• Attention Veterans with Families living in Project based Housing
    I lost my dad on October 14 2020, he was a Veteran we lived at Veterans Village in Loma Linda, Ca for the past year plus. I am currently being evicted because my dad died and I am now considered "an unauthorized occupant who has only been here since her dad died". This is how they treat the families of our Veterans, they have lied and kicked our Veterans families out to the street. The fate and future of our Veteran families lies in the hands of the Housing Authority / HACSB and is upon their discretion as to what happens to our Veterans families? Think about that for a second.... I wish for no other family to have to endure what I have had to go through since loosing my dad. I'm advocating for my dad Joe Walker and for all our Veterans and their families. Please help me by signing this petition so that our Veteran's family's will not be thrown out to the streets and help me to enforce awareness and enforce a policy to protect and give security to our Veterans loved ones once they are gone. Take a stand and help our Veterans families sign and share this petition. Thank You and God Bless
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    Created by Kristin Walker
  • Strip Senator Ted Cruz Of His Committee Assignments
    Senator Cruz not only abandoned his constituents by flying off to Cancun while tens of thousands of us faced the dire, dangerous consequences of the devastating winter storm this February and then lied about it repeatedly, but more importantly, he participated in stalling the vote certification on January 6, thereby assisting the Capitol insurrectionists with their traitorous goal: to prevent President Biden’s legitimate election win to be certified so that Donald Trump could (theoretically) remain in power. Further, he has denied any responsibility for the devastating consequences of that deadly uprising. His disgraceful, selfish, callous, unprofessional, dishonest, mendacious behavior disqualify him from enjoying the visibility that his committee assignments offer him. Texas deserves better representation. America deserves better.
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    Created by Margaret Barnes
  • Austin Regional Clinic and other companies to provide Weather Hazardous pay
    Representatives from ARC-SouthWest and South first were requested to stay at home until further notice. We were not offered to work from home, just like we have been doing since Covid started. This time, we were not offered any type of solution besides staying at home. On 2/22/21, we were ask to either use PTO or not get paid. There is a third option that upper management decided to ignore "reserved PTO" which is used for "emergencies". However, this option was never offered. This is hurtful, as an ARC employee I feel used. We have been working throughout Covid19 since March of 2020. We never complained about not getting hazardous pay or a raise. This is completely unfair and it should be illegal to steal PTO from employees. Upper management has been stepping all over us, as employee appreciation we got 1 canned water container from Rainwater... Why not using that money and give us at least a .5 raise? In the meantime we are opening 2 new clinics in Austin Texas. Please look into this, is not only ARC, other companies are following the steps of ARC. To top the cherry, most of our spouses are getting covered by "hazardous weather" and they get to keep their hard earned PTO. ARC needs to be brought to light and exposed their unfair treatment to their employees. I know we are not HEB but they should act better than this. Thank you for your time and consideration. Att: Really pissed off ARC employee
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    Created by Arc Frontline
  • Make the Hiring Process for the Next Chief of Prince George’s County Police Department Transparent
    The process to hire a new Chief of Police for Prince George’s County must be fully transparent. As PG County residents we must be included in the hiring process in ways that go beyond a mere community survey. The role of the police chief is far too great and needs to be accountable to the members of the community with all police matters.
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    Created by PGChangeMakers Coalition O
  • Vaccines for Central America (reparations Covid deportations)
    A nonprofit organization, COVAX, will help with distribution of more than 800,000 of the Astra Zeneca Covid vaccines to the Guatemalan government. These 800,000 vaccines will give priority to vaccinating healthcare workers. However, these 800,000 doses will only be enough to vaccinate approximately 2% of the Guatemalan population, given that two doses are required. Moreover, the efficacy of this vaccine after the 2nd dose is only 70%, which is a much lower efficacy than those vaccines being given in the U.S. Most of the population of Guatemala cannot expect to receive vaccines until at least the end of 2022.
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    Created by Fern Remedi-Brown
  • NO immunity for ERCOT
    Power bills for some TX residents are now $10,000 and climbing because of a faulty grid system that was not properly maintained and regulated.
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    Created by Stacie Mulligan
  • The Expulsion of Ted Cruz from the U.S. Senate
    There is not one single private company in the United States that would not have fired Ted Cruz immediately following his recent impromptu vacation to Mexico as millions of his constituents were without water and power; literally freezing - many of them to death. Instead of taking even the slightest of roles in doing something - ANYTHING - that might have been of help to any single Texas Citizen by using his substantial influence, connections, and power as a United States Senator, he disgracefully fled the country to a warmer climate, leaving his constituents to weather a historic winter storm on their own. Not to be outdone, Ted then disgracefully blamed his actions on "being a Dad," which was quickly packaged into a bold-faced and awkward public lie. When that blatant lie became clear, Ted finally offered up a weak apology in lieu of his resignation, thus ensuring that Ted is completely void of any and all remaining integrity that he might have once had. This all says nothing of Ted's shadowy role in the recent Capital insurrection, but together with his wasteful spending of time and money on fruitless election lawsuits and questionable insurrectionist support, shows a bold and repeating pattern that Ted Cruz is wholly unfit for one of the highest offices in the land and has forever crossed a line that demands he be removed from his post. To not recall Ted Cruz after these repeating actions would be illogical, unethical, very un-Texan, and wholly un-American. The entire State of Texas deserves better. Therefore, we call upon John Cornyn and every United States Senator to lobby one another such that proceedings that will lead to the expulsion of Ted Cruz can be started in earnest, and so that his successor is quickly chosen so Texas citizens will not have to suffer the dereliction of duty and morbid insubordination of Ted Cruz any longer. Thank you.
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    Created by Tommy Rox
  • Petition to Oppose HB1/SB484 and Reject This Power Grab by Governor Ron DeSantis
    Floridians, your right to assemble and your freedom of speech are under attack. The HB1/SB484 Combating Public Disorder bill currently making its way through the Florida legislature is nothing more than a power grab by Governor Ron DeSantis. The right to assemble and the freedom of speech are both protected under the First Amendment. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” If Congress cannot remove our rights, why does Governor Ron DeSantis think he can? It’s a power grab. It’s a dog whistle message intended to establish two separate paths of justice for Florida: Those with a badge or privilege will be allowed to use a gun or car to injure or kill a protestor with no liability. "This legislation would have legalized the murder of Heather Heyer in Charlottesville," Andrew Gillum tweeted, referring to the 2017 incident in which a white supremacist drove his car into a crowd of counter protesters during a Virginia "Unite the Right" rally. Those without a badge or privilege will not be afforded bail if they are arrested for peacefully protesting, and will see increased penalties and jail-time. “Peaceful protesters could be arrested and charged with a third-degree felony for ‘committing a riot’ even if they didn’t engage in any disorderly and violent conduct.” Dissent is patriotic. This nation was built upon dissent, as the injustices of the many required a new path forward. Dissent has always pushed this country forward toward progress. “This proposed legislation is completely unnecessary. There are already criminal laws — both state and federal — that address rioting, insurrection, treason, assault, and battery. In fact, if this legislation passes, it would have a chilling effect on exercising one’s right to to peaceably assemble.” Governor Ron DeSantis is afraid of accountability and progress and has chosen instead to silence dissent. This bill will further hinder police accountability and criminal justice reform, and serves only to embolden a military response to peaceful protesters. Reject the power grab by Governor Ron DeSantis by sending a message to Florida lawmakers that you oppose HB1/SB484 and reject his power grab by Governor Ron DeSantis. #DemandBetterFL Sources cited: https://www.orlandosentinel.com/opinion/guest-commentary/os-op-anti-protest-bill-brigham-quince-20210216-5qiil6vzfbakbj244bw6v54fi4-story.html https://www.aclufl.org/en/written-testimony-oppose-hb-1-and-sb-484-anti-protest-bill https://www.newsweek.com/florida-governor-proposes-law-that-could-allow-drivers-run-over-mob-1533401 https://www.sun-sentinel.com/opinion/commentary/fl-op-com-desantis-anti-protest-bill-prosecutor-20210210-6n44w542xrdrlh6ujc67edille-story.html https://www.sun-sentinel.com/opinion/commentary/fl-op-com-schultz-florida-legislature-20210209-anbbizpjxbh4tok26jpxq4zkse-story.html
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    Created by Laurie Woodward Garcia Picture
  • Senators Feinstein and Manchin: eliminate the filibuster
    If the filibuster is not eliminated, McConnell will use it to continue with his determination to block all legislation by Democrats that could possibly help our country and our people. This would enable the Republicans to cynically attack the Democrats for lack of accomplishment. This would empower them to recapture the government in 2022 and complete the demolition of our democracy that they continued so effectively under Trump, by energizing Neo-Nazis and the other domestic white supremacist terrorists who stormed the Capitol on 1/6. Though eliminating the filibuster could have adverse consequences in the future, the current situation is so dire that one must immediately proceed nevertheless. Urge Senators Feinstein and Manchin to support elimination of the filibuster
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    Created by Richard Novick
  • Recall Senator Ted Cruz;
    Ted Cruz does not represent the best interests of Texans and is not worthy of representing Texans in the Senate. Temperatures this week have plummeted to dangerous record lows in the Lone Star State; overwhelming power grids, leaving millions without power and more than 10 people dead. While millions suffer, Cruz boarded a plane to Cancun, Mexico, thereby abandoning his duties to help his constituents.
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    Created by Jennell Rayos
  • Remove the R from ERCOT
    The Energy Reliability Council of Texas should be just that, Reliable. It is untenable that they have left millions of Texans across the state of Texas out of power with deaths and property damage in their wake because they could not perform the basic function as outlined in their name. They are the Energy Council of Texas at best. Somehow other state agencies like the Texas Dept. of Transportation did not strand millions of Texans on their highways. This is a failed agency with a false title. Texas may be an energy state, but clearly we don't know how to manage it. Tell the Texas Legislature to remove the R from ERCOT and give them a more fitting name and personnel capable of securing the lives of its residents.
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    Created by ROBERT B Picture
    The impending foreclosure avalanche will hurt many Americans. Foreclosures will increase the houseless population, and will DISPROPORTIONATELY affect black and brown homeownership and further widen the generational wealth gap. The American Rescue Plan needs to direct resources to help homeowners NOW
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    Created by Dawn Lett