• Stop gender-based discrimination against student-athletes
    We must urge the Department to strengthen its Title IX rule so that transgender, nonbinary, and intersex (people born with natural variations in sex-linked characteristics) youth can access the full benefits of an education, including by playing school sports as they are. Defending this right is crucial for these students’ well-being and ability to learn without discrimination. Transgender, nonbinary, and intersex students have been playing sports with their peers for many years and with zero problems! In fact, barring trans women and girls from playing with other women and girls harms all women and girls because it can allow anyone to accuse any student athlete of not “really” being a woman or a girl. Many times, this leads to “sex testing,” which includes horrific and invasive practices like genital inspections or hormonal tests for students to “prove” their gender. The Department should explicitly state that requiring sex testing of student athletes violates Title IX because such testing causes significant harm to affected students and is never necessary to advance an important educational objective. Sex testing invades students' privacy, is often enforced arbitrarily based on prejudice, and sends deeply stigmatizing and damaging messages to all youth that are completely inconsistent with a supportive educational environment. Discriminating against and demonizing some students because of who they are or how they look directly violates Title IX. Add your name as part of the public comment period (“Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Sex in Athletics Education Programs or Activities Receiving Federal Financial Assistance,” 88 Fed. Reg. 22860, Docket ID ED-2022-OCR-0143). Urge the Department to finalize and strengthen the Department’s Title IX rule to provide strong, clear protections for transgender, nonbinary, and intersex students to participate fully in sports consistent with their gender identity.
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    Created by Marybeth Onyeukwu
  • URGENT! Prevent Texas from providing immunity to officers who cause harm with less-lethal weapons.
    SB2593 would not improve community safety, it would disproportionately harm marginalized and vulnerable people and destroy Texas families. In the interest of justice and community safety, the undersigned Texans call on the Texas House of Representatives and the Committee on Criminal Jurisprudence in particular to BLOCK SB2593 from advancing toward law.
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    Created by Dr. Kelly E. Green Picture
  • Safety and Equity in Kingston Schools
    Studies have shown that the presence of armed guards actually increases the death rate in active shooter situations. In 197 instances of gun violence at U.S. schools since 1999, SROs intervened successfully in only three instances. Sadly, most Black and brown students report that they feel significantly less safe when SROs are present in schools. "SROs intensify the use of suspensions, expulsions, police referrals, and arrests of students … effects (which) are consistently over two times larger for Black students than White students". Instead of helping students feel safe, SROs reinforce oppressive systems of racism and inequity. The Memorandum Of Understanding between the KCSD and The Police Department says: “Under state law, the SRO shall not serve as a school disciplinarian, as an enforcer of school regulations, or in place of school-based mental health providers, and the SRO shall not use police powers to address traditional school discipline issues.” Despite the contract, the SROs in the schools are routinely involved in disciplining the children - criminalizing them at a young age. This is in direct violation of The Kingston School District Code of Conduct (Policy #5300) which mandates restorative practices toward Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports. Restorative Justice, which the district claims to promote, is the journey toward well-being and wholeness that victims, offenders, and community members can experience. Restorative Justice practices have been proven to reduce recidivism by nearly half and increase victim satisfaction significantly when compared to more fear-based, punitive disciplinary procedures. References: https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jamanetworkopen/fullarticle/2776515 https://www.c4rj.org/what-is-restorative-justice/success-data https://www.edworkingpapers.com/sites/default/files/ai21-476.pdf https://education.uconn.edu/2020/10/27/the-prevalence-and-the-price-of-police-in-schools/#
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  • Say No to Censorship and #LetHerSpeak
    Republicans have been preventing her from speaking for the days now. The Montana Republicans are playing from the exact playbook as Tennessee Republicans weeks ago: when their backs are against the wall, instead of choosing to effectively govern to the will of the people, they'll try to take our voice and our rights entirely. We cannot let this happen. People showed up to elect Rep Zephyr in 2022, and since the GOP are preventing her from speaking, they’re effectively silencing the will and voices of her constituents. Show your solidarity and tell the Montana GOP to #LetHerSpeak Photo Credit: NBC News
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  • Evoq Tenant Complaint Petition
    Tenants have rights! If they won’t hear us separately they will have no choice but to hear us all together. Our safety and quality of living matter. We need resolutions and not excuses! From plumbing issues to loitering. We deserve better!
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    Created by Kirstin Smith
  • Reverse the Mifepristone Decision—Protect & Expand Abortion Access
    The ruling in Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine v. FDA ordering the FDA to withdraw its approval of mifepristone is unconscionable. Mifepristone—approved more than 20 years ago and used effectively by millions of people for medication abortion—is perfectly safe. Anti-abortion extremists are attempting to use the courts to ban abortion nationwide, even in states that have legal protections for abortion access. That's why together we are asking higher courts to reverse this unprecedented and anti-abortion ruling and restore access to mifepristone—and asking Congress to act to protect and expand access to abortion care.
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  • Fair work place
    To make the company aware that no matter what position a person held they all should be treated with respect and to know it’s not okay to sweep or turn your head about an issue that has been brought to their attention rather it’s small or big. All complaints matter!!
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  • Help to stop the anti-trans bill in Florida from being passed against transgender cancer patients
    It's a cruel and ongoing bill that can take the lives away from trans people in the state of Florida who are diagnosed with breast cancer.
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    Created by Aiden Lee
  • Tell Congress: Protect Our Kids’ Freedom
    You can send a message to your Representative today! Do you know if your Representative supports trans rights? They need to hear from you no matter what: https://go.peoplepower.org/letter/sports-ban/
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  • Oferta dos CTT para permitir o rastreio total USPS do correio registado de entrada nos EUA
    PETITION: CTT offer to allow for full USPS tracking of US inbound registered mail. Dear CTT Postal Service of Portugal, We are kindly asking you to redefine your tracked offerings concerning international outgoing registered mail to the USA. Who we are? We are a community of Portuguese crafters and online shops with over 50% of our sales going to the US market. We ship several thousand parcels of sold goods to our private customers in the USA, and are sending you this request due to the continuous problems with deliveries to the USA. What is the issue? Registered airmail tracking numbers (with barcodes) do not appear in USPS tracking systems. CTT only allows us to track up until leaving the country. If USPS continues to not scan the tracking numbers the packages will simply disappear. We don't even receive a message stating that it has arrived in the US. We need to provide proof to our customers that packages have arrived in the US. We are experiencing a huge growth in claims, refunds and negative feedbacks from our US customers and as result we keep loosing business and you too will loose business. We pay the highest possible form of shipping CTT offers, yet it is not supported by USPS systems as seen in this notice on their website: ************************************************************************ International Registered Mail Tracking Suppression of Import Registered Mail Effective October 1, 2015, the Postal Service™ will no longer offer visibility for international import Registered Mail™ items unless International Posts have upgraded to offer their customers U.S. Postal Service® products that come with visibility. The International Posts which have upgraded to offer their customers Postal Service products that offer visibility are listed here: https://about.usps.com/pos.../2015/pb22424/html/info_002.htm ************************************************************************** How will we know when the recipient receives the package? How will we know if the recipient signed for it? How will we know if a notice has been left or unclaimed? How will we know it there is a delay? What do we ask: We would kindly ask you to become compliant with the USPS registered airmail tracking system even if that means the cost to ship Registered mail piece from Portugal will increase significantly. That will allow the USPS to scan packages as soon as they arrive in the US. Would like this information to appear on your website so that all your customers and our customers in the US could have access to this information. If this information does not appear CTT will inevitably receive thousands of customer services complaints and requests to "Reclamações" to search for lost Registered mail, which CTT will have to compensate. We would like all our clients to have a clear understanding that our packages have actually left Portugal and are waiting to be processed in one of the USPS sorting facilities on the US territory. We really hope for your understanding and cooperation. Thank you very much for your time, From the Portuguese online sellers, self employed small businesses, crafters, regular registered mail senders of gifts and of course many thanks from our recipients in the US. * * *
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  • Stop the willow project
    It's going to destroy the article. It's going to destroy the world, our world. It's going to destroy future generations, It's going to destroy everything we need more people to sign it we are going to die we need to take action the isn't much time left please just listen to me, Listen to us all. Please I beg, Spread awareness, Do everything you can please I don't want to die I'm just a kid I don't want to lose everything my home, Please help.
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  • Chief Justice Roberts’ ethics violations make it clear: We need a SCOTUS ethics code!
    You’ve already heard the news that Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’ wife Ginni Thomas was involved in the January 6 plot to overthrow our government. And that Justice Thomas refuses to recuse himself from cases related to January 6.1 But Chief Justice John Roberts also has a serious ethics conflict due to the work of his spouse, Jane Roberts. The New York Times recently reported that Jane Roberts, a legal recruiter, has earned millions in commissions for recruiting attorneys for jobs at law firms, which include firms that have cases before the Supreme Court. A significant portion of Jane Roberts' clients are senior government lawyers whom she helps place at private law firms. This is a clear conflict of interest for Chief Justice Roberts, and yet more evidence that we need a strong code of ethics for SCOTUS.2 Chief Justice Roberts has failed to recuse himself from a single case involving law firms working with his spouse. He also has not fully disclosed his wife’s clients or her earnings. Senator Durbin said that these are “troubling issues that once again demonstrate the need” for ethics reforms to “begin the process of restoring faith in the Supreme Court.”2 Public trust in the Supreme Court is already at an all time low. The Court has pursued a right-wing agenda, regularly ignoring long-standing precedents, such as in its overturning of Roe v. Wade. This year the Court will rule on another set of cases that will carry serious implications for civil rights, student debt relief, workers’ right to organize, and more. Following the revelations about the ethics violations of Justice Thomas and Chief Justice Roberts, now is the time to pass the Supreme Court Ethics Act.3 Sources: NPR, “Legal ethics experts agree: Justice Thomas must recuse in insurrection cases,” March 30, 2022. New York Times, “At the Supreme Court, Ethics Questions Over a Spouse’s Business Ties,” January 31, 2023. The Hill, “Calls grow for stronger ethics rules for Supreme Court justices, families,” October 31, 2022.
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