• Tell Nextdoor: Ban QAnon
    Last week's attack on the Capitol had right-wing extremists and conspiracy groups like QAnon at the center of the violence. [1] But moderators at Nextdoor—a neighborhood-based social network, have been sounding the alarm to the company about the growing number of QAnon groups on the platform since at least last October. Nextdoor took months to respond, finally sending a message to moderators five days after the violent insurrection in Washington, D.C. In their late response, Nextdoor simply referred moderators to its policy on COVID-19 and election misinformation, which has no guidance about incitement of violence or fear, leaving moderators without a way to protect their communities. [2] According to Vox, calls from Nextdoor moderators for an outright ban on QAnon have been growing since January 6. [3] Nextdoor now says—privately—that it views QAnon as a hate group. [4] Yet, the company has no plans to make that hardly courageous opinion public. Unfortunately, Nextdoor's racism problem doesn't start or end with QAnon. After the police murder of George Floyd, Nextdoor put out a statement saying, "Black lives matter" and "Everyone should feel safe in their neighborhood."[5] But Black and brown Nextdoor users felt that Nextdoor actually enabled racial profiling and allowed moderators to take down content that supported the Black Lives Matter movement. With that history, it's no surprise that right-wing conspiracy groups are flourishing on Nextdoor. Other platforms, including Twitter, which suspended over 70,000 QAnon-linked accounts, are now taking the threat of QAnon seriously. [6] By doing nothing, Nextdoor is helping hate groups spread online lies and incite offline violence in thousands of neighborhoods. Nextdoor needs to know that its negligence is dangerous and damaging to both democracy and the company itself. Sign this petition telling Nextdoor’s CEO to ban QAnon on its platform. Sources: 1. “Insurrection fueled by conspiracy groups, extremists and fringe movements,” CNN, January 7, 2021 https://www.cnn.com/2021/01/07/us/insurrection-capitol-extremist-groups-invs/index.html 2. “Nextdoor moderators scramble to address QAnon after Capitol attack,” The Verge, January 13, 2021 https://www.theverge.com/2021/1/13/22229236/nextdoor-moderators-qanon-content-policy-rules 3. “The messy politics of Nextdoor,” Vox, October 26, 2020 https://www.vox.com/recode/21526163/nextdoor-politics-misinformation-voting-election-2020 4. “Nextdoor moderators scramble to address QAnon after Capitol attack,” The Verge, January 13, 2021 https://www.theverge.com/2021/1/13/22229236/nextdoor-moderators-qanon-content-policy-rules 5. “Inside Nextdoor's 'Karen problem',” The Verge, June 8, 2020 https://www.theverge.com/21283993/nextdoor-app-racism-community-moderation-guidance-protests 6. "Twitter suspends 70,000 accounts linked to QAnon," BBC News, January 13, 2021 https://act.moveon.org/go/149570?t=19&ak_proof=1&akid=%2E30452676%2Ea2TPwh
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    Created by Jelani Drew
  • Will Sanchez for Senate Exploratory Committee. Beat Rubio!
    “Let us not seek the Rep answer or the Dem answer, but the right answer. Let us not seek to fix the blame for the past. Let us accept our own responsibility for the future”. JFK For over 30 years, I have devoted my life to fighting as a lawyer on behalf of the marginalized! Immigants, LGBT communities, foreclosed homeowners, Haitians, Cubans, Nicaraguans and all communities of color. Our tent in the new Florida will be all-inclusive. We are for Healthcare for All, a Wealth Tax, Student debt relief, and restoration of rights for felons in Florida that have served their time. https://williamsanchezsenatorialexploratorycommittee.com/
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    Created by Progressive Senatorial Candidate (FL) William Sanchez
  • Resign Mike Lee
    For more than four years, Mike Lee has not only lacked the courage and the moral compass to denounce con man Trump’s reprehensible behavior, he’s aided and abetted Trump’s deception and domestic abuse of the American public by standing by instead of standing up.
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    Created by Jordan Marshall Andersen
  • Inauguration: Make it Virtual, Low Key or Both
    Our first priority should be keeping everyone as safe as possible, from Covid and from expected violence. Secondly, most Americans believe that expending our human and monetary resources for this event is inappropriate and distasteful in light of what we have been through. We did it beautifully for the convention, why not now? Holding a traditional ceremony is not what the American people want or need.
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    Created by Barbara Sadtler
  • A Virtual Inauguration
    Will send a strong message about protecting everyone from Covid. Also reduce the risk from Terrorist. Save lots of money that could be used to help people in need.
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    Created by Iresha Goonesinghe
  • Winston Salem North Carolina LGBTQ Non-discrimination Ordinance
    Allowing businesses to discriminate against people on the basis of gender identity and sexual orientation creates a bad reputation for the city of Winston Salem. As a member of the LGBTQ community I wonder where we draw the line with discrimination. Will I be turned away from healthcare? Or will I be turned away from a bank next? Discrimination in our city, is a threat to equality across our nation. We must do better to protect those from discrimination and do everything we can to prohibit the disruption of commerce. The Constitution grants us all “life” and “liberty” and warns against depravation of the two. I’m calling on you to protect “life” and “liberty” by enacting an ordinance that protects LGBTQ members from discrimination in business and in employment.
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    Created by Zachary Payne
  • Del. Dave LaRock needs to resign or be removed!
    On January 5th, 2021, Delegate LaRock sent Vice President Pence a letter on formal House of Delegate letterhead, asking for nullification of Virginia's electoral votes. Repeating the lies of electoral fraud, which we know there was none, LaRock attempted to disenfranchise millions of voters in VA simply because he didn't like the outcome. To be clear, high Black voter turnout is NOT voter fraud. By LaRock's own admission he has no proof to offer of electoral fraud (because there is none), this is a dangerous precedent LaRock is trying to set while also hoping to score political points as this is an election year for the House of Delegates. https://www.wric.com/news/politics/three-gop-virginia-delegates-sign-letter-asking-vp-pence-to-nullify-the-states-certified-election-results/ On January 6th, 2021, the day our US Capitol was attacked by domestic terrorists, LaRock voiced his support once again for overturning a free and fair election because as he says "he stands loyal to the President". He participated in the protest, called for his supporters to participate as well and when Trump supporters committed acts of sedition, LaRock attempted to spread more disinformation by blaming the left and antifa instead of where the blame belongs, with Donald Trump and his enablers like Delegate LaRock. This type of disinformation campaign is dangerous to our democracy and a thinly veiled attempt to silence the votes of Black voters. https://loudounnow.com/2021/01/11/larock-faces-calls-for-resignation-after-capitol-riot/ LaRock has faced numerous calls for his resignation including from the Loudon NAACP. In response to the calls for him to resign, LaRock sent a fundraising email in which he wrote: "Rather than focusing on the business of Loudoun County and the needs of the colored community, they are wasting their time and taxpayer resources to attack me.” https://www.washingtonian.com/2021/01/13/virginia-state-representative-says-critics-should-focus-on-colored-community-instead/ Words have power, and we should all have the expectation that our elected officials would choose theirs wisely and responsibly. Due to the harmful and overtly racist actions and words, we must all demand the resignation of Delegate Dave LaRock. Should he refuse to resign, we must then demand that he be removed from the House of Delegates.
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    Created by Monica Hutchinson
  • I pledge my support for the bedrock principles of American democracy.
    As citizens of the United States of America, we hold that the freedoms of religion, speech, press, assembly and petition are almost absolute within our borders; that we are all equally endowed with the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; and that together we are committed to the goal of establishing justice, ensuring domestic tranquility, providing for the common defense, promoting the general welfare and securing freedom for ourselves and our families. We further believe that all governing entities in the United States must be formed of and by the people and must function for the people.
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  • Remove Michigan Legislators Who Participated in the Deadly Insurrection and Racial Parity
    We the undersigned citizens of Michigan, object to the double standard of "discipline", between white Republicans and black Democratic legislators. We support this petition to hold insurrectionist accountable. HISTORY: Republican leaders claim their members who participated in the insurrection cannot be removed from committees, appointments or their jobs. This cannot happen. In December 2020, State Representative Cynthia A. Johnson, a black woman and Democrat, received thousands of death threats, including lynching, from Republican supporters just for speaking the truth. She was further attacked by Republican leaders, and "disciplined" for exercising her right to freely speak. She was removed from her committees, without due process. Those culpable for violence, promoting anti-democratic fallacies and plans to overthrow our government, should not be on tax-payer payrolls. Representative Johnson, must be made whole and any adverse actions, past, present or future nullified.
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    Created by Tenay Hankins
  • Seattle police union leader blames the Capitol riot on Black Lives Matter. He needs to go - NOW
    The day after the violent attack and coup attempt at Capitol Hill, Mike Solan sent a tweet blaming Black Lives Matter for what happened. When he was challenged, he doubled down, saying that both the left and the right were responsible. By making these claims, Solan is lifting up a false and dangerous right-wing conspiracy theory that attempts to confuse the story of what happened and redirect blame towards people of color and the political left. It’s outrageous, but not surprising. Solan has consistently made appearances on right wing media to attack Black Lives Matter, defend violent and abusive police, and encourage a violent, authoritarian crackdown on anti-racist protesters. Meanwhile, Seattle’s Office of Police Accountability is already investigating 11 current Seattle police officers who attended the Trump rally that led to the attack on the Capitol. If that investigation finds that some officers participated in the attack, it’s likely that Solan will defend those officers and try to keep them in their jobs. The Seattle Mayor’s office issued a strong statement condemning Solan’s comments and calling on him to apologize or resign: “The SPOG President’s statement is wrong, immoral, and a lie. The violent and seditious actions we all witnessed were done by anti-government mobs, inspired and directed by President Trump and his legion of enablers. His statements do a huge disservice to the hundreds of police officers who work daily to serve the public and the rule of law, believe in equality, and were disgusted by Wednesday’s events. His statements do not reflect the values of the City of Seattle but instead echo the failed lies of a failed presidency. In fact, every officer at the Seattle Police Department has an obligation to not ‘post-speech that negatively impacts the Department’s ability to serve the public.’ As we expect this incident to be investigated by OPA, Solan should retract his statements and apologize or resign.” It’s a step in the right direction, but city leaders should push in no uncertain terms for Solan to be fired or removed from his positions as a police officer and police union leader. An apology would be meaningless, and not believable coming from Solan. If the city of Seattle wants police leadership it can trust, Solan needs to go.
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    Created by Police Unions Exposed
  • Hamilton Mill HOA: Allow residents to display social justice flags
    The flags that residents are permitted to display should not be decided based on their content and whether or not the HOA agrees with it. The HOA made these decisions under the excuse that the Blue Lives Matter flag was a modification of the American flag, while the Black Lives Matter flag wasn't. However, the Pride flag that a resident was asked to take down was also a modification of the American flag. After changing the rules to be more specific and saying that only standard American flags were allowed, the Blue Lives Matter flag was allowed to stay up and be "grandfathered" in. Tell the HOA that they should be consistent when enforcing their guidelines and that they should not act arbitrarily by discriminating against the message of each flag. They should either allow all modifications of the American flag or none. If they continue to enforce the rule that only standard American flags can be displayed, then they should ensure that the Blue Lives Matter flag is removed.
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    Created by Rachel Lester
  • Stop the Execution of Corey Johnson
    Johnson is the only mentally disabled prisoner set to be executed who has not been able to present evidence of his disability. The White House MUST halt his execution to thoroughly consider Johnson’s condition.
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