Did you know? Gardening has many positive effects, including but not limited to: - Increased well-being, physical activity, and overall health. - Helps encourage healthier eating habits (adolescents are more likely to eat veggies when participating in gardening!). - Provides a productive outlet for community members. - Beautifies communities and freshens the air we breathe!
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    Created by Ramona Barragan
  • Hold Landlords Accountable For Tenant Harassment, Today.
    Homeless is due to shady practices from money hungry and powerful landlords. If we hold them accountable... the city wouldn’t have this catastrophic problem. Not all tenants have issues paying rent but landlords took their large down payments and started harassing them to immediately move out just to collect someone else large deposit.
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    Created by M Shannon
  • Extend the COVID-19 Eviction Moratorium! Ask Congressman Raul Ruiz to Reconvene Congress ASAP!
    8 million Americans may become homeless if this eviction moratorium is not extended! The uptick in COVID 19 cases is rising rapidly again, due to the delta variant.
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    Created by Patrick Weiss
  • Sign Now: Congress must implement oversight of Pegasus
    Pegasus, a spyware created by Israeli company NSO, surveilled over *50,000* individuals — including private citizens — through their phones: tracking their messages, monitoring their locations, and even remotely activating their microphones to listen in on their conversations. This kind of mass surveillance is a threat to each and every one of us. That’s why we’re calling on Congress to protect our privacy and implement oversight of Pegasus spyware. Will you add your name to join us in calling for an end to unchecked surveillance?
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    Created by Stephen Miles Picture
  • Impeach Brett Kavanaugh
    When Donald Trump nominated Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, multiple women came forward bravely to share their experiences of Kavanaugh's sexual assault, aggression, and maliciousness. Last August, we learned the FBI never fully investigated these credible accusations—because they were following the Trump administration's politicized directions. Clearly, this investigation was incomplete, inexcusable, and designed to dismiss the multiple cases of sexual assault brought forward. Republicans rushed through Kavanagh's confirmation without a thorough investigation. Nobody should be in a lifetime seat on the nation's highest court under such circumstances. The Senate must impeach Kavanaugh immediately. Furthermore, during his hearings, he attested to his respect for settled law—including the precedent of Roe v. Wade. As his recent decision to overturn Roe and strip abortion protections from hundreds of millions has demonstrated, he has no respect for our health, our automomy, or for the truth. He and the other justices must be investigated and, if it is found they lied under oath, they must face consequences. Congress must impeach, investigate, and hold Kavanaugh accountable.
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  • Restore Press Freedom!
    Today the entire mainstream media is owned by only FIVE corporations, all of which are run by people who are invested in weapons and war. The result is a media that always starts with a pro-interventionist position and is staffed by former intelligence officials and generals that protect the government narrative instead of the truth. Additionally, it is extremely rare for mainstream media outlets to have on opposing viewpoints, especially from the left, to have debates and discussions. We need a return to fairness, truth and civil debate.
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    Created by Jason Kishineff
  • Raise SSI/SSDI permanently due to Changing economy due to COVID/Poverty
    I am not the only one in this mess. I know other people feel the crunch of their expenses and day to day lives. People are scared to ask for more, because they know they'll be denied. I say we ask anyway, can't try, can't do. What if we change things?! What if we find a solution! What if we are listened too! Sign your name, and work for positive change. Let's not give up!
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    Created by Ana Massien
  • Tell Mayor Ginther: Cancel the dangerous North Broadway crossing for the Olentangy Trail
    The City is planning to spend millions of dollars on an unnecessary bridge and trail segment ... that will take pedestrian and bicycle traffic directly to a highway off-ramp. There are far better and more cost-effective ways to improve trail safety on Milton from Kenworth over to Delhi! If built, this ill-advised crossing will be a permanent feature of our city infrastructure for DECADES. Let's demand that the City of Columbus do better.
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    Created by Will Easton
  • Implement Teaching About Consent and Sexual Violence In The Education System
    Spreading awareness about sexual violence and teaching children about consent from a young age is important because it is simply not talked about enough. As stated before, 75% of people become a victim before the young age of 18. Many do not realize what has happened to them until years later because the topic is never discussed and is treated as taboo.
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    Created by Khalese Ariyun
  • Congress: Cancel the Failed F-35 Fighter Jet
    After 20 years and BILLIONS of dollars it still has NINE deficiencies so serious they could “cause death, severe injury, or severe occupational illness” to the pilots flying them. ENOUGH. From Los Angeles, CA to Burlington, VT, too many of us are struggling to recover and rebuild from the worst of the pandemic. Classrooms have no heat or AC, families go hungry to pay for prescription medicines, a massive climate crisis is coming straight for all of us because lawmakers say the solutions are too expensive — because lawmakers say the solutions are too expensive. One way we could save BILLIONS every year is obvious: Add your name to tell Congress to cancel the F-35 Failed Fighter Jet!
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  • Tell President Biden: Evacuate Afghan interpreters in a safe and timely manner
    Afghan interpreters who put their lives and families at risk deserve protection by the U.S. The U.S. has a moral obligation to act — from speeding up the visa application process and increasing the number of visas available to directly evacuating interpreters. And as veterans, active duty servicemembers, military family members, and civilian supporters, it's our duty to speak up and demand action from the Biden Administration. Will you add your name and tell President Biden not to leave Afghan interpreters behind? >>
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  • “Trump Inspired Death Threats Are Terrorizing Election Workers”
    It is very important to put an immediate stop to the death threats and harassment for two important reasons: 1) The 2020 Presidential Election was a free and fair election that did not have any fraudulent activity whatsoever. The numerous audits requested by Trump proved that it was fraudulent free and that Biden won. 2) These US Election Workers and Election Officials are being unfairly driven from their jobs by these Trump Extremists causing election workers to fear for their lives as well as their families lives. Besides receiving death threats, they have been harassed by these thugs by attempts to run them off the road, plus while driving they are being followed for 25 minutes. Plus getting threats of being killed by firing squad, and also in 21 counties there were threats of bombing polling sites, telling election workers unless Trump is guaranteed POTUS, no one would be spared at these bomb sites. As a result from the constant harassment, many election workers suffer from panic attacks. All of this harassment is still going on today! Fulton county’s election director, for 22 years, said, “ it seems like we are descending into a third world mentality. I never expected that from this country.” So many election workers and officials are leaving their jobs because they don’t want to be constantly harassed while they do their jobs. We need to stop this awful persecution ASAP!!!
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    Created by Susan Dzialo