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To: Stark County Engineers

Greentown against the roundabout

We, the residents of Greentown and concerned citizens of Stark county Ohio, do not approve of our Greentown Square being turned into a roundabout.

Why is this important?

Our intersection of State st and Cleveland Ave NW has a long history of being the Greentown Square. It is the home of great businesses, holiday gatherings, and parades. During construction it would be very inconvenient for all of our residents that use this intersection multiple times a day. Any detours created could make our neighborhood side streets very busy and dangerous with extra traffic. Our side streets are narrow as it is and when the widening of Cleveland Ave happened in the late 90s our side streets became cut through routes for a lot of traffic. They became dangerous as they were unpatroled. None of our residents are willing to sacrifice the safety of our neighborhoods for a roundabout that we weren't interested in to begin with.



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