• Governor Newsom: Follow the science—protect CA healthcare workers and our patients!
    CDPH's plan to return COVID-exposed or positive healthcare workers, without isolation or a negative test, does not follow sound science. Given what is known about the transmissibility of the new variant, it will likely put healthcare workers and patients at unnecessary risk. Our elected leaders should listen to frontline nurses and other healthcare workers.
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  • Teays Valley Petition for Covid Protocols to Protect Students, Teachers, Staff and our Families
    Our Teays Valley community is dependent upon the decisions made by our school district. Ohio Covid cases are at an all time high and with new variants like Omicron emerging we need to put efforts into decreasing spread and protecting our kids and the vulnerable among us. Masking at the beginning when winter break is over and school returns is the perfect time to mitigate the surge of Covid cases that we all know and have been warned by experts is going to happen. Reported pediatric Covid-related cases have tripled, vulnerable students are not able to attend in person learning due to the lack of protocol by the district, family members are being infected and hospitalized and children will end up returning to remote learning if school infection rates are not controlled. No Covid protocol in Teays Valley can only lead to what the experts who wrote the letter to the district are warning about; kids getting sick, increased spread, hospitals at capacity and communities suffering. That is NOT helping our children have a "normal" school experience, it is hurting them and everyone around them. Masking is a small effort with an impact. It is the least we should expect from our schools.
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  • A Call For Safer Travels and Safer Schools
    1- Prior to July 8th all travelers were required to test in order to bypass a 10-day quarantine. While this did not prevent COVID19 from entering Hawai'i, it did help slow the amount of cases entering the state. We need to bring back required travel testing for both vaccinated and unvaccinated travelers NOW. Most travelers arriving are not tested and while vaccinated people may have less severe disease it is now obvious that they could very likely be carriers. 2- Government officials have touted “personal responsibility” as the way to contain the spread of COVID, but they have not provided our community with the tools and information necessary to protect ourselves in the best way possible. One of the best mitigation measures and self-protection tools is the use of a high quality mask. We are asking the counties and the state to provide a supply of high quality masks (N95, KN95, KF94) to students and staff at every public school, and to emphasize the importance of their use. 3- Many members of our community have health concerns and need to have access to the highest level of protection. For many people, catching COVID poses a significant risk of death or permanent disability to themselves or a household member. We ask that the state and county governments adopt policies of encouraging teleworking whenever feasible, and encourage private employers to do so as well. We also ask the Board of Education to adopt a policy that no parent will be harassed, penalized or punished if they feel they need to keep their child home to reduce the risk that the child will catch COVID and bring it home to their household.
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  • Tell Governor Carney to Address Women's Reentry Now!!
    We need to address generational curses and Women's Reentry, Child Mental Health, State and Local Police Conduct, Prosecutorial Conduct and Taxation without Representation for Ex-Offenders. While there has been some improvement, more needs to be done today!! Join setuptofail.org in our quest for Justice and Responsibility.
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  • Petition to put Michigan State University classes online
    The current surge in Covid-19 around the country, and in Michigan in particular, make a surge inevitable at MSU. The physical and mental health of the MSU students, faculty, and staff must not be put at unnecessary risk, and a shift to online classes is needed to prevent another disaster within our community.
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  • Free Covid Testing Now!
    Yes, we should send free at-home covid tests to everyone in America. It’s a pretty simple ask, especially almost two years into a pandemic and at the start of a fourth wave of covid cases due to the Omicron variant. But when NPR reporter Mara Liasson asked if the government would send free covid tests to American families, Jen Psaki, Biden’s press secretary, scoffed.1 Many countries around the world already send tests to households. It’s time the United States did as well. Sign the petition: Send free covid tests to all Americans! More than 800,000 Americans have already died from the coronavirus pandemic, and the omicron variant threatens another wave of infection and death.2, Our government needs to take every possible step to ensure the safety of American workers and families. In the UK, anyone can have free rapid testing kits sent to their home.3 In Germany, rapid testing kits are available for about $1 each–compared to the $12 they cost in the US.4 The state of New Jersey has just begun offering free home testing kits to anyone who requests one, so clearly this can be done in the US as well.5 It is urgent and essential that the federal government send free testing kits to everyone in America in the midst of a new wave of infections during a pandemic. Tell Biden: Send free covid tests for all now! Sources: 1. The Intercept, “Jen Psaki Accidentally Tells the Truth About How Expensive Covid Rapid Tests Are in U.S.,” December 7, 2021. 2. Worldometer, “US Covid Data,” December 15, 2021. 3, 4. The Intercept, “Jen Psaki Accidentally Tells the Truth About How Expensive Covid Rapid Tests Are in U.S.,” December 7, 2021. 5. NJ.com, “NJ residents can now get free covid tests delivered to their homes,” December 13, 2021.
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  • Save Our Feline Fur Babies - Urge The FDA To Approve FIP Treatments
    This past year we lost our beloved "Chunks" Amarelo only days after he began showing symptoms of FIP. Chunks was a happy and loving kitten from the moment he became a member of our family. During his first yearly checkup, Chunks was found to have needed a tooth extraction and routine cleaning which we brought him to a week later. Over the next few weeks Chunks was recovering from his surgery at home, and only showed very limited signs that he was in pain. We attributed this to the tooth extraction, and his veterinarian prescribed pain medication. We found out much later that this was not due to his dental procedure and was something much more serious. One night we noticed Chunks had taken a serious turn for the worst and his entire body turned yellow with jaundice. We rushed him to the hospital where they took a deposit of several thousand dollars for treatments, and ran our kitten through countless tests and examinations. After 3 days in the animal hospital, thousands of dollars in testing and failed treatments, and with test results still days away from being available, the doctors began discussing euthanasia. This was all before the doctors even had a confirmed diagnosis of FIP. The doctor informed us at that point that they ruled our cancer, and that even if the tests came back positive for FIP, he would ultimately pass away from the illness. We could not simply give up on our baby, so we took the next few hours to research treatments or cures for FIP. We asked the doctor about Remdesivir after reading about its success online, and she admitted that while the veterinary community knows of its success, its not FDA approved and not something they had access to or could administer. "Chunks" Amarelo passed away a few hours after that conversation. We now know from our research that if the Remdesivir treatment was available immediately when we arrived at the hospital and if it was given to Chunks on his first day there with his symptoms, he most likely would still be with us today. The moment Chunks heart beat for the last time that night in our arms, we realized that The Amarelo Foundation needed to be formed in his memory to give cats around the world a fighting chance at beating this terrible disease. While we still to this day are not completely sure how Chunks contracted the virus, we now know that the most important work is to focus on prevention and successful treatment. This all starts with FDA approval of Remdesivir for cats with FIP, and this is our mission!
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  • Necesidad de eliminación de desechos en Barriada La Granja
    Los habitantes de las viviendas del Barrio La Granja corren graves riesgos para la salud y la seguridad con la acumulación de residuos y escombros. La cantidad de roedores portadores de enfermedades ha aumentado y representa una amenaza para todos, especialmente para los ancianos. Es fundamental que este problema se aborde de inmediato! Geneva, 24 de marzo de 2020 - "Dado que la pandemia de la enfermedad del coronavirus (COVID-19) continúa propagándose y sus impactos en la salud humana y la economía se intensifican día a día, se insta a los gobiernos a que traten la gestión de desechos, incluidos los médicos, domésticos y otros residuos peligrosos, como servicio público urgente e imprescindible para minimizar los posibles impactos secundarios sobre la salud y el medio ambiente ". -UN Environment Programme- https://www.unep.org/news-and-stories/press-release/waste-management-essential-public-service-fight-beat-covid-19
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    There is an IMMEDIATE need to obtain a Bay Bottom Lease for the Veterans Fish Camp Card Sound Road, in the Florida Keys. The below states an important factors to reduce suicides and the Bay Bottom Lease would help with these: According to the World Health Organization, having a safe, supportive environment plays a large role in suicide prevention. When people feel secure in their surroundings, they experience less anxiety and depression, improve their physical health, have fewer instances of substance abuse and experience an overall improved quality of life and life expectancy. According to the Mayo Clinic, “most often, suicidal thoughts are the result of feeling like you can’t cope when you’re faced with what seems to be an overwhelming life situation.” Immediate Action is needed
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  • Save 10th & Kiwanis Hyvee!
    The people who live in the neighborhoods surrounding this store do not have many options for groceries or other necessities provided by this store. It previously was a locally owned Sunshine at least since 1995 serving this neighborhood. Having a community centered grocery is something valued in Sioux Falls as we see with stores like Sunshine, Franklin, and Andy's as well as Hyvee and other larger grocery chains. From a Sioux Falls resident Tray: "Creating food deserts is a part of systemic racism. The group of folks who were let go from Kmart apply to this Hy-Vee only to be moved farther from their homes. I grew up eating here when I was younger and it was Sunshine and now I shop here as an adult. This is disheartening." The people that surround this store will have less options that are accessible for healthy food. We as a community need to know how their needs will be met. Update 12/13/21 from community members: We feel this will be a LASTING impression on ALL the residents of Sioux Falls as to how a well known business as Hyvee responds to the pleas of the disadvantaged and handicapped in the community. Hyvee is removing access & affordability from those who truly need it. Almost 3 miles to travel to the nearest 26th Hyvee grocery will affect many who do not have transportation. Adding the rising cost of groceries and gas prices. Closing the store would place an extra burden on them. THE STORE IS PROFITABLE: Mayor TenHaken said:"Hy-Vee confirmed themselves they were running a profitable store; but it just doesn't fit into their portfolio services anymore. THOSE IMPACTED: THIS store important to the FIREFIGHTERS who need to cook for the first responders at their stations, as well as AIR NATIONAL GUARD troops who shop there. Hy-Vee closing creates a food desert and strains area NON PROFITS. MANY in the area WALK or bicycle, many have small CHILDREN, many are single mothers, elderly or disabled. APARTMENT OWNERS AND TENANTS An important must-have when apartment hunting often involves the presence of a grocery store within a few blocks. OWNERS AND TENANTS of the numerous apartment complexes which Kiwanis Hyvee serves would also feel the impact of this store closure. Those with no access to a vehichle, who walk to the store who WILL have NO way they can think of now to travel 3 miles to the closest grocery store if the Kiwanis store closes. Sioux Falls has 6 recognized food deserts by the U.S. Dept of Agriculture, where a grocery store is more than a mile away in a predominantly low-income neighborhood. Hy-Vee's store close will likely add another food desert in the nw-central neighborhoods based on high concentrations of low income rental properties. MICHELLE ERPENBACH Exec dir of Thrive, said: "..that neighborhood needs a reasonable grocery store and now they don't have it. It's ignoring them," "We're watching a gap open up in front of our eyes. What do we do about that as a community? Are we going to let that gap open and let people fall in? "There's absolutely going to be food inequity with this closure," Mayor Paul TenHaken said. "With this Hy-Vee closure, it leaves a very large gap.- question THERE SEEMS TO BE A CONFLICTING REASON FOR CLOSING THIS STORE , 2 PEOPLE QUOTED IN NEWS ARTICLES SAY 2 OPPOSING REASONS . I WONDER WHICH IS CORRECT: https://www.argusleader.com/story/news/2021/12/08/food-deserts-could-increase-in-sioux-falls-after-hyvee-closure-feeding-south-dakota/8836062002/ 1."We know there is demand, and Hy-Vee confirmed themselves they were running a profitable store; but it just doesn't fit into their portfolio services anymore. That need will get filled in due time," TenHaken said. https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/companies/sioux-falls-hy-vee-to-close-will-be-repurposed-as-non-retail-site/ar-AARm36k 2. Tina Potthoff, senior vice president of communications for Hy-Vee. Unfortunately, this location did not consistently meet our financial expectations.” The change is due to increased growth and demand for pharmacy and baking service in Sioux Falls, Potthoff added."We need the additional space to keep up with demand," Potthoff said in an emailed statement. "We want sales to reflect the quality of value we’re bringing to the store and the customer service we’re providing. Unfortunately, this location did not consistently meet our financial expectations.” Potthoff did acknowledge that closing the Kiwanis location would widen food deserts in the northwestern part of Sioux Falls. She said that Aisles Online accepts EBT payments and said that Hy-Vee will "look at ways to further address" the issue. ...Sounds kind of vague...I wonder what ways they are looking at and at what time on the future???
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    Residents that live in Greenburgh Housing Authority and Greenburgh Heights, LLC complexes have a right to health protection during this pandemic.
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  • Tell California officials: No drilling where we're living!
    Right now, more than 2 million Californians are living and breathing the toxic health impacts of oil and gas drilling sites in their neighborhoods. An end to chronic asthma and cancer in our neighborhoods is in sight. Just last month, Governor Gavin Newsom issued a draft regulation to stop new drilling within 3,200 feet of homes, hospitals, schools, and other sensitive receptors. Now, a 60 day comment period allows the public to raise our voices to: 1) SUPPORT the 3,200-foot setback for new wells 2) DEMAND that the setback rule applies to existing wells, not just new wells 3) URGE the Governor's administration and CalGEM to take emergency action to ban all new permits within the setback until the final rule is in effect.
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