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To: West Whiteland Township Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors

Save Church Farm Lane and Old Valley Road as nature preserve and walking, Cycling recreation area.

A housing development is being planned and built on Land immediately adjacent to Church Farm Lane and Old Valley Road.
These two lanes abut Chester County and West Whiteland preserved Forest, meadow, and farm land. These Two lanes are of Historic and natural habitat significance. The lanes offer beautiful view sheds and are used by walkers, hikers and cyclist. They provide a unique rural environment for recreation.
Our coalition advocates a Green corridor from Malvern Hunt to Ship Road on Old Valley Road and Preservation of Church Farm lane from Swedesford Road to Old Valley Road.

1)Ingress and Egress suited for preservation


2) If an Ingress or egress is to be placed into Old Valley Road, it is asked that the road intersection be placed at the far eastern part of the road near Malvern Hunt. We feel this is very important and can be done. It will demand less disruption to existing environment, demand less road work, and provide for beautiful home sites compared to existing plan submitted.This design feature will preserve most of the lane as it is and will help maintain its historic and natural setting. It is also requested that this be gated and designated as an emergency use only in order to prevent through traffic down Old Valley Road which would be unsafe for walkers, disruptive, and not favorable to preserving as is.

3) If an Ingress or egress is to be placed onto Church Farm Lane, it is asked that this road intersection will be gated and for emergency use only. This is very important to preserve present and past nature of the Lane as a walking lane in a rural setting. Not gating and designating as emergency use only will without doubt create through traffic in all directions via cut throughs, and will create unsafe conditions for walking and residents Security.

4) It is asked that Church Farm Lane remain to intersect Swedesford Road as it Historically has and as residents and citizens have enjoyed it. It is asked that this Lane is designated as for walking and cycling only and for Church Farm Lane and Old Valley Road resident vehicular use only. It is asked that at the point that Church Farm Lane intersects Old Valley Road, a gate and Emergency Use Only designation is installed. This detail will prevent through traffic, create a safe walking way and nature preserve.

Why is this important?

5) This proposal is a once in a lifetime opportunity for responsible and thoughtful preservation of some of West Whiteland”s and Chester County’s remaining historic, rural and natural resources.



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