• ADD MY NAME: Say NO to HOA House Thieves!
    Housing can be a particularly cruel method of racial oppression and Home Owner Associations (HOAs) are often the tool. Green Valley Ranch HOA -- and many other HOAs -- have far too much power over residents and are motivated entirely by profit, often on the backs of low income people of color looking for the American dream of owning their first home. HOAs should never restrict anybody's right to shelter. Nowhere is this more clear than in Denver at the Green Valley Ranch properties. We can stop Green Valley Ranch and other HOAs by joining together and making change on the local, state and national level. The Redress Movement works in deep partnership with local communities to repair the harm caused by intentional policies to segregate communities and we do our work by educating, mobilizing, shifting the narrative, and winning redress victories. Our starting point is housing but we work in solidarity with others who are facing the facts of history, redressing harms of the past, and healing our nation by dismantling the barriers that divide us.
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  • I Pledge to Get Vaccinated!
    Vaccines don’t just protect you - they protect your family, your friends, your neighbors, and your world.
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    Created by A Y
  • Save the Postal Service, fire Louis DeJoy!
    President Biden has the power to fire Trump-appointed head of the U.S. Postal Service Louis DeJoy, but he still hasn’t done it. Since being put in his role by Trump, DeJoy has been on a crusade to privatize the USPS, slash worker hours and pay, slow down mail delivery, and raise the costs for consumers. So why hasn’t he been fired yet? Sign the petition: President Biden must act and fire Trump crony Louis DeJoy from the USPS. President Biden can fire DeJoy by appointing two new people to the Postal Board of Governors who are committed to a strong USPS, worker safety, effective mail delivery, and firing Trump’s Postmaster General. 1. DeJoy’s tenure has been a disaster for USPS workers. Trump appointed DeJoy in 2018 to oversee privatization of the postal service. Since then, DeJoy has cut postal worker staffing by over 30 million hours just this year, and dramatically reduced wages for two thirds of rural mail carriers. 2. Overworked, underpaid carriers are currently working through record-breaking heat waves, often in trucks that lack air conditioning. Multiple USPS workers have died in the past two years from heat related illness, including one in Texas this summer. 3. Mail prices have gone up, and delivery has slowed down. Service cuts have been felt especially hard in rural and Indigenous communities, where broadband is scarce and for-profit delivery companies often don't provide service. 4. DeJoy has plans to keep cutting the USPS, and to make life more miserable for workers. President Biden must nominate Postal Board of Governors candidates who will fire DeJoy for his failed leadership, and advocate strongly for the expansion of USPS services already authorized by Congress. Add your name: Urge President Biden to fire Trump-appointee Louis DeJoy and save the USPS! Sources: Government Executive, “USPS continues to lose more money than expected,” August 9, 2023. ABC, “Family, friends mourn loss of Dallas USPS mail carrier who died on this route,” July 1, 2023. Vox, “If the US Postal Service fails, rural America will suffer the most,” April 16, 2020. Truthout, “DeJoy’s 10-Year Plan Could Gut USPS. He Doesn’t Want You to Know the Details,” August 7, 2023.
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  • Tell Congress: Close the Data Broker Loophole!
    When families expecting a child post to pregnancy websites like BabyCenter, they might not know that ICE is watching them. That’s because ICE contracts a data broker to scrape thousands of social media sites, gaming platforms, and even financial apps like CashApp. Why does ICE need to know when your baby is due, what video games you like to play, or where are you planning your next vacation? ICE doesn’t need this personal information about us, but because there’s a legal loophole, they can and do get access to a lot of our online activity. Congress must act now to close the Data Broker Loophole. Sign the petition: Tell Congress to close the Data Broker Loophole! ICE can reach into our personal online activity because they don’t do the spying themselves. Instead they contract out shady third party data brokers who do their spying for them and then give them wide access to everything they find. You’ve likely never heard of these companies, but they’ve probably already know a lot about you. For instance, ShadowDragon, the data broker ICE uses that scrapes data from BabyCenter. ShadowDragon doesn’t stop at pregnancy websites. According to their own internal videos and events, they scrape data from all the major social media platforms; gaming platforms like Fortnite, XBOX, and Playstation; review sites like Yelp and Tripadvisor; messaging apps like WhatsApp; even financial transaction apps like CashApp. The Fourth Amendment right against illegal government search and seizure needs to apply to the internet. That’s why Congress needs to act now to close the Data Broker Loophole. Sign the petition: Tell Congress to close the Data Broker Loophole! Sources: 1. 404 Media, “Inside ShadowDragon, The Tool That Lets ICE Monitor Pregnancy Tracking Sites and Fortnite Players,” September 18, 2023.
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  • End Merch Cuts Nationwide for Artists and Fans
    This week, Live Nation announced it would stop taking merch cuts at some of its venues. While it’s a start, there are nearly 100 Live Nation venues this does not apply to and many, many more venues nationwide owned and operated by other companies. Every venue and promoter must follow suit. Venues and promoters—often one and the same, given Live Nation’s effective monopoly on the live music industry—do not design, manufacture, ship, transport, load, or unload, and in most cases sell an artist’s or band’s merchandise. Fans are already price-gouged by junk fees on ticket sales. Taking a cut of merchandise sales from artists not only drives up the cost of merchandise for fans, it also creates a situation for musicians where making ends meet is even more difficult in an already predatory industry. These cuts have such a negative impact on some artists, they are forced to consider leaving the industry altogether because they cannot afford to continue with their careers. The fans come to the venues for the artists, not for the venue owner or promoter. They buy merchandise to support the musicians they love, not because they’re fans of a corporation. Their money should go directly, and entirely, to the artists.
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    Created by Laura Jane Grace
  • Game Day Parking- ODU STUDENTS
    This would mean much to the students because we will be able to see that we are being heard and cared for. We should be able to park our cars freely in the granted areas without having to make room for visitors. When our cars are being towed, some of them end up in a tow yard where we’d have to pay the tow yard’s fee in addition to the $100 ODU citation. This can easily make someone spend $180-$200 out of pocket just to gain their car back. Again, making it unfair to the students that attend the university. If you are a student that has gone through this, as I, you should join my petition by simply signing.
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    Created by Shamaria Dedrick
  • Make polluters pay: Sue Big Oil to hold them accountable for their climate crimes NOW!
    Our neighbors are losing their homes, and sometimes even their lives, to fires, floods, and extreme heat. Cities and states are spending billions to respond to non stop climate disasters and extreme weather events. But instead of paying their fair share for the damage they’ve caused, fossil fuel companies continue to rake in massive profits at our expense. It’s time to make polluters pay for the damage they’ve done. There’s now a growing global effort to use our legal process to hold Big Oil accountable for their climate disinformation and the damage they’re doing. Cases in South Africa, the Netherlands, the United States, and beyond are already making their way through the courts. Together, we can build a global movement that supports these lawsuits and other mechanisms to hold Big Oil accountable. These lawsuits aren’t a solution to the climate crisis – we need governments to do their part – but they’re a powerful tool for us to finally hold this industry accountable. Join us and sign the petition.
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  • Drop the baseless impeachment stunt and do your job!
    In order to distract from twice-impeached, four-times-indicted former President Trump’s criminal charges and their own failing party, Republicans are pushing for impeachment—despite zero evidence or proof of wrongdoing. Impeaching President Biden is part of the GOP’s insidious strategy to distract voters, vilify Biden, and pave the way for Trump to take back the White House in 2024. Trump has even been pushing his close allies to impeach Biden, directing the entire charade from the sidelines. House Republicans have wasted taxpayer dollars combing over 12,000 pages of subpoenaed bank records, reviewing thousands of reports, and conducting witness interviews—without a shred of evidence to back up their false claims. Yet they have continued to mislead, lie, and push for impeachment for their own political gain. MAGA Republicans, including Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz, are threatening to hold our government hostage, refusing to vote for funding to keep our government running unless the House moves forward with bogus impeachment efforts, among other outrageous demands. And their corrupt and misguided efforts are being endorsed by the Republican party, which continues to cower and cave to its most extreme, right-wing members at the expense of countless Americans. Speaker Kevin McCarthy has even gone so far as to open an impeachment inquiry—without a House vote.
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  • Remove all garage parking fees for 5290 Duke St until the garage doors are fully repaired.
    The security of this building is compromised due to the garage doors being broken. Since the creation of the Arbors tenant association, (established on 9/04/23) 5 vagabonds/addicts have been dismissed from the building and 1 vagabond ejected for sleeping at the leasing center. Neighbors have collaborated in real time to address major safety concerns. This building is hyper accessible to drug addicts looking to congregate in the stairwell and garage. Reports include an addict charging his phone in the hallway, attempted intrusions into the Latch door locks, an addict following a woman to her door, showering and doing drugs in the boiler room (boiler room now locked), and severe burglary in the garage. Firearms, laptops and many other personal belongings have been stolen from vehicles in the garage.
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    Created by John Newkirk
  • Give cast members access to independent mental health experts on reality television sets!
    Reality television is a booming industry due to low production costs and high profit margins. These corporations are making millions of dollars off of the exploitation of cast members, who are often misled regarding the mental health resources and support available to them before, during, and after the show. Entertainment should never come at the expense of the mental health or wellbeing of cast members, but right now it does. Demand that Kinetic Content—which produces popular reality shows like Love is Blind, The Ultimatum, and Married at First Sight—as well as other prominent reality tv show production companies and networks create and enforce policies to have independent mental health experts on set. And join us in demanding comprehensive mental health support before, during, and after shows are produced.
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    Created by Nick Thompson and Jeremy Hartwell
  • LIVE streaming of Ono Island POA Meetings
    Many of us would attend more board meetings if it were at a time that we could attend. For many neighbors, they don’t even reside here for part of the year. EVERY homeowner should be able to attend these meetings EVERY month. Inclusion of the community would actually promote trust and more volunteers. The POA is made up of much more than the 11 people that sit around the table. We elected them, but WE are the POA too. WE gave them the seat at the table, WE deserve a seat in the audience.
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    Created by Summer Lenze
  • Tell Congress: No war in Mexico!
    Unhinged MAGA Republicans want to go to war with Mexico. I wish I was joking, but unfortunately, it’s true.1 Reps. Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas) and Mike Waltz (R-Fla.) introduced a bill to authorize military use of force against Mexico2, similar to use of force laws used against Afghanistan and Iraq. Mexico isn’t just our neighbor to the south, they’re also our closest trading partner. A MAGA war against Mexico is as dangerous as it is potentially disastrous. Sign the petition: Tell Congress to reject MAGA plans to go to war against Mexico! I can’t even believe I’m writing this, but earlier this year Trump asked military advisers to draw up “battle plans” against Mexico, including dropping bombs.3 If the US attacks Mexico like this, how will any other country on the international stage trust us or take us seriously in the future? Also, let’s not forget that the US is already sinking millions of tax dollars into the “War on Drugs” and it’s not working. We’ve destabilized Latin American democracies, creating environments ripe for human rights abuses and government corruption, which only strengthens the drug cartels we’re fighting against. Bombing Mexico won’t end the “War on Drugs,” anyone with common sense can see that. Unfortunately MAGA extremists aren’t interested in reason or real, fact-based solutions to address the addiction crisis in America. When Trump says “bombs” they fall in line. That’s why we have to stop this dead in its tracks. Sign the petition: Tell Congress to reject MAGA plans to bomb Mexico! Sources: 1. Rolling Stone, “Trump Asks Advisers for ‘Battle Plans’ to ‘Attack Mexico’ if Reelected,” March 29, 2023. 2. Politico, “GOP embraces a new foreign policy: Bomb Mexico to stop fentanyl,” April 10, 2023. 3. Rolling Stone, “Trump Asks Advisers for ‘Battle Plans’ to ‘Attack Mexico’ if Reelected,” March 29, 2023.
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