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To: Google

Tell Google to Stop Collecting Location Data and Aiding Abortion Prosecutors

Despite Google’s past commitment to delete location history for those who visit abortion clinics, Accountable Tech’s latest research shows that Google is still collecting and retaining both location history and location search queries for abortion clinics.

Right now, if a Google user searches for an abortion clinic on Google Maps, that data is collected and retained for 18 months by default. This threatens the privacy and bodily autonomy of those seeking or assisting with reproductive health care.

As our digital footprints are being weaponized by right-wing state governments to prosecute those seeking reproductive health care, it is deeply problematic that Google continues to collect and retain sensitive location data for abortion clinics. We’re calling on Google to stop collecting location data and aiding abortion prosecutors.

Why is this important?

After Roe v. Wade was overturned, Google promised in July 2022 to protect sensitive health data by deleting the Location History of users who visited abortion clinics. However, Accountable Tech’s latest experiment shows that the Location History for a short trip to an abortion clinic — like someone dropping off a friend or family member — is still collected and retained if a user has Location History enabled on their Google Account.

On top of that, Google is collecting and retaining location search queries for abortion clinics by default for 18 months. That means if you search for an abortion clinic on Google Maps, that information will be kept in your Google Account for 18 months, possibly putting you at risk.

It’s unacceptable that Google made a promise to protect users in a post-Roe America and is still falling short. Join us in calling them out and demanding they stop aiding abortion prosecutors.



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