the necessities needed to have a Healthy, Safe, Quality of life. We are at times pushed into poverty stricken, unsafe, unhealthy communities, when we Actually need MORE resources than the average person to survive. Our illnesses are often made worse having to live in the conditions which are offered to us. Many families loose their homes and living situations due to someone in the home living with these progressively worse illnesses. We are looking for Change in Credit laws, Insurance laws, Housing laws/policies, Benefits for DAC (Disabled Adult Child) & More Specified Mortgage & Rental Assistance For times of hardship during medical Confinement. We are hoping to receive as much support as possible with this petition that will be sent to Our Senators in hope of some Action.
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    Created by Andraya Lewis
  • Prosecute Trump!
    The New York Grand Jury has voted to indict Donald Trump of crimes related to paying hush money to Stormy Daniels during the 2016 election. On top of that, he was found guilty in a civil case against E. Jean Carroll, and he's just been indicted by a federal court for his theft of federal documents. Trump and his team are also likely to face indictments in Georgia for their attempts to manipulate the state’s 2020 election results, and Trump is also under investigation by the Department of Justice for his role in inciting the deadly January 6 insurrection, as well as for covering up his possession of highly classified documents. Donald Trump has a decades-long history of criminality and corruption, and for too long he has been allowed to skate by without legal consequences for his actions. Enough is enough. We will never stop fighting to make our claims of "justice for all" a reality: he will be punished for all of his crimes, and we will see to it that his co-conspirators are as well, from Marjorie Taylor Greene to Jair Bolsonaro. Join over 350,000 MoveOn members and sign the petition now demanding for the Department of Justice to move forward with charging Trump as well—because nobody is above the law.
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  • Sign the petition: Demand President Biden end IRS facial recognition!
    The IRS wants taxpayers to provide credit history and submit to facial recognition just to access their tax information online. They’ve hired a third party company called ID.me to verify user identity even though it’s common knowledge that facial recognition technology has racial and gender biases. Anyone who cares about privacy and racial justice should be up in arms. That’s why we’re pressuring President Biden to end the contract between the IRS and ID.me. Sign the petition: Demand President Biden end facial recognition at the IRS! ID.me’s verification process is so invasive that a technology reporter at Gizmodo felt “sufficiently creeped out” and refused to finish it.1 If ID.me is allowed to continue working with the IRS then every tax filer will have to give over personal information – like photo IDs and access to consumer credit reports – just to access their tax information online. But this gets much worse! The CEO at ID.me got caught lying to journalists about how it uses facial recognition2 and admitted that the company uses Amazon Rekognition, which is well known to have racial biases. The IRS already 1) has enough of our sensitive income information, and 2) is scarily underfunded. They shouldn’t be spending more of their resources on an untrustworthy third party vendor who wants to scoop up more of your information and subject you to racist facial recognition technology. The Treasury Department is already asking the IRS to reconsider this contract, but President Biden can end this private contract with the stroke of a pen. That’s why we’re taking the issue directly to him. Sign the petition: Demand President Biden end facial recognition at the IRS! Sources: 1. Gizmodo, “IRS Will Require Facial Recognition Scans to Access Your Taxes Online,” January 19, 2022. 2. Axios, “ID.me CEO apologizes for misstatements on IRS facial recognition,” January 27, 2022.
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