• Wayne County and All Government Employees Bill for Hazard pay
    Because now its a matter of fighting for money to pay us for everday work function. A function that can take us away from our family. An uninsured family left to fill a void unrecognized for the danger of a everyday regular job, with either environmental, health, material,equipment, chemical,or natural dangers involved.
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    Created by President Darlene Buffington
  • COVID-19 Emergency Stimulus
    Every day this becomes even more imperative as we currently seeing a resurgence of COVID-19, not just in America, but across the world. By supporting this petition today you will help millions of Americans prepare for the next wave of COVID-19 & be well protected as we await a vaccine.
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    Created by Adison Alexia-Quinn Winkles Picture
  • Black's Beach Recreational Scandal "STOP Commercialization and privatization of SD Parks"
    Hello Friends of our public We would like to see a discussion of the Torrey Pines Gliderport (which is owned by the City of San Diego) be added to the agenda for the next LJ Town Council meeting. We have been requesting this for many months and have been given many excuses in return. The Torrey Pines Gliderport is city land that has been leased - for FREE - to a private FOR PROFIT business since 1998. It was originally a 5 year lease with an option to be extended for ONE additional 5 year term. So it expired in 2008 and yet continues to this day. In about 2006, the City was sued for the many abuses of the Gliderport business, and the City settled the lawsuit in the complainant's favor and agreed to create a Torrey Pines City Park Advisory Board containing all interested stakeholders. The City (Mayor Sanders) created the "Board" under the wrong section of the City Charter (43b rather than 43a - look it up), and that enabled the City to both limit and terminate the Board to keep it from correcting the ongoing problems and abuses. To this day there is no oversight by the City and the business brings in millions of dollars every year without a dime going to the City itself. The Torrey Pines Gliderport is a poster child for the corruption in San Diego, We want the La Jolla Town Council to investigate and address the Issue with the City Council to fix it. (Closure) We have the 1998 lease agreement which I believe is still in effect to this day. Feel free to verify that this lease is current with the City's Real Estate Assets Division. Thank You I also welcome anyone contacting Me personally for more details. Ernie Casco (858) 568-1384 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My Speech LJ Town Council Nov 12th 2020 Hello my name is Ernie Casco La Jolla resident, senior pilot TPGP We need LJTC help, protecting our La Jollas recreational freedom at the Gliderport. We have a proven Recreational public Waiver, that would end the dispute, An Easy fix could be done within a week. Currently Working in LA , Colorado, and Yosemite I believe. This would ....Effectively split Tandem /School operation... from public recreation freeflight. The waiver would,... Stop mandatory Club fees. Stop Insurance Fees. Both, ridiculous amounts of $. By No contest, are illegal collection of funds. (not required by law.) The waiver would also,... Stop the signing of current unfair Wavers. Stop the monopoly, the threat of violence, personal loss, false report and arrest, as they fight over power control & personal profit. The Tandem/School would,... Pay for their own insurance. (required by Law). Pay for their oversight... needed for Public Safety. San Diego City liabilities are already covered by California Recreational Statues Law. A Recreational Waiver is working at other locations, where needed. There are No waivers required at any of the other San Diego Sites. The Recreational waiver restores public access. Secures our recreational rights and freedom. Provides a Safe Tandem /School operation. It's a Win for the City, LJTC and the public rights ... I'm asking LJTC to bring this to Agenda, Provide recommendation & letter in support Show Fair representation and End the dispute.
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    Created by Ernie Casco
  • Biden / Harris: Reject Mitch McConnell’s Handcuffs
    President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris have won the 2020 presidential election with more popular votes than any other presidential ticket in U.S. history. Despite this, Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has threatened to block Biden / Harris appointees from being confirmed in the U.S. Senate. Biden and Harris can get around McConnell's threats by using recess appointments and the Federal Vacancies Reform Act to build a strong cabinet that is unafraid of facing America's challenges. Unfortunately, reports have indicated that the Biden team may be considering a number of conservative appointees, citing Republicans’ current control of the Senate. The Biden transition team must reject McConnell’s antidemocratic threats and fulfill its mandate. The Biden / Harris administration should select a bold, visionary cabinet that can fulfill the trust and will of the millions of people who voted for them. The Revolving Door Project and Demand Progress have put together a clear memo demonstrating how Biden and Harris can build a cabinet free from McConnell's handcuffs. https://therevolvingdoorproject.org/no-mitch-mcconnell-is-not-the-46th-president/ America needs a presidential cabinet that has the courage to solve our country's problems -- not a team undermined by Mitch McConnell.
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    Created by Nusaiba Freedom
  • Chicago 2021 Budget
    It is the duty of our elected officials to bring a visionary response that is compassionate and bold and that addresses long-term inequities. For months, Chicagoans have participated in demonstrations which aimed to make our wishes abundantly clear. We demand a reimagining of public safety, which prioritizes holistic services and programs that address both the immediate and the long-term needs of the community, rather than continuing to pour our tax dollars into the Chicago Police Department. Second, the economic hardships residents face are as varied and diverse as our city. Our City Council must protect public sector jobs, address the needs of our housing insecure and homeless residents, increase investment in equity, and avoid property tax increases. Finally, City Council must continue to pursue and develop progressive revenue sources that will be vital to accomplish all of the above. I stand in solidarity with other Chicagoans and the Chicago Progressive Caucus which aims to address the needs of the 2021 Budget through bold measures which will help, not hurt, our communities.
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    Created by Liz Evans
  • Appoint an Indigenous person as Secretary of the Interior
    The Department of the Interior oversees the Bureau of Indian Affairs as well and the Bureau of Indian Education. The US has never had a Native American in this position, making decisions that affect every aspect of Native life. Tell President Joe Biden that the US needs a Native person in this vital role.
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    Created by Angela Patrick
  • Prevent a coup d'etat in the Electoral College
    Despite a decisive win by Biden and Harris, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is promising that Trump will serve another term. This threat to our democracy needs to be taken seriously. How could a second term for Trump be achieved? Recounts and lawsuits won’t change the results. The only real path is to discredit state elections in order to justify rejecting electors so that Trump will have a majority in the Electoral College. It seems far-fetched, but so was a Trump presidency in the first place. This threat cannot be ignored. We cannot trust that precedent, civility and law will rule the day. The plan to steal the presidency seems to be proceeding, with both Senators from Georgia baselessly declaring their states election to be invalid. Will this libel give Mike Pence, as President of the Senate, the cover he will need to simply reject Georgia's electors? If so, why not Pennsylvania as well and so on? So much seems to ultimately hinge on the Electoral Count Act, which according to wikipedia "invites misinterpretation" and whose "central provisions of the law have not been seriously tested in a disputed election". I urge you to take steps to prevent what is clearly an attempted coup. Insist that all electors must be counted, and faithless electors will not be tolerated.
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    Created by Scott Schafer
  • TELL JOE BIDEN: Cancel Student Debt by Executive Action
    COVID-19 has made crushing student debt exponentially worse for Americans -- Over 45 million people have student loan debt and many are struggling to get by during the pandemic. Canceling student debt would ensure that families can afford food, supplies, and medications if they face layoffs or smaller paychecks because of the pandemic. This is a matter of economic survival for millions of people. Student debt threatens the economic security of the entire country -- Before the COVID-19 pandemic, America’s $1.6 trillion student debt total was a major drag on the economy. Now, a pandemic-induced recession and record levels of unemployment are making the problem worse. Debt cancellation would stimulate the economy by boosting GDP by up to $108 billion a year and adding up to 1.5 million jobs per year. Research shows that student debt cancellation will help address inequities and reduce the wealth gap -- Black and brown communities carry a disproportionate student debt burden and are also facing the brunt of the impact of the pandemic. People of color carry more student loan debt, they face higher rates of lost hours and layoffs, and persistent systemic barriers have resulted in racial inequities in incomes and wealth. The pandemic has also caused a disproportionate number of women, and especially Latinx women, to leave the workforce. There is growing energy and bipartisan public support to enact student debt cancellation -- A recent poll showed a majority of voters support canceling student debt during the pandemic. It also found strong support from Democrats and Republicans. On top of that, over 1.3 million Student Debt Crisis supporters already signed a petition to cancel student debt to boost the economy in response to the COVID-19 pandemic since March. Joe Biden campaigned on student debt cancellation, but gridlock in Congress will make it difficult -- The Biden administration must do all that it can to keep that promise. In a recent resolution, Senators Chuck Schumer and Elizabeth Warren made clear that the president has the legal authority to direct the Secretary of Education to cancel student debt based on powers outlined in the Higher Education Act. Since the president has the power to cancel these debts, we urge Joe Biden to use executive action to cancel student debt.
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    Created by Natalia Abrams
  • Immigration Reform Now
    The life of millions of broken families will be better when they are able to work legally in the United States. Undocumented people need to have driver licenses and basically, they need to exist as legal members of this country.
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    Created by Gustavo Verzbickis
  • Demand GSA administrator Emily Murphy recognize President-elect Joe Biden
    It is important she recognize President-elect Biden for these reasons: 1. She is hindering a peaceful transition until Trump exhausts all legal recourse, which means the transition team pretty much can only get an office to plan the transition and not much else. 2. Her refusal to recognize president-elect Biden has National Security implications because the Department of Defense cannot work with the transition team until the GSA recognizes the results of the election. 3.Her refusal to follow the Presidential Transition Act of 1963 is a clear refutation of the democratic process and severely undermines confidence in free and fair elections in this country.
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    Created by Diane Yoder Picture
  • Twitter: Stop Aiding in Trump’s Coup Attempt—Suspend @realdonaldtrump
    Joe Biden has won the presidency. But the current president of the United States, Donald Trump, is attempting a coup. He has no plans to concede the race and instead is erratically spreading lies of “widespread voter fraud” and taking radical steps like firing his Secretary of Defense—like a true fascist leader. We knew this would happen but it doesn’t make it any less dangerous. Twitter is Trump’s most direct microphone to speak to the American People. It’s time that microphone be turned off for the good of the People. Enough is enough. We can’t wait until Jan 20. Twitter must suspend Donald Trump and his enablers now.
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    Created by Benjamin O'Keefe
    The transitional process allows the incoming President- elect access to national security resources and funds necessary for hiring and training staff. The Presidential Act provides for access to these much-needed resources. Emily W. Murphy needs to immediately sign the letter granting access. Delaying the ascertainment process places our country in great harm and serves only to maintain the chaotic status-quo of the Trump administration.
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    Created by Thomas Harless